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Mon Feb 18 08:55:11 2013 +0000
0acbd06d48a9aeea17696f5280231e4ee5fd029bL. David Baron — Bug 836655: Fix bustage ("comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions", warnings-as-errors) by using Contains rather than IndexOf.
91134dd6ac0ad65ef60524fc2caa6eeb4ef3e293Eric Chou — Bug 842214 - Replace JS_NewStringCopyN with JS_NewUCStringCopyN, or non-ascii chars would be shown incorrectly, r=gyeh
b093ba2c7ff9d5ec10ae4e70686f28eef08c3babMarco Chen — Bug 836655 - [Audio] Remove ChildID if there is no content channel playing in foreground and only send audio-channel-changed with normal when ChildID in the background has content channel in playing state. r=baku
5474b831ece7011e78cba505d992b11cdd5b2ff4Randy Lin — Bug 834165 - Implement BlobEvent. r=smaug
08fb57d88c011695df9e2eb5c35fc454767b2798Daniel Holbert — Bug 839347: Move SkNO_RETURN_HINT out of anonymous namespace so that clang won't warn about it being unused. r=mattwoodrow
11ca90723b3ab2e08a5cb68acbd75a4ea3f304a2Ginn Chen — Bug 837561 ReadInt16 and WriteInt16 should be paired r=benjamin
9e0279c63245a179ec1c3efd6b4fdb365b49c95aVicamo Yang — Bug 838190: ensure every received SMS message is acked. r=gwagner
df03beb83b39fa9fac1267bb785086d9094fb482L. David Baron — Bug 563195: Add -Wshadow to CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS for layout/style. r=ted
ff75b06e2330e7586556bdea50c31e27ff550a55L. David Baron — Bug 563195: Fix -Wshadow warnings in gfx that affect layout/style. r=derf
4fa2028f2e3c8b926018621b8efcf5eb5facb09bL. David Baron — Bug 563195: Fix -Wshadow warnings in public SPS headers. r=BenWa
2b8d67b35d8292c9363bd80ed06a1c6542db4e3aL. David Baron — Bug 563195: Fix -Wshadow warnings in layout/style. r=bzbarsky
43fa20226909036be7d36f1605dc70d0c47dc384L. David Baron — Bug 563195: Fix -Wshadow warnings in public JS API headers (those used from layout/style/). r=njn
761d4d55680d50700e4aef7ae7419c329d9ec9c6Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 563195: Avoid triggering -Wshadow warnings in mfbt/. r=Waldo
e0ffe719035b6aba48c9fa79303284a8509d1086John Daggett — Bug 833169 - fixup idents and trim out redundant initialization. r=karlt
eb1a14e09f50df22978eea54caf2bf9887821e7aZack Weinberg — Bug 842134: fix serialization of unquoted url() in CSS. r=heycam
a1310b986ebe61e0e8eeb618bb1d0aba89f4b658Jeff Walden — Bug 664528 - [].sort misbehaves when the array being sorted starts with at least one hole and otherwise contains only holes and |undefined| as its elements. r=jandem
fa40088b0833af00e3d3b064cddf7c2eba0114c2David Zbarsky — Bug 837044: Remove nsIDOMSVGFilterElement.idl that I forgot to remove earlier r=me
da82798eb2751aca52f3802a6540db180a591c20John Daggett — Bug 833169 - initialize family name in pango font entries. r=roc
820dff9bdc55add3299ad566fb44070cd762b29bJohn Daggett — Bug 833169 - add font family name to font entries and use in user font cache key. r=jkew
8a5523cc2812c8290d79ac419b0d80901ff84563Chris Double — Bug 823523 - Part 4 - Whitelist Samsung Honeycomb devices for Stagefright decoding - r=bjacob
d5cb684d6b761a4ab841cb7656e26042f08521f2Chris Double — Bug 823253 - Part 3 - Whitelist Samsung Gingerbread devices for Stagefright decoding - r=bjacob
50dc45f30b221045d569886cd6332a832ce38306Chris Double — Bug 823253 - Part 2 - Whitelist LG Froyo devices for stagefright decoding - r=bjacob
cef45c1cb7d446d1a16df24aa3e670bc1ce3d47fChris Double — Bug 823253 - Part 1 - Whitelist HTC Gingerbread devices for stagefright decoding - r=bjacob
547bfb2239d1ac59c7feed9de4c0d7d3db8bca3cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 837044 - Convert SVGFilterElement to WebIDL r=bz
411288642ab40162bde09d5cbb5e30b734eb8bbaMatthew Gregan — Bug 842176 - Partial revert of bug 839319; use WAVE_FORMATEX when channels <= 2. r=doublec
fa9f36138ad8fdca7f79ddca99a5879fa19f374bChristian Holler — Bug 838557 - Fix obvious problem with previous patch in nsPresShell.cpp, r=me
5faf053cccaf361b0cbc2ea1f375cdd612fb194aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 837044 Part 1: Move SVGFilterElement to mozilla::dom r=bz
2a21768b10f09722018659cbeef5eb8a577e2f57Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 835712 - Use more webidl for safer JS traversal. r=bz, r=jesup
f213ceb739aa7d812a30eecf52f42c148de616e4Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 835370 - Optional offer/answer constraints work + unsupported mandatory ones fail. r=bz, r=jesup
1a9f0e93437032d0b421a1006c23ac58e6a12f6dJonathan Kew — bug 841470 followup - fix signed/unsigned warning causing build bustage. r=me
16ff7211d7b22aebc9004d51f4a81f46257858a4Jonathan Watt — Bug 842158 - Fix comment in input-range-direction-1.html. r=dholbert. DONTBUILD.
841077d27df82a4723a0f2b79e652779835f9e8dJonathan Watt — Bug 842158 - Make <input type=range> honor the 'direction' property. r=dholbert.
fe1aa97b77a6e9de2aaf56733c9d77f87473d7e0Jonathan Kew — bug 841470 - don't call AppUnitsPerDevPixelChanged unless the value has actually changed. r=roc