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Thu Mar 05 13:11:32 2009 +0000
fb254bab5a82f3eddaaca06d36d2ea7c42c2dcb1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 480979 part 7. Create a FrameConstructionItemList class so we can abstract away item lists and change the implementation as needed. r+sr=roc
159168c61b02ced694aed3e00708a6bd2b9b47faBoris Zbarsky — Bug 480979 part 6. Push use of FrameConstructionItem all the way up to ContentAppended/ContentInserted, and eliminate the need for DestroyNewlyCreatedFrames. r+sr=roc
e6fb3c02435647a85dc6675aeed3bdc799fe0c4fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 480979 part 5. Build up a tree of FrameConstructionItems so that we'll know which inlines might need splitting. r+sr=roc
8abc0e906ed8068fc971c035176eb79a1281eaf3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 480979 part 4. Create separate FrameConstructionItems for page-break frames. r+sr=roc
5610ee9433dd1456973f15239a1866208cd50131Boris Zbarsky — Bug 480979 part 3. Move suppression of kids of columns and non-column kids of colgroups out further so that we don't even create FrameConstructionItems for them. r+sr=roc
026d36aa792cdb949ebabd3ca15c81e5ca74d9c3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 480979 part 2. Pass FrameConstructionItems through to the FrameFullConstructor implementations. r+sr=roc
623d7d25bb2a53db79b49fc0441ee2b101850693Boris Zbarsky — Bug 480979 part 1. Introduce FrameConstructionItem and restructure existing ConstructFrame and ProcessChildren code to use it internally without any other behavior changes. r+sr=roc