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Fri Nov 26 17:36:26 2010 +0000
fa69cf56d15bfc04871444f9b7bdfc972e03c612Raymond Lee — Bug 608714 - Unable to edit tab group names [r=dolske, a=beltzner]
d6e9599f18bf28431add961995fd97ebb7e9e6bcRaymond Lee — Bug 608637 - Panorama exit button should perhaps reflect the number of groups as well [r=dao, a=beltzner]
dcc94ba87c5cb46fe3cf8f02b571c120f1b47c3dRaymond Lee — Bug 607566 - Test for bug 595930 takes too long to run [r=ian, a=beltzner]
b1eda2bd8812b88b311a746e177a1268c217027dRaymond Lee — Bug 606901 - Tab close button doesn't show after moving some tabs to other group [r=dao, a=beltzner]
cca91ee678e517ecaef20bb28688842a37c9f4adRaymond Lee — Bug 600645 - App tabs don't appear in the group app tab tray if their icon fails to load [r=ian, a=beltzner]
04493b2a23d83d2597210d97efa191471f1b5554Raymond Lee — Bug 595560 - Make / and Ctrl-f TabCandy search shortcuts, have Panorama shortcut act like return [r=dolske, a=beltzner]
6ea7562b89ae47a7f4c72664ef9937a73bad2997Raymond Lee — Bug 587351 - Close tabs with middle click in TabCandy [r=ian, a=beltzner]
1734c74f4139ebc444e62440f84645e902e26882Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 609446 - Remove GroupItem's xDensity and yDensity properties [r+a=dolske]
bae9344ac6cc6e3a340deb39b9c844abec9023e5Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 598807 - Remove code for "GroupItems.arrange" which is no longer used [r+a=dolske]
4181c81de90044a1c3253cd400f23ced5046c290Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 587835 - Remove all dev menu code [r+a=dolske]
9aeed6e4ec1dc0bdd81f8af93dac278abfd33e5bMichael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 586553 - Optimize tab movement in reorderTabsBasedOnTabItemOrder [r=ian, a=dolske]