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Fri Jun 09 10:56:24 2017 +0000
7c9d96bbc400aa77f5310486162abf6b61344b74Louis Chang — Bug 1362255 Part 2 - Import the tests. r=xidorn
87c849a40f9d8b5c2f54a2f5228827059f43b357Louis Chang — Bug 1362255 Part 1 - Update failures.list for new failures. r=xidorn
b64b32836e5a42a1ba04cb0db7fa991cc53f96f8Boris Chiou — servo: Merge #17223 - stylo: Make -moz-{tab-size, box-flex, image-region, outline-radius} animatable (from BorisChiou:stylo/animation/tab_size); r=hiro,Manishearth
aa3ad194df6cd7531ebdf5327af3b66ab9ae6027Phil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset cff7d7889369 (bug 1366853) for frequently failing browser_source_map-no-race.js at line 39 with: newLoc is null.
b8bf64f573f883dbcde9df5417aa61630dcb261eConnor Brewster — servo: Merge #17248 - Fix parent climb hierarchy in send_frame_tree (from cbrewster:fix_the_chrome); r=asajeffrey
5b72abe64ab7aecb4d41dd8438cdc4ad16b6ca4cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1371382 - Update gl_generator to 0.5.3. r=jrmuizel
6f8f19201f7e7fa655091fc6fe6b3395869e927bWes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
45dfceacb9e8d53b7633e27c5cb458e103e3e85bManish Goregaokar — Bug 1364162 - Part 2: stylo: Make all attribute selectors respect case insensitivity; r=SimonSapin
3db546295a0a2d999e57b4879eee6ad25bc0f277Dan Glastonbury — Bug 1371319 - null out pulse pointers on destruction. r=kinetik
0dd4c63082dd9eaf9d0800a34eb575e05c8627fcGrigory Kruglov — Bug 1371402 - Disable processing of background telemetry if it's disabled in the preferences r=nalexander
a43b9bebbc130260a86de84b06d0cf9f1add6796Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1369844 - Add switchboard experiment for background telemetry processing r=nalexander
bbabea85e0aad084a64e2d0b4ca3aa1ace4fda5bManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #17247 - stylo: Make all attribute selectors respect case insensitivity (from Manishearth:stylo-insensitive-selectors); r=SimonSapin
07a573e7aef39759c3a863c7ab4a974e50ebe1e0Wes Kocher — Bug 1371109 - Use random-if instead of fails-if due to unexpected passes elsewhere r=me a=me
efb90e3387f03eeb114c0be8f59b8508e9ba2c3eMakoto Kato — Bug 1370806 - Part 2. Remove selection before calling nsIPlaintextEditor.setText. r=masayuki
29687a739c34c4ef13532849c972232cdc7967dfMakoto Kato — Bug 1370806 - Part 1. Use RAII class for StartBatchChanges and EndBatchChanges. r=masayuki
f47c91dc7c8e45bdde0caf4669cd5de480052762Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1358966 - A reftest for overflow shorthand animation in SMIL. r=birtles
fee301b94b59473beb8344b0b706f2f9ee35c473Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1358966 - Enable shorthand properties for SMIL. r=birtles
3eef803b781febe81dc767e38b99b709aa8e4287Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1358966 - Serialize multiple AnimationValue(s) for sub properties of a shorthand into single shorthand string. r=birtles,manishearth
9dfcdc2bfc8a2d596a0d449747279bfaf41281b7Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1358966 - Drop a redundant include for DeclarationBlockInlines.h. r=birtles
a9f39ff3b27bd0ca1b9a3e80a2d7e0e195a249efHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1358966 - Call additive or accumulative functions for each sub properties of shorthand. r=birtles
854d41e31f4bcfbe093b89580b51d72a24c7c095Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1358966 - Compute distance for each sub properties of shorthand. r=birtles
4e730eaffad1568c62771acf447bbb305e731406Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1358966 - Call Servo_AnimationValues_Interpolate for each sub properties of shorthand. r=birtles
00953e22f9f6f4345a2149a7f38dfeb1414e3d8bHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1358966 - Use Servo_GetAnimationValues. r=birtles
f234d46a9b40f3674f3b1741ebe0cd38a79dce02Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1358966 - Make RawServoAnimationValue in ValueWrapper an array. r=birtles
4d87f2bf4b10369af0dd83a2ef962a23299ee8d9Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1358966 - Split mCSSValue into a RawServoAnimationValue and a StyleAnimationValue. r=birtles
c54f6b4989cc20ef8958622f5f5ece501a062851Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1358966 - Add a new FFI to convert PropertyDeclarationBlock into nsTArray<RefPtr<RawServoAnimationValue>>. r=birtles
78fc301cf3b7a7acd02bc350db9bfabadaeca099Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1358966 - Drop RawGeckoAnimationValueList. r=birtles
8f4f2486fc3a6435c9e15956d76bcf03d6fecfccHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1358966 - Drop parent style argument from Gecko_UpdateAnimations. r=birtles
83ff39c14cedc6a5a56fc0b0c2aa774880ca7c00Hiroyuki Ikezoe — servo: Merge #17228 - Shorthand support for SMIL (from hiikezoe:shorthand-for-SMIL); r=birtles
76a620a287bfa2bf79971613d2a28093c687c65bDavid Keeler — bug 1369911 - gather telemetry on the prevalence of 3rd party PKCS#11 modules r=bsmedberg,Cykesiopka data-review=bsmedberg
62e44a82730804257046e8fe9aafd8d53652d6eaShane Caraveo — Bug 1367478 support websocket ws/wss protocol in matchpattern, r=kmag
c608727501c7c6c4c11904b68a3b6963a23af464Boris Zbarsky — servo: Merge #17245 - Share styles for elements with eager pseudo-elements attached to them (from bzbarsky:share-pseudo-styles); r=emilio
ddabdf4ac22249028c167b015610ee24d4b69d62Wes Kocher — Bug 1371109 - Followup to annotate some frequently failing android reftests r=me a=me
52586ef104b1740b82d994f4572272ad3ad54d3dJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1371290: P2. Override sample duration if unknown. r=mattwoodrow
381c3ee3d00e12bec3f9873f17867b0e1c68c914Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1371290: P1. Use TimeUnit in WMF decoder. r=mattwoodrow
cc4812a78c235db11fb2de247acec6c6ef1ff09bJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1370079: P1. Don't check for DXVA support when checking for VP9 support. r=mattwoodrow
16a2f50d486db9d24262b5888a4269ae81d56381Boris Zbarsky — servo: Merge #17242 - Reduce the size of ApplicableDeclarationBlock (from bzbarsky:smaller-decl-block); r=bholley
cff7d788936904e78a5b499ad2782fb4f21cf2b1Tom Tromey — Bug 1366853 - SourceMapURLService must wait for sources to be available; r=bgrins
be872a73b67be9e0f1f9ec5e4b1132d7b862545fManish Goregaokar — Bug 1371408 - stylo: MediaList getter should return null when string is not found; r=bholley
bfc4b019d8e81e3172dafda44ff36f38ab440a5eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1368194 - add tooltiptext to 'send to device' items in the page action menu, r=adw
0c8ab344a2491cb9b293ed04ea8c7fa3c1d955e6Mike Hommey — Bug 1371093 - Remove now redundant tooltool manifest definitions from mozharness. r=mshal
30a7983347576602e95280b0131c437ac4dc060dBrad Werth — Bug 1367523 Part 4: Update the layout/reftests/stylesheet-cloning/counter-style-rule-clone.html test to use correct unicode literals. r=heycam
2d26be0ac13fb57ed2a090013e424c1eb911285eBrad Werth — Bug 1367523 Part 3: Re-enable layout/style/test/test_stylesheet_clone_font_face.html. r=heycam
f0ce0e021b873810e9006b1ca2f199d229445124Brad Werth — Bug 1367523 Part 2: Gecko-side implement the CounterStyle and FontFaceRule clone functions. r=heycam
a344042d76e92e824f153da614d6571d63a2c71bRalph Giles — Bug 1370978 - Enable av1 decoding in Nightly on macOS and Linux. r=froydnj,gerald
78b1221a307d768c75f75fdb4bc9386ce93a9210Brad Werth — servo: Merge #17236 - Define Gecko CounterStyle and FontFaceRule clone functions (from bradwerth:cloneRulesBetter); r=heycam
7d58abacf87b29394def7cf7a4c9d51df9a5fc28Ralph Giles — Bug 1370976 - Add webm MediaMIMEType gtest. r=gerald
0900434f24159cea6699b4f5db57b23425208686Chris Manchester — Bug 1319223 - Generate interfaces.manifest files in the tup backend. r=mshal
f0fc4ee3e6552758fe7a1865fe3d3a8043d7ac12Chris Manchester — Bug 1319223 - Handle ChromeManifestEntry objects in the tup backend. r=mshal
f274f4c10a926af50621b79daf6f9c28fb5e8a8eRalph Giles — Bug 1370975 - aom: Use Visual Studio 14 configuration. r=gerald
1a6a5662822da676d0825577dd6d26074c09c3a0Tom Ritter — Bug 1365047 Turn on the Windows DLL Blocklist in MinGW r=aklotz
4ed96242e485a46349226ca9a473898e25b31f66Mark Banner — Bug 1371292 - Clean up more ESLint global definitions in configuration files in mobile/android. r=mossop
27f5231ba905f39bc90ee3c56a375b40b7d02569Mark Banner — Bug 1371292 - Clean up more ESLint global definitions in configuration files in toolkit/ and browser/. r=mossop
b63a5b39d75a772d36d3d57a1d8e9d19ea9dcf7dBoris Zbarsky — servo: Merge #17235 - Increase the size of the style sharing cache to 31 (from bzbarsky:bigger-sharing-cache); r=bholley
7035543349b631b27540f2b82c974544328e93f1Ralph Giles — Bug 1371372 - Update win64 builders to rust 1.18.0 stable. r=mshal
0e44ba584daf4aed13eaf6e919160ab5e448562eRalph Giles — Bug 1371372 - Remove cargo tarball naming work-around. r=mshal
85a4e9d8310beb91494865dd8f4a0391222aeee9Ralph Giles — Bug 1371366 - mozboot: Install rust 1.18.0. r=froydnj
ce5e886383df2f6b631d33d818b3b577d99d717fMatt Brubeck — Bug 1367310 - Update stylo test expectations. r=xidorn
23c65a593b7ddc454786b6443f43ab82536979ccFrancesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1371374 - Use new domain for Norwegian searchplugin bok-NO.xml r=mkaply
49690ce265bb74a152f36c88c6ae5dc01f331523Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #17234 - stylo: Make :-moz-locale-dir selector non-internal (from mbrubeck:dir); r=xidorn
20d3fd264af14d0180a04a3a2807512921b04b00James Graham — Bug 1371358 - Don't check the webdriver binary exists before running wpt tests, r=ato
09251a0a67718d0c341606c231c1cf0da3e41a3dJeremy Chen — Bug 1369624 - stylo: update test expectations for animation support of SVG fill-opacity.
772e8e39e74d6783756930663222c77eeef10849Jeremy Chen — Bug 1369624 - update manifest for WPT.
e4606d8c6c6c010e0be3a4ab6cf20ba4dbfdde70Jeremy Chen — Bug 1369624 - enable WPT interpolation tests for SVG fill-opacity.
a3f4e0c311543afe8fb094bad0460befb679e235Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 634b361b1b9d (bug 1364150) for scroll position failures in devtools' browser_webconsole_keyboard_accessibility.js. r=backout
1961976dc596ea0ce5c712ab26b011dd72df22b5Kit Cambridge — Bug 1368715 - Ignore and report invalid modified dates in synced bookmark changesets. r=markh
e2aece985d533323ae7e43c88d39f6b4ef7dad2cJeremy Chen — servo: Merge #17227 - stylo: make fill-opacity animatable (from chenpighead:stylo-fill-opacity-animatable); r=boris
fb3cbcd197fe99ff51ff94c50cdd8919fa8e848eAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1370850 - Serialise undefined script evaluation return value to null; r=maja_zf
7459489e961dfa2aa2efc2a23802a91d671dfc44Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1371112 tests. r=emilio
00c3f75ed9a00df54df729135cbd12651cd736b8Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset eaef7cd5e288 (bug 1370850) for failing modified Marionette test TestExecuteContent.test_return_value_on_alert. r=backout
6b37ea6c7ad1c016c3fdb7ff1d1484c5be5bc938Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1370857 - Remove Marionette.import_script API; r=automatedtester
0dac00039fda22f1570a0e439b34703b6f5e5fa6Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1370857 - Remove Marionette.clear_imported_scripts API; r=automatedtester
a494916f461a29dac8099841efa3eb6024d99796Julian Descottes — Bug 1371298 - trim values extracted from pref files in devtools addon prefs loader;r=bgrins
b418659052d26c36c9e4f0f569d5277a5643086fJulian Descottes — Bug 1371298 - support sticky_prefs in devtools addon prefs loader;r=bgrins
5b3aef6c71b7a5acf9c5f9caa209c14140abad2eJulian Descottes — Bug 1371298 - stop ignoring prefs after #endif in webpack/addon devtools prefs loaders;r=tromey
f776e85cbb5881ef6f97fce55a4dc7d78a8c8583bechen — Bug 1371109 - Enable webm-video/poster-xxx.html . r=alwu
a5a453664f8f51302e3fcccabf3f2020e74bbf6eAlex Gaynor — Bug 1370438 - The MOZ_DISABLE_CONTENT_SANDBOX environment variable now works on macOS and is used in the xpcshell tests; r=haik
352b0d009f78a90c9ea7565ee7afba8270947104Tom Ritter — Bug 1367847 Support makensis on MinGW Linux for Windows builds r=glandium
132095a40bdea9b47221ac7cb16bae39a1e9e8c5Mike Conley — Bug 1369662 - Make tabpaint talos test rely on MozAfterPaint paint timestamps as opposed to event processing timestamps. r=jmaher
d2fe4dfffa0da867b7f1d3ef1c0174b261789811Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #17233 - Remove file accidentally added in #17219 (from emilio:rej); r=bzbarsky
f8d48ac82e7b06c803558ff5086882f2e122783aGreg Mierzwinski — Bug 1357082 - Retry synthesizeMouseAtCenter until it is performed. r=xidorn
58a93f7d6b20b5809ed14294eabccd825aeb174fSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 8a1615be322c (bug 1369095) for failing browser-chrome's browser_page_action_menu.js with "page-action-multiView" == "page-action-sendToDeviceView". r=backout
eaef7cd5e2884314fb81c70d1b9576772a38e415Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1370850 - Serialise undefined script evaluation return value to null; r=maja_zf
62c0be1d862980516240e8e186cbab34597ebfbfLuca Greco — Bug 1366755 - devtools.panels.create should set invertIconForLightTheme to false by default. r=aswan
8344aaa080f46d8898a77d475503d8652a527dafMichael Kelly — Bug 1371053: Re-enable Shield system add-on in Beta and Release. r=mossop
faf77d75b2b079921f0067c92ee06a6636e63eedMichael Kaply — Bug 1301315 - Add support for chrome_settings_overrides search engine. r=mixedpuppy
5cb536ad2b36e2769546cce1707d11dbd7bacaccGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1367012 - update edit UI visibility checks for photon, r=mikedeboer
8b399dd247e88710771137267070c66c7579800aJames Graham — Bug 1369109 - Ensure files are not considered as tests, r=maja_zf
779cf4deec412fb33de2ce3765a595d02ba25002James Graham — Bug 1369109 - Add --rebuild option to mach wpt-manifest-update, r=maja_zf
b30457bfb195fd7abb1cb938cc4ca151112f6c5bHenrik Skupin — Bug 1366784 - Force quit the application if requested quit or restart doesn't happen. r=maja_zf
dcffcfdf03ad254ae04b91fe6b230cd455723f7aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1368496 - Add support for fixed-positioning with APZ. r=jrmuizel
c48397f4c2e2c2b8152abc7370bc615047130de3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1368496 - Expose the push_clip_and_scroll_info API in WR via WebRenderAPI. r=jrmuizel
fd266694b1f8a5d81ce30382bde54d505139329eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1368496 - Track the pushed clip and scroll IDs. r=jrmuizel
6ca11746a8fc0914f47c00b526155348a9db8087Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1368496 - Propagate the layer's "scrolled clip" to WebRender. r=jrmuizel
de72271be8b87e1472bc11825d4bc485a75d061fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1368496 - Skip over scrollinfo layers instead of aborting entirely. r=jrmuizel
69a0d95d19bbee728d6e255bb63706da1fd36ce8Rob Wood — Bug 1370607 - Add additional talos tests to the quantum-pageload-e10s suite; r=jmaher
ede89b73c7dbc61a8a34a2b5cfd3a60024f84f42Boris Zbarsky — servo: Merge #17225 - Fix revalidation selectors when pseudo-elements are involved (from bzbarsky:pseudo-sharing-fixage); r=emilio
b86fec2a2ed8f2f5ca5f5f71f794decba6e15b74Jared Hirsch — Bug 1369824 - Pref Screenshots off in beta and release; r=standard8
a2159eb5765cd0a7ff5bcdb3ebb8091e989fa948Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1370734 - Fix hazards ; r=bustage
c17be0697cfba90244e38eccfb98a94ba0901120Jeongkyu Kim — Bug 1370645 - Fix sync notification message following platform conventions r=eoger
3568cd107bf40d1442539d7905de3ca353d70c31J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1361311 - Remove project editor. r=pbro
f7248d3f0d8a54c54df4ea2b9819a2e2730ad1a8J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1361311 - Remove project editor from WebIDE. r=pbro
dcdff55098560d60df1ec0a7d26e8e1303b1c6e8Kate Ustiuzhanina — Bug 1370880 - Fix expires in version value in Histograms. r=gfritzsche
f5da859b433fe40803847ad77cc4a573fbf8dc25Kirk Steuber — Bug 1365092 - Move side effects of SetAttr, UnsetAttr, and ParseAttribute functions to BeforeSetAttr and AfterSetAttr r=bz
c0a03c5be17267f19ed9b925e5faf471eebe7802Kirk Steuber — Bug 1365092 - Moves side effects of HTMLImageElement's SetAttr function to the corresponding BeforeSetAttr and AfterSetAttr functions r=bz
a52c6e64be6e03577c312f63f422cd133c6d6e83Kirk Steuber — Bug 1365092 - Moves side effects of HTMLAnchorElement's SetAttr, UnsetAttr, and ParseAttribute functions to the corresponding BeforeSetAttr and AfterSetAttr functions r=bz
cde92b45e56c8187403667e4a670dff33fc4a496Kirk Steuber — Bug 1365092 - Moves side effects of nsGenericHTMLElement and Element's SetAttr, UnsetAttr, and ParseAttribute functions to the corresponding BeforeSetAttr and AfterSetAttr functions r=bz
e36088242facca249d718e6d79a6cfa7007fd42bGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1367909 and bug 1368973 - fix sidebar header button cropping and hover state, r=bgrins
3952f89f9b1d541a839d64abb68cbdd100eeb6ebGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1366573 - force foreground color inheritance on page action button, r=dao
8a1615be322cb623d5f4e1dd7d85aae1c6c6b18cMike de Boer — Bug 1369095 - calculate the size of the panel to be shown off-screen to work around all the panel layout issues. r=Paolo
358e2a5aa1412742f295ec8c5492e46025dd4e29Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #17218 - Don't accept an extra token at the end of transform property (from canaltinova:transform-bug); r=emilio