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Mon Jun 18 09:01:24 2018 +0000
628bd444ead118e3c634f5ec135313e76023f384Botond Ballo — Bug 1468634 - Allow running a single APZ mochitest subtest at a time. r=kats
b42241e5b19824f1be0fd99034578c5cecfc417cBotond Ballo — Bug 1468634 - Don't silently swallow exceptions thrown in rubSubtestsSeriallyInFreshWindows(). r=kats
0600b9d08bdf40cc90f791461d6fd0e231572d41Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1469220 - Backed out changeset 7fc66c715a0f and 39cb4d5f6602. r=mattwoodrow
1bc876a7147b79d262e27e74edd7a7cf93070c45Mark Banner — Bug 1456762 - Remove now unnecessary import-globals-from statements in html files. r=mossop
de04d47566e1cf680adddb00737c41e510ed7c63Coroiu Cristina — Merge mozilla-central to autoland a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
5402f880b4276aa215824b0ae60e9f195b62c9a2Ethan Glasser-Camp — Bug 1440022: hook up remote-settings to broadcast messages r=lina
4b750a5cd250aacbc7e31b9ca73d6fdac59be65bEthan Glasser-Camp — Bug 1440022: initial implementation r=lina
0c6883fcf169ad9d4dd8ddf2b677363c468428a1Ethan Glasser-Camp — Bug 1440022: Some infrastructure for testing broadcast_subscribe r=lina
5988107687ce4d591ef4395535be25608f3af5f6Ethan Glasser-Camp — Bug 1440022: Some plausible test cases r=lina
b19a1ccabd8959ccd11c1eb50cdaae5487cacc24Ethan Glasser-Camp — Bug 1440022: disconnect push tests from actually running r=lina