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Sat Sep 28 02:13:38 2013 +0000
e1914e294152fd4b2564482ae6dae905019cbd68Martijn Wargers — Bug 918604 - Remove more enablePrivilege calls. r=jmaher
9cc67deecdba41fc1a04f9a70669cbe98f2ca909Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 356ba083bb5f (bug 918604) for frequent OSX test_window_bar.html timeouts.
2106260cb59b7c7ba82ad93c979c329259e02864Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 6d0b41d53c32 (bug 920840) for B2G mochitest-3 timeouts.
f7d9445c77a7620a2ed5e89bb7a77645b2334712Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 6 changesets (bug 913985) for suspicion of causing intermittent Android crashes on a CLOSED TREE.
9d7b0dc99acf475459cc50bbd26903fa1da53323Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 72a979eba564 (bug 857330) for crashes.
9f2f60923d7367bb85c11896bfdda3b00a3e732eRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset a77f7d610829 (bug 821474) for leaks.
1ac76a8ec55a9c39d87ac8731115a07f3131d3c7Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 1b86035e7da0 (bug 916881) for CSP-related test failures on a CLOSED TREE
64222cba97fa9e43fad40344b8369a116e2bc3c5Dan Gohman — Backed out changeset 8bb615862099 (bug 875656) for introducing a subtle regalloc miscompile.
4b17cbb36bb8d61b4d0d81739d3b51ca6157b7a0Tareq Khandaker — Bug 869613 - Make mach build some/deeper/path do dependencies for some and
72a979eba5646739b231aed42893557dd9fcadb0Tareq Khandaker — Bug 857330 - Geolocation uses a wrong default value for maximumAge. r=jdm
0a39f82ca67b064f4dca0ddd5e1352d27fd331d4Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 783333 - Use WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGING instead of WM_MOVE to handle window moves in nsWindow. r=jimm
f691041334b803531b11a0a95018afc89ed787e0Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
a77f7d6108295ec01bc574273f76aa7da598298dNicolas Silva — Bug 821474 - Add memory reporting for Shmem and Memory texture clients. r=BenWa
1262ce233fc87350ccebd3b9d9aa12dcd31a0435Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 921029 - mozrunner.wait should return the proc's return code, r=jhammel
e39d4f589f107e3fbe5418f8e17ce8e4d28c0d2aPatrick McManus — bug 912550 - remove spdy/2 r=hurley
20e385cea5053c7a9ac46850bd7c436429b894faPatrick McManus — bug 912549 - spdy/3.1 r=hurley
d110fa56f680ecd1526e96e310ff9f8a5885aa0eWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 961256d21b8e (bug 909129) for multiple Mnw failures
009c19c0af058a51579006a4f4dc0cb25d65ee84Terrence Cole — Bug 914614 - Handle OOM in the barrier verifiers; r=billm
1b86035e7da074d2f6d85ff8fce8eba39cc491dbSid Stamm — Bug 916881 - remove stray refinePolicy in CSPUtils.jsm. r=grobinson
b69adde6dd8e40336325d85fea4b231a096f3e70Jim Blandy — Bug 893491: Consider assignments to properties of 'this' when generating display names for anonymous functions. r=terrence
3ed8d1a1b5942d8bf44fa9c6f9fed537fc2f670eRob Wood — Bug 902179 - Add marionette unit test for oop get active frame, update manifest; r=jgriffin
3f8e57e07eee72c5ec94b53c7ca4f955c95657e1Brian Hackett — Bug 920689 - Only include types for 'own' properties in heap type sets, r=jandem.
19af7baaf26e984eceec910174b968386bbd7ed2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 921472 - Minimize the #includes in intl/; r=smontagu
6d0b41d53c320b89a04f7ec9ce55f4e0cbb4bf3fAndrew McCreight — Bug 920840 - Crash when JS-implemented WebIDL's init method returns a value other than undefined. r=bz
0dde02a8bc25ea8f980a949fdebe47cbfa36df88Nathan Froyd — Bug 914826 - part 6 - don't include basictypes.h or nscore.h in ipdl headers; r=ehsan
50719d4df698083dadf02e4e841022acad248bd3Nathan Froyd — Bug 914826 - part 5 - provide for cpp-only include files, starting with nsIFile.h and GeckoProfiler.h; r=ehsan
b7667dd910879376a0905a539ea691915801c9ccNathan Froyd — Bug 914826 - part 4 - fix source files that were bootlegging XPCOM do_* functions via generated ipdl headers; r=ehsan
19f9a0020632ebf7f226a19d2508a4b4ebf3b928Nathan Froyd — Bug 914826 - part 3 - forward-declare nsIFile for GetMinidump() declaration; r=ehsan
f0bf7e9815ff5faf158504e2625269118949c68fNathan Froyd — Bug 914826 - part 2 - rename builtinIncludes to builtinHeaderIncludes; r=ehsan
011a9b6b8457ff48ee30a0953ffc72fb8fe6c4d5Nathan Froyd — Bug 914826 - part 1 - use static_assert instead of COMPILE_ASSERT in IPCMessageStart.h; r=ehsan
c85c2981bc8d3dc5906e8a6bb1c15d4f444665a0Eitan Isaacson — Bug 918388 - Enable Synth Web Speech API pref in b2g. r=fabrice r=smaug
2cf806c4ef2ab2b84335f97ed2491ee5acd8c87fEitan Isaacson — Bug 921123 - Fix case where utterance is cancelled before it is started. r=smaug
696af256f174ea920a7bfa06b05d92ab9e58faccBrian Hackett — Bug 920782 - Don't trigger GCs from threads with an exclusive context, r=billm.
2fa2ebce623b6a2aa84dba7814cfd662cfcd6b6dBenjamin Peterson — Bug 919830 - Mark a variable only used in an assertion DebugOnly. r=mak
e3e3093bdd25241c3ca10d2107b439752f14e161Bobby Holley — Bug 920553 - Introduce Cu.importGlobalProperties API. r=gabor
05f41a913bee8286084a32c8dbd986f2d103a52dBobby Holley — Bug 920553 - Make GlobalProperties::Parse follow JSAPI exception convention. r=gabor
f0fad858e878f144ddc875515ea8f0b025d94af2Bobby Holley — Bug 920553 - Hoist GlobalProperties out of SandboxOptions. r=gabor
6b8e91bf52b637c04d37f92fd7fae0e01924640cBobby Holley — Bug 921399 - Fix memory leak. r=gabor
01198082967c5934ec7c67e25ec4efb178770582Bobby Holley — Bug 917593 - Don't assert for zero-length strings. r=Waldo
961256d21b8efafe251c1f29b6c53e8a39298a2dMalini Das — Bug 909129 - fix Marionette imported scripts leak, add clearImportedScripts call, r=dburns
732798c42e48f70f48f82c006fec5e252c5db0feMarkus Stange — Bug 532828 - Don't invalidate the whole window on window activation/deactivation. r=roc
5758b5d10fce4f375ce2c2b29cc9946cfa411bcfMarkus Stange — Bug 921132 - Make CopyDataToCairoSurface respect stride. r=ncameron
a3da386b5baeff93e8719fcb8d464aeb07f2294cMarkus Stange — Bug 912945 - Use aligned data storage for DrawTargetCG. r=jrmuizel
1a0e9084786bfaf38021271a5982b3db067879f5Markus Stange — Bug 912944 - Handle different surface formats in Azure CG source surfaces. r=jrmuizel
96f24d4ebe113077466020025881f5206253edf3Markus Stange — Bug 921501 - Call CGBitmapContextGetHeight when getting the height for Cairo Quartz surfaces. r=Bas
de21920d2b8ebd5bc369081140b5cf9b65786d95Chris Kitching — Bug 913985: Part 6 - Remove redundant AndroidBridge::Bridge() checks. r=kats; DONTBUILD
f0f5497d65bbae137f8edc9ce5c8fe32eaf9017cChris Kitching — Bug 913985: Part 5 - Refactor the Bridge to use the generated code. r=kats
1e16ca4ad8018ec29543113f2056e40ae2448077Chris Kitching — Bug 913985: Part 4 - Add new generated code to version control. r=kats
9c069a0820eadd3061f5bffa851176c29aabcad0Chris Kitching — Bug 913985: Part 3 - Update the annotation processor to generate wrapper classes. r=kats
274df3abc9918c78879b65eb4650a865e9b91618Chris Kitching — Bug 913985: Part 2 - Add annotations to all remaining JNI entry points, marking them for generations. r=kats
05fe8b17516ad91b194a60806a82ea4b88359d35Chris Kitching — Bug 913985: Part 1 - Introduce a nicer annotation API for the generator, and migrate all existing annotations to it. r=kats
20f8a91110093e917f587a6fb5382dc7ec87e6cbKartikaya Gupta — Back out d9bdfdfda06e to dd17e0758a00 (bug 913985) due to incorrect author on some of the patches. r=backout
616819179a674f62a3602b9cd6f494f75b24f8cbAlexander Surkov — Bug 466481 - Arabic and Hebrew characters bounds are incorrect in a11y APIs, r=tbsaunde
dd17e0758a003735b60be55cbca338cffd4d5c03Chris Kitching — Bug 913985: Part 6 - Remove redundant AndroidBridge::Bridge() checks. r=kats
c333aabace09430c97ffc35345b4c9f74bbb5322Chris Kitching — Bug 913985: Part 5 - Refactor the Bridge to use the generated code. r=kats
4b49f751e490a2caef4c9b6f96ac9edae6d9f79aChris Kitching — Bug 913985: Part 4 - Add new generated code to version control. r=kats
99291913693fc84a1fa22655bdba0e37b2ce265eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 913985: Part 3 - Update the annotation processor to generate wrapper classes. r=kats
b949ed98283ad895e841cae77307430790621421Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 913985: Part 2 - Add annotations to all remaining JNI entry points, marking them for generations. r=kats
d9bdfdfda06e0c7befd47387441673c3be25ce7eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 913985: Part 1 - Introduce a nicer annotation API for the generator, and migrate all existing annotations to it. r=kats
ed12f73dbeac5ef86d2937bdb6e45fc1270a592dJonathan Kew — backout changesets 9a9382595fce and ff34f480df07 (bug 910506) on a CLOSED TREE for failure in reftest variation-selector-unsupported-1.html
6844baec212583f1f9e06a671d95c5ff8d59ee30Cameron McCormack — Bug 921456 - Remove unused nsSVGElement::GetPresentationAttribute prototype. r=longsonr
10bf215feab4dfc5e52bbb7f45fa685f0fed7569Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 0cc959e28407 (bug 897516) failed XPC Shell tests CLOSED TREE
0c44240381eb8b1e9ca70192e0bc450677db32deCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset d768ef5946b9 (bug 897516) failed XPC Shell tests
07e9ba5dbf03592722089bd60c5df72b4eb6f3f1Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset b4f4c2e6a7d6 (bug 897516) failed XPC Shell tests
f10a814c143dab4b76fe1ef6dbe7e0ed7aae8d31Dan Minor — Bug 920602 - Only package Android cppunittest manifest on Android; r=ted
ff34f480df07717e9e1628d18dd3317f544fff5bJonathan Kew — bug 910506 - fix up gfxHarfBuzzShaper::GetGlyph for changed semantics of the hb_font_get_glyph callback. r=jdaggett
9a9382595fce7208bd692ca28f77b8c08585b02dJonathan Kew — bug 910506 - update harfbuzz to upstream version 0.9.21 + latest fixes (078de49ca10285f6cd1452abd40f831a17af5d1a). r=jdaggett
356ba083bb5f8f5e6f76d69d2f5109d37b709039Martijn Wargers — Bug 918604 - Remove more enablePrivilege calls. r=jmaher
bcf7717f8f3672410896cd977ffc37f76a02e345Garrett Robinson — Bug 918050 - mach bootstrap should do the same thing for Linux Mint that it does for Ubuntu. r=gps
b4f4c2e6a7d6f6f4eee3bfddc66a38d97e2a0314Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 897516 - Implement a separate cookie jar for safebrowsing - tests. r=mmc
d768ef5946b959aeb3ea3fc9817de68116ec32beChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 897516 - Implement a separate cookie jar for safebrowsing - rekey part. r=mmc
0cc959e28407310e4f01e466f5ccf86d93f14944Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 897516 - Implement a separate cookie jar for safebrowsing - cookie separation part. r=mmc
905efeae3ba72580f225652fed77fd1e6f3cd68bOlli Pettay — Bug 921033 - Make InterAppMessageEvent to use webidl event codegen, r=gene.lian
6b9e77c98785c6ebd4aee6a9419a57c8e2eaea0eEd Morley — Backed out changeset 045d5fadd2fa (bug 907463) for compilation failures
1172762e4fe8cd194312d6442c0b0b943d85956dEd Morley — Backed out changeset e28ae87bbc03 (bug 907463)
d25c7133a76ef53963ee4b1dbf961c0b7dbefedaEd Morley — Backed out changeset 08d9bbb1044f (bug 907463)
49047b0c1c8126841049d768e905d0fc814545dbCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge m-c to mozilla-inbound
06f9ccafcf8b61de0df0b48abc60ca6a373b944bEd Morley — Backed out changeset 2e76e3b9479e (bug 913224) for compilation errors
08d9bbb1044fbb1a228ef3a0851db8687bb585d5Nicholas Cameron — Bug 907463. Dealloc shmem on ActorDestroy. r=nical
e28ae87bbc039e7e7631c705294f7e1176c88b2dNicholas Cameron — Bug 907463. Backout OP_SOURCE optimisation from bug 907926. r=mattwoodrow
045d5fadd2faea66a9f29f7e538be4a37e01b3edNicholas Cameron — Bug 907463. Ignore result of very big canvas reftest. r=roc
2e76e3b9479ef3f9a09481e21d25973fa1f604f0Jon Coppeard — Bug 913224 - Fix js::DumpHeapComplete() to work with GGC r=billm
c9e0a88c88fa611a49313449113a83f7109234dfJon Coppeard — Bug 912734 - Take account of moving GC when copying from an Array into a TypedArray r=sfink
d9d845045319159888a0076324f6210021e8a747Jan de Mooij — Bug 914128 - Remove OBJECT_FLAG_EMULATES_UNDEFINED, rewrite code to check the clasp instead. r=bhackett
c8c18d3a3f21890c9f72bffc304dafacf596d35eDaniel Holbert — (no bug) Remove useless "color" declaration (overridden by another "color" declaration several lines below it) from vertical-centering button reftest.
06ee4167c4bbdc10a15f865b82c7470993c0616aDaniel Holbert — Bug 921174 part 5: Assert that nsHTMLButtonControlFrame has exactly one child, and it's the button-content frame. r=bz
066962a4f2ee6dee81b69e64eb097dd570d70ec0Daniel Holbert — Bug 921174 part 4: Move focusPadding into ReflowButtonContents, the only place it's used now. r=bz
57288f5ade9d49188a242b26bfdd3d364b5ad9b0Daniel Holbert — Bug 921174 part 3: Make ReflowButtonContents() use a dedicated nsHTMLReflowMetrics instance, and give it full responsibility for populating parent's metrics. r=bz
7164978f006de148c4283e3de5bd143ed1ab3633Daniel Holbert — Bug 921174 part 2: Use a separate nsReflowStatus for button frame's reflow vs. button contents frame's reflow. r=bz
f8b7e4858ddd28643b69da9bcdbae429f6363f2dDaniel Holbert — Bug 921174 part 1: Rename reflow state variables in nsHTMLButtonFrame, for clarity. r=bz
bbdaf3ec9aae2796d5b555bbf9d48b623cb306ceMasayuki Nakano — Bug 920377 part.15 Get rid of nsGestureNotifyEvent r=roc
46cb542ac785b1777452baaaa771f1a08b8642e8Masayuki Nakano — Bug 920377 part.14 Get rid of nsSimpleGestureEvent r=roc
fe2419c32ee75250a3342c08040c462cd5fb2cccMasayuki Nakano — Bug 920377 part.13 Get rid of nsTouchEvent r=roc
45f2e3fce2c1141daac7e878197462ce8d234c17Masayuki Nakano — Bug 920377 part.12 Get rid of nsScriptErrorEvent r=roc
299f2671ffc5a085d5c68609460337e52fcb209eMasayuki Nakano — Bug 920377 part.11 Get rid of nsScrollPortEvent r=roc
bd82d2c60f4654055505f012ce8fbc0b8ef7c953Masayuki Nakano — Bug 920377 part.10 Get rid of nsScrollAreaEvent r=roc
65a887bb7f110bacdeaf3c39c5092ac7f7066f39Masayuki Nakano — Bug 920377 part.9 Get rid of nsFormEvent r=roc
103d145e68c09368cf73bf58caedb97ad3eb176aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 920377 part.8 Get rid of nsClipboardEvent r=roc
99e55a7040fad62d3a60e2c488cca941cddf60c8Masayuki Nakano — Bug 920377 part.7 Get rid of nsFocusEvent r=roc
78f0a1cb042e3d5e9913acef737346008345e5a3Masayuki Nakano — Bug 920377 part.6 Get rid of nsTransitionEvent r=roc
7fc126f540f8f5b1e72ae65ace3b7eeb2554b210Masayuki Nakano — Bug 920377 part.5 Get rid of nsAnimationEvent r=roc
5c6b7f254a3b33949cafd0d1e2de63ab1ebb2a44Masayuki Nakano — Bug 920377 part.4 Get rid of nsContentCommandEvent r=roc
1ba8d22427b0241ac424f24ed983f5b803cad7c2Masayuki Nakano — Bug 920377 part.3 Get rid of nsCommandEvent r=roc
f9a539f98ccc3febfc4bdec145affabad34934b2Masayuki Nakano — Bug 920377 part.2 Get rid of nsPluginEvent r=roc
b825037b2d43420eeb455a157181c738857902a5Masayuki Nakano — Bug 920377 part.1 Get rid of nsMutationEvent r=roc
808a8b288ef635d1f0837546dd9508bdc225c2f7Matthew Gregan — Bug 920870 - Normalize TimeRanges returned by HTMLMediaElement Seekable and Buffered. r=cpearce
473c72edc9ca5589bf416364fe0b50335b7161f1Matthew Gregan — Bug 920867 - Split VideoInfo into Video and Audio objects, then encapsulate in new MediaInfo object. r=cpearce
a98471699e919ec06e6f6d555e9e7608862fbc93Matthew Gregan — Bug 905513 - Annotate functions with virtual/MOZ_OVERRIDE and document use of SBR monitor.
1a134e410e123bd145fe8a6239ca50114282e8feMatthew Gregan — Bug 905513 - Don't clobber audio VideoInfo fields when accepting video configuration. r=doublec
935ab0a88dde1354384790b4c709c35bd1f7d0e9Matthew Gregan — Bug 905513 - Use pushPrefEnv instead of setBoolPref, and reenable test on Android. r=doublec
07179c6176b865a3c8a839d848e57f941bc761aaMatthew Gregan — Bug 905513 - Rework MediaSource/MediaElement integration and implement limited initial multiple-decoder support. r=doublec
ba062e4be8fd4c05051f20aa3e85ba8952a4a774Matthew Gregan — Bug 905513 - Fix typo in AsyncEventRunner and BufferDecoder. r=doublec
6837a1ce616b882f35998d4996d95b2c92023ecaMatthew Gregan — Bug 905513 - Remove MediaSource support from HostObjectProtocolHandler::NewChannel. r=khuey