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Wed Apr 07 21:29:48 2010 +0000
1a7368a78f5509f9436e4450bfb29b28eeb8d273Blake Kaplan — Fix bug 554448. r=jst sr=sicking
0e49f2d62035b1cc6d92c1a70dca9552c56edf37Blake Kaplan — Bug 527102 - Try to prevent timeouts by splitting this test up. r=sicking
55a7fb78d78b2bd7fd86e4cde65ba94698562220Blake Kaplan — Bug 386635 - Compatibility hacks to make evalInSandbox continue to work for GreaseMonkey. r=jst
0a8b08d8f142570c7bfcb07cb269072eddea813bBlake Kaplan — Bug 386635 - Automatically wrap sandboxes in security wrappers to make them easier to use safely. r=jst
537a709ba7cea14ad8f1e2c183386ecc4b3bdf0dBlake Kaplan — Bug 554833 - Define 'document' on XPCNativeWrapped windows properly. r=jst