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Fri Mar 20 07:37:42 2009 +0000
19d25e2a170fb2d482dd9db556d253be782543e9Ben Turner — Bug 484319 - 'TM: Add logging mode for aborts only'. r=gal.
790dbbb477d4914dc2643a090126c39728154739Jeff Walden — Bug 484291 - INS_CONSTPTR should not cast to void*; callers should do their own casting if they want to interpret numbers as pointers. r=gal
7420047c0e68b718b2faa0a28e199944bee24e48Ben Turner — Fix further windows build bustage
0cc2b18364f0f7a8575fb806464fd83eea3fa3c7Ben Turner — Fix for windows build bustage
93d93616dd8f388a808c9bfd6f6f7e21056c994dBen Turner — Bug 480187 - 'Make generate traceable natives'. r+sr=jst.
0882c2de7f349482375d888fdd8bc9d5bf9c214bJeff Walden — Bug 483956 - gcc 4.4 warnings about "may be undefined" operations. r=gal