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Tue Feb 19 13:42:49 2013 +0000
cc37417e2c284aed960f98ffa479de4ccdd5c7c3Ms2ger — Bug 839447 - Part 4: Fix a potential null dereference; r=I'm an idiot FIREFOX_AURORA_21_BASE
88d66cdbdc81e898d72c580e7d3c411f78dc4eaaRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
64a2c3fb2052f981a243dc315425ebed719900c8Hannes Verschore — Bug 836274: Disable funapply inlining when typeset of callee is tighter than caller, r=nbp
b35634fa6a4abe215c5b4a649a12b0dda6674264Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
8551e3fd968150bc57a29b2c720edac2bf754bdbHector Zhao — Bug 842228 - Set shell to open in AddDisabledDDEHandlerValues. r=bbondy
00623df83261f40003c0ea738e6cbe2115cef55aReuben Morais — Bug 836519 - Implement getAll API for contact manager using cursors. r=gwagner
6bd304c9f9920c2ffe347befe2f4f8e93952c558Marco Chen — Bug 835232 - To adjust FM volume should be done after enabling FM functionality. r=jlebar
9b8cdf7f47b0abf12a9fb8fa71e901e11cf2f0eePaolo Amadini — Bug 835875 - Add the ability to cancel downloads. r=enn
a7a57be02f88b21de5d586a5fc059565996ced7ePaolo Amadini — Bug 835872 - Handle download errors. r=enn
dc90a0618dd20d0a06510109fa02816a76ffbafbFernando Jiménez — Bug 841631 - [Intermittent] Large Packaged App Downloads on Weak Connections can have HTTP requests stopped in the middle of download, which results in a corrupted package download; r=fabrice
caa9e261c08ce342f7fb79f7d34437f0e4e16edeFernando Jiménez — Bug 839071 - We're resetting some states when we shouldn't for hosted+appcache apps; r=fabrice
1ef37f5cf7d65c9ceb18a547a50102dc5fc74dd9Fernando Jiménez — Bug 831524 - Payment JWT w/ encoded HTML causes decoding error in navigator.mozPay(); r=fabrice
9664c3c609a1e309bacc2cce8137e43951d638d8Phil Ringnalda — Back out 3de5ec9de48a:7a1ecef13ae9 (bug 840696) and 62fa6ee0a279 (bug 814823) for Android bustage
3de5ec9de48a1942d40a86edfee15a9f6cae1023Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 840696 part 2 - Add typed array support to GetElem ICs. r=dvander
7a1ecef13ae9840df2308fc6a7540634f456fb54Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 840696 part 1 - Enable GetElem IC if typed arrays & arrays are mix-up. r=dvander
62fa6ee0a2796915ff090b7a97d25f1ad46a9829Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 814823 - Clean-up Ion cache mechanism. r=dvander
e219bbd25e3eb96207fde1479303cecba44336e5Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
7af8bba450dff1eaf73c49f34e7705375460aaf9Raymond Lee — Another attempt at fixing bug 822284; r=ehsan
ed5efb38f2ef5a023edb5a07bbe9966fc29e816aRaymond Lee — Another attempt to fix bug 826964; r=ehsan
44ffa1083d55f26c29b822f734f286ae8df4c539Shawn Huang — Bug 833206 - Remove invalid OBEX header: ConnectionId, r=gyeh, r=echou
0fa9eb04723292cf58cab64c302824d5d3a4bc64Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 841564 - DMD: Fix the second percentage in stack frame records. r=jlebar. DONTBUILD.
c36791017011317b5471bd63d6c818a69f2fcdcfCameron McCormack — Bug 842119. r=longsonr
fe5e2415c67c25782e4deb71165f16d3fdd02ae4Ehsan Akhgari — Fix the documentation of TimerEventAllocator threading expectations, no bug, DONTBUILD
0169230798315264391d7c667e33a868abc79d29Mats Palmgren — Bug 822910. r=roc
35a2fd406e4f7e9b23bcff38e0734db2f922e282Gregory Szorc — Bug 784841 - Part 12: Don't recurse into static tier directories; r=ted
19d084d39eab11b42a8dfd2e73c02a47e0683e23Gregory Szorc — Bug 842393 - Documentation for Firefox Health Report; r=rnewman
5060a8ce0be450649a5ef4a8163c3eab701bcdc4Gregory Szorc — Bug 842370 - Use Tasks for provider collection; r=rnewman
412fa61ea374c3b7a5619874178f8784aaba40b6Cameron McCormack — Bug 842138 - Propagate rotate="" values even if rotations were specified on a parent element. r=roc
ea99e1b1d574bbd05b5428d5194ceaea506e2caaEthan Hugg — Bug 842332 Fix 842332 Fix missing unlock in PeerConnectionMedia r=jesup