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Sun Dec 11 04:01:06 2011 +0000
f5578fdc50ef11b7f12451c88297f327abb0e9daMarco Castelluccio — Bug 679352 - Remove libreg - Part 2: Remove modules/libreg/; r=khuey CLOSED TREE
b9d0984bdd951bbf8871efff7d479628552060abMarco Castelluccio — Bug 679352 - Remove libreg - Part 1: Clean nsProfileMigrator; r=bsmedberg
0a1f7f98c27ba4599ec4523f54a7b3cdf1e8c74fEd Morley — Bug 709193 - Disable Graphite until MSVC PGO issues resolved; r=khuey
dc48c09923585003be8960fba6ca231eb038ebb4Ed Morley — Backout SPDY to keep us under the MSVC virtual address space limit during win PGO builds (bug 709193)
5b4a903746980d5fd03dcb649786f0dabdc33d93Margaret Leibovic — backout f9b9d90ff8e1 due to bustage
17787cebcac4fe4336d2ee399eaac916cd778bf3Jonathan Kew — bug 691505 - ensure Graphite uses infallible malloc to give well-defined OOM behavior. r=roc
4cef2af9f1dac6ad518ec5b421a1db7645ae033fJohn Daggett — Bug 631479. Simple reftests of graphite font handling (if enabled). r=jfkthame
afb24aa8ed2e2f8a853978b996eaeab8d2f1a26aJonathan Kew — bug 631479 (part 4) - implement gfxGraphiteShaper to handle text-shaping for graphite-enabled fonts. r=jdaggett
f51fc55403ba385a67e99dd5ce94e26b6f4031f4Jonathan Kew — bug 631479 (part 3) - allow graphite tables to be passed through OTS for downloadable fonts. r=jdaggett
c25e81047a9e6faa5f8081bf3fc053e8df3c2098Jonathan Kew — bug 631479 (part 2) - compile graphite2 as part of the gfx build. r=jdaggett,khuey
0973ce3ecd5d404464e48f1343012d5254c15962Jonathan Kew — bug 631479 (part 1) - import graphite2 code from (release 1.0.3 plus bugfixes). r=jdaggett
f5d0e8d72b9b6b8e589f0aec22d87406fee4e264Brad Lassey — bug 709267 - relative STRINGSPATH in mobile/android/base/locales is broken r=khuey
3b4a31321db6533bb999b05c0c360885c8ac2a7aJim Blandy — No bug: Bring jorendb up to date with current state of Debugger object. r=NPOB,jorendorff
328dad2d25dd1076b5a2cebba4aaf1b1f276b1daMargaret Leibovic — Bug 708464 - Create click to play UI for fennec native. r=mfinkle
f9b9d90ff8e1ca10128701c6f81a21696efa91d6Margaret Leibovic — Bug 707886 - Platform support for non-e10s click-to-play plugins. r=jst
a8dad67cd332fabacbf48afdc56ea07e7e0be8ccKartikaya Gupta — Bug 704784 - Fade scrollbars when content stops moving [r=pcwalton]
daeda7b6d249af6491d705af73e93b6d040c990aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 704784 - Tweak scrollbars to look nicer [r=pcwalton]
c5f491145a277f3c74ec84492bb2b80f28374c03Patrick Walton — Bug 708947 - Repair overscroll resistance, and add overscroll resistance when zooming. r=kats
cd92bcd2f9b2602d8768543ea3176b5ae810526fPatrick Walton — Bug 708928 - Don't render when a finger is down. r=Cwiiis
963303fb308e216dee1f7a7b5f7700fec3f58a7aPatrick Walton — Bug 708921 - Bounce back during overscroll when the magnitude of the velocity vector exceeds the stopped threshold. r=kats
1b0610f77f291c95403dd189977ced57c9d3ce45Ali Juma — Bug 586863 - Eliminate #ifdef GFX_HAS_INVERT blocks since GFX_HAS_INVERT is never defined. r=dbaron
8b622aa1c57f719feb30948376b5ee1ef42b0429Ted Mielczarek — bug 708453 - escape URLs before constructing NSURL. r=smichaud
a64d8d8b512e40c0ead75ed6662d49f4f186df6bWes Johnston — Bug 705145 - Multiple selection lists cannot be scrolled r=mfinkle
2c8caf0e9a57c5469cb289c84e784e194094c3abWes Johnston — Bug 706146 - Limit how far we can zoom into a page r=chrislord
6c252e670af9287c77fc13693358def8ee54d560Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 708123 - Add a telemetry probe for update status; r=rstrong
13dca5fd0b5abc21d2da8c55bdfb3c53e7302b88Patrick Walton — Bug 708519 - Pref off the frame rate meter r=kats
45bb8d3c8fe7934559f3a442aa413253cb8c78afPatrick Walton — Bug 708519 - Move the frame rate meter to bottom-right r=kats
aa93820dbda1aaea60e4cf3d495e71f9aeab4e83Patrick Walton — Bug 708519 - Repair the frame rate meter r=kats
7983b5d3e8ee88c38ae7cf8c54bd5f61a811ddedThomas Prip Vestergaard — Bug 705043 - Avoid cutting off Places URI titles unnecessarily. r=mak
33ee84f7705fec7000163674d8c0167dc3d15279Robert O'Callahan — Bug 687972. More logging...
d8a345cf98ca25148889f930d2adc9681bc9223eEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
8a7fa0fd9e7658f278cdd7a4b7cfd85bc951ac67Mounir Lamouri — Bug 706449 - Fix SMS receiver registration/unregistration that was broken with a m-c merge in birch. r=blassey
72e85661a47c44e6206c5a7a80ff3ec4ae595c22Jacek Caban — Backout changeset e76f06f7e08d
28fb37461530e0e51d365856aebd1eefac05531aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 700914. Initialize the rulehash's hashtables lazily. r=dbaron
2d5421ea175817bce04d19ef9d165b97b8d0e4baNicholas Nethercote — Bug 705987 - Use mallocSizeOf in the layout memory reporters. r=khuey,bzbarsky
e76f06f7e08dd32d654cc0077c41b065b58d59a1Jacek Caban — Bug 707469 - Don't use UNIX variant xptcinvoke implementation on mingw r=benjamin
40a13154e0bab8ef4ba38382c58c7ef35846f236Robert O'Callahan — Bug 705559. Part 4: Speed up AddDependencyOnSource by exiting early when we already have the dependency. r=bas
c635867cc091b0c3b81e9cb0c4e6594791b22688Robert O'Callahan — Bug 705559. Part 3: Use mDirtyTransform to avoid unnecessary SetTransform calls. r=bas
9a100a5d2796bfb579a3a82636417f527a50c6b9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 705559. Part 2: Keep only one snapshot per DrawTargetD2D since all stored snapshots represent the 'last state'. Reuse that snapshot if the state hasn't changed since the last snapshot. Keep the last snapshot alive and make the snapshot's mDrawTarget weak instead. Change mDependingOnTargets/mDependentTargets to be hashsets instead of vectors. Remove SourceSurfaceD2DTarget::mIsCopy since the null-ness of mDrawTarget means the same thing. r=bas
58146fa12d7626ab6f4eb9d79b66dcabe631b052Robert O'Callahan — Bug 705559. Part 1: Clean up nsCanvasRenderingContext2DAzure::DrawImage code a bit. r=jrmuizel
02ec94922e9631b3a12fbdac01f73a6a1b6fd986Ed Morley — Backout ee420d0f03df (bug 697479) for Win opt build failures
1384f34c9bddf5752dd0e226559c911ba018c657Daniel Holbert — Bug 708888: Remove no-longer-needed SVGDocumentWrapper::kSVGAtom. r=roc
c2370a1dba1ddefbb3dd972f99f4fdb3fb0ea19eTrevor Saunders — bug 455443 and bug 703770 - fix missed review nits r=me
549b2d9592ce538cf3f7db8019e74d9d367f584cTrevor Saunders — bug 705983 always check gconf for accessibility state when GNOME_ACCESSIBILITY not set r=ginn.chen
4f633a8f0d06a6ac440e2d5f57365b2db275b54fHub Figuiere — Bug 708106 - Remove NSAccessibility constants for pre MacOS X 10.4. r=tbsaunde
cf37695607441448938b7911c9f9eb7b5c3298e7Johnny Stenback — Fixing bug 704621. Report DOM memory usage in about:memory by windows and show whether a window is active, cached, or potentially leaked. Also group windows by the top level window they're contained in. r=njn,mounir
c28beca4a896a54dd24b9028cc16a84a390fd922Patrick Walton — Bug 705358 - Don't allow fully-zoomed-out axes to be overscrolled. r=kats
3d9d4b6404419f2e0a0e745938fea228ffa34ad9Patrick Walton — Bug 707935 - Prevent page size changes until document.readyState reads "complete". r=kats
ee420d0f03df7b7446ce15d8acc365ad4fa61627Jason Orendorff — [revised per backout affc2782a250, jimb] Implement simple Map and Set builtins for JS. Bug 697479, r=jimb.
947f145ec0e7aaebe94149404e20f1f41cd8f3fbRobert O'Callahan — Bug 687972. More logging.
1cdb116ae0b97106a2ccb4fb8e0c104cd535476fChris Pearce — Bug 704010 - Disable test_fullscreen-api on WinXP cos it's purple most of the time. r=philor
59c363453713d17a06fcda8c826ed2d84a8903deEhsan Akhgari — Bug 703444. Port SPS profiler to Windows. r=jmuizelaar
6fce54163bfb9ae0b99c4d9eb5cb43de59c272fbMatt Brubeck — Bug 708937 - Don't run Android-specific functions on non-Android platforms [r=mfinkle]
c77d88e54bb3ca7d492ced4e1e2be9333f08cd9eBrian Hackett — Ensure consistent warnings when accessing undefined names, bug 706240. r=waldo
a4a742eac3abc27f1ce23f1b558231179e43aa0fBrian Hackett — Avoid sharing owned base shapes between multiple shapes, bug 707842. r=luke
d87f60b6c99d81c0ee8af4a6caca6bf4cfe2d4bcChristian Holler — Ensure a consistent enumeration order when compiled in deterministic mode, bug 707017. r=luke
592d5034c8a9fe1acd24e76e6a048560d9df71ffBrian Hackett — Refine shape changes done to preserve teleporting invariant on prototype changes, bug 707515. r=luke
2f9ce0282804cfb21bc3f465e7401ce5a9807831Matt Woodrow — Bug 707563 - Convert vertex vector back into normal coordinate space before applying offset. r=Bas
f137857feed3d93dbc8ee1b42c90c743472157f8Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 708851 - Any gcc that supports firefox support -pipe.
a8196c95d4c94f2f442f632f10aceb5108f18358Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 704400 - Implement --enable-dmd. r=khuey.