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Thu Nov 16 10:02:59 2017 +0000
9941e68b5a53b145ea260a063a294f313b2219c4Kilik Kuo — Bug 1369548 - HTMLMediaElement::SetMediaKeys should continue working even the decoder is shutting down. r=cpearce
269e4e79e32c030dd125709e8206335acfb8e228Munro Mengjue Chiang — Bug 1399413 - add mochitests to check multi-tabs gUM. r=jib
08ae44b6836c1863fdcaa819c0147b65fc2c2232Munro Mengjue Chiang — Bug 1399413 - Make VideoEngine & VideoCaptureModule singletons. r=jib
fe3b29600198135a49e83df8a4b54021e2190ca5Servo VCS Sync — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
275824be242e585396552c412c7c5027bdac497dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #19230 - style: Move lru_cache to its own crate (from emilio:lru-cache); r=nox
9b43757a2b802bc6a00b4e8c8977f77877b8f1a5Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset b91ed2019729 (bug 1410737) on request. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
6052d8165c31b2f5dc59cb5dac1e9476a6a2d95eRay Lin — Bug 1411990 - Add consecutive cc-exp-* regex check in form autofill heuristics to enhance expiration date pattern matching. r=lchang,seanlee
1735548b5e140cc41e28a3cfdd68de13a57f8337Brian Birtles — Bug 1415448 - Update web-platform-tests MANIFEST.json; r=hiro
5d398f92e237564778bec70b8941850c63409b73Brian Birtles — Bug 1415448 - Use for...of instead of forEach in web-platform-tests/web-animations; r=hiro
355ad237707a7e16c00cedb4fc7434762ee08f8dBrian Birtles — Bug 1415448 - Consistently use strict mode in web-platform-tests/web-animations; r=hiro
066264c8cc1f1ccb4140258caf00b5fe7d67f703Brian Birtles — Bug 1415448 - Use template literals in a few places in web-platform-tests/web-animations; r=hiro
b0811e58e9322569f276ec8b4e5f8716f53f0158Brian Birtles — Bug 1415448 - Consistently use single quotes for string literals in web-platform-tests/web-animations; r=hiro
31f60780e3c0abe34540c10f85fba07ccc3f5b7aBrian Birtles — Bug 1415448 - Replace var with const/let in web-platform-tests/web-animations; r=hiro
ff031af585d872a0f47186e022d4b49eec20e22fBrian Birtles — Bug 1415448 - Use arrow functions in web-platform-tests/web-animations; r=hiro
bcf4fd4217ef089f4ce284d096c61e07c4e93d4bTom Prince — Bug 1415618: Add support to taskcluster to specifying extra paths to mozharness. r=jlund
796e3f06ba999535279c8afe889be3d91c8edbc2Tom Prince — Bug 1415618: Allow specifying extra paths to search for config files mozharness. r=jlund
1258a1b9888f370c761bf1307d0e6f174bbdf02cTom Prince — Bug 1415618: Use path relative to mozharness config modules to find configs. r=jlund
501306f6fc2251fa251f1071b2eee31ddb44ba52Tom Prince — Bug 1415618: When looking for a downloaded mozharness config, only look where it was put. r=jlund
623f97519d814fcc6554deeeff706fe15d176f9eXidorn Quan — Bug 1417220 - Force re-resolve style for doc element when binding requires so. r=emilio
fac2ad4b4229a8b445b6a4500c4caad91b8db2eaAlfredo.Yang — Bug 1417011 - remove stagefright folder. r=kinetik
4434b40053770c809d51e4ff9060e0aacc250f69Alfredo.Yang — Bug 1417011 - move mp4 gtest. r=kinetik
874157f43b66c435a70f4cd1225716dc7f45df48Alfredo.Yang — Bug 1417011 - move MP4Metadata and MoofParser to ./dom/media/mp4. r=kinetik
583fc8854af09f4d093fde54a860b290e84fcfd2Alfredo.Yang — Bug 1417011 - move Adts.h, AnnexB.h and H264.h to agnostic/mp4_demuxer. r=kinetik
d20919a219d305ba27acce8440bfacb200040031Alfredo.Yang — Bug 1417011 - move BufferReader, BitReader and ByteWriter to dom/media. r=kinetik
441d3a12c9ad5af995e2de27e523c4a6d7082454Alfredo.Yang — Bug 1417011 - move rust mp4 parser to media/mp4parse-rust. r=kinetik
e289efd230954707e4056b5a72b066254f9086eaAlfredo.Yang — Bug 1417011 - rename fmp4 to mp4. r=kinetik
37ecedbfdae92a8b7f3c334a33637ce035f1f804Luke Chang — Bug 1413120 - [Form Autofill] Accept credit card numbers with hyphens. r=ralin
10594729070e1e9e4865864b5c73e5008f0ff3e7Luke Chang — Bug 1415451 - [Form Autofill] Storage should avoid saving an empty record. r=steveck
865003783c5d8a0d9dad0eda65105c7d57669560Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #19229 - Bump image and offscreen_gl_context (from servo:bumps); r=emilio
90cd780b0923e8c2d0a0a477fde3ce175b373539JW Wang — Bug 1416643. P2 - always access mDidNotifyDataEnded within the lock. r=bechen,gerald
daaf6edb12f7deed6f1c9b74dd3e9e8090f0a1e3JW Wang — Bug 1416643. P1 - remove checks for mDidNotifyDataEnded/mNotifyDataEndedStatus from IsAvailableForSharing(). r=bechen,gerald
b89090531f6a3da0b51d9598c6dc93b1defbbb78Brindusan Cristian — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1415618) for build bustage failures. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
71510fd07ef52f8539ed37968e2ec7ea9c1a5fddTom Prince — Bug 1415618: Add support to taskcluster to specifying extra paths to mozharness. r=jlund
780f67a36d6d91d4ee35070dc7f8d8c598106929Tom Prince — Bug 1415618: Allow specifying extra paths to search for config files mozharness. r=jlund
5ecdc55db739801216435854ce412694a8e0dca7Tom Prince — Bug 1415618: Use path relative to mozharness config modules to find configs. r=jlund
be317382298705c63d0be2f4686eaa7ca513ea6cTom Prince — Bug 1415618: When looking for a downloaded mozharness config, only look where it was put. r=jlund
967cec5ff7add524afa7e9a8a570e53e99b10ad3Tom Prince — Bug 1415617: Update desktop mozharness configs to specify mozconfig in parts. r=jlund
b8cafc100e2ac880b46d05e3c52a8ce0305faef4Tom Prince — Bug 1415617: Allow specifying mozconfig in mozharness as fragments, rather than repeating the entire path everywhere. r=jlund
188a60783b36f64f977ef4b2e957607d9aae449eTom Prince — Bug 1413668: Disambiguate win64-asan/debug and win64-asan/opt for perfherder. r=jlund
724276688605050bc7c861f8f6dc20ad60f34439Tom Prince — Bug 1413668: Factor out objdir configuration in mozharness. r=jlund
baa73f2bdc72d548324d1e3fba72e05822a9fce4Tom Prince — Bug 1413668: Don't hardcode MOZ_OBJDIR in mozharness configs. r=jlund
d9f723a7e03f881efce8a5bc2c94a1ac30afaecfTom Prince — Bug 1413668: Don't hardcode objdir in LD_LIBRAY_PATH. r=jlund
5ab2f28586d311d47d18ca5b995b35980c15464cCYBAI — servo: Merge #19220 - style: Move font-variant-east-asian outside of mako (from CYBAI:font-variant-east-asian-out-of-mako); r=emilio
348e3909c4099e42f2c1ca21ef1e3fdf43ff20faJames Cheng — Bug 1415466 - Part2 - Fix compile error due to the interface change. r=cpearce
a6da5f175da362ccb1a17c6bcf36cf106ccd05ebJames Cheng — Bug 1415466 - Part1 - Update content_decryption_module.h, there are no changes in the rest of headers. r=cpearce
b7be9a85e73060d3a0c4c9fd5fd691463293a370James Cheng — Bug 1417332 - Convert CDM Error to CDM Exception when we got OnLegacySessionError from CDM. r=cpearce
07f84300112c260ba4b096de3391dae9cc2a690aAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #19206 - Add total time to test_differ in etc/ci/performance (from asajeffrey:test-perf-add-differ-summary); r=aneeshusa
b73b29bfcbdeb4824059f23e8d0d704a0b256c65Ethan Lin — Bug 1415407 - Update annotations for related tests. r=kats
60ed7a647f38bc9dc34d2f54838d01e03b29d9d2Ethan Lin — Bug 1415407 - Add webrender support for filters (hue-rotate, opacity, saturate). r=kats
07d02e9d114ca21b7d59b222ef49e2ffe18c6172J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1417664 - Include layout debugger interface for packaged builds. r=mats,nalexander
2c05266833a771d4e9969226e04023cf3acd5155Tom Prince — Bug 1413341: Get rid of unused virtualenv path in windows taskcluster mozharness configs; r=jlund
99d239e2db3fd53fab51ab5a3fbeca2b28a970ebManuel Hässig — servo: Merge #18710 - Replace rustc_serialize with serde_json in style_tests (from mhaessig:remove-rustc-serialize); r=jdm
b91ed20197290025a3cdd0dcdff1d0643849db06Tom Prince — Bug 1410737: Log repositories checked out. r=gps
f592e4962e2b01125cce9d406a4f01ad413ea821Botond Ballo — Bug 1415963 - Add a reftest. r=mstange
b98f2fff0e174ca3e7a677255bd9049431860f3dBotond Ballo — Bug 1415963 - Take into account stroke (not just fill) when calculating the contribution of an SVG element to a clip rect for a clip path. r=mstange
6f31b7226512260726dbd618b94751024a06909fMike Hommey — Bug 1416183 - Build LZ4 as C instead of including it as C++. r=froydnj
962c46110aac6f795ff1eba03856a6e671700179Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #18882 - Use the correct origin in fetch (from KiChjang:fix-origin); r=jdm
f28b8bb46e765b7d8d2a8969b383b1415b3cd87eKevin Chen — Bug 1417373 - Add initialize setting to texture Cb's property description; r=jya
882aabb22057d9420b5f3fee98bea4719799ccc2Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1416967 - Support payment request development over file: with CSP and a debugging console. r=jaws
8967a5cf4c31f05915470a69ea329762793a7883Edouard Oger — Bug 1416807 - Don't schedule syncs while we're behind to a captive portal. r=markh
dd760c2491227a402bccad9c6e25b3313ae52df5Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1405588 - [lint] Stop forwarding 'args' in the git pre-push hook, r=standard8
64a007cd4277b2cc3869611997a79714a22b4c0fAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1405588 - [mozversioncontrol] Use base_ref instead of upstream as default outgoing comparison on git, r=gps
a8c9a03f57a42789309bb87cfeb00138e0955f95Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1405588 - [mozversioncontrol] Add ability to get base revision, r=gps
3b17f971782a536a2669a0bdce73dad6aa8c1f19Brian Grinstead — Bug 1417676 - Make browser-instrumentation run only on Nightlies;r=jmaher
aa73c7a7f72501017c43ce0ecfbcf5773e7a1015Brindusan Cristian — Merge mozilla-central to autoland r=merge a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
f457328181a5fdf0f5ad621a1b7b35e1c31d0d11Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #19205 - Add 'Error loading page' case for validating correctness of test-perf data (from asajeffrey:test-perf-add-error-message); r=edunham
4ef514f315e9de6b723d00136d050fd0315a995eKit Cambridge — Bug 1417590 - Check for client duplicates in the Sync collection validator. r=tcsc
288ac723b91d502a0c5b1f76920af31bc508d715Mike Shal — Bug 1417660 - Remove duplicate native_window.h in system-headers.mozbuild; r=chmanchester
c2f6b0cea0d2810d10059a2053792d6087a4eb2eJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1416473 - Don't treat MF_E_TRANSFORM_NEED_MORE_INPUT as fatal error. r=mattwoodrow
a554f8204f3b14e779ddfbf5bff0118395fbc6f0Markus Stange — Bug 1350930 - Move profiler markers for reflow and style flushes from the refresh driver into the PresShell. r=bz
4ffa8b8095c56a5ae758e25027e2c6adeec84435Rob Wood — Bug 1374170 - Increase talos h2 and tp6 task max-run-time to prevent intermittent run time exceeded failure; r=jmaher
9ce9c18806c456de10928367293e3e3aa5afeacbDale Harvey — Bug 1411230 - Move synctab sidebar search icon to left. r=dao
f646802903a97932f26c35923c0f05aaebaec5b1Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1417512 - Performance Tools to ES6 Classes, prop-types and react-dom-factories r=gregtatum
483b32237d31c51fa06af713592ad28d4854c0bbMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 1417462 - Memory Tool to use prop-types and react-dom-factories r=gregtatum
5d62ecf6c1165a3c96861c3ab3c212bd7356f77dDavid Keeler — bug 1417277 - remove support for MOZPSM_NSSDBDIR_OVERRIDE r=jcj
65f08f1b6fb2b3ed566d153f4d2aa1bad0c525a8Thom Chiovoloni — Bug 1415656 - Fix android serializing dateAdded as a string in sync bookmark records r=Grisha