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Mon Jul 29 14:13:44 2013 +0000
8c89fe2a5c92c6cda691263a46266d999f4e59a9Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 31a1b6fff957 (bug 857142) for reftest failures
1ce2e0435eca6f05498007339f8c4e74c9473b03Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 04a45dec4326 (bug 898267)
d97f10fc581c0cfbf5e4675e699b0dffd45028f6Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 7174bdf1201e (bug 857142)
d79375a692fe0e2e469d02f0728e338ca655f803Ed Morley — Backed out changeset c2f27bb078fd (bug 857142)
9666b9de0febf61bd0dbb86c9eb8bc1cea036411Jan de Mooij — Bug 898047 - Fix Ion to set the Folded flag on arguments MIR when optimizing fun.apply(x, arguments). r=bhackett
47f46080685f1a6d6058198b4b11d00e2c82aa51Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 0ad406a69f2c (bug 856361) for mochitest-1 failures in test_mediaElementAudioSourceNode.html on a CLOSED TREE
4382f83efcaf03d82dcab6dd122410daab3ccbdaEd Morley — Backed out changeset 3f2c0edda4c2 (bug 856361)
fab0e9b04d8da8a58c71a0f7168650df1ae9d01cEd Morley — Backed out changeset f211d6754796 (bug 856361)
0f30f29ffa1f2ea92d93e7328d978a2b029146e1Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 2af84c01ac0c (bug 856361)
6e72a4e894e14bf2b6fd7a42d4aeb3d68b5357a7Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 9e90a81b9e37 (bug 856361)
ebd005b9e9d742918b6557b05ce7e18cae4c2175Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 3d6f6f06da5e (bug 856361)
3f150133a4de08b739ea517e5dc3de0cbd4a2327Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 911a11878522 (bug 855568)
c43900741e9a079cb960877aa4ca4441b6dcee0aEd Morley — Backed out changeset 3fbe86d67b6a (bug 856361)
31453209a88adb6a30a84167f7cf4e5969cee414Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 446410b692a0 (bug 856361)
6946b8d86502ef8994d309dcc4925f12529e41d9Ed Morley — Backed out changeset f7496fddb076 (bug 856361)
c2f27bb078fd4bc268125bce50d7181412ad69a1John Daggett — Bug 857142 - add reftest for osx-font-smoothing. r=m_kato
7174bdf1201e2c4d989fccf37e9f2cd7e7ee47f2John Daggett — Bug 857142 - change name and switch to grayscale value. r=dbaron
04a45dec43268ba14b7a0d6ad9808bc0ae28e728John Daggett — Bug 898267 - support font smoothing in Azure CG backend. r=jrmuizel
31a1b6fff957e472ea7f8e99506eef19b60d9122John Daggett — Bug 857142 - implement -moz-font-smoothing. r=dbaron
f7496fddb0766955026e08155465cf4512bcc8d5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 856361. Fix test bustage. r=me
77337bcdfd68e82f26c8858882a87ba5525b5ef2Emanuel Hoogeveen — Bug 888088 (part 11, attempt 2) - Fix #include ordering in js/src/ion/arm/. r=nnethercote.
2388401dc34059bec6c325401c909559180ad797Emanuel Hoogeveen — Bug 888088 (part 13) - Fix #include ordering in a few places that fell through the cracks. r=nnethercote.
446410b692a094ab61a130ab194ae12688506948Robert O'Callahan — Bug 856361 and bug 855568 require a clobber on Windows due to bug 890744
3fbe86d67b6ade0589f7feff72bface2eb461a8fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 856361. Part 7: Address review comment. r=ehsan
911a11878522579e814c2eade99f922839728667Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 855568 - Implement MediaElementAudioSourceNode. r=roc
3d6f6f06da5ebd710e31ea1a0f5d5b84434c47abRobert O'Callahan — Bug 856361. Part 6: Make MediaStreamAudioSourceNode keep its DOMMediaStream alive, and make the DOMMediaStream keep the MediaStreamAudioSourceNode alive. r=ehsan
9e90a81b9e37371a8c209ba1675d3391405a1afesecretrobotron — Bug 856361. Part 5: Implement MediaStreamAudioSourceNode. r=ehsan
2af84c01ac0cccad0d4003bfb9983d6bd2369d62Robert O'Callahan — Bug 856361. Part 4: Create AudioNodeExternalInputStream. r=ehsan
f211d675479689dc2b86ddb6ee3af4cee2e83e03Robert O'Callahan — Bug 856361. Part 3: Refactor AudioNodeStream to create ComputeFinalOuputChannelCount, AccumulateInputChunk and AdvanceOutputSegment, and make AudioNodeStreams be treated as always consumed by the MediaStreamGraph. r=ehsan
3f2c0edda4c265a9e34e791fa527d682b8de7be1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 856361. Part 2: Block data from a non-same-origin media resource entering a MediaStream from a media element. r=cpearce
0ad406a69f2cb08e5453527b5051db038b373c4dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 856361. Part 1: Fix documentation of MediaInputPort flags. r=jesup
91b749fdbf32b5350f04f0934e0fcc7d5ad16e1cLuke Wagner — Bug 898619 - put the rest of the JSRuntime:: methods into vm/Runtime.cpp (r=billm)
4f899e59e268609ac31949372beeefcfd5fbbec6Christian Holler — Bug 898230 - Disable alloc-dealloc checking under AddressSanitizer. r=glandium
d6fd6156acc3de1fb22f7b55fa3e5a51b3082b81Robert O'Callahan — Bug 837242. Part 1: Convert bool parameters to flags. r=mats
a4535d7fce37999bdf9c40de9ecb3fea6a840e67Robert O'Callahan — Backing out 6ba07a3e0c80 (bug 892978) to fix test failures
bdc535ec42067d3c723821a9bf0ce94c34c887caNicholas Cameron — Bug 756606. Add LockDrawTarget to shmem texture clients. r=Bas
51d91b3220d99b704456954eb79fbe31cbbbfcdfNicholas Cameron — Bug 756606. Don't try to fast path D2D A8 surfaces in GetSourceSurfaceForSurface. r=Bas
2d7d821c792dc4f3e1bd40a0809af934c59e19a1Chris Pearce — Bug 846769 - OggReader::SeekBisection() should use granule end times, not start times. r=rillian
6558e79080bdbea49766afb22196592f2c4bfab4Chris Pearce — Bug 846769 - Mark Ogg frames with MediaResource offset, instead of (incorrectly) trying to infer and then use the offset of pages. r=rillian
c28a758324262fcda6df5b459ef50045803f203fMark Capella — Bug 896764 - Initially populate Find in Page string with current text selection, r=margaret
12eedfb87ed6213320c33374bf32c68ab78a42a3Alexander Surkov — Bug 810268 - there's no way to know unselected item when selection in single selection was changed, r=tbsaunde
980551965c2a463ad8760dcc00786979e91b3d5eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 895495 followup. Pass the needed second string to the exception message if the first argument of _create is not a Window. r=ms2ger
6ba07a3e0c80091257e86686b744d52a17a77efcGuillaume Abadie — bug 892978 - [WebGL 2.0] Query objects (GL_ARB_occlusion_query) - r=jgilbert
a8b32e58a5484f5e8d589848901ebb017df6301aNikhil Marathe — Bug 898661 - Temporarily disable Binary Data in Nightly builds too. r=nmatsakis
318216ea648d6acfee79c017517c3edba1c03af9Nikhil Marathe — Bug 898623 - Root StructType FieldInfo properties. r=terrence
1bb4b1eba285fd3074140b1af90b62e22502254fNeil Rashbrook — Bug 898438 nsITableEditor.getCellAt doesn't default to the current table r=ehsan
4a126050ecdbdfc3a7b4432783db8ac8373af002Jeff Walden — Bug 895792 - Fix RoundUpPow2's required precondition to not be wrong. r=terrence
b0b60f193dec254045cff510f5ad200a64471448Jeff Walden — Add #include <new> to mfbt/Vector.h so that placement-new actually works when that header hasn't been bootlegged. No bug, r=too-long-spent-debugging-this
c77439f57dfc0207490e9b450466dc7c421362dfJeff Walden — Bug 890127 - Properly initialize and cleanup ICU, when enabled in JS engine builds. r=njn
e432690bf0fb21911ef15177d36902891f1f8415Jeff Walden — Bug 896124 - Implement a JS_Init() JSAPI function, to be called before any other JSAPI operations (except JS_SetICUMemoryFunctions) are performed, to centralize whole-engine initialization tasks. r=bsmedberg for the XPCOM bits, r=luke for the JS bits
3bc8a3f77169b8060a69383af8578e5f9d16ab3eGregor Wagner — Bug 897924, Bug 897657 - Disable Contacts tests on Android. r=permaorange.