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Sun Jun 12 09:25:20 2016 +0000
9694e371363590c8dace6629dc4d57f1af7206f2Saad Quadri — Bug 1278158 - Allowing filling login forms with an inputElement but without loginFormForFill. r=MattN
696e8df2724ee818946ba1e2d52484155d988d58Thauã Silveira Bug 1275570 - "Add Telemetry probe to see how often users enter print preview, and how many simplify the view". r=mconley
b5d5515f30c820692e52707f4ddb6ee624b50c9eKevin Lam — Bug 1245952 - Corrected comment in localization note to reference the corresponding string. r=mcomella
ec173d9293abdd10fafbcf0ee543c74ca21902f1Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1248639 - Adding in context menu icons for gtk layout. r=jaws
b76ee691ca9bb0fd44d649eb9e974fc74835a7fbNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1240038 - Listen for changes when a StyleSheetActor is created. r=tromey
2719065dd5a6045af640e32222b5d4359ae87000Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1252509 - Use a sliding panel overlay from the downloads panel to display the available actions. r=jaws
0201cd2703b878af094e95de65087d1f606f4650Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to f-t
618a8336136754762b1002f9838fa574ffc60937Brian Grinstead — Bug 1266478 - Eslint fixes followup;r=me
fb3a694a5c432916d9414b698efe1ffd0d461db1Brian Grinstead — Bug 1266478 - Integrate Menu API with inspector;r=pbro
9545df18ca9eaa35915df14e23543c02363ff83eNick Fitzgerald — bug 1265723 - Decouple the MemoryFront from the MemoryActor; r=ejpbruel
ebba00e03483cc04be35248e03f427d227c5dd7dNick Fitzgerald — Bug 1279302 - Decouple the ReflowFront from the ReflowActor; r=ejpbruel
87accbed30f040029676cd5b8e578d0b6b75fdc1Andrzej Hunt — Bug 1279598 - Fix checkstyle trailing space issues r=me
0cdadfe2548071a155138fa486b7ed7753f68beePanos Astithas — Disable browser_CaptivePortalWatcher.js on Windows for intermittent failures (bug 1279491). r=bustage
52b012fa432c0b10381dcd168a766e49d4e5ac2aJulian Descottes — Bug 1279441 - fix HTMLTooltip closing after click on inner iframe;r=bgrins
cd4cfadeedf2baf9feb63a2b83f2057ba5693c4aJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1279515 - Update ESLint plugin version after rule change. r=jdescottes
7f8f1d4b1de01c358970a3ff1c51bba23ebcc429Dão Gottwald — Bug 1279476 - Fix search arrow background styling in about:home and about:newtab. r=florian
c2ffbe22285487d5443d840e4c5feaa391f66c8dJohann Hofmann — Bug 1206246 - Change identity icon for sites with granted permissions. r=paolo
0fcee5543705980cf79c0709665826ba8744e606Johann Hofmann — Bug 1279465 - Back out changeset 4ca15e44f0b5 to prevent inconsistency with future designs. r=paolo
6ab97a7c56eedb5298b8bab2e720a93d2186574eKit Cambridge — Bug 1279306 - Use the production push server URL on Android. r=margaret
0786deb10eeff4e86d754bd5b138a10bac1ba2b0Luca Greco — Bug 1242522 - [webext] Add MatchURLFilters xpcshell-test. r=kmag
284703b2bb5f180d68360806fa76ddc7252938fdLuca Greco — Bug 1242522 - [webext] Test UrlFilter on WebNavigation event listeners. r=kmag
75ea4286197e7dfb0ac8f44a34cf60467f825589Luca Greco — Bug 1242522 - [webext] Implement optional UrlFilter on WebNavigation event listeners. r=kmag
aa3410416e053853eea1edf71f3df26c55fc9f91Luca Greco — Bug 1242522 - [webext] Add WebNavigation's UrlFilter to the json schema. r=kmag
1fec68caafb1b967bd787aa669d3638349eb4639Luca Greco — Bug 1242522 - [webext] Import missing events API schema file. r=kmag
370eaabb204751e618b049d7cbc0cc8298d7b2c9Michael Comella — Bug 1261494 - Block Gecko from screwing with the client ID file by resetting the cache at the last minute. r=grisha
ebef91ed1cf0b4d9525ea33fda5d51d96a5c6d4dAndrzej Hunt — Bug 1278221 - Manually find the toolbar in order to show options menu r=sebastian
e8d3a286f70ed10ad64ca62287115e55fe26c674Andrzej Hunt — Bug 1278725 - Restore original "up" arrow scaling r=liuche
acffab47253e0c19e586ed827470fec2819f7112Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to fx-team
000f0d29321039dda0f39e5b1dd01e0697a5d245Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 989193 - Add tests for CaptivePortalWatcher module. r=MattN
0e70610a35f6aefafee03e8fea98ac16c9d8a048Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 989193 - Open captive portal automatically in a new tab when detected. r=MattN
151500c01e44846223acb5bfcb4dcd2123e620c5Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1268462 - match main popup appearance in bookmarks toolbar submenus, r=dao
4fb66e8edacad1ab21a6b52d6ef8c0f078728090Andrzej Hunt — Bug 1279332 - Backed out 97074800423c since it depends on a commit breaking background runnables r=sebastian
c97ec840ee011a41f076e3d6c8543770445628d5Andrzej Hunt — Bug 1279332 - Backed out 61442f7ad442 for breaking background runnables r=sebastian
9b508b2c3d8736a02909b82ad51f2c94c49dd2fcMark Banner — Bug 1253825 - Fix intermittent issue with clearInterval attempting to clear the wrong timers, caused by missing stubs. r=mancas
ce7f534b25804ed865a146882e1bc12670c69e87Georg Fritzsche — Bug 1276198 - Bonus: re-order main ping sections in about:telemetry by importance. r=dexter
2d81d52f40390815d7f41bc28ef33333952277f6Georg Fritzsche — Bug 1276198 - Update about:telemetry to show scalar measurements. r=dexter