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Fri Apr 29 13:51:32 2011 +0000
fa8be020bfb45130448b0c914301a4c278e2e68aTimothy Nikkel — Bug 653129. Remove useless CreateViewForFrame calls that don't do anything anymore. r=roc
582d7662fd7b471138cdfd3bf4af001cccf5babeTimothy Nikkel — Bug 653131. nsBoxFrame::CreateViewForFrame is only used for menu popups, so simplify it and move it there. r=roc
00f6e702f095f89747b671f7991204826069638fRobert Longson — Bug 652442 - Script feature support should depend on whether javascript is enabled. r=dholbert
c39785cf8fb8da0a1f8d13e27cf115931f041537Ed Morley — Bug 651657 - Remove WinCE & Windows Mobile code from dom/* ; r=jst,dolske