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Sat Jul 22 09:27:12 2017 +0000
7e496e6bac00d2acbf3dcd5615c13d4ac489724eTed Campbell — Bug 1383206 - Fix format string for in GC slice statistics. r=sfink
ffb8e24e573e86b119c7bd9531136089f52c3503Gregory Szorc — Bug 1382839 - Fix typo in preprocessor directive; r=me
c95dcaacd9fd7b9b67682ce14cc2da8644b82e3bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #17819 - stylo: Set the NS_STYLE_IS_TEXT_COMBINED flag (from emilio:text-combined); r=xidorn
8f0e9bc0c3a401f35a18bbabcfa59af7f5f6055eManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #17822 - Remove last vestiges of stylearc (from Manishearth:die-stylearc-die); r=bzbarsky
38744dde9f2f41fe1e1e62d1456177cd663b5dd0Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #17634 - Implement drawing an image from a CSS style value into a canvas (from asajeffrey:canvas-image-css-style-value); r=jdm
70e1925b92aecd2a0d6a8a2325e5d7fc3a5639e1Jonathan Guillotte-Blouin — Bug 1382839 - add pre-processor guards around payments manifest. r=MattN,rail
8c927b51ca411f35225282ece3d2271a89b8528dJared Wein — Bug 1355922 - Save to Pocket should have an associated animation. r=Gijs
fffa2bcd7e364c1b0e85b9f5580363d9e071963cShih-Chiang Chien — Bug 1382103 - ensure thread-safe access to HttpBackgroundChannelParent::mBackgroundThread. r=mayhemer
4fe0649bd462a3332e4429910a6396c5dd00859eWes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge CLOSED TREE
cb16ffe9f056bdbdca9a776e76e1bc590a1d3565Wes Kocher — Bug 1381577 - Part AN - Change some near-permafailing tests to tier-3 until they can be fixed or turned off r=callek a=me CLOSED TREE
ea24b188a4b07ec31d4bbc05f857049b01a466d4Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 4d83b498dc00 (bug 1359416) for assertions in ServoStyleSet a=backout CLOSED TREE
24f784daaae26f082dc8b4a1222f93c3406e947fWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 49c4c4a3fb81 (bug 1380065) for failures in browser_aboutStopReload.js a=backout CLOSED TREE
49c4c4a3fb814d3efe668dbbc276920e2e1d6cf1Sam Foster — Bug 1380065 - Disable arrow-panel animations if the cosmeticAnimations pref is set to false. r=jaws
6f9ddd2f1395af7e3ea5f3d30f14aee4a575b951Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1382786 followup. Mark some more tests as passing.
a6b857d87680ed39db4a64a2309e864a93194b7fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #17817 - style: Move a conditional import to where it's used (from emilio:always-be-removing-the-ugly); r=stshine
394b3d22db1988839462c9832f4ef309aef556a1Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1383007 - Move the declaration in the #ifdef declaration to silent a warning r=jld
4ed067a3c2941aada4f32eb63b68d5574a2a2c80Mike Hommey — Bug 1382860 - Use docker_worker_add_public_artifacts for toolchain docker-worker jobs. r=dustin
5b8225dac5532f0726c9a5f9bf81e97ce8367331Michael Froman — Bug 1383272 - fixing incorrect comparison in RtpStreamId::Parse(...) r=bwc
5e1c7ab7ec0768714acb3c3f79b9ced64e5b639cMike Hommey — Bug 1382564 - Use the information from bug 1374940 with `mach artifact toolchain`. r=gps
b19a95c5c5b758ac90d50be3bd137dd3b2c64d75Ed Lee — Bug 1382079 - Backed out changeset 5fc778386eb1 (Bug 1379762 part 3). r=bz
5a67359d51b46c42083f0188510d9ef608823947Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1382593: Clean a bit nsImageMap. r=heycam
cc9fbf7eabe7b007483b0b5f442f3e2fac1f159dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1382786 part 5. Add some tests for which properties are properties are allowed on ::first-letter, ::first-line, and ::placeholder. r=emilio
fb19f23bb69a2c1c6e1a4aafe909a23b76610a51Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1382786 part 4. Update test expectations. r=emilio
4d83b498dc00fdfd50509d4a6f087d426a01a08dMilan Sreckovic — Bug 1359416: Allow blocklisting of D3D11 keyed mutex and block it for Intel Gen 6. r=bas
ffeeb5f34457e9ea4d46c500d6218cf49aa4f833Boris Zbarsky — servo: Merge #17821 - Implement restrictions on which properties apply to which pseudo-elements (from bzbarsky:pseudo-prop-restrictions); r=emilio
f5a5e055be578be73d2a4dce8018f97f341f276aJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part AM; Make sure to properly utilize MOZ_BUILD_DATE in taskcluster windows. r=kmoir
707dc7973d5a5ddf0364dc4ed0504d7c5b8cc526Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part AL; Filter tasks based on run-on-projects for windows nightlies too. r=kmoir
3d3bd8c4420b8f79dcac0a32becd30183079fea4Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part AK; Add support for win8 testing, will be via BBB, leave disabled until flag day. r=kmoir
6033c5e29cac441d694bafc1019dd4a7416f89d9Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part AJ; Allow to override worker type in test definitions, supports explicitly buildbot-bridge tests. r=dustin
3f7a10cb42245ee574167bc0026779fc89707775Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part AI; Add tests reftest-gpu, talos-quantum-pageload, and talos-xperf. r=jmaher
b880fb43b242ac9be6e9c7f38fa7499d5973a626Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part AH; Revert to BBB for talos, until TC's hardware worker is ready for windows. r=grenade
ab9f8745b934508505b5362e27fb656d588133bbJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part AG; Rework how test platform variants are calculated for BBB buildernames. r=kmoir
5ce72f2d5383726d0a871934d02b09ff54e39a18Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part AF; Add tests for windows PGO and windows nightly. r=kmoir
856213329bebf6830b250b166dc22a5b21ce93cdJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part AE; Don't run windows talos until flag day. r=kmoir
b0e0c40ca8068ab76957e2bf3bfba62f2db8d09cJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part AD; cleanup run on projects, to ensure things are run everywhere they are supposed to. r=kmoir
c6c1ccfab9e0f15fd6c6a87b2d51686a0cfce1b9Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part AC; firefox-ui-functional-local should use 'default' tier not explicitly 1 (makes it so we can add this test to not-yet-ready platforms, or non-tier-1 platforms). r=dustin
a550ce13b38dc230e8f48311040a0472c77e98cdJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part AB; Fix typo to make windows PGO get signed. r=kmoir
176d94a4c3d7db415531b0bfd717f9736abed932Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part AA; Enable windows beetmover for en-US and l10n, side affect of enabling balrog for windows nightlies. r=kmoir
d1c0752fff0499ca1e78efcb8698ab5e8c05df83Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part Z; Slight refactor to beetmover-repackage to make windows additions clearer. r=kmoir
152bc4406fa9623a008ab1b052c82dd89aa14099Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part Y; Don't list host/bin/{mar,mbsdiff} in global list since windows will need the filenames with .exe appended. r=kmoir
522efafe0e14e5f9b7b2023419311bbb19e3b186Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part X; Run mach repackage for windows l10n, and sign results of windows mach repackage. r=kmoir
49c740cc0289e0d0395210fb5953e749ed293a3fJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part W; Sign windows l10n repacks. r=kmoir
4bbd4f39f28fa4be63f06277d4b014c08200ab92Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part V; Remove target.complete.mar from OSX l10n signing (its signed as part of repackage) and error out if an unknown platform attempts to get signed from l10n. r=kmoir
dbc60400b0540e727d961c20c03fd69177c2d816Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part U; Add tc win l10n to the taskgraph, and don't try to sign it yet. r=kmoir
4333c1391702ec21cfe45360bb72ecd56ac6e0c4Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part T; Add mozharness configs for Taskcluster win l10n repacks. r=aki
c6e53b1632ec82adb88c724157534349d8e7cc33Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part S; Support Taskcluster win l10n repacks in mozharness scripts. r=aki
df5885fdcfa472c71eaee57f9f8615a711759000Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part R; Build system changes to support taskcluster backed windows l10n repacks. r=mshal
b8a9d43c6ed19ba4c7f425bc5d5ff3c3bd3fa8b6Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part Q; Enable funsize routes for windows nightly. r=kmoir
428371d18530d130588f2ee545032c0752fbc1adJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part P; Sign repackaged win artifacts. r=kmoir
362aeaaac09ce7e01520b04c8180f71a881644fcJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part O; Run mach repackage for windows nightlies. r=kmoir
8fed3841b32a327f9fa0ed2e5261848de0e7b7dfJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part N; Make repackage task output its artifact to a locale included subdirectory, rather than rely on worker to publish there. r=kmoir
635129751d087f6ba2244f8a6dc4325b024003c2Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part M; Refactor repackage taskgraph code to be more readable and make it easier to add windows. r=kmoir
0b62fc3730838ee2f37c024f3f1ec6d382de585eJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part L; Support signing windows nightlies. r=kmoir
4a2469a7216c71dcc4bf55df79b067add4a4250bJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part K; Stop using the property 'use-funsize-routes' since we can determine if we want those routes in better ways. r=kmoir
5b547b1dc453c584c9b31ae3b79424b4b8624678Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part J; Sign setup.exe on windows and error if we try to sign an unknown platform. r=kmoir
691c30e9534753c92024dd382b9798af57ec360fJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part I; Win nightlies should generate and upload balrog_props.json. r=kmoir
9dc52e08f75f27fa91197f26fd784398d789e30aJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part H; Upload Symbols for win32. r=kmoir
22c130a4b9af4f01b1c08c9f185d9b04b8519201Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part G; Add win32 nightlies as well. r=kmoir
c0e4c46f2954ca655e21ca97c40dca7abc5352f6Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part F; Make artifact path setting more generic for windows worker. r=dustin
9fb0158afc853e908610583e865fa7882f3da772Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part E; Add assertion that there is no space in each action or option passed to mozharness tests. r=dustin
fdb3b53456b2bd2f4e6e8ba60e40c940df41c7b9Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part D; Add support for not passing --branch and --skip-buildbot-actions to mozharness tasks on windows workers. r=dustin
f38012a5f818bc572b3149e3d34d551f618d51baJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part C; Add support for not passing MOZ_SIMPLE_PACKAGE_NAME to windows workers. r=dustin
4a1819ae5e3c91d76a629d5a769dfaf3a86cc0f6Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part B; Rename the nightly win64 hook to just nightly, support win32. r=dustin
5070598bdf5971eda350aabd1b23c7b8a72e0da1Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Part A; Support mozharness actions on windows generic worker r=dustin
792565abca9edb164dde13096cde4cf34717a0cbDão Gottwald — Bug 1383031 - Rename customization-uidensity-menu-button* classes and ids since these are menuitems. r=johannh
cea58fa7bd2254ba70c05f382dc090600a1675f4Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1382017 part 4 Gecko piece - Rename ServoComputedValues -> ServoComputedData; r=heycam
959eb43f301e89def3b535659f60ec6e2b3ba451Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1382017 part 4 Gecko piece - Remove usage of ServoComputedValues from most Gecko code; r=xidorn
af628cf1f4dbbc0bf829ad81d0f3b106e6e35186Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1382017 part 2 Gecko piece - Remove usage of ServoComputedValues from binding functions; r=xidorn
f66914e1a2a23c450fa3cdc144ed74293463480dManish Goregaokar — Bug 1382017 part 1 Gecko side - Replace stylearc with servo_arc; r=xidorn
0482b58c734325786848b4bb741ccdd26f895757Chris Pearce — Bug 1381720 - Add content_decryption_module_ext.h. r=gerald
c89f2a6edabd5cd3eba4ed9a76b3ec3957d29273Chris Pearce — Bug 1381720 - Update content_decryption_module.h. r=gerald
31409d8a04838a659f4f595f35e3662374f27ab9Mike Conley — Bug 1363361 - Disable browser_windowopen_reflows.js on Linux and Win 8 x64 for frequent failures. r=florian
b05b1b40f5d296dbb62b495a5c1a3e5480aaa652Mike Conley — Bug 1363361 - Disable browser_appmenu_reflows.js on Linux and Windows debug builds for intermittent failures. r=florian
51c18c1a9eef5094d49a0677bfa0254f8bc61c22Mike Conley — Bug 1363361 - Update expected reflows on window open now that we're using nsIDOMWindowUtils to dirty the frame tree. r=florian
65fbaf1abd1d08c8592cfb7325fc8a9843f452bfMike Conley — Bug 1363361 - Make reflow tests use nsIDOMWindowUtils.ensureDirtyRootFrame to avoid manual frame dirtying hack. r=florian
bd3c2bb5c7876b1d746177332529f9dc97a3a575Mike Conley — Bug 1363361 - Add ability to dirty root frame from nsIDOMWindowUtils. r=dholbert
4f36bfc961bee3229588416cbe4c82bb83c02f9bMike Conley — Bug 1383117 - Disable browser_aboutStopReload.js on non-Nightly builds, since it's Photon-only. r=jaws
d8ce629418ee90a1555ddfeb7fdb6a12f20ee266Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #17818 - stylo: Various ComputedValues fixes (from Manishearth:stylo-fixup); r=heycam
df26ae1f7cbf95159b04ca68097029d56303d57eEd Lee — Bug 1382827 - |mach try --artifact| should remove |--artifact| if "-nightly" platforms are requested. r=chmanchester
9aa5577c8716fa2f4dbbb0497cb9425245568e46Wes Kocher — Bug 1341102 - Update expectation data a=bustage
fda487b4114add204e118e7cbccb924326f1c471Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #17813 - Store raw string for prop decl in @supports (from upsuper:supports-decl); r=SimonSapin
a112a1a624cd3b7422d037bcb05464a171a3bf9aJared Hirsch — Bug 1382754 - Export Screenshots version 10.8.0 to Firefox; r=mossop
5e11375d63c751dca3e5853614bd770f9c5b0f57Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1382303 - P3. Reduce enough data threadhold to 10s. r=jwwang
0c6a7835fef4b3d290de4db04a0fd3322b5ba1dcJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1382303 - P2. Do not activate autoplay early. r=jwwang
6568f892a5c4c0f89b40d8a051f204100740da56Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1382303 - P1. Add mochitest. r=jwwang
1f66a39c19f1e8889c7fb802001b4838436f85ddJ.C. Jones — Bug 1380529 - Only permit "ES256" as pubkey type for WebAuthn (3/3) r=ttaubert
070367125549ebd34250ffc4078784890ebea619J.C. Jones — Bug 1380529 - Use CBOR for the Create Credential WebAuthn call (2/3) r=ttaubert
45b4405c24ca291e24053c708c4620a9bda73438J.C. Jones — Bug 1380529 - Add a CBOR library for WebAuthn (1/3) r=ttaubert