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Wed Apr 06 21:33:21 2011 +0000
8e9f90073a20dfbf54c2ab2001fa7fa73bfceef9Aki Sasaki — Added tag MOBILE_MERGE_DONE_20110406 for changeset a71bd564ebf5
ee5b02f9c8ff3d3f6011865e60a2b6f15213a70fAki Sasaki — Added tag MOBILE_MERGE_DONE for changeset a71bd564ebf5
dce1163d0a0599de184529557cc03acea9222920Aki Sasaki — Merging and into one repository
e94f0b4e630915e155f8ebbaf99f52d361fa99ddAki Sasaki — Added tag PRE_MOBILE_MERGE_20110406 for changeset b70744835d94
681bcda3d03b611d3b5acdcee1b2c3efc4adef05Aki Sasaki — Added tag PRE_MOBILE_MERGE for changeset b70744835d94
cfd412a63da8483d7a6267def346de0935b37753Aki Sasaki — pre-merge tags stored only in pre-merge mobile-browser
961a08eb4203954fda9e9a9b7d2150ca784a6beeconvert-repo — update tags
ee379110347da11c8981725815ba482fb2f28cebVivien Nicolas — Bug 646900 - [ar] Vertical scrollbox is missing in the chrome UI [r=mfinkle]
134c6b4fcb8cfa46209f621dfddfda5a5099471eAnas Husseini — Bug 646595 - Add RTL support to about:firstrun in Fennec [r=vingtetun]
321da6243809c3a73e17c529f933a1fba50e544aVivien Nicolas — Bug 605121 - Panning does not look at the originalTarget [r=mfinkle]
6ec43c0829382dee5534be71cba2b37fc51a159bVivien Nicolas — Bug 628616 - Make sure suggestions from <datalist> are shown in Firefox Mobile UI [r=mfinkle]
eae1f1fb4fdcc37bba43a47b5e98017473dfc2a2Wes Johnston — Bug 640957 - Tests for thumbnail generation [r=mfinkle]
80a666c1d298eccca0c8545fbf977999fa8e2037dynamis — Bug 643038 - "Firstrun page design should not broken even if &firstrun.heading2; is empty" [r=mark.finkle]
1445315beecf9cf7a9e3e3ff093b3bcb57af295dVivien Nicolas — Bug 640613 - Chrome scrollbars stays visible if a context menu show up while panning [r=mfinkle]
c4383fe2dbdf2c320a3a52e96c579c36528554afVivien Nicolas — Bug 646027 - Add some space after last char of a textbox [r=mfinkle]
c7024c1bc6e858050092ca236dc1e798ea040bb0Mark Finkle — Bug 646270 - MozScrolledAreaChanged changed behavior and broke some browser-chrome tests [r=mbrubeck]
a2777c21e32d73115e3a44d4d188c15d5dc68269Vivien Nicolas — Bug 646444 - bug 582717 make regular expressions not callable [r=mfinkle]
7e323ab6456a82c6182e5b43962120fcb5fd193bAnas Husseini — Bug 646253 - The end caps on the About:Home page is incorrect [r=vingtetun]
e6516f5ed4d4690396746efa50ac949ca4a27dafWes Johnston — Bug 567121 - Clear autocomplete cache instantly when session history is purged [r=mfinkle]
cb79ce5a4e75d6943b30063e77ce8350b1e34ff1Wes Johnston — Bug 645015 - Use correct filename when adding downloaded pdfs to the download manager [r=mfinkle]
aa6cf17c25db149874b7508c88a0e5b3d157bf9eVivien Nicolas — Bug 645694 - Tapping on Desktop tab triggers no action [r=mbrubeck]
cb0925ae3475ec1e4c0a8d148a92790e932ea778Vivien Nicolas — Bug 646015 - Update autocomplete suggestions as you type on device [r=mfinkle]
78e3c2a604fbe103e64ea973521050112bc1af5aVivien Nicolas — Bug 645068 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser_tapping.js | Fired a good double tap [r=mfinkle]
87c89078bc91a76d615aa4a5ded1eaa75b52c130Vivien Nicolas — Bug 644424 - Reduce the remote tabs refresh delay and add a pref for it [r=mbrubeck]
1f80214e3055a59740e68da2cffddcb8419da7e1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 644641 - Fix perma-oranges browser-chrome tests on desktop - followup [r=mfinkle]
74618876a5acd12443c6f45de0f542d60768d63fVivien Nicolas — Bug 623624 - Content elements don't get focus when the focus method is set on them [r=mfinkle]
663cfb4654d088e6907d8f012bf3999bdded2150Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 617539 - Remove _MOZILLA_2_0 interfaces, mobile-browser fixup, r=mfinkle
54f24b529eefa5f475ab0de97fb0a634d34095baVivien Nicolas — Bug 641117 - Autocomplete suggestions could be show on the wrong element [r=mfinkle]
5ea6b5645d91fe81f35a1f71c2345f0b5a5a8b66Vivien Nicolas — Bug 640969 - JavaScript error: chrome://browser/content/bindings.xml, line 474: Weave is not defined [r=mfinkle]
f1d32995682c8df2b3741cc0475ad0bcda070e11Vivien Nicolas — Bug 640870 - Form assistant(?): Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [r=mfinkle]
5ff877afac4da3c107a91e2da5b2f3a0c17c4542Vivien Nicolas — Bug 640635 - Autocomplete suggestions should use the 'id' attribute [r=mfinkle]
0a6bc90779a8f75e7ec1fae9cc42732f9d487b12Vivien Nicolas — Bug 617077 - Form helper doesn't disappear after searching on grooveshark [r=mfinkle]
bcaa623a76961dd178763dd276bd0bfd0072543bVivien Nicolas — Bug 644641: Fix perma-oranges browser-chrome tests on desktop [r=mfinkle]
3333554d36df9d5e19a39147e63e3cc67b25ea9dWes Johnston — Bug 632048 - Update auto-hide bookmarks popup test [r=mbrubeck]
4fed5e3c56291a09d33eecfc108d798a2e34f5f6Matt Brubeck — Bug 643301 - Toaster alert shown during startup is incorrectly positioned [r=mfinkle]
a98cf562e0cbae073d5577d8c2a84e84b02f34ebMatt Brubeck — Bug 643414 - Hide "Undo Disconnect" notification when panel is closed [r=mfinkle]
bd05aa44a67b51c4ac1ffbad35d181d38cad565fMatt Brubeck — Bug 637031 - Add "bookmark link" to context menu [r=vingtetun, uir=madhava]
c9f894ae705d0fc5a5f1de550a9cb16bbd3d6780Matt Brubeck — Bug 627911 (followup) - Use the String.browser getter [r=wesj]
ac2b12d9cb45763012b03c466317933c2842ff98Matt Brubeck — Bug 642604 - window.close() from a content tab closes Fennec window [r=mfinkle]
bbcf6fcae61d7808764002adcdf45b574d75f6a5Matt Brubeck — Bug 640014 - Remove duplicate key_lockscreen from browser.xul [r=mfinkle]
b7bff93480c9a1fbe44d35dd83fe2d75747aae84Matt Brubeck — Bump trunk version to 4.1a1pre [a=mfinkle]
69caa95952e5d6fc410de0e6eff907daf636c98cWes Johnston — Bug 641894 - Set up site menu before showing it. [r=mfinkle]
06a900cf0e063b21bb0b47f1f954ddd6733e880fWes Johnston — Bug 640768 - Ensure thumbnails don't extend beyond content. [r=mfinkle]
583ba213e3a602b1c3845eb91ec114ec295b7aaeMatt Brubeck — Bug 632048 - Don't autohide the bookmark popup [r=mfinkle, uir=madhava]
6ffc3ac50a1d1dc5a53f16ba7350542ceb797668Matt Brubeck — Bug 641855 - Remove unwanted event listeners from toolkit browser binding [r=mfinkle]
be16960748ba2495e1254ab7335761655f8b0ed3Mark Finkle — Bug 642796 - add removed-files file to Fennec [r=blassey a=blocking-fennec]
777ac44fbe635e9cfb7aab78a30b43ea049d4672Mark Finkle — Bug 642755 - DTD comment compression breaks localizations, at least Japanese [r=blassey a=blocking-fennec]
d049b5712a671e371a4ef052e61e23074930431aMark Finkle Bug 638164 - Checkerboarding after zooming in, visiting other page, then going back in history [r=mbrubeck,wesj, a=blocking-fennec]
1c9d8e59af397e6471f1bc18228b66cd6224638fAki Sasaki Bug 639948 - Add "ja" to maemo-locales [r=l10n]
b451f0e74c956181cd52bb77038e1e05f2381215Mark Finkle — Bug 640873 - Homepage fails to load 'No recent tabs' in new profiles [r=mbrubeck a=dougt]
955d1ae205ecdc2b5ddf3f4a5ff7b64d8836d114Brad Lassey — bug 641506 - Seams that do not go away after panning in some pages r=mfinkle, f=mbrubeck a=blocking-fennec
9b31f2ddfd36dc7f60e02ae6cf7a4da99b09911eBenjamin Stover — Bug 618975 Mobile patch r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
a69f1b7a9d291b9dde8534064632c4cf538e23bbMark Finkle — Bug 641854 - Use nsIStringBundle API for formatting strings [r=mbrubeck a=dougt]
eb536d044e41af103e1d1b56ef3ebd38a2df4771Mark Finkle — Bug 641707 - Broken browser-chrome tests due to portrait, closeTab and select UI changes [r=mbrubeck a=tests-only]
410db976129a78986767a866abf62ea93f235731Matt Brubeck — Bug 641707 - Fix browser_viewport test timeouts [r=mfinkle, a=test-only]
43b51843d114addbd392fc3f36341a1b26a8e307Matt Brubeck — Bug 641578 - No context menu for text areas [r+a=mfinkle]
5106ec3f530dc4adf5c87f07c9128b20fc9006b9Matt Brubeck — Bug 640997 - Update contentWindowWidth/Height on pagehide [r+a=mfinkle]
9fb4f392b80e8fb4c4c2d1e9dc246a8481fed15aMatt Brubeck — Bug 640997 - Ensure the viewport is tall enough in autoSize pages [r+a=mfinkle]
678a68810f8b4d5a8eacfb1399983e801857afb5Matt Brubeck — Backed out changeset 9b20fa85a5cb (Bug 640997) for Ts regression.
de07f7153c482412f799f06e68758fef340d630cMatt Brubeck — Bug 640997 - Update contentDocumentWidth/Height after location change [r=mfinkle, a=blocking]
982e4a2728115c730531376b48f60e23b0fbccbbMatt Brubeck — Bug 641217 - Show context menu for password fields [r+a=mfinkle]
31be3e9a5400ecc96c651d960006a80ecc4dfe60Matt Brubeck — Backed out changeset 907bc2950d31 (Bug 640997) for Ts regression.
cc633f9983cc9ef2268977272f1bc6b5d4221ed5Matt Brubeck — Bug 640997 - Always update the viewport size, even if it appears unchanged [r=mfinkle, a=blocking]
b9601dd729b9aa2731bd50bb75d7ee9a89e5f8f0Vivien Nicolas — [regression] Bug 641006 - Select elements doesn't crop [r=mfinkle,a=approval2.0+]
66f9fa8cacba20e831423bd42568c5c38574fbbbVivien Nicolas — Bug 640500 - Long tap on a website from Awesomelist doesn't open the context menu [r=mfinkle,mbrubeck,a=approval2.0+]
e08090bc5dbd52b508b8adcf2cf334e7afcb61f7Gervase Markham — Bug 624345 - "Fennec's About box should link to about:credits" [r=mark.finkle a-2.0=blassey.bugs]
f6b52d849ba229e2acaf063fb62c564ee1e116c8Mark Finkle — Bug 640882 - Scroll indicators are not visible when the left sidebar is pulled out [r=vingtetun a=blassey]
1aee9301ba80bccc6bf5a9558dfe4505bc87891aBrad Lassey — bug 623820 - Text zoom reflow messes up layout on AMO and other sites r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
31555d962e249f4389b29c65c4bfdfa4e582f649Wes Johnston — Bug 624454 - Increase cache ratio height [r=stechz, a=blocking-fennec]
a865627982536dc6ff57f1a52fdbb8b3d06d3e05Vivien Nicolas — Forgot to remove an alert [r=me,a=doh]
7260e0006b88fe818ce6dd3a28eaa94b98c521d3Vivien Nicolas — Bug 640120 - After clearing text using 'X' button in the textbox, typing stop working [r=mfinkle,a=approval2.0+]
fc20f28c63461a15922836d0e5830c13b532e715Mark Finkle — Bug 640429 - Preferences screen is cut off in portrait mode on Linux Desktop [r=mbrubeck]
0771e2c06dbd989de09dc4d5f6aaa429ea8db281Wes Johnston — Bug 639985 - Use browsers in ContentPermissionPrompt to find notification boxes [r=dougt,mfinkle a=approval-2.0]
5d5bb68d29c82e7c1cb2164ec3e7fa725034fef4Matt Brubeck — Bug 640217 - Clamp zoom value at end of animated zoom [r=mfinkle, a=blocking-fennec]
87f6e276c420dd9a45c5d2b9674f8d3594dcd05aBenjamin Stover — Bug 640282 Desktop Fennec should start in portrait mode by default r=mfinkle a=approval-2.0
028e9ed2b0f15e3340f9b3d8d92ca98a35801e49Wes Johnston — Bug 618989 - Restyle arrow boxes [r=mfinkle, a=approval-2.0]
40edaceac7fcdf6771eb515aa010ff9d97f373dfVivien Nicolas — Bug 640216 - Hide navigation arrows of the form assistant if there is previous/next are both disabled [r=mfinkle,a=approval2.0+]
eae1b835c59f9ab32a8c02cf9497372bccd09137Benjamin Stover — Bug 634397 Mobile workaround: redraw after pan is finished r=wesj a=blocking-fennec
ca7548c327d4add6098e80b5145b9b53438b2ddbMark Finkle — Backout ee3ee8a6e83b (bug 638369) for a possible Ts regression
d7dfd7917bc950582109720c636bcfc1ca5db468Doug Turner — Backing out 99f6b3acc464 (bug 618975). Bug This caused a reftest crash. a=bustage
bcdb04a05fe47c39f7df84c9798c84bd3fb2947fBenjamin Stover — Bug 618975 Mobile patch r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
f1f39f899ed725887b5deda3068adc2213110502Mark Finkle — Bug 640069 - Add Reflow-on-Zoom pref for Fennec 4 [r=vingtetun]
36113a4aaa3a20c87cad937b040c962340ebbfb5Vivien Nicolas — Bug 639969 - no context menus for content textareas [r=mbrubeck,wesj,a=approval2.0+]
a2628acfd43281613b18b81e792a3cec38c19881Wes Johnston — Bug 639819 - Update displayport on refresh [r=vingtetun, a=blocking]
36be7ad4c720bae2435d7ecd90e4ea973bfc5d8bWes Johnston — Bug 638818 - Dont clear sync if its not configured. r=mbrubeck, a=mfinkle]
6c948b73221a95014627a784b09d55973e6cc933Vivien Nicolas — Bug 638479 - No Copy/paste of content in certain input field types in prefs [r=mbrubeck,a=approval2.0+]
4e328fade26174302dd3ed6a3c434ee0732f990eMatt Brubeck — Bug 638369 - Update title when creating a new tab [r=wesj a=mfinkle]
07e12e7675e2f8ea0d04638cc91b3bbd29ca1a73Matt Brubeck — Bug 639334 - Back button doesn't go back from pages opened by Fennec chrome [r=wesj a=mfinkle]
59797f58a62937ab4a89c1cf5ade866c09e0268cVivien Nicolas — Bug 638125 - adjust style of form assistant/findbar buttons [r=mbrubeck,a=approval2.0+]
5b5b05bbe4e8a54a6835a291866ff4ee52217182Wes Johnston — Bug 639102 - Draw thumbnails on FirstPaint. r=mbrubeck, a=pavlov
a9229236790dd4959998bed55c7fd8e76d4e5661Vivien Nicolas — Bug 639329 - Autocomplete suggestions does not work correctly on orientation changes [r=mbrubeck,a=approval2.0+]
fec457f185206add4bba9beb407e6f1479fa05f8Brad Lassey — bug 637582 - blank or white page showing randomly when rendering or loading page r=mbrubeck a=blocking-fennec
6ba24eddda9e18963986a41af468ff7dd77482c5Aki Sasaki — bug 524519 - add deb_name.txt to UPLOAD_EXTRA_FILES. r=mfinkle
370a2d4855742e836f88d27c86358be5299fef76Matt Brubeck — Bug 638523 (breakage fix) - We should still skip the prompt for Save Image [r=me]
e5f360ab151b91277608bd5b29825580e0c1d970Alon Zakai — Bug 634666 - Use DEFER_OPEN in m-b [r=mfinkle]
58781b1a38264588593e7f55678f8fdffa3f0550Matt Brubeck — Bug 636449 - Hide titlebar after scrolling to bottom [r=vingtetun, a=blassey]
d0a9a183ed745f1c671b71a1112b9e5d88df7b33Alon Zakai — bg 624344 - File name not parsed correctly while trying to save page via 'Save link' r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
08f39d3eb4b8def250027a5a4a97c0d19ca32352Vivien Nicolas — Bug 638833 - Set datalist display to inline by default [r=mbrubeck,a=approval2.0+]
c15cd15090b71c1163036b42c5068d7cc2d4f571Matt Brubeck — Bug 637482 - Update link to privacy policy [r=wesj]
fa30dde17d49b6b6b35f376c4932898aa287af20Vivien Nicolas — Bug 638552 Form Assistant suggestions should not reach into side pane [r=mbrubeck]
5f90d630749b654ba5df9e7e3202bc03f99e2b29Vivien Nicolas — Bug 638523 - Save Image saves htm, not the image [r=mbrubeck]
cba6aba978cb021d67d08ad84afe47108fe331edBenjamin Stover — Bug 63742 Snap displayport updates to device pixels [r=mbrubeck]
8f4937a1fa8be52b231fc496789f4219ea5cf6f9Wes Johnston — Bug 638170 - Restore scroll position during FirstPaint [r=vingtetun]
142df357b2227146264882cd0c88a94db5b761a6Matt Brubeck — Bug 638144 - Update URLs [r+a=mfinkle]
d1293b9736459b14fc21eba1a09bdbcb218d2f82Matt Brubeck — Bug 633279 - 1px of checkerboarding between address bar and web page [r=stechz]
e1334ed550300629ac71e86876108d0447d5b5ccOleg Romashin — Bug 638183 - Enable Back button for URL/awesome list view [r=mfinkle]
5325a102903f5d8d311fb18e2797271d34bc2504Matt Brubeck — Bug 637936 (followup) - Fix variable name collision [r=mfinkle]
a73f1bc73bd0d0e012184bd6e1663583cdcacc0bMatt Brubeck — Back out 62e1753d84e4 (bug 633279) on suspicion of N900 Tzoom regression.
1916c87c155d6e2e3443188d904efe2d3e5f3790Wes Johnston — Bug 624454 - Increase horizontal cache. [r=mfinkle]
6119593d2a2c2186cf51723b3f73792044d0028fMatt Brubeck — Bug 633279 - 1px of checkerboarding between address bar and web page [r=stechz]
51bee6b01c033d62f4786ee2019edff13da7447fVivien Nicolas — Bug 637779 - Typing in the search field in about:config will give an Error: element is undefined in forms.js line 533 [r=mfinkle]
be02ce8a61973fa98a0f5f526361f30d08271477Mark Finkle — Bug 636135 - Sync UI is left in a bad state if you disable Sync while a sync is in progress [r=mbrubeck]
d9c07f69643ade7f9244212ee1b3abf644e85eefMatt Brubeck — Bug 637936 - Fix rounding error in sidebar swiping test [r=stechz]
26aaa9e8065f9efda7c9badd0815a723cd6a04f8Vivien Nicolas — Bug 637912 - formhelper autocomplete bubble covers URL bar on mobile AMO [r=mfinkle]
a29b816f3d261447380e45235e0b630b02def44fVivien Nicolas — Bug 569552 - Fennec: onbeforeunload event is not handled properly [r=mfinkle]
ba63a2eca07d1fbc62eef7493e62ffdd0dece1b8Vivien Nicolas — Bug 636768 - fractional part of tab sidebar pops open at the left of the input field while autocomplete bubble is open [r=mfinkle]
ecd2aa68a6bb0bb5dd738277b9d8865e1e5df7c8Mark Finkle — Bug 637808 - Focusing on a text field element may give you a console error [r=vingtetun]
d62c1de9a231160f1673d4e4a4009e07886f8d41Mark Finkle — Bug 637881 - Remove 'Reflow on Zoom' preference for Fennec 4 [r=mbrubeck]
1cc782b4095cc4d6c68dfabe12bbe7c2372d6c0dVivien Nicolas — Bug 622601 - Just before the new page is getting loaded, the old page is scrolled to the top and zoom reset [r=mfinkle]
4ea3fa2f0947cd46beb424de1200e11082bd785cWes Johnston — Bug 617952 - Fire scroll events for pages coming from bfcache [r=mfinkle, a=blocking]
b3d88ce1574c15da38293f709662f80295426921Mark Finkle — Bug 637673 - SessionStore file errors [r=mbrubeck]
950af3e3dbec8b914dbf49edfe29bd04820609c2Vivien Nicolas — Bug 635522 - [rtl] tab close buttons in the wrong spot - followup [r=mfinkle]
ef61147e1ef3ddefb11711d54cab79dc2d2c4d77Vivien Nicolas — Bug 636858 - Suggested word still appears even after selecting it to populate text box [r=mfinkle]
1e96561171a44a06b1b0b335a6147afeb3f665e8Vivien Nicolas — Bug 636754 - Pressing the tab key to span forms results in infinite spanning [r=mfinkle]
04ca97f3f5ddcb67cc524ec3ba5f2d00eb00bd00Vivien Nicolas — Bug 636809 - Tapping on search field should highlight the entire field [r=mfinkle]
73d6e1f708e9a1c9785d56963c3bfc3b9698e748Vivien Nicolas — Bug 636830 - formhelper autocomplete pops up over site panel [r=mfinkle]
2c75546245e03de23b8bce8a538c5a69a120fedaVivien Nicolas — Bug 635522 - [rtl] tab close buttons in the wrong spot [r=mfinkle]
249f4e8fa68980bf89e8f60280a7d6172b5bdcbeMatt Brubeck — Bug 634883 - Hide Share/Open in context menu for non-shareable/openable links [r=mfinkle]
ab3c98ecbb826158cd1922c9609c1506222da3daMark Finkle — Set promo end date to a real date [r=mfinkle-cant-read-calendars]
370cbb90257ef1d36c80d1c8057af834998fda49Matt Brubeck — Bug 637215 - Regression: menulist popups don't show checkmarks [r=vingtetun]
50abd10e704f3e5675a23b6bc9785396ab7ea859Makoto Kato — Bug 632744 - Keystroke doesn't work on auto-completion of Fennec awesome screen after selected a item. r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
45a2233f8eee4c7847626d669e4de243fc2d4ed6Mark Finkle — Bug 618919 - Non-mobile 'Bad cert' dialog is shown for XHR (fix build maemo bustage)
4cf826600f8a91d0b9fc3d8bb44bb0712c027df8Mark Finkle — Bug 618919 - Non-mobile 'Bad cert' dialog is shown for XHR [r=dougt]
7134694f4edf1535335bc5faec68b5446b084807Brad Lassey — bug 611741 - Implement copy/paste for text fields in web content r=mfinkle a=2.0+
978c9fb7d4e320fa3b89806e56be8cf3b78dafa8Matt Brubeck — Bug 625513 (part 2) - Fix urlbar style on very high-dpi displays [r=mfinkle]
e8bb4ed0caf67a042a5620897c0d1177370e9b9aMark Finkle — Bug 625513 - Cleanup CSS problems from using physical units [r=mbrubeck]
e418ed3d9a91a5746bc27b6c3155363628b32cb9Matt Brubeck — Bug 607657 (followup) - Allow sidebar panning again after a short delay [r=stechz]
fbefcc45676f2e23a23444425e003623c346850eWes Johnston — Bug 634377 - Allow scrolling if scrollbox is not already at zero. [r=mbrubeck, a=blocking]
2a72edbaaa25b926e74179526b8ecbbf33909bf7Vivien Nicolas — Bug 636463 - Language list doesn't scroll up/down in Preferences [r=mfinkle]
c0f4045c775e336b1f773a5dc418ce961f7981cdMatt Brubeck — Bug 627103 - Don't wait for reflow to finish before zooming [r=mfinkle]
5e86352d3348458e0e1feb5d41b28c65416a000dMatt Brubeck — Bug 636223 - Clear Private Data should disconnect Fennec from Sync [r=mfinkle]
2a7ef5ffe26bec1b483a90d25439a632e032090aVivien Nicolas — Bug 636426 - Scrollbars are broken on trunk [r=mfinkle]
0340e160f706c35eb7945bb317b7f3cf2224b402Vivien Nicolas — forgot to add forms.css on the last commit [r=me]
d38090a940d8ab3318b4f9280aee5146c7a12bf3Vivien Nicolas — Bug 622578 - form helper navigation bar should not obscure web content when only the NEXT / PREV buttons are shown [r=mfinkle]
6684aa6aa2d81af6df2e5e00a931a7db30f553a1Matt Brubeck — Back out e230a8add766 (bug 623624) for possible Ts regression.
0a8791f5c439f6970bca03b8af133caad233c254Mark Finkle — Bug 634173 - Style toaster alerts on Android [r=mbrubeck]
c98fad60f33b8b3d5646ea9fb8842ef34b12b9edWes Johnston — Bug 632388 - Offer restart for addons enabled by compatability checks [r=mossop, a=blocking]
de3d3f4c8a4b5461ee913a8d3114a79fd8e648daMatt Brubeck — Bug 607657 - Don't pan from one sidebar to the other in a single swipe [r=mfinkle]
a73283998e2cea6a31304057d1c9a2d10ca46663Vivien Nicolas — Bug 635725 - about:blank tabs thumbnail are not draw correctly [r=mfinkle]
a7443fe1a57d409dd49fd49ff9f29e5b1509ae2eVivien Nicolas — Bug 636139 - browser_scrollbar.js failure [r=mfinkle]
7cf92b73d2c371a4190f1419ecab04d65c9184bbVivien Nicolas — Bug 635699 - Tabs can't be closed after visiting About:sync-log [r=mfinkle]
bae81b8ef1b4381712636d2cf18fb8b7253c6ef0Vivien Nicolas — Bug 636140 - browser_tapping.js failure [r=mfinkle]
0675739e3358c14c61aba43c5a0595bb0d43a7aeVivien Nicolas — Bug 623624 - Content elements don't get focus when the focus method is set on them [r=mfinkle]
6fcb855774b67f4da7fe1a7ebf8a532652597be4Mark Finkle — Bug 635542 - [Regression] Navigation buttons not updated when using URL fragments [r=mbrubeck]
394f7e9fedde55720e89d24c27d692a9e13522d6Mark Finkle — Bug 635540 - Fix some browser-chrome tests [r=mbrubeck]
dddf3d3cd480282c419073ef16a0032b5cc699c5Matt Brubeck — Bug 635495 - Backspace key should not navigate back on Android [r=mfinkle]
554f7590aa4b78ab4389754ebcccb9696c2c1cf4Mark Finkle — No Bug: Add more l10n context to promo [r=mbrubeck]
e884fa11f667ea5dfd06b1965b528c02099313d8Mark Finkle — Hide promo in nightly [r=me]
fb5c71c576e000ebacb9baf2b9153427d625fe87Oleg Romashin — Bug 622470 - "Decode on draw must be enabled for Mobile Fennec" [r=mark.finkle]
422bcd9b709e4fb6fb1e2e15a217548a00ae1e70Mark Finkle — Bug 635239 - sync 'show me how' link should go to correct article [r=wesj]
f2cd9ac0c55276343d394a73067e2d1ce18d8f80Wes Johnston — Bug 628012 - Ensure click is fired on highlighted element [r=mfinkle, a=blocking-fennec]
b76d94f1bf9ad438e99f26f7f6f1ca2cce07c252Wes Johnston — Bug 611580 - Allow chaning character encoding in Fennec. [r=mfinkle, a=blocking]
46ef7819b3e77d930661360fe4a25bd5c67c7fdaWes Johnston — Bug 634009 - Don't click on gesture events [r=mbrubeck, a=blocking]
7bfadb5c41dab9cca99382141678222cee46e7e4Mark Finkle — Bug 633769 - Add final parts for the Firefox Spark promotion (part 2) [r=vingtetun]
e59dbbdb208b6c8f4f6f02b9713ea2a26e9dc8e8Mark Finkle — Turn off promo [r=mfinkle-messed-up]
09e4d10b735c588f6a465f8077ee970dab71e2b8Matt Brubeck — Bug 633575 - Preference/tools panels are broken if opened during initial page load [r=mfinkle]
80287a75ad45af4a4a36f03c33387c7d114e1e72Mark Finkle — Bump version to 4.0b6pre
edb6a3b5dace02f599fafb062c7b81f4ddc428c5Benjamin Stover — Bug 634788 we change the displayport way too often (OOM fix) r=mbrubeck
bd50b812aedee78d685022c94681cfab1c0c1e58Wes Johnston — Bug 597953 - Don't move downloads when finished if the Download View is showing [r=mfinkle, a=blocking]
0f544b3e042e9096d1d57893e22d77e790196043Kadir Topal — Bug 634545 - "Grammer nit" [r=mark.finkle]
07a1034e09a6d92d14d63602886aa461e218fb04Mark Finkle — Bug 634176 - LoginManager child script does not need to use WebProgressListener [r=vingtetun]
6e14a19d84ca75e381366d86fcb588de81f9ee54Mark Finkle — Bug 630341 - clear private data doesn't clear 'tabs from last time' [r=mbrubeck]
88465688f0e991ef32f75427eeefc66ad46966c2Mark Finkle — Bug 633769 - Add final parts for the Firefox Spark promotion (part 1) [r=vingtetun]
02dd468500046fc42e675b1aca1acdf52c16eb5aBenjamin Stover — Bug 634431 Flash at end of pan r=mbrubeck
43a92edbbe1c2d7241cd41392409dca3d9f05e68Vivien Nicolas — Bug 633599 - App menu should be hidden instead of collapsed during startup [r=mbrubeck]
e2d9f1ccb1483f0f0de1acb95e33eea60b2be334Vivien Nicolas — Bug 622578 - Remove the filter functionality [r=mfinkle]
ec2b8e10fc44c6aa4e88400f4a2cb3bf366bacebWes Johnston — Bug 631058 - Prefs for preload attribute defaults. [r=mfinkle, a=blocking-fennec]
5cc71c89b84b1ab3dda6eb4c0a6688d1fd440f00Matt Brubeck — Bug 630736 - Fix restoreViewportPosition regressions [r=mfinkle]
0318fed779caeeed52598dad4a76d393ccf352a0Mark Finkle — Bug 630736 - Changing orientation causes checkerboarding [r=mbrubeck]
9b48025a1ac5362c20057df586e20613e620d86bBenjamin Stover — Bug 633986 Mobile preferences for nice process r=mbrubeck
1d27b49d4e13f9b1abf49a72d98a325b80755a46Matt Brubeck — Backed out changeset 8f6832870926 (bug 633599).
22e615f0b7f91e26a093e20ca67f1eab7dd21261Vivien Nicolas — Bug 633599 - App menu should be hidden instead of collapsed during startup [r=mfinkle]
b6d062fef0aaf78ac5ea376cd6aafa9b7fe83dbeVivien Nicolas — Bug 633751 - des(C)tructor typos [r=mfinkle]
770be5a1e8bb709dd15d16dedc76fb72f365e9efMark Finkle — Bug 630474 - Show a toaster alert when instaling or uninstalling a restartless add-on [r=mbrubeck]
a4bb9c074d13f048767c2bb689e142c941b392f9Mark Finkle — Bug 633613 - Add and localized Spark game graphic to Start page [r=vingtetun]
0974043a7bcc6f92a23e99b8a34796fb4a7fcb21Vivien Nicolas — backout (Bug 630473) - suspected as cause of a big Ts regression on Android 2.2
ff66b5e110208fc1686659f9b006fb6c0e9e723dMatt Brubeck — Bug 631038 - Don't reset page scale on pagehide [r=stechz]
6cc7c51661742d16854fd383d591cb7f465ddd27Matt Brubeck — Bug 633258 - Regression: iframe panning is broken [r=stechz]
c563e5bea9e0656df08c898ec1bc9bc5e2a41b89Mark Finkle — Bug 630474 - Show a toaster alert when instaling or uninstalling a restartless add-on [r=mbrubeck]
b4270e4b624ecbb35f5dc79f50e29f54b8530348Vivien Nicolas — Bug 632837 - bustage [r=me]
1c6a37151d8a0fcdd6ec3fb9a558bec7cfc54cd8Matt Brubeck — Bug 633497 - Preferences aren't initialized when opened from the app menu [r=mfinkle]
856b0d1e26ced0d73a1a807fa0d59aaec650e3a9Vivien Nicolas — Bug 621066 - [regression] Panning about: pages always makes sidebar disappear [r=mbrubeck]
3f09b445ffd1e9f5bceb6169cc07ad4fcc756344Vivien Nicolas — Bug 632837 - Move (more) code out of Browser.startup() (part 1) [r=mfinkle]
0fb39256fc368b9c52608ab41c92225912efe32dMatt Brubeck — Bug 630594 - Click delay should be disabled if the page is not zoomable [r=vingtetun]
b30c0670d5ad0c96511de39a75fe9d4374a6815dMatt Brubeck — Back out fc4b66851459 (bug 630594) because it caused bug 633539 (click when panning).
87e16a48cef2f490abcd265a4f53c72350037842Mark Finkle — Bug 632837 - Refactor BrowserUI.updateURI to reduce affect startup and pageload [r=vingtetun]
71242824ccc764f8cdb1fa6538a78f2447bb15c7Vivien Nicolas — Bug 633186 - Lazy load Weave.Service if Weave has not account set up [r=mfinkle]
7a6e230c91bd1cf2ddb514e8f141793784f78099Vivien Nicolas — Bug 621779 - Cannot see more than 6 tabs when VKB is opened in portrait mode [r=mfinkle]
925e2ddbe2a0eb8d663e1e35843b848f45b1ab98Vivien Nicolas — Bug 630594 - Click delay should be disabled if the page is not zoomable [r=mfinkle]
e6da3f93ac651a4ce7ac5f6940b6b67b0e36bbf8Vivien Nicolas — Bug 632801 - about:blank tabs thumbnail are not draw correctly [r=mfinkle]
78d0e414ff2c8e814d141d77b914616b6037307cFabrice Desré — Bug 623063 - Remove useless <tooltip> from browser.xul
3907517f944c6ffb7ae2bb3e6256df1879a9143bMark Finkle — Bug 630474 - Show a toaster alert when instaling or uninstalling a restartless add-on [r=mbrubeck]
14695e8f77ef0c5a0f48abb0292b2c198a4665b6Wes Johnston — Bug 632170 - Use updates directory environmental variable [r=mfinkle, a=blockin-fennec]
2e673877905c66fa8c28144b5b435c023cce6674Doug Turner — Bug 630364 - Do not warn when opening youtube. r=blassey. a=blocking-fennec
16e002bff2576587ccb80a5b414f6674d161ac50Benjamin Stover — Bug 630593 Remove try/catch and test for saving history r=mfinkle
f5348b7cfe5b91ceb2da7c9c16d4d8e86e8cc05eFabrice Desré — Bug 621401 - 'Confirm Close' dialog displayed behind the context menu
f4571576e0c5466f5ed16a19fd5a74044c8e2690Mark Finkle — Bug 632825 - Error: URI_GENERIC_ICON_XPINSTALL is not defined [r=vingtetun]
978f2e630f6df5ac3d15be0ad4e10c6d76b3ce1bVivien Nicolas — Bug 629661 - Find in Page does not reset after it is closed (followup) [r=mfinkle]
76deb4e68c16500a6e483d84a40627c30cf47f89Vivien Nicolas — Bug 630946 - Repaint does not occur when dismissing a combo box [r=mfinkle]
b46d6b9d5fda70fbb8f78f5aff2e55873c919fa0Vivien Nicolas — Bug 626457 - Move some code out of Browser.startup(); [r=mfinkle]
b36d32dbc61145553dd6c5ea3839dba217c24830Vivien Nicolas — Bug 632345 - [regression] Scrollbar position should not updated before showing the scrollbars [r=mfinkle]
a8d1f77f84b114274c26abf520e4dc6ae44eacb1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 632346 - Opening a new tab from command-line should hide the right panel [r=mfinkle]
e1f202598b618cd5a219df617d69374904798427Matt Brubeck — Bug 632497 - Use a content-type hint for asyncFetch in AutoCompleteCache (bustage fix)
24f4ba6d3672c9e6be7c8b79f79380cb29efba8bMatt Brubeck — Bug 632497 - Use a content-type hint for asyncFetch in AutoCompleteCache [r=mfinkle]
93c03fa2431629b490726be98c910c663aeb4c01Wes Johnston — Bug 631200 - Make sure jpake closes when sync setup closes [r=mfinkle]
1991ac5e680200abb2323cf86c3976d3e2cca8e0Mark Finkle — Bug 632005 - Use stricter limit on WebProgressListener flags [r=mbrubeck]
968686c969dd0a5fb5fbe2c7bb9c09d18545dae3Vivien Nicolas — Bug 629665 - [regression] Tab bar covers full screen [r=mfinkle]
b7c97a621c577cbb077a03c8ff91d7ebec590b4fVivien Nicolas — Bug 629661 - Find in Page does not reset after it is closed [r=mfinkle]
b634296c5cc5c13dd01817d2bdb451fb217b0856Vivien Nicolas — Bug 628633 - [Regression] Find in Page does not scroll down when hitting the Down Arrow from the findbar [r=mfinkle,mbrubeck]
52f77f69e6f3848f13b4ac1d70f5ae9092357836Wesley Johnston — Bug 631130 - [Regression] Find in page and form assistant are broken [r=mfinkle]
b0a5cded501eb71a9f0837a65e192c08b2fbecc7Matt Brubeck — Bug 629794 - Error: _contentView is undefined in local browsers [r=stechz]
3f3341d2bd07587107bd11380d1fd7f9bb09aa6cMatt Brubeck — Bug 628799 (followup) - Fix the ZoomChanged event used by Tzoom tests [r=stechz]
e2054b050332ef94709463e7c53fe4fe28de4da9Wes Johnston — Bug 630942 - Make sure we update the cache viewport after orientation changes [r=stechz]
7bbfd73102ab81cce0c8ed453ec637084d1f6fbcMark Finkle — Bug 630795 - Updated blocklist URL [r=dtownsend]
2a48eccd42931b3afdb407b319934722c8a110a8Matt Brubeck — Bug 628799 - (2/2) Kill browser.scale and make fuzzy zoom API [r=stechz]
bc5994c2b37b74ab300825663eb747e7c6ba02e4Matt Brubeck — Bug 628799 - (1/2) Kill browser.scale and make fuzzy zoom API [r=stechz]
f7d87faf507d5dcac35e2c2b9244ef730d0dada7Benjamin Stover — Bug 630721 Remove junk at bottom of test r=mfinkle
ba4acf581f7c76fc9e5191205f9eaaf62ed18870Mark Finkle — Bug 630542 - Regression: Context menus do not pop up on links (remove the dump) [r=stechz]
4198d3b1c7de3f21436fe2fab569a058f7349b71Mark Finkle — Bug 630542 - Regression: Context menus do not pop up on links [r=stechz]
2d7f9e4f2d77398b19bf5ac726df088b0101b50bBenjamin Stover — Bug 629122 Crashed tab causes displayport to stop setting r=wesj
80fccacc47dbc40985b3c40ddf505b100cd66f4bMark Finkle — Bug 630027 - replace mozRequestAnimationFrame() with mozRequestAnimationFrame(callback) in AnimatedZoom.js [r=stechz]
8b0e4ac2b00160478fc0239fd5a9ce0d562de8e6Wes Johnston — Bug 605630 - Scroll scrollboxes in local tabs [r=stechz, a=blocking-fennec]
c331861c7b138af315ff492e3ef56cd28af261f8Wes Johnston — Bug 618434 - Show errors when JPAKE fails [r=mfinkle, a=blocking-fennec]
ec7e1eebc28187d47999502769f37bc2f9853d1eBenjamin Stover — Bug 630145 Regression: History not saved r=mfinkle
24caf4b44e11f88f042a35e77e870164e29e022eVivien Nicolas — Bug 621402 - JavaScript error from form assistant: uncaught exception: Empty rectangles do not have centers [r=mfinkle]
a0c52894d61cd45deeffad202fe280a46f9ff802Vivien Nicolas — Bug 630249 - Do not allow zoom for empty pages even if they are remote [r=mfinkle]
baff7b0c62ce5c5b40bb44112b305a84dd18caa6Matt Brubeck — Bug 630221 - Remove failing chrome/tests/browser_preferences_basic.js [r=mfinkle]
ad43280197be917878f1931bc36f7f56177ba2c2Aki Sasaki — backing out c37b6862d388, but making verbose. r=bustage a=bustage
c95669d17e5b5016cfa9ff71bd0e9786827648e1Matt Brubeck — Bug 629794 - Error: _contentView is undefined in local browsers [r=stechz]
f7c484c2cce59b2d175d0d375308523ff771a0cfVivien Nicolas — Bug 619679 - [Maemo] Dismissing the virtual keyboard causes problems. mobile-browser bits. r=mfinkle
c2f004eac2c8876ffbcc98bdf8e3e070a6afdd19Mark Finkle — Bug 605706 - Add desktop notifications to clearable list of permissions [r=mbrubeck]
68b5825397ba173e2bacb622fb313d1beb5e616aVivien Nicolas — Bug 629397 - Use sendCrossProcessKeyEvent instead of a custom message for keys [r=mfinkle,f=mbrubeck]
2a801e693780914f57b7addb2261fa17b66b641bMark Finkle — Bug 615239 - Add 'Get Help' SUMO link to Start Page (followup) [r=vingtetun]
0d27e5f5308c5b260cdb1fda2e85c47006a39e82John Ford — Bug 629194 - Don't clobber all packages in mobile's package target [r=mfinkle]
0d0244cdb0843498bc5918b0c44bb5969413768fMark Finkle — Bug 615239 - Add 'Get Help' SUMO link to Start Page [r=vingtetun]
53781acb5bdbc95987312adc09c62973db0bddbdVivien Nicolas — Bug 622738 - gray area to the right of facebook touch pages disconnects urlbar and controls sidebar [r=mfinkle]
034cd7eee8d2ea96384ff3e082e37b6f989e234fVivien Nicolas — Bug 628732 - Hitting Android Back in Awesome list opens right panel [r=mfinkle]
02cb32b731e14c87a39ceac78e9bc6091e874a23Vivien Nicolas — Bug 628660 - Gray area when navigating with the form assistant [r=mfinkle,stechz]
216ed2489db208ea93da2dce16901d3530e4a792Vivien Nicolas — Bugzilla@Mozilla – Bug 628325 Spellchecking does not work in fennec [r=mfinkle]
da80ab0f9b55acde7b6ad0203ab011ae5b3785d1Wes Johnston — Bug 612607 - Show sync setup if necessary when remote tabs command fires.
b3d86430b71227b9ca3f1fef75cbca7ca8905583Mark Finkle — Bug 627772 - AutocompleteCache should read from disk async [r=mbrubeck]
0b28026cb1a911364889879cdc803ef569b43664Fabrice Desré — Bug 619518 - If a notification has no callback, use a toaster popup
343f213b87e33a319399cba3cca9ef2710f5b150Mark Finkle — Bug 619231 - Fennec UI should not enable Connect unless all fields are entered [r=vingtetun]
fd36b84eb5444db86a2e26acb0d8ff62062590d7Matt Brubeck — Bug 627851 - PreferencesView._delayedInit is not delayed enough [r=mfinkle]
ab7dc52a489691823c6faf0bc249b7ed8da1f9d6Mark Finkle — Bug 627894 - Use the right URL when trying to zombie-ify a zombie tab [r=mbrubeck]
bb7a05c254ebc8640b27656d07cdde57f5ffe2dcMark Finkle — Bug 530062 - Use a 32px image size for the favicon-default-30.png image [r=mbrubeck]
28168ab485381708fd32ce15e79b68039cdddf48Mark Finkle — Bug 628847 - Remove some cruft in last-window-check copied from desktop [r=wjohnston]
d9dc2c751e49468781e125924b2550253370b261Mark Finkle — Bumping trunk to 4.0b5pre
78b41312ef10686b78430fdefa3d4d2a156faba6Mark Finkle — Bug 627500 - Clicking on a link that has window.scrollTo(0, 1000) will clear the content of that frame [r=wjohnston]
5bf4f772990ee2c9737b2a0c4de4c52f02f2cdc0Benjamin Stover — Bug 623485 - Use transforms to move scrollbars [r=vingtetun]
e869c03587f9e7eb0fe028509ffffd67c5b8b115Vivien Nicolas — Bug 628971 - Find in page toolbar is overlaid by the VKB [r=mfinkle]
22fbcfb60ada6b844bb186ebcc8457a7daee9d31Mark Finkle — Bug 623679 - Add unique classes to fields prefilled by desktop and mobile feedback add-ons [r=mbrubeck]
20e8529244f5a7c58a331829ae53a9543094e94dBenjamin Stover — Bug 628827 Blinky double-tap zoom and pinch to zoom r=mbrubeck
fea6f774046d249765c9d8c8a5320930d8708d32Vivien Nicolas — Bug 627293 - "Fennec not resized correctly after switching between portrait/landscape mode" [r=mark.finkle]
daea3cd4a95aa1bf730c3c74d0506f6f0361b38fBenjamin Stover — Bug 624451 Followup: stop relying on contentWidth/contentHeight r=mbrubeck
83843c0b9d94f36fbf50ff85f99bc8bdcc0b8624Benjamin Stover — Bug 624451 Investigate changing displayport based on panning heuristics r=vingtetun r=mbrubeck
b5f90d6025119d76cc37ee7cf701a09eaadf5566Vivien Nicolas — Bug 628679 - Add some dump to browser_addons.js for debugging random failure
dc983f768b60039394ab918ef83e2e6c92eeca33Vivien Nicolas — Bug 627293 - Fennec not resized correctly after switching between portrait/landscape mode (followup) [r=mfinkle]
f8c43fc5339e559f9f10fff6067e3974a8dc4251Vivien Nicolas — Bug 628605 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/mobile/chrome/browser_formsZoom.js | Test timed out [r=mfinkle]
eb4135b779ccac714b06f4ceeee3e3df0e8988e1Vivien Nicolas — Bugzilla@Mozilla – Bug 628614 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/mobile/chrome/browser_forms.js | Form Assistant should be open [r=mfinkle]
a443e761f98d833f693525044c19b8b9e9a22bcfMark Finkle — Bug 627293 - backout for Ts regression [r=me]
94320e090ad586d2a633777c19b127c3ad5d7af6Matt Brubeck — Bug 627500 - Viewport gets out of sync with content-initiated scrolling [r=mfinkle]
d870e5e513904d8c7c49539bf77ef7bc9155ad2eVivien Nicolas — Bug 627293 - "Fennec not resized correctly after switching between portrait/landscape mode" [r=mark.finkle]
87fc70c93e6f2535c3c7f03ade00932e18790e9bMatt Brubeck — Bug 628323 - Context menus cannot be changed by restartless add-ons [r=mfinkle]
60dba741bb5d7550157abef50c654d47063ba87bMatt Brubeck — Bug 605618 - Scroll iframes in parent process (followup) [r=mfinkle]
2430db7db14f9ad0878f5ac6846da39f3cea7e93Mark Finkle — Bug 626714 - hardcode 'mobile' instead of using %APP% in the getAddons.get.url pref [r=fixup]
72ba6a6400235bf7355a683256bd8b444b14e7b7Matt Brubeck — Bug 627911 - Fix string errors in extensions.js [r=wesj]
9ea8a70f49b7682a4e12a4fdefd12968758dae84Mark Finkle — Bug 627814 - Text Reflow: Turn off by default :( [r=mbrubeck]
baa14df7dc82805aaae42b2d4dfb86b5e415c4c7Mark Finkle — Bug 626714 - Send startup time measurements to AMO [r=dtownsend]
285ac22a725939b85edec5ca14b84f93c8b462a7Matt Brubeck — Bug 583280 - Align optgroup labels with top-level options [r=mfinkle]
b07ea3f3ddd994ed20b187be5b8caa7cebf64fa6Vivien Nicolas — Bug 627372 - Placeholder gray color is not applied by default [r=mfinkle]
dd71bf06422881ea43967a409ab855a3ee2c71aeMark Finkle — Bug 625612 - Add prominent startup info to development builds [r=wesj]
dd70949c8c790ea9e3fe3be130a83323f847dfe7Doug Turner — Bug 624652 - Remove the explict quit from the Memory Observer. Discussed with blassey and mfinkle r=mfinkle
a8031b5d72dcca8da0b43ad10b9ba38ca0b71284Wes Johnston — Bug 627068 - Don't set displayport for background tabs [r=stechz]
b443798cc44ca1dbfd5e7d91ae44860cb39c5de3Wes Johnston — Bug 625883 - Follow up Use important rules for tap highlight [r=mfinkle]
d39556fbdd4d46a871cbfb6729b43b2649ee61f4Alon Zakai — Bug 610417 - Optimize eviction in bfcache. r=mfinkle
e4b22a987528a7753a0bf66c2709153acb041090Mark Finkle — Bug 479862 - scrollTop and scrollLeft might contain wrong values for scripts on pages (followup) [r=stechz]
574c78e8452bb7fdfe78327c80c957f59472b940Vivien Nicolas — Bug 627059 - Findbar displaced [r=mfinkle]
2bd3bb2d317d3fe77c5f8040a9c8e854c9561f04Benjamin Stover — Bug 626873 Navigating sometimes does not reset scale r=mfinkle
49703cad6faa8b470c85063aa5d06cfc7f537a45Mark Finkle — Bug 479862 - scrollTop and scrollLeft might contain wrong values for scripts on pages [r=vingtetun]
c669e1fe0b54864be692b8e06cd95213a6a82235Oleg Romashin — Bug 625671 - Enable Hardware acceleration by default on Maemo6 fennec r=dougt a=approval2.0
42a7b137b954b000a759c3685c63574f0f934e9bBenjamin Stover — Bug 626863 Sidebars don't snap when panning iframes r=mfinkle
23eaec40c9407a47c545a0a7a1f156c8c0a09312Doug Turner — Bug 624652 - Make memory observer resurrect background tabs. r=mfinkle
e6b27a2b978b630580b11f90ee35c4c40eee30a4Benjamin Stover — Bug 625985 Panning gestures during kinetic panning are ignored r=mbrubeck
30dc032402ebc8fb949893124171f06f8639a4f7Benjamin Stover — Bug 605618 Scroll iframes asynchronously in frontend r=mfinkle
466585d9bd45b51fb11b8384df69d2eb1a4d6352Matt Brubeck — Bug 609072 - Default favicon does not appear on about: pages [r=mfinkle]
a133273c6f9e6aabe90e9c78095eecaca56b9df3Matt Brubeck — Bug 614353: Make sure the viewport spans the full window height when zoomed out [r=mfinkle]
e86c4a65bb5055e5e785fd88747598e7c740ba31Wes Johnston — Bug 625883 - Use important rules for tap highlighting [r=mfinkle]
858b52bc0a42559e569ce4a493559115624e2d6eVivien Nicolas — Bug 624749 - Select box and form assistant jiggle up and down [r=mfinkle]
05c21c437a874289cef39abcda68215fe5db3852Mark Finkle — Bug 626624 - 'Edit Bookmark' does not show correct information on second display, after dismissing VKB with system 'Back' button [r=mbrubeck]
2e5c3309b04e1425524f9808e8095e3f28820700Oleg Romashin — Bug 625673 - Enable plugins by default on maemo6 r=dougt a=approval2.0
fc2ae203ee23a8fb57c2fb0d70f91b404e26b3d3Oleg Romashin — Bug 617703 - Enable IPC plugins by default for mobile r=dougt.turner a=approval2.0
7921fc7e4b3fbdc866fb7fa23944ab98c8000dc0Mark Finkle — Bug 601751 - Redesign the Edit Bookmark Panel to have the new look [r=mbrubeck]
4122e03693d6957dcf690ed539a2754d18ca8160Vivien Nicolas — Bug 625780 - textbox[multiline='true'] binding is not working [r=mfinkle]
24d8b81da5ef7b0b55811e9eb83ec47a60ba2f24Ben Hearsum — bug 625144: GECKO_PLATFORM_INI_PATH/FENNEC_APPLICATION_INI_PATH are wrong for Mac Desktop builds. r=aki/ted, a=npotb DONTBUILD
b425f5cc2d47acfb98fc521d37c2a6f4f4a73e5aOleg Romashin — Bug 625676 - Disable Close and TaskSwitcher buttons on Maemo6 [r=mark.finkle]
5041d320a15c5b824a4254487386b1d3f61ab4f2Oleg Romashin — Bug 575586 - [LongTap]Fennec does not pass long tap event to plug-ins [r=mbrubeck]
15d29f47670d4e6dddee8894cefb8dcc59cad8beMatt Brubeck — Bug 625692 - Make header on about:firstrun use full width [r=mfinkle]
2b4bbb67ff6a9c875e25ad8d387c17b3eeb7bac5Mark Finkle — Bug 625608 - Fennec should fire a 'sessionstore-windows-restored' notification [r=vingtetun]
5fdbc7fca14e52f3cc041067e5283b2a5b24eba9Fabrice Desré — Bug 603518 - If no tabs are sync'd, integrated Sync UI should not show device name
86691d94bede264e2176d5d8926fc60cfc268f57Vivien Nicolas — Bug 609940 - caret (cursor) can hide underneath the formfill helper [r=mfinkle]
e26066134fb69acfaf38d59c39b9b19b4f8aff19Matt Brubeck — Bug 570323 - Use mobile wikipedia search URL [r=mfinkle]
74ff0c22c7a993bcbabf02d1035f85ece2037910Matt Brubeck — Bug 623313 - Let text reflow finish before zooming [r=mfinkle]
e8a86deef3986c28153e9b3ee5155695eb302181Mark Finkle — Bug 590817 - Use physical units (mozmm) for core CSS lengths [r=mbrubeck r=wjohnston]
1d2d9b6d70daa55dc88fd6d81b0421c0f81bab35Benjamin Stover — Bug 625444 Switching to about:home can result in a gray screen r=wesj
9affdf9902490d6f00a0c258d62a7b019d24ac60Benjamin Stover — Bug 605618 Basic mobile frontend patch r=mfinkle
2ca8a59726bf180e68926f48d0570f086ae3747fWes Johnston — Bug 621509 - Check for content showing before forwarding keyboard events [r=mfinkle]
c04530ce77e9fdbe393861c40813e8b979e3a9a0Matt Brubeck — Bug 625224 - Connect row can be hidden while "Enable Sync" toggle is true [r=mfinkle]
12350e07fcace910f2137e52ed744b9c6bbe3523Matt Brubeck — Bug 624894 - Enable pref syncing for fennec [r=mfinkle]
51b46d490effd482b118fc30053bb7032b8fee42Matt Brubeck — Bug 619795 - Cannot hit android "Back" button after connecting to Sync [r=mfinkle]
989fd481e6e959694c84df9eb0b0eded92b52284Doug Turner — Bug 623316 - fallout. Adding a pref to disable indexedDB
3db9a94867ddafa936437d07d7e7ea02a0359b06Chris Jones — Bug 617860: Disable GPU rendering for fennec-on-windows. r=mfinkle a=b
4b30267ee228a4eb0f54c0de13c057c543a45974Wes Johnston — Bug 623765 - Use active pseudoclass for tap highlighting [r=vingtetun]
567bfbcded0dad9fb8e5d22539ec9ca18ee74b28Matt Brubeck — Bug 588441 - Remove progress listeners in chrome (followup) [r=fabrice]
6d9dba067177eb09d3f10734c8003897626dc6e0Chris Jones — Bug 618249: Enable async scrolling for fennec. r=mfinkle a=a
521110f28816d6d2d57331bb7f704dc21e2d4126Matt Brubeck — Bug 619801 - Disable updater for Fennec release builds [r=mfinkle]
4bd621cccc4a1a56abb9689fac10a04ce889c388Axel Hecht — bug 620479, add Scottish Gaelic to the Fennec builds, NPOTB, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD
59e3fb4962afd7243dc5a1191039e4a6fe1c57e2Fabrice Desré — Bug 624536 - Uninstalling personas addons does not disable personas themes from addons manager [r=mfinkle]
7f6d83855a0b1b781706c155a8593488a9a6a05dMark Finkle — Bug 624630 - [JS Error] browser_addons.js message listener is stuck and UIReadyDelayed is busted [r=me-bustage]
0501ea814ad1f524b352890d1b3d15952bb0b276Brad Lassey — bug 624537 - style adjustments to splashscreen, images by mart3l r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
3dc424392fa5645f1d273de2b35a8b38fb175fcaMark Finkle — Bug 588441 - Remove progress listeners in chrome [r=mbrubeck r=bstover]
6aade8f3b1d2070bfcab11b374a53890c541dbc4Alex Pakhotin — Bug 620975 - Add-on restart notification does not go away after install [r=mfinkle]
6496567e284d0ecc5164bd0acb0998e62d6531cfWes Johnston — Bug 623763 - Highlight links on mousedown [r=vingtetun]
407b862f6446ac447d7e7bfd63cb48e48e7d9b46Wes Johnston — Bug 618124 - Don't use the play event to start fullscreen video [r=mfinkle]
fec0c537aeee94dcb0421b2bf71ba4e5f2c19afaMatt Brubeck — Bug 624017 - Move more JavaScript into delay-loaded files [r=mfinkle]
c34e9d016a0f435d937fb44353b8e3851eaf26c7Alex Pakhotin — Bug 604491 - Tapping update notification while Fennec isn't running just starts fennec and doesn't offer to download [r=mfinkle]
713735c00c2fabefee5265ea6b1595d60a349b02Alex Pakhotin — Bug 619432 - AUS notification fails and is not offered again if Fennec closes during update [r=mfinkle]
34b5e0badd3ebeaa7c1d1eefa76923466891b90eDoug Turner — regressed tPan and tShutdown (and mfinkle said it also hurt tS) Backed out changeset fd2537bf5603
9c8cc7f65b66b8781ffdf814c8bba6453587010eDoug Turner — Bug 622536 - OnProgress/OnStatus events processing is very expensive in Remote fennec. r=gal sr=mfinkle
38fc55b950f945b9d0405d74180a4f4b27f51dadFabrice Desré — Bug 623825 - Remove 'Options' button for persona themes [r=mfinkle]
2f30a14583e85f48e76a13defdd59c3cee2ad6acMark Finkle — Bug 623919 - Save Image/Save Link not working [r=mbrubeck]
2cf2e622eb2298132ccc7cf83b411486a26703c2Michael Wu — Bug 620535 - Mac nightly builds are failing [r=mfinkle]
3007e0793039d2fbbe4e653289e68d531f563f59Mark Finkle — Bug 622429 - Italian strings need apostrophes to be escaped [r=blassey]
cbc39f3670bd01c1e50541f3366915b294a84e41Mark Finkle — Bug 617063 - Change feedback xpi's labels/titles to match desktop firefox branding [r=vingtetun]
530f1d5d89b09658de722d10ee90c9a3dbfc8fc9Mark Finkle — Bug 623679 - Add unique classes to fields prefilled by desktop and mobile feedback add-ons [r=vingtetun]
54c5e6dd4596977b1fc7522374130b55e7851cc4Mark Finkle — Bug 623693 - Crash Reporter URL annotation does not happen [r=mbrubeck]
8da2c6e41eea107fa7fe9428deb46d8c8fa946d5Wes Johnston — Bug 604765 - Change viewport size based on page size [r=mbrubeck]
9d54ca82e3c116c721d0805eab0709fc2a14641cMatt Brubeck — Bug 623675 - Don't snap zoom to 100% as aggressively [r=mfinkle]
8c8d9fa209983473c0c912c278b0bb23b85e254cDoug Turner — Moving pref around to test to see if is dead or not
2ecad18bc22944362410ed61ba292784473cbc00Mark Finkle — Bug 623611 - Insufficient information displayed in site panel for some sites [r=mbrubeck]
268b66bf9f6a99cdf970b1bc113af75836e98eebMark Finkle — Bug 623591 - Add basic support for window.console [r=vingtetun]
75224e5acb04bbebe871b156a94c6df5fa69df6aDoug Turner — Bug 623072 - Reduce JSGC_MAX_MALLOC_BYTES usage. Note this change will slow some benchmarks down, but will overall make us use less memory. r=mfinkle
a8e6ac48c7d5c96e4527e97f3b5ebf46c71c5dacWes Johnston — Bug 621504 - Call dialog onload methods [r=mfinkle]
180fb716ea4b90704d851e65a301afa8d1b21c4cWes Johnston — Bug 605494 - Tests for restartless addons [r=mfinkle]
5952fe392721b58d83399679ea5b85de42286e4aVivien Nicolas — TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/mobile/chrome/browser_preferences_basic.js | Preferences pane is panned up - Got 0 0, expected 0,101 [r=me]
c4fd88f424c58eb9bd9cf40c28435698818f2c1bMark Finkle — Bug 622423 - More delay loaded JS scripts and less via <script> includes (part 2) [r=vingtetun]
594378bf821b23a3f9e23c8ccab08aa2470f314bMark Finkle — Bug 623190 - Remove document cruft from AddonUpdateService [r=vingtetun]
f98f55ee90cff021c7c6077c7dfd979424eacddfVivien Nicolas — Bug 609866 - Fennec fires contextmenu event in content during panning/tapping [r=mfinkle,wesj]
e6bc890dd616def8b9fb1c5a260dd450afef9a12Vivien Nicolas — Bug 623059 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/mobile/chrome/browser_preferences_basic.js | Test timed out [r=mfinkle]
b8f518466e04450543aed427eaa545a06e3ffd11Wes Johnston — Bug 605494 - UI for restartless addons [r=mfinkle]
a74f648d9d9f086cd95aaeafee9ca107969cbd5bMark Finkle — Bug 622423 - More delay loaded JS scripts and less via <script> includes [r=mbrubeck r=vingtetun]
7bbe030d1ddb75b190d477d6c92009531c9685e6Mark Finkle — Bug 622814 - Task Switch Button is not working on Nokia N900 [r=mbrubeck]
90d68c658bee1814552a2867349f4ebfde3b1b13Matt Brubeck — Bug 610492 - Use the same whitelist for remoting methods in nsIPrompt and nsiPromptService
a58bc442244ebdbd2028c9ee7c06317d8194c6d6Vivien Nicolas — Bug 622577 - Most content is not rendered after these steps on [r=mfinkle]
96527fcfe62cb0cf6590155cc38f334d95cac05fVivien Nicolas — Bug 622121 - Opening Android softkb at facebook login adjusts urlbar to the right [r=mfinkle]
c34f1e8ffbe76549b256eebd12db10b0bd44d180Vivien Nicolas — Bug 621610 - Compatibility: sign-in issues [r=mfinkle]
096154dce06b94652329f4b677b0efd0712d3b84Wes Johnston — Bug 620523 - Use Firefox error console pref and dont require restart [r=mfinkle]
49fc3ddc19eb68301321734bf6a4c39239e21090Mark Finkle — Bug 619786 - System titlebar seen at all times [r=mbrubeck]
19abf479910b095c0f9457cd2c4ab65141d18be9Mark Finkle — Bug 518111 - Avoid using <stringbundle> and switch to nsIStringBundleService [r=mbrubeck r=vingtetun]
2b5e2c72e5c6aaea12292c538a87fa47c8126febVivien Nicolas — Bug 622553 - Tap Highlighting blue glow CSS fixes [r=mfinkle]
c2e7d6c5fd657fccd24dc7a2e76696dac7ce99e2Mark Finkle — Bug 621984 - replace mozRequestAnimationFrame() with mozRequestAnimationFrame(callback) [r=vingtetun]
05072f0fd70532d3a3ada079a80100e53287421eVivien Nicolas — Bug 622119 - Addons manager width increases when long-tapping on search field [r=mfinkle]
3597b6d0173ce2cb150550a93c962bd36cb40349Vivien Nicolas — Bug 605655 - [RTL] clicking on the update button causes the text to overlay on the Fennec title icon [r=mfinkle]
f98a40941e423b8f8902e45e8a0d09455d11c715Vivien Nicolas — Bug 621433 - Titlebar position changed when 'Share page' dialog is closed [r=mfinkle]
389a0bd43aaf3e477b8a554a459229dcadd1cb08Vivien Nicolas — Bug 622243 - SelectHelperUI code hang fennec if the <select/> contains too much data [r=mfinkle]
a7ce662ccb171575d901c522cf68364d1f660136Vivien Nicolas — Bug 622118 - No feedback when moving up the bookmarks hierarchy [r=mfinkle]
ce2696cf7002d919a5b1c3b2e2378078bd255e74Brad Lassey — bug 622429 - Italian strings need apostrophes to be escaped, drop italian locale r=mfinkle a=bustage-fix
be6b86b9b5434dcb6b407c82f29ea4978d904c84Mark Finkle — Bug 622422 - Allow initial pageshow event to complete before firing UIReadyDelayed event [r=mbrubeck]
46c24ff8f7fbd025abb7e085ef7a5b721e7b80d7Mark Finkle — Bug 515664 - when installing an addon, tabs should be restored on restart [r=mbrubeck]
21528afd3ac4b884760b611c128be99dbee31f4bMatt Brubeck — Bug 618715 - Make bookmark star toggle async [r=mfinkle]
7f3c90368a4722495f6e945d0e7e32091e142b21Vivien Nicolas — Bug 621888 - followup - rename this/self [r=me]
d63210d121e8e745e0fe78033b1889cab6d36c94Vivien Nicolas — Bug 621888 - followup [r=mfinkle]
c943e10b336d83fe226f90acbfa7fab233607ccdVivien Nicolas — [Bug 621913] Re-enable the 'click' test for browser_forms.js [r=mbrubeck]
91c5222180a6d0a1f665d1572ebcf87135333eceMatt Brubeck — Bug 621802 - Make the bookmark star async (don't block UI during page load) [r=mfinkle]
3b14a4313008d90112b8a538659cac95d7f7da12Alon Zakai — Bug 620097 - Fix save to PDF for non-latin filenames on android [r=mfinkle]
7c4466c19148c71ddf879cb77f3a43479d0ed5abVivien Nicolas — Bug 621888 - Fennec zoom to the wrong area when the search result is at the bottom of the page [r=mbrubeck]
ae74a76b69131bc02f44376bc37ea3f4b7f2bf56Vivien Nicolas — Bug 621835 - URL bar title does not represent the open search URI when selected from the open search menu [r=mfinkle]
0fb93aaa30d52c29fe93949b589aeae6a9372130Vivien Nicolas — Bug 621838 - The Addons pane is still pannable when the context menu of the search textbox is visible [r=mfinkle]
4606a816ce17ed3b41508b070873c8fbd8e2a305Matt Brubeck — Bug 621892 - Adjust y coordinate after text reflow [r=vingtetun]
ca9b5f0036235168cb95e2fa3b50d29d2da0e510Vivien Nicolas — Bug 621732 - Random failure in browser_navigation.js - followup [r=me]
1ee396bad88db1958c813e6616e67e7e5e362084Brad Lassey — bug 621837] error console spew for missing app.update.url.details r=vingtetun
f2907894ec2a4f04235cea1788902bb2496eafcfVivien Nicolas — Bug 621732 - Random failure in browser_navigation.js [r=mfinkle]
43d9e6f98e91cfc637440dc70bdfd47fffcb6feaVivien Nicolas — Bug 621731 - Tab does not show a feedback on tap down [r=mfinkle]
f6bfe06dc7edd08fe4d34f2d3766262acd523445Vivien Nicolas — Bug 621730: Blue Highlighting rect calculation is wrong on google images [r=mfinkle]
f72708fd5b6038645cc19b2823fe6ee159dfdc27Matt Brubeck — Bug 621683 - Double-tap does not zoom correctly if text reflow changes the layout [r=mfinkle]
b3da23905db113b1b73a5c6dd4b6c32b04416846Axel Hecht — bug 619808, call into services/sync without langpack vars for chrome-%, r=mfinkle
1b687e87f3f69f6e6214fad626d4ed79d2133e92Vivien Nicolas — Bug 604353 - Random failure into browser_viewport.js [r=mbrubeck]
4cb466382b650ae6411fccd170802f66aa1a585cAxel Hecht — bug 621700, l10n-branch.inis are out of sync with l10n.ini, r=mfinkle
8433e9b3d8866a59cb016b6eb3b0040f026662f9Matt Brubeck — Bug 620952 - Trim whitespace from sync account/password [r=vingtetun]
930648b96e3fac43eb29fd241084a2dab413791bMatt Brubeck — Bug 621617 - Sync Details button does not work on first tap [r=vingtetun]
90d212d91d473dabf6274132708819b1805663efMatt Brubeck — Bug 611555 (2/2) - Add a pref to control reflow zoom [r=mfinkle]
15c875e62aaf3a95464a24011073087638a19f3bMatt Brubeck — Bug 611555 (1/2) - Use code from Easy Reading to reflow text on zoom [r=mfinkle]
2aa9aa129d62a757168dde4bc454e52347d891bfMatt Brubeck — Bug 621588 - File permissions should be in octal, not hex [r=blassey]
3fd11924ebb889664841bee66815044627eaedbaVivien Nicolas — bug 611466 followup + tests [r=mfinkle]
c834461a7af996a29dccb8494ec0aa5100028be5Brad Lassey — bug 619626 - make splash screen faster r=mbrubeck a=blocking-fennec
a22af73ea47fdcfcfb7b1dcd5d818c82e63b3685Michael Wu — Bug 615389 - l10n.ini services_sync needs include section, r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
6f20af7c60854d376d4694ad760342e21886a223Michael Wu — Bug 594017 - Add embedding/android localization stuff to fennec, r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
c0ab7b3eaa08fe7e071e4a80b03078162a3ef11fMark Finkle — Bug 611466 - Fennec highlights the whole URL after I've entered a special character ('~'), inviting me to overwrite it (missed some changes) [r=vingtetun]
5b544d1ed1126c6fba82de36a89a11ec22f7e5ddMark Finkle — Bug 619875 - Load about:home when having a custom home page that crashes in content [r=vingtetun]
040fc388b73af793c7fb7e1cd582951b575a5951Mark Finkle — Bug 611861 - add-ons list cramped compared to awesomescreen [r=vingtetun]
be9046794ff37d8979cdc195357c9f8d3c1adddfMark Finkle — Bug 620655 - Hide 'See More Add-ons' button after installing all extra add-ons [r=vingtetun]
4ae2982737aacc9921116a6ba7b16bdccee5263eVivien Nicolas — Bug 620982 - focus is cleared when there is an XHR in the background [r=mfinkle]
e505487cc15e9fbb1daf3ca47c5a3bacf7de03e1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 620527 - Prepopulated form data is not selected in Fennec on EVO 4g [r=mfinkle]
60257da121d99f3a3e703aa8e31cd597fd80ce56Vivien Nicolas — Bug 620061 - followup + tests [r=mfinkle]
2c1bd80f820041737232b439d701e71d63a832b8Alon Zakai — Bug 616664 - Keep the screen on when playing fullscreen video [r=mfinkle]
12b3e6b94d82b21a6a1d51569639f1e9b7676c3dMichael Wu — bug 620584 - use ANDROID_PACKAGE_NAME to override package name of release builds r=mfinkle a=stuart
ac4824435f189be0bec1eaa0230b163947e231ccVivien Nicolas — Bug 620714 - Chrome scrollbars appears too early when touching a chrome scrollbox [r=mfinkle]
b8cd409005013b52b9affda4d1d97332223c62a0Vivien Nicolas — [Bug 620716] Observer error when switching the value of the 'Remember password' pref [r=mfinkle]
43dc8694c2da174065cd0168c97bff3ea8da0800Vivien Nicolas — Bug 619636 - Chrome scrollbars have 1px black borders on the sides on devices [r=mfinkle]
0017ae08ab8fe058599ea2590b6afb2a5eb98b82Vivien Nicolas — Bug 620061 - Restoring more than one column of tabs make the tabs panel size being too small [r=mfinkle]
6440219a17d7476a1ee7ea51968fe2eb3e949cc0Vivien Nicolas — Bug 620040 - Random failure into browser_forms.js [r=mfinkle]
276098ec87b8dc0933c01ee26955e8043483c9e7Mark Finkle — Bug 531825 - Confirm before clearing private data [r=mbrubeck]
ebfe1108400509dda1a59ffa83fb11d0aad3e318Mark Finkle — Bug 618195 - Build services-crypto (or just nsSyncJPAKE) unconditionally as part of tier_platform (fennec package manifest) [r=mwu]
f647be5bcf37df34a6efb08ec811a2ed7a9861caMike Hommey — Bug 618195 - The whole services/ directory is now tier_app. r=mfinkle,a=mconnor
f8ec817a3d2c6ab01014930a19341934c94a695eVivien Nicolas — Bug 619824 - Dispatch a delayed mousemove event soon after TapDown [r=mfinkle]
649bb43f24b63baffde5ee6620a79f480323449eMark Finkle — Bug 619764 - Fennec content process crash reporter UI does not respect MOZ_CRASHREPORTER_NO_REPORT [r=vingtetun]
c1c62fe738e8f4752e60eb0575b923351221cd22Michael Wu — Bug 619675 - Always add en-US to the list of locales [r=mfinkle]
4c3ef1fc295633871096b3fac04835b5aa684a38Matt Brubeck — Backed out changeset b0c084584269 (patch accidentally applied twice with bad fuzz).
40ea1bed088e611850012ec387cb2c92e0a52b73Matt Brubeck — Bug 609281 - Close awesomescreen when opening a command-line URL [r=mfinkle]
bb7bdcb8b77df14f366b9e693d7ebaf61d1fa995Matt Brubeck — Bug 617851 (followup) - Don't ignore command-line arguments when restoring sessions [r=mfinkle]
98738f3a1aa90cd7a3e14b7f741caba254ecbeffVivien Nicolas — Bug 619412 - PanFinished is not fired on the same element as PanBegin [r=mfinkle]
ceb1c849c9d4e9d6b14f1ee4f9136e050f8a1dd1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 619620 - Warning: reference to undefined property target.classList [r=mfinkle]
65f521bcc7c3a488dc7dfa7b861b4f46c1cf26abWesley Johnston — Bug 609603 - Search providers in the awesomescreen results are slow to update [r=mfinkle]
74e801e8a072970246f0a0702f773e64956a9e4bMark Finkle — Bug 611466 - Fennec highlights the whole URL after I've entered a special character ('~'), inviting me to overwrite it [r=vingtetun]
11e7b86d6b343f29341883ec20d6fa6271759221Vivien Nicolas — Bug 617069 - Contacts autocomplete is broken for id and className matches (tests) [r=mfinkle]
e41f8ed0a62954a7eabe5a68b650c27c8edcad98Mark Finkle — Bug 617069 - Contacts autocomplete is broken for id and className matches [r=vingtetun]
4145b3de866633a2d202180d4505d0e036dfc031Mark Finkle — Bug 614598 - Set feedback add-on back to beta [r=vingtetun]
1eea279a516b0cc93a3ef22846cb890da51113e1Mark Finkle — Turn off acceleration on mobile (bug 619615) [r=stuart]
389d2a7e3a0d4312ab71908e160a23827a5eecdeWesley Johnston — Bug 607447 - JavaScript error: chrome://browser/content/input.js, line 481: parentNode is null (about:config) [r=mfinkle]
b604caa9df23aa4ff15a2df54933a5f499ff8b8dVivien Nicolas — Bug 515166 - Support scroll indicators in XUL richlistboxes and scrollboxes [r=mfinkle]
502f5ba01208f104e413dc583b0ef08b1c7d9f13Brad Lassey — Bug 617859 - Cache recommended add-ons list for Start page to improve responsiveness [r=mfinkle]
1885e8a2cce44ef785504b8714096e5e717594d8Vivien Nicolas — [Bug 619513] Clicking directly on a select element in content should keep the select UI synced [r=mfinkle]
e6c70153e799cd112bb7214efab1e6689b240b58Doug Turner — Bug 617851 - Restore session history on crash or OOM [r=mfinkle r=mbrubeck r=vingtetun]
3bd55fe56b30e977a658d71da880c2a11eaf2555Vivien Nicolas — Bug 614091 - followup for tabs container width [r=mfinkle]
af66a93e751aa156aacc2e01b4976b21b99606eaMark Finkle — Nustage fix for maemo / talos
0fccdea8cf7d0899eaf2c5ec8825f03e493daaa9Vivien Nicolas — Bug 619128 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/mobile/chrome/browser_navigation.js - timeout removal [r=me]
d2a37f807198b0f8a22acfa0620f85b55410bc7aBrad Lassey — bug 582818 - Enable GLES compositing by default r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
1d5dd368e6eac3744bf1fbc0fd06dd9b133086b3Vivien Nicolas — Bug 614091 - having 4 or more tabs, zooming in and switching to portrait to landscape will show part of the tab side panel [r=mfinkle]
1f0022813952d594959bb1740afeccc15614813aMichael Wu — Bug 575751 - Add MOZ_CHROME_MULTILOCALE [r=mfinkle]
c51d3fe3c52ffc176c5a614ce3e6eca861f83c2eMichael Wu — Bug 575751 - Add package manifest support to Fennec [r=mfinkle]
a24571f5c880b9910e60bac46420a60721acca36Vivien Nicolas — Bug 461843 - Show indication of where on the page you are when scrolling [r=mfinkle]
8585e9912b6c116af1a6fa9c86d424f040522f32Mark Finkle — Bug 619019 - Use -moz-device-orientation when needed [r=mbrubeck]
11299d62079572fcda669de30bd8b1843a1d4c12Mark Finkle — Bustage fix
589ece4c1ed3f3b52aca1fb6e2ea2e9c000a9a2fVivien Nicolas — Bug 618001 - [Regression] Filter list on select boxes brings keyboard up and then keyboard goes away [r=mfinkle]
b6e6cc4c9ab9cbf18643ad45e89fd1529e9d439aVivien Nicolas — Bug 619128 - The title should be equal to the new page title - Got This is an english title page, expected This is not a french title [r=mfinkle]
b9b001b681386d438a772d6ad461d2a6159f7800Vivien Nicolas — Bug 618823 - Text field on Google Translate loses focus while typing text [r=mfinkle]
ed5c1d6bad666eb150872c49122b8a20ee3cbe84Aki Sasaki — bump version -> 4.0b4pre. bug 615696, r=lsblakk
5f9d56fc9328653096a17a06f8bf9e99ffdea2dcMatt Brubeck — Bug 618593 - Sync UI: Entering manual setup a second time defaults to custom server [r=mfinkle]
1e1d3047998af51f4535491e0ea140ee2cd76c33Mark Finkle — Bug 618516 - Improve placeholder behavior for JPAKE codes [r=mbrubeck]
98276689245ebcb8105b070f0b674ea77963e5f2Mark Finkle — Bug 618432 - search providers now centered [r=mbrubeck]
eae956a047cfe6f2d194d885dadc59f80b21e16fVivien Nicolas — Bug 608268 - URL bar horizontal scrolling is broken after sharing a page through twitter [r=mfinkle]
f173c4baee6303331d44f2ea662883f34820beebMark Finkle — Bug 615956 - The content-shutdown callback should return quickly, to allow the dead child process to be reaped [r=mbrubeck]
2ba6c90b7fb335083b609f03f5ffb839277f98bbMatt Brubeck — Backout df1cc5afcff9 (bug 608268) for Android keyboard regression. r=me
4fb558cc87d18f3d75d543870d2d3bc341ea82e4Mark Finkle — Bug 602685 - Sync UI: Implement easy setup for Fennec [r=mbrubeck]
2c6b54fcb3aeb4f05bf95664f13826e3ce6e6a6eMark Finkle — Bug 618212 - JavaScript Error in arrowbox.xml [r=mbrubeck]
72d4996f125ecae40a7bf8e084d4342eea1db5abMatt Brubeck — Bug 601645 - Remove service/crypto from mobile [r=mfinkle]
f2f67760580c47f34a0edbba00272d0aa79fe21cMatt Brubeck — Bug 617977 - Use mobile Google search for keyword.URL [uir=madhava, r=mfinkle]
c9c28ad8afa9bf084bb718945024d2828b7679adMatt Brubeck — Bug 617795 - Blank tab is not closed correctly when it is about:empty or is
f05b417eb61f94cdc5a162279cb659f85f747340Matt Brubeck — Bug 617795 - Blank tab is not closed correctly when it is about:empty or is the only tab [r=mfinkle]
90999965babda98b899b90c92d2ea7ea338acadbMatt Brubeck — Bug 609281 - Sharing a link using facebook does not hide the awesomescreen [r=mfinkle]
924f2735f961a0f8083c48fc398510ad361ea3dfMatt Brubeck — Bug 611063 - Android Content Menu overlays Find in Page/Form Filler but still allows typing [r=mfinkle]
7fcfa6ea4b1294e5e84d3fab39d7bc9ce6efe0d1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 608268 - URL bar horizontal scrolling is broken after sharing a page through twitter [r=mfinkle]
50c8b87db361c6740e9cd1c73ea7cd2861f01446Vivien Nicolas — Bug 611327 - After entering an url, the previous url is shown, while loading the typed in url [r=mfinkle]
7a4bdc24d5b6712e0063ffc90f13b9602e98791dVivien Nicolas — Bug 614609 - Hitting 'Find in page' after the find in page is already up with text in it will disable the arrows until you type [r=mfinkle]
50379c2993664dad40debb0562ab479fddff758cVivien Nicolas — Bug 614496 - Form assistant and autocomplete bar are separated by a light grey line [r=mfinkle]
06ede92e11ea3c4bddbcdba60af1cc0f52e4694bVivien Nicolas — Bug 614540 - Form Helper should not close when data are load in the background [r=mfinkle]
cc359a6baeffe3ecb102ca5f09c46bfd3383a502Mark Finkle — Bug 535359 - 'Already loading' and 'not loading' errors thrown [r=vingtetun]
38c270aec10beb91943e3baf88a9f93a60c9143eVivien Nicolas — Bug 573447 - FormHelper doesn't work with iframes in designmode [r=mfinkle]
e6e611f90fe1ad6f0e6349551e499f93ebf68779Matt Brubeck — Bug 617739 - Regression: blank start page should load in a remote tab [r=mfinkle]
a843f8f206baa952fb68200f33cbd93ec3bab10bVivien Nicolas — Bug 614696 - [RTL]folder arrow is pointed the wrong way [r=mfinkle]
472dd3c583783857fcd9b3aa321c7a9f7418ad0eVivien Nicolas — Bug 614939 - 'No results' row in the awesome panel should not be highlighted [r=mfinkle]
954dd263e56486e0247a1aa3d97b1cf7b5b40983Vivien Nicolas — Bug 615271 - Ghost tab in the undo panel when opening a local page [r=mfinkle]
ee4f128c02c88aed6b209ff85e27a0a6d5d8a908Vivien Nicolas — Bug 612900 - Cannot pan list of search engines when list is longer than viewable screen [r=mfinkle]
6d02cd1d0496f358f0f8bdc5af7fd94daffc3af2Vivien Nicolas — Bug 614606 - Find in Page does not scroll down when hitting the previous button the first time [r=mfinkle]
483195a099aec0bdc1d10bb2d6f60fd96bf8b53cMatt Brubeck — Comment fix for Bug 616712 (forgot to qrefresh).
a6e31a63a29ba39c8f66a97639a4aecfd4f23f07Matt Brubeck — Bug 616712 - Disable broken mixed-mode security warning for Fennec [r=dougt]
88568f81b651ccbd201cb49d2488152c1ba252fdWes Johnston — Bug 617382 - Set update url to something real in browser-chrome tests [r=mfinkle]
1feeb7aca71a3c80d12cbef3d65758f10fbe9604Vivien Nicolas — browser_bookmarks.js debugging - use setTimeout(..., 0); to unnest events [r=me]
03b001e204373375547cc83fd2e84d78c9a8a5a7Vivien Nicolas — Bug 616511 - browser_sessionstore.js is failing and browser_select.js leave the content navigator bar opened [r=mfinkle]
bf962001f4ac775e1973e860fb970370b1401951Vivien Nicolas — browser_awesomepanel.js debugging - use setTimeout(..., 0); to unnest events
5b34c1f8e4f21807554cd85d5735d2b5ffb67c7bDoug Turner — Bug 614642 - HTTP Auth Prompt fail. r=mfinkle a=blocking-the-web
23ba5d912ca404a8ac70d439c5d0dcccf2cba3a8Vivien Nicolas — Bug 615171 - Form assistant remains open even after loading another webpage - followup [r=mfinkle]
a4915efe430b088ee67c872427d6047721efe63aVivien Nicolas — Bug 610725 - product selector doesn't work [r=mfinkle]
41b8c8f3ac7d9f44917955bf0a8a087b1cc37c56Mark Finkle — Bug 614249 - Tabs don't open in background when using CTRL key and tapping a link [r=wjohnston]
0197e9fbe28adc684282344d6a523b6d9cf4a92aVivien Nicolas — Bug 615171 - Form assistant remains open even after loading another webpage [r=mfinkle]
04b189d1694a0ab066bca99cbaa5a8505a65f948Doug Turner — Bug 615642 - Force online should be implmented on all platforms. r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
8ae806edef82ddf8f777bff46f08c1cda6f03dd1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 597296 - [RTL] Some characters are inverted in the languages selection list [r=mfinkle]
b78bec586a4ec75e52351a4af789a5cd5e1a646dVivien Nicolas — Bug 614813 - Content of pages not displayed when Site panel is opened [r=mfinkle]
5c511f4bbfa12f770099f65283234d551feda606Mark Finkle — Bug 581335 - Hook up crash reporting for content processes [r=vingtetun]
2f79401a0dfe195580a27144811d00cfe0250e7bFabrice Desré — Bug 614442 - Improve add-on manager to support lightweight themes [r=mfinkle]
8ace02c105b4ccd0da0ce8fd9024e3aeec623050Vivien Nicolas — Bug 613562 - VKB will stay open in portrait mode when going to the preference panel [r=mfinkle]
6b8fc7b792d414c77f62793ba19dc5a649637517Brad Lassey — bug 607061 - built in google search provider should end up in mobile results layout r=mbrubeck a=blocking-fennec
23c4e6e1b7f290634da5d7e5585ea1d277f055d9Brad Lassey — bug 589879 - All input fields labeled with a go button, which doesn't do anything without special handling r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
41d044a0601f61c967fa2f636eba29134892a846Alex Pakhotin — Bug 609366 - Switching from 3G to Wifi stops the nightly update download and then restarting Fennec shows you the package installer for the partial package. r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
adaaa2c20d1b3e9e0b4ee22bce4d00af9abd1a78Vivien Nicolas — Bug 614313 - Find arrows are not updated correctly [r=mfinkle]
def0ac079806a354fd25cb7614b11c6d3412c60dVivien Nicolas — Bug 609987 - Clicking inside the text area box in portrait when the hardware keyboard is not in use may cause the text area box to be panned out of view [r=mfinkle]
2f40aecdd38f7c301744cadacb10d017d8918679Michael Wu — Bug 581596 - Have fennec set the awesome bar input type to url [r=mfinkle]
1ad7333221f25d3a3c0adce489e942e3d9c6d689Michael Wu — Bug 575751 - Add merge locale support [r=mfinkle]
17c70e0e1e2a3b022974263ade6a288a9a88787bWes Johnston — Bug 614124 - Store Feedback urls as prefs [r=mfinkle]
ba9b54e1c7cfc4a51657094ff32cd799666d7e13Mark Finkle — Bug 602685 - Sync UI: Implement easy setup for Fennec (part 2 - basic functionality) [r=mbrubeck]
9db9fc3ad41ee9fc30c6acea250f35d471f5a4feMatt Brubeck — Bug 614094 - Fix remoting of prompt and confirm [r=mfinkle]
547f2a01be648ffa7e56a1cf67ac97cf35a7479eAxel Hecht — bug 603892, bug 612257, add sq and th to the mobile build, DONTBUILD, NPOTB
818025a6aa577210614b9ff362474542990b2a0fWesley Johnston — Bug 517889 - Add referrer to OpenURI [r=mfinkle]
b19a03a1075bf8c72c6478c874df4f6902810c90Wesley Johnston — Bug 589337 - "Sort out remote frame destroying/recreating and maybe showing/hiding/" [r=mark.finkle]
c4ac817b9f69a2e23c52b9235fe7d1f3a0ecd30fMatt Brubeck — Bug 611736 - Long-tap in textbox causes a click, which changes selection [r=stechz]
53bfc760d30dfe80d53a57adfcc3f8f9d97e23e9Mark Finkle — Bug 596594 - allow browsing of more addons in add-ons manager [r=mbrubeck]
56582d855a9581bd6e29ec035c83f08ee9e23dceVivien Nicolas — Bug 610631 - "Sliding to right-side panel opens virtual keyboard" [r=mark.finkle]
3fcb9f630b805668d36177dcad57da66f013c9abMatt Brubeck — Bug 590777 - part 3: Convert various constants from pixels to physical units [r=mfinkle]
274ba71055385db87a9151ef8100c0d03003a799Matt Brubeck — Bug 590777 - part 2: Calculate viewport scale based on display DPI [r=mfinkle]
42cc5f8295a1919380843863103a5f87bb1520a4Mark Finkle — Bug 613242 - Last minute beta 3 strings [r=mbrubeck]
73bc5dd7de901e0afa11fa7f9e20e66e0a9814eeMark Finkle — Bug 613194 - Fix some JS errors we see in the browser-chrome tests [r=vingtetun]
6f36c4bfa491d129e0fc1ffa60221d97b0cdea99Oleg Romashin — Bug 606672 - Fennec scrolling code is too expensive. part1, part2. [r=mfinkle]
0a25a8d9ff7a6fbb36da6f4cb1dc840f38dbcc77Vivien Nicolas — Bug 611761 - style separators on awesomescreen [r=mfinkle]
261747d02e38e77d5d94c4b3b49d15990ba6dc99Vivien Nicolas — Bug 602962 - Undo close tab thumbnail dissapears when rotating screen orientation [r=mfinkle]
e204983d95a2c202beb11970af055c077996d277Wes Johnston — Bug 589337 - Set css viewport to zero when tab is hidden. [r=stechz, a=b3+]
15e816bc9b3133b5952ae61488aca7cbcc1b32ffAlex Pakhotin — Bug 605173 - Download notification still remains even when the download has been canceled and deleted
6707bbf596237b6be54c58fe5df3f44511503287Vivien Nicolas — Bug 611893 - The form helper up arrow is incorrectly enabled on [r=mfinkle]
4cfdf5ecd1d6f77fe7c84f09f3e658070c92f8ceMark Finkle — More browser-chrome test debugging output [r=me]
2e1ae3606139bc84be2132828cbb66bd4ce42f24Mark Finkle — Bug 610494 - allow for device type to be sent within mobile submission pages [r=mbrubeck]
8c27102a99a04259555782f98fb7096d9af411fbMark Finkle — Adding some temporary test debugging output [r=me]
26297b50ad2d59b348c7830ae4e4c374f631e795Mark Finkle — Bug 612892 - Fix some timeouts and remove unwanted fragile tests [r=mbrubeck]
45843bb786d5b731673c6acc2835198468762402Wesley Johnston — Bug 612035 - "Don't compare unnecessary labels during browser-chrome tests." [r=mark.finkle]
c11d7e1c33322365e83b3beda6b9656f537d943eVivien Nicolas — Bug 612587 - Top left favicon box is visible when it should not
e98088b921c12ff1f4352ca677282a2f1f4bacffVivien Nicolas — Bug 609729 - Form helper makes commenting on impossible
045796d6bebf9efec05610b26c9c548e5521bcaaAlon Zakai — Bug 605079 - "Search engines are not added in the list via nsISidebar" [r=mark.finkle]
5da32fa66517e09d63ba94d0e5f457dada82dc8aBrad Lassey — bug 600957 - Have a way to provide mobile-browser-specific resources r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
1f66f8b60be6b591a7983feae5a63e2e17ce14a3Alex Pakhotin — Bug 597579 - Investigate downloading updates to sd card r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
863b77545cb123c92566a65f11b172191175e64bBrad Lassey — bug 595919 - Implement PDF printing for Save As PDF on Android, use tmp file for content r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
32c13e25e3c203c403ba3f3a4f853349fc0d6d92Wes Johnston — Bug 605601 - Add new search icon for awesomeresults. [r=vingtetun]
628a9acd22abd767008535d534dd63e3f3a69464Joel Maher — Bug 610994 - Talos depends on cruft in package [r=mfinkle]
f955df44ab5eb8c14c5b731ede71695e949ed814Matt Brubeck — Bug 590777 - part 1: Viewport metadata cleanup [r=mfinkle]
210c09f41895ed78894f98e5829c4e90317a1956Mark Finkle — Backout bug 610994 - Talos depends on cruft in package [r=me]
e85a6291460492190c3fddbf426671b0ab293058Wesley Johnston — Bug 611793 - Addon restart system notification does not go away on restart [r=mfinkle]
96133ebf10525d0088664e994207717b06896b20Mark Finkle — Bug 602685 - Sync UI: Implement easy setup for Fennec [r=mbrubeck]
46e8597880812b8273608c66912c91c7af88a6a1Wesley Johnston — Bug 612036 - "Error during resize if focused element has a custom dragger" [r=mark.finkle]
d930d97c52ce3ec86d4ab5fb46eb9441f7aa46b9Joel Maher — Bug 610994 - Talos depends on cruft in package [r=mfinkle]
c71bf377aa20fef77f1a5a96d811dd954b7f55f4Alon Zakai — Bug 566564 - ""Open" should be disabled for downloaded files with unknown extension." [r=mark.finkle]
bd74399e690418f324c2489609c760a0befe8d36Mark Finkle — Bug 612167 - Build error Cannot open include file: 'nsSetDllDirectory.h' during Fennec desktop build [r=khuey]
a4061906c3a92ddc02c6f84a9ddd3df0921c0e85Matt Brubeck — Bug 611753 - Fix XBL binding for textbox[type=search] [r=mfinkle]
5702d990abac4f66b256a821a31c9f6b409f9b22Vivien Nicolas — Bug 609619 - "[Regression] Switching between browser control panes in intervals of 1/2 a second results in previous pane being shown" [r=mark.finkle]
a83a8a6928f7cab63593c18eafe418c8dfdd3194Wesley Johnston — Bug 605494 - Need UI for restartless addons (string only) [r=mfinkle]
f75096fc5adf4e6ae11c01fa681df79ca973e00fMark Finkle — Backout bug 593310 - checkerboard background regresses panning [r=me]
7424154801813e6e16d8b2f7bf89bfd9d6c52e1aMark Finkle — Backout 7ebc6e7d7f0a - Talos is orange [r=me]
fa730ec4342ff1d9ed3f71df956348c296f0f1d2Matt Brubeck — Remove errant plus signs from Bug 590602 (bustage fix)
e8347ba78443dc06778c61f8f4a948e9f44a43b0Matt Brubeck — Bug 610781 - Icons and backgrounds for the app menu [r=mfinkle]
2ed2a84bec8275e398eb711ad31899ed684cbc73Mark Finkle — Bug 596594 - allow browsing of more addons in add-ons manager (strings only) [r=mbrubeck]
32429e9baf10b7daef6c11bd91deb21d5049cd54Mark Finkle — Bug 525850 - Design UI for crashed out-of-process tabs (strings only) [r=mbrubeck]
4ed248130872e6a457a96bb58e1db698bb902ac6Wesley Johnston Bug 604719 - "No warning when the downloaded file is larger than the space available" [r=wjohnston]
4b62333e9971857b318c7899bfdcdc7379425dc9Wesley Johnston — Bug 590602 - "Support input method changing in Fennec" [r=mark.finkle]
416db93d937d7aba1c7f3ac263f558eb335ecd1aMark Finkle — Bug 610994 - Remove more cruft from packaging [r=blassey]
ad57b3e20efb272cb778e1389217a467a4021d04Mark Finkle — Bug 611658 - The buttons found on SSL Error Page are black (dark grey) [r=vingtetun]
263883f0c28c245f3bc91cbc96a6d27bd6499aa9Matt Brubeck — Bug 585875 - Improve textbox context menu behavior on Android [r=mfinkle]
bfe79d6347a5312613f455f4a1eb6b8d2be5536fMark Finkle — Bug 611592 - Backspace button on the keyboard acts like the browser's back button (regression) [r=vingtetun]
04e9b44c0ee341dc74d1ae7db6b32df905166267Mike Kristoffersen — Bug 609389 - Disable dictionary in maemo build r=mark.finkle
fe06284ae29a0228ff7677aa86ca51cb612d9b9bMike Kristoffersen — Bug 608885 - Hitting the reload button on a page with POST results does nothing r=mark.finkle
b6ef5a9735c6be7231444cf5dc0a456fbe95ccd9Wesley Johnston — Bug 610689 - "No prompt on start of an extension download from AMO" [r=mark.finkle]
b523473040be5bf5593254dfecf96420b96303ccMark Finkle — Bug 588797 - Chrome javascript errors while opening a new tab [r=mbrubeck]
970cfddedd461fe4ef63880f7cd361be826c3c0cWesley Johnston — Bug 609948 - "Maemo Only : When the form fill helper is filled with words the > arrow is in a box" [r=mark.finkle]
39b92049aa268776db1e91d65a2536771aaaf597Mark Finkle — Bug 593310 - show checkerboard for waiting-to-be-filled regions with browser elements as browsing surface (bitrot fix) [r=mbrubeck]
81c424a5ffb67db4ccd2045a6a47bd107ca01043Mark Finkle — Bug 611240 - Cleanup after landing bug 598331 [r=vingtetun r=wesj]
2bb8bd9fc299e9ade419f7fdea6df9b376cba117Wesley Johnston — Bug 611303 - [Regression] Cannot input text in search field in about:config [r=mfinkle]
ba29b4d91fa0953cfe90a33b8e256d9986007d04Matt Brubeck — Bug 585875 - Copy/paste in context menu for chrome textboxes [r=mfinkle]
fa8fd701cdbd77eee4f1db3c740667008425f369Mark Finkle — Bug 593310 - show checkerboard for waiting-to-be-filled regions with browser elements as browsing surface (missed hg qref) [r=me]
c467194a91cc133f62318adac3332312541593c8Brad Lassey — [mq]: checkerboard
c142acd68289c00ac630bbaa882bbc94671c8fbcMatt Brubeck — Bug 598331 - Fix pinch zoom regression [r=mfinkle]
f3f9ac82b7ec18a85bdcead846a044e6fd6e39d2Wesley Johnston — Bug 598331 - Stop using a single notificationbox for all browsers (part 2) [r=mfinkle r=stechz]
893e75bc777d799ffc79e0f7a1c91cdd7e0ad26aWesley Johnston — Bug 598331 - Stop using a single notificationbox for all browsers (part 1) [r=mfinkle r=stechz]
4886c86e04eef6d733ac406adcfd31897ee5b2d9Matt Brubeck — Back out f83003b34fbe and af72df54ccf1 (Bug 598331) because they broke pinch zoom.
cd110a3585559169f7ffe9c033946a4993227262Matt Brubeck — Bug 611145 - Fix layout in 5- and 6-item app menus [r=mfinkle]
697e097cfda3fe0b4b3206a24908909674e10cc3Matt Brubeck — Bug 610820 - Make all add-on icons the same size [r=mfinkle]
b8804de3e30ed0aabe0e254a18413e716897fca1Wesley Johnston — Bug 598331 - Stop using a single notificationbox for all browsers (part 2) [r=mfinkle r=stechz]
25f36d139601f861eeeba07b803265f1c7484b06Wesley Johnston — Bug 598331 - Stop using a single notificationbox for all browsers (part 1) [r=mfinkle r=stechz]
4cd3a54d290a3adbb2512d501e17e301b9c1b1d1Mark Finkle — Bug 609903 - Closing a tab opened in background produces lock/unlock toolbar inbalance [r=vingtetun]
c885719af03565c9aff7a21f3746d3311aebdad5Matt Brubeck — Bug 609874 - Combobox list doesn't appear after pressing the system Back button [r=vingtetun,mfinkle]
a95f12bf960464a02aa55bdf348c83320270485dMark Finkle — Bug 596037 - [Feedback] Revert default back to beta for feedback xpi [r=vingtetun]
cc5f9cb3d061ce6f1e2036d267e94bba93fa14ebEgor Starkov — Bug 610992 - "Left and right swipe should change places" [r=mark.finkle]
33b2d2fd21dbf7f29567a7f5413a1f177301ecf6Mark Finkle — Bug 610678 - Ts regression 2010-11-02 from enabling (disable [r=me]
6f78efb4adb67ceb5f1d23bc703901e464e39ebeMatt Brubeck — Bug 609779 - Multitouch zoom jumps to bottom of screen on short pages [r=mfinkle]
e7ff11aae715ee7ac5b9d55f77ec0cdc7c2a1954Matt Brubeck — Color change for bug 606565 (forgot to qrefresh).
d0b2620a6498c152b44cc46969ebb23e4c3239ffMatt Brubeck — Bug 606565 - Create an Android-style app menu [r=mfinkle]
5a92210647c43a3db7cd14cb7d9edbd499de011cMark Finkle — Bug 608272 - When solitary tab crashes and is closed the preview remains [r=mbrubeck]
9c336591ee91b58e71d026c4cea5b2c41c235710Mark Finkle — Backout a6d28a17b56c - omnijar change, due to a Ts regression (again)
39bdb94d185d96d95f51c3cf8ba50cfb02344506Mark Finkle — Bug 610382 - Turn off disk cache smart sizing feature [r=vingtetun]
957fa0d27be77a6befbec62f44aa84bae0ecf041Vivien Nicolas — Bug 540613 - Form helper does not come up selecting username/password fields on Wordpress [r=mfinkle]
733113252ca21b3b032929784e76979aa3a6f163Vivien Nicolas — Bug 603344: about:config add new integer pref UI is displaced to the left in portrait mode [r=mfinkle]
d20f3bc85e0c8107dd7ccb1ef68950cd692b3202Vivien Nicolas — Bug 606548 - Start page options > Custom vs Current pages is redundant [r=mfinkle]
65f69c611234fd8a9033ebf418fc7f703785d687Vivien Nicolas — Bug 572696 - Fennec should understand meta viewport with spaces - tests part [r=mfinkle]
699a2e58da96f8f9a6e64fe93f2ffb811d25b1a1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 609931 - browser_awesomescreen.js test is timing out [r=mfinkle]
37b95b834e9482a1b27230a75b95125d21b3fee0Mark Finkle — Bug 608742 - Change Fennec (Mobile) builds to use omnijar chrome format [r=blassey]
30c8722a8d686114a596f5b2590c11c82c4eaffdWes Johnston — Bug 609661 - Fire ViewChanged event when adding items to addon manager [r=mfinkle]
808cb2bbf55159e08bfdb4641c07aa93bdcd0c27Mark Finkle — Backout 8190e083da08 - omnijar change due to Ts regression
b487da3340578b3b067a18a38a782691f1bc89f0Mark Finkle — Bug 608742 - Change Fennec (Mobile) builds to use omnijar chrome format [r=blassey]
064cf5869210e3eb5011731e7ff85b35e91af6abWesley Johnston — Bug 592904 - "Hide the Form Assistant select UI filter box for small select lists" [r=mark.finkle]
3f017cd50ab4ba780a1552d89b4efd00f6dcb9a2Mark Finkle — Bug 605668 - Page offset to the left after two-Finger page-up/down gesture on a zoomed-in right side of the page [r=mbrubeck]
c51635273c93402b0c99c604a0b810004c5b98b3Mark Finkle — Bug 609813 - Avoid Browser.computeSidebarVisibility in NewTabPopup 'TabOpen' handler [r=mbrubeck]
f322780547ead21377217ecca6b31ab44961e572Mark Finkle — Bug 609812 - Move some Feedback initialization code into the UIReadyDelayed listener [r=mbrubeck]
a437c4da3694fc96619b03a386b4d462c758a3c2Vivien Nicolas — Bug 605583 - Don't reopen vkb just because user switches to 'all pages' [r=mfinkle]
4189d2e7bdb632a641253bff395d07bc78f8c155Vivien Nicolas — Bug 609516 - [regression] Urls in the history panel are missing [r=mbrubeck,mfinkle]
bc8a18af0cebb63192ff7cc1095a7e54386fd878Vivien Nicolas — Bug 608957 - Go To Page button in the addons section are clickable when there is no addon homepage available [r=mfinkle]
9c29b2460fbcb42c14c054517e755c05e9e61707Vivien Nicolas — Bug 607926 - Feedback notification should be be close if there is no prefs change [r=mfinkle]
12519ea0d2d981c39b58b61c91a4d22bcbc72434Vivien Nicolas — [Bug 528526] Notification when a new tab is opened [r=mfinkle]
2b3d860098a9e69e47cfc9422004ce2525587105Vivien Nicolas — Bug 608703 - Automatic adjustment of the view to keep in sync with the caret rect can be called when it shouldn't [r=mfinkle,mbrubeck]
7e23ed2f6b1a17078c8ed48794c8daeab4d633d6Vivien Nicolas — Bug 607965 - Find text field state is not reset when the find helper is closed [r=mfinkle]
433a8d03f32e7d15e04b60d4d919f25517d84d16Vivien Nicolas — Bug 608257 - Context menu label should not take space if it is empty [r=mfinkle]
f17972b11bb0ff4abb3f38f3dfed4527ec2e4240Zhu, Junmin — Bug 589725 - "Fennec should support showing remain time for download." [r=mark.finkle]
c0db687cabe62466c6a50fb2580fd56e38a1040eWesley Johnston — Bug 607499 - "Long page title text extends past "Your tabs from last time" section and visible area" [r=mbrubeck]
2ec868f7ee8949b8ba6581e9b5aa50ec74d59e5fAlexander L. Slovesnik — Bug 556716 - "Remove copyright strings in UI" [ r=mark.finkle]
59f8f569569c2f40cdbbae79bb61a3cf01ff0ad6Wesley Johnston — Bug 605601 - when there are no (or few) awesomeresults, add search providers to list [r=mfinkle]
14e31eaaae662bcdf78dec9e90c44d9475b459c1Wesley Johnston — Bug 608266 - [Regression] Can't open a link in new tab from the awesome panels - tests [r=vingtetun]
98999850ba120f797d49e28dfb3d5062f7fa13adVivien Nicolas — Bug 608266 - [Regression] Can't open a link in new tab from the awesome panels [r=mfinkle]
1988636edcc1e74e626481b059dbf73205493126Vivien Nicolas — [Regression] Panning can be locked on the X axis while the UI is only scrollable on Y [r=mfinkle]
5cd1a037b0dde012f102c06cee0318eb1af6fec7Vivien Nicolas — Bug 607922 - Once the awesome panel is opened, the Search button should open the open search menu [r=mfinkle]
99c8792f7a4174a9b022077190452974ce7c453aMark Finkle — Bug 609069 - about:rights shows XML parsing error [r=gavin]
1d5bd1f64a7054ae2e3f7fc1cedf01a337820e6fMatt Brubeck — Bug 606595 - Use a label to show the title [r=vingtetun,mfinkle]
fe06d069620360c9fc2340958ad7886a2f46c343Vivien Nicolas — Bug 607917 - In portrait mode the text for selecting a panel in the awesome panel is too small [r=mfinkle]
d651c91c050335a97f209f2f8cc06433b8b505feVivien Nicolas — Bug 607574 - Taps in the empty area of the awesome list are being registered as 'Go' [r=mfinkle, mbrubeck]
6a2a742ed2c0e332acd6755b73a1c99cbbeeefacVivien Nicolas — Bug 607438 - use a blue highlight for url bar text [r=mfinkle]
781b8e93c6dbdd2ef54e53067896957ff585f345Alon Zakai — Bug 608445 - Fix hang when pressing a key on about:* pages [r=mfinkle]
88d1e0c1f43f577aaae319f703bf881a4ee5da36Vivien Nicolas — Bug 605849 - when go to desktop from start page, two categories get highlighted [r=mfinkle]
914f3b5c311807718a7c9c78e98fc25a7c8756afVivien Nicolas — Bug 599529 - Form helper moves input fields out of view [r=mfinkle]
fd5f7f12a379015292ac556169fce64b790a7293Vivien Nicolas — Bug 604917 - urlbar stops hiding after a while [r=mfinkle]
18b51bea520e261c73b93576b6f0c26ca693642cMatt Brubeck — Bug 598363 - Context menu cannot be dismissed (followup) [r=mfinkle]
b59a80b5a03330f3b00fdc6d877ef347ac25e863Mark Finkle — Remove cruft added in e67c727487a8
e08466a1febbcc2f992dc780c7896328b658d35eMark Finkle — Bug 608865 - Enable methodjit in chrome [r=mbrubeck]
74458f5c71bb3f96d7cfcbec497ed9eaf5258f63Mark Finkle — Bug 606591 - desktop tabs icon needed for Start Page [r=vingtetun]
6ceb14c0eb002218d987bdce0c20d0dbe3273777Mark Finkle — Bug 603407 - Quick search not done upon entering '[keyword] text' Return [r=mbrubeck]
ea8e43b21f3d8f938abf8cb74ae411dfb1a1463eWesley Johnston Bug 605219 - Update windowId on all progress changes [r=mark.finkle]
e174190817c9e9d76b23081ec7f20d44c623f8b1Wesley Johnston Bug 608349 - Fix browser-chrome tests [r=mbrubeck]
9a56fdb6a58e4eccb683721cebc59357b38622dcMatt Brubeck — Bug 598363 - Context menu cannot be dismissed after opening a link in a new tab [r=mfinkle]
3d5a8e5f45eea594dd86fb47315a10c81a21d178Mark Finkle — Bug 608412 - Reduce size of locale files in Fennec [r=blassey]
150866bacbabd7ac79169769d979c44b25e3bcfeMatt Brubeck — Bug 608658 - Fennec Login Manager cannot save logins (regression from bug 607145) [r=mfinkle]
35b25c6eb51bd74b054dc26d01f12d00af36e286cltbld — Bug 607238 - bump to 4.0b3pre
9623ba9cb87aa2673aeac81ee4b3a2d2673824d3Matt Brubeck — Bug 608183 - Fix some multitouch zoom regressions [r=mfinkle]
d55cdf95dccc0558b66a512a07c2ed8b1a126646Matt Brubeck — Bug 608113 - Spinbutton arrows are backward [r=wesj]
f7b92a8c7b1e0af29594f11491743a8208e3b39fChris Jones — Bug 607634: Shrink our prefetch region to reduce memory usage. r=mbrubeck a=blocking-fennec
ea9e51b17b9a5fb74e70cf0f274bee8e3affe449Mark Finkle — Bug 566478 - Invalid SSL cert error is not mobile-friendly [r=vingtetun]
4cbe38cf142e33b168e1ec0662b8d84b2c0eb2e5Matt Brubeck — Bug 599419 - FormHelper should clamp zoom values [r=wesj,vingtetun]
47973af62b0dbba3de58a2ef6682ec90c8d9f39dVivien Nicolas — Bug 605253 - beta feedback form unusable on Samsung Vibrant Android phone in vertical orientation [r=mfinkle,mbrubeck]
a6365689f7bbd759cf2462efcce9cfe3699178a4Mark Finkle — Bug 607406 - Flip identity colors [r=mbrubeck]
1aec1d672da97a63ac54bac8cb1e08b69bc2f25dVivien Nicolas — Bug 595233 - Fennec FormHelper does not zoom to the correct position on all platforms [r=mfinkle]
c461b6a96b0e6de979d6a60ea60c9f6c380385d2Honza Bambas — Bug 575950 - SSL certificate is not confirmed for secure webpages, r=mark.finkle, a=blocking-fennec:2.0.b2+
619cdb5ff2eaa1511e23559300a74e7882266540Matt Brubeck — Bug 597036 - "Find in page does not display results on screen when page is zoomed" [r=mark.finkle]
13c655de5bad3beb1526e053f6936722fa8701eaWesley Johnston — Bug 465839 - "Controls for <video> content are missing" [r=mark.finkle]
35f3509f0261333dd6117a8e2097c9a8d22f1571Matt Brubeck — Bug 606733 - Only 2 tabs fit per column in landscape mode [r=mfinkle]
a2fbdc56de3eac626512ce6775a50f90b81e40b4Vivien Nicolas — Bug 597036 - Find in page does not display results on screen when page is zoomed [r=mfinkle]
d4cafa28c14a3ceed2cbd92ca4366af3825686a9Honza Bambas — Bug 536295 - e10s HTTP: offline application cache [r=mfinkle]
9caef42e640c1f78cb4e060e741bc3a73b48c5e2Mark Finkle — Bug 599544 - Need notification for when storage format mismatch [r=mbrubeck, r=mconnor]
435f7cea3e3ffdda66f38a2b5bdfa7c6a29bd5f3Mark Finkle — Bug 606725 - Fennec multilocale builds don't build services/sync [r=pike]
fde46d6141dbbf4e29f5854cef20ac3793b365f6Matt Brubeck — Bug 606584 - Make prefs dividers bolder [r=mfinkle, ui-r=madhava]
4ef555d4384888961d8f04fa60ba80d35bbc39d2Matt Brubeck — Bug 606492 - Fix scrolling in menulist popups [r=mfinkle]
ca500f3bb69154ba6455bf3ed7c380a4b9f77df3Vivien Nicolas — Bug 605692 - Fix error in previous patch [r=mbrubeck]
51e1218f504ca427d11f933aecbb79860d4c331dMark Finkle — Bug 606467 - Feedback opens en_US page in localized builds [r=vingtetun]
bf53a6cc622d4980cd321cc0f332558f60b38004Vivien Nicolas — Remove some code check-in by mistake in changeset 0b509ae95a0e [r=me]
ec09fec1f434d00396ffa1b9cfb17b3205cfc641Matt Brubeck — Bug 606313 - Remove Bloglines feed handler [r=mfinkle]
b3b501dc15b1b4bee68ac836b6dd7de2bddae653Matt Brubeck — Bug 606250 - Minor CSS fixes [r=vingtetun]
f87bdcf77208ba9fcbfff4f7e9fa0de6beaa7934Matt Brubeck — Bug 605303 - Always show the title left-aligned in the urlbar [r=mfinkle]
4f77a9c65c6798ecfb56f3d39eeedf2532dd0822Mark Finkle — Bug 575403 - Create an Android theme for Fennec (task images and urlbar padding) [r=mbrubeck, ui=madhava]
26d2c1196c725d0cedc9fab993592d9708f80c3cMatt Brubeck — Bug 606220 - Style menulist popup to match the new theme [r=mfinkle]
818db9cc0a4ddcd044b084a56151b37abc28d397Vivien Nicolas — Bug 605930 - [RTL]Pressing on the search icon on the awesome page shows the dialog in LTR style [r=mfinkle]
96ad9a0a5205cdd3eb61648cbe45e2c11c83a3bfVivien Nicolas — Bug 606056 - Search plugins are not loading after changing the localization to arabic [r=mfinkle]
2609bbe910a2dc70c466179976c3d8af07a9620eMatt Brubeck — Bug 606205 - Make search engine icons all the same size [r=vingtetun]
1e9315dabde28e861a353d20325a5123af852d3bMatt Brubeck — Bug 606206 - Override menulist focus style [r=vingtetun]
ef8f523c21b10bd91348bdefd926bcba3052b67dMatt Brubeck — Bug 606185 - Radio buttons have dotted focus borders on Android [r=vingtetun]
73b262b3b05a856e5fec967a89bdd5c2c187d7dbWesley Johnston — Bug 605642 - Style the findbar for Android theme [r=mfinkle]
dab550a7ad93e6c813242eb738746ae9f70ddb0dMatt Brubeck — Revert part of last commit (Bug 605544) to fix toggle buttons.
74d7bf0160f5f90a572b02b5458f00e08c7a6afaMatt Brubeck — Bug 605544 - Get rid of the button-dark styles [r=mfinkle]
1a60ab6bf6cd4557a0c5ea59e12b50e3d9231112Mark Finkle — Bug 605628 - Create Android theme for URLBar endcaps [r=mbrubeck]
cc0e2c903f2c257ea11010cd49c25da6d56142ebWesley Johnston — Bug 605801 - No restart notification when installing add-ons from AMO [r=mfinkle]
7fcc331b7c708e4565be313328afcd207bca7f55Matt Brubeck — Fix site menu style bustage from last changeset (Bug 602674) [r=vingtetun]
a8c3e4d14c03f42233fde45c89b827f7d9b89c80Matt Brubeck — Bug 602674 - New popup theme for context menu and notifications [r=mfinkle]
01ced8dd31aba7d8e4797fe4edc8b6d71b51795bMatt Brubeck — Bug 575403 - Tweaks to the search box CSS [r=mfinkle]
cf14560d6f88f7e57736e1a6bdce00fa56e9de98Vivien Nicolas — Bug 575043 - Create an Android theme for Fennec - sidebars buttons pressed state [r=mbrubeck]
47075e5d26f31dbaf07878332386d4bb8b1eb8fcMatt Brubeck — Bug 575403 - New theme for url bar and find bar textboxes [r=mfinkle]
2b2b0a35d4e387b8717842027492d69e4b51c9fdMatt Brubeck — Bug 597580 - Remove old display:none hack in resize handler [r=stechz]
ce008a40c5dee604656226b7438582a54352b19dVivien Nicolas — Bug 605692 - Prevent jittering when fingers are not (really) moving [r=mbrubeck]
c02a3aa5132e95e7d6fc183ede37b2eb9085d50fMark Finkle — Bug 605414 - Localized desktop Fennec build doesn't ship /services directory in l10n (part 2) [r=pike]
c14547ae0ff34778bc555e7dfad9cba319251dadMatt Brubeck — Bug 605825 - Update the Feedback extension theme [r=mfinkle]
d3f6179d7b5f6466ad2689fdea9f903f36ff8025Vivien Nicolas — Bug 605778 - Small CSS fixes for the new theme [r=mfinkle]
04fef46224534340edc9a803f7e0a23bc7dec18bMark Finkle — Backout bug 575751
00220ed34a922767adef9e2eddc71e35d4e1f234Mark Finkle — Bug 605544 - Style buttons, menulists, and toggles for Android Theme (button-in-notifications) [r=mbrubeck]
ba25610e8d4f765979115c72e3389a08ac5014d6Matt Brubeck — Bug 605544 - Override the new button styles for prompt-buttons [r=mfinkle]
69eb8c7767dd99eb9882a82a48759bfca6a674c0Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 605414 - Localized desktop Fennec build doesn't ship /services directory in l10n
0be26821bcbb310d6174d3452cf27001b331dd0eFabrice Desré — Bug 605567 - Allow installation of add-ons without homepage and/or screenshots
b7c74bb3c1a645d70cc051e00fe9752b60e41b6eAlex Pakhotin — Bug 605211 - Error (no method named onDownloadStateChange) in error console occurs after downloading an item
86d2a037969cb2e760dd9541fbb395191e5531a4Alex Pakhotin — Bug 605238 - about:fennec should let users apply available update
278b05511c828aeadd0d5f1bb72f4b2fbad7ac19Wesley Johnston — Update styles for buttons, menulistbuttons, and toggles. r=mfinkle
dc2b750fa590f29c508042dd9922217edd5c0b1fMichael Wu — Bug 575751 - More updates to the manifest [r=mfinkle]
dd79a70cbfbb45ca078a2734c308024c0c890f3aMatt Brubeck — Revert change included with the last patch by accident. r=me
f19acd442a5ca90143c19920315037aebe661416Matt Brubeck — Bug 602671 - Fixes for the search engine popup style [r=mfinkle]
1b096dfbe967a2985b2285dd81d64ea80e80efb0Vivien Nicolas — Move the missing feedback.dtd file [r=me]
9e257aa7fcae994dee95fa256c7f918864b1d49eVivien Nicolas — Bug 605527 - Move feedback.dtd out of app/profile for localization [r=mfinkle]
6cccb0536afcd8580f634fd70005255a0cb2d77fMatt Brubeck — Bug 602671 - New theme for the search engine popup [r=mfinkle]
670b76beb6251a48ff9dd813b26f370f441b22c6Michael Wu — Bug 575751 - Add package manifest support to Fennec [r=mfinkle]
4f85419d73620722e88728dfabaa405f153554daMark Finkle Bug 602674 - Create an Android theme for popups (part 1) [r=mfinkle]
e4f93224ae83a3a5ebe069558a91ac614ef4ca0eMark Finkle — Bug 575403 - Create an Android theme for Fennec (stop and reload) [r=mbrubeck]
34d462004f1a2aa3a6dff9ef2b0280f623194109Honza Bambas — Bug 599632 - Remove duplicate initialization. r=mfinkle
b1d4faac0ef2ac08890451288ec6a4aef666e17fMark Finkle — Bug 605371 - Disable browser-chrome tests broken by compartments [r=vingtetun]
18e31843ff3999bc628c4ea11dc66be951b2d749Matt Brubeck — Bug 605215 - Fix pinch zoom location when toolbars are visible [r=stechz]
4fb78b025c2238e331a6c596cecb850edcf290ddMatt Brubeck — Bug 605348 - Remove gradients that cause banding in new theme [r=mfinkle]
4c62ef5c7ec8205514119d7e0c0cd1742f7bcbacVivien Nicolas — Bug 575403 - Create an Android theme for Fennec - panel rows [r=mfinkle]
eaaa69a53b64623ba27c57694ab1b4d961a83825Vivien Nicolas — [Bug 605405] Remove IME hacks used as a workaround for bug 604192 [r=mfinkle]
1297fbfbe26643b0a1e027f66483ca25288cd39cWesley Johnston — Bug 600874 - Show restart notification for add-on updates [r=mfinkle]
b5b880387eb5fafe3c16b43e1e63a69fefd85cb4Mark Finkle — Bug 605322 - bookmark star images are not the same size and cause the sidebar to move when toggling [r=mbrubeck]
2a5a21e61cac37303dea4b39551b476b603f4104Benjamin Stover — Bug 604099 Panning prevented - this._dragger is null r=mbrubeck
cb0f5f4706db95db2f6b4418678168454747faabMark Finkle — Bug 605100 - Add services & sync folders to mobile/ [r=fabrice]
1b3478000df42dd4d953f226aafda38211f779b3Wesley Johnston — Bug 596621 - findbar - need to indicate when no matches found [r=vingtetun]
86e10d9e0ed58c480084871f89890dc954a077e2Matt Brubeck — Bug 575403 - New theme for tab controls [r=mfinkle]
c2191d3acb5e6666f979ab7be1940cdff21819a8Wesley Johnston — Bug 599362 - Can still search in Awesome screen once the context menu is shown [r=vingtetun]
5fcc26816ca27924c289ac41fc5a60d336df6eefVivien Nicolas — Bug 604540 - [RTL] The update button overlaps the LTR Fennec title/logo in about: fennec [r=mfinkle]
975c7f5af35e651d34f80b33b167c833ef81b9baMark Finkle — Bug 575403 - Create an Android theme for Fennec (use larger background images) [r=me]
cf63c8389d05490355c930d7b2028a9afd7fd8a1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 575403 - "Create an Android theme for Fennec" [r=mark.finkle]
e145fa68558eed26e759f2ca6f7fc1add06099efMatt Brubeck — Bug 602707 - Fixes for FormHelper zoom [r=mfinkle,vingtetun]
2e1cebf652f1e492313e2ff0c2126f6c285dce07Mark Finkle — Bug 602671 - Create an Android theme for Site Menu / Open Search Menu [r=mbrubeck]
14d65e6d45002124b5cc92164abe4fe331864efbMatt Brubeck — Bug 590715 - Fullscreen video for Fennec [r=mfinkle]
36c10444ee90ad862f133f5b63e4bb0d4f3cea0fWesley Johnston — Bug 600874 - "Show restart notification for add-on updates" [r=mark.finkle]
9c87553abe5580c8b1295259448520e3f30a0151Doug Turner — Backing out bug 604507 r=stuart
4ed524bf45865fc1e8737deaebf327c86be17b85Vivien Nicolas — Bug 575403 - "Create an Android theme for Fennec" [r=mark.finkle r=mbrubeck]
cf9f3f04a46483b0339c74d86f13a2cb9e408da3Doug Turner — Bug 558624 - Improve page load performance by adjusting content sink preferences. r=mfinkle. a=blocking fennec
3284ba225f6a5865ca60db44dbafc7941a4deecbMatt Brubeck — Bug 599057 - Fix the center coordinates during pinch zoom [r=mfinkle,stechz]
62cd6c6c7e9e98f680e3e6c324ff63bbdc951a83Mark Finkle — Bug 604352 - JavaScript error: browser-ui.js, line 2677: req.responseXML is null [r=mbrubeck]
2cbc42743401709b017e3f95547bba3064e38b58Mark Finkle — Bug 604437 - [Regression] Remote Tab badging slows down awesome bar panning [r=vingtetun]
e5b8400187b04b8e7ab3d81c50abe55bac932481Doug Turner — Bug 604507 - remove throws from loading. r=mfinkle
53c39785522304d30d8e1564bc984e60549abce0Wesley Johnston — Bug 602434 - urlbar disappears when opening the edit bookmarks dialog and the softkb popping up [r=vingtetun]
43a96c377053f5cf98a80c4c51879ee082e38a35Vivien Nicolas — Bug 604351 - Software keyboard on Android doesn't pop up when focus is in an input field [r=mfinkle]
cb131a9ce6f1b01846d3a0385e074b20a2709da3Vivien Nicolas — Bug 603588 - Can't edit the input fields for bookmark [r=mfinkle]
0e168f65c3578a2b1f1d5fa29e0b47ef25018327Vivien Nicolas — Bug 594918 - dismiss vkb as a user starts to pan the awesomelist [r=mfinkle]
755bb256ca466e1b383dcdd0b9cf2bd903fd7c83Vivien Nicolas — Bug 601619 - page title shows up on urlbar when flipping through awesomescreen panes [r=mfinkle]
d1b7526c6034c18ff9fd2c5f2848b498dfcc5b7eDoug Turner — Bug 604285 - category name for mobile clh should start with 'x' r=mfinkle
c13ccbcfd45c96fad6113c593596f924b2a18219Mark Finkle — Bug 602077 - WeaveGlue.init() shouldn't touch Weave.Service [r=mconnor]
b753dc02b81cf38520357acb50b733adaead39f1Matt Brubeck — Bug 604149 - Render pages at 100% scale by default in landscape mode [r=mfinkle]
9c6dc4306dff530cc35a04caac6efdf8f9b07e30Mark Finkle — Bug 595218 - Badges on the same domain doesnt always reflect the right update [r=vingtetun]
5723ff8c20534d3c008d8a6e4b5419cd328810feNicolas Martin — [Bug 603619] Register the browserCLH.js component only for Fennec [r=mfinkle,fabrice]
26f36479834386b00a338b004bfcf086f5c68941Mark Finkle — Bug 592252 - Restart is required when pressing the down arrow in localization and autodetect is selected already [r=mbrubeck]
663364184127782323b1ae6778df34051d42ba72Mark Finkle — Bug 602983 - Add a way to check for updates from about:firefox [r=mbrubeck]
65cd9cc9b9dee7a9fbfba39a2fe2ed856fac25bbMatt Brubeck — Bug 603676 - Fire a UIReadyDelayed event for panel and feedback initialization [r=mfinkle]
e71c692a1f165ec8dabfbc7eda4ab16fb0c07869Matt Brubeck — Bug 590719 - Add Play/Pause to the context menu for videos [r=mfinkle]
270ba3e4a868b635883ec3bdc968b56455c5e807Wesley Johnston — Bug 600846 - "Multitouch: Starting zoom with bottom finger on Find in Page search field brings up Desktop Firefox input field context menu" [r=mark.finkle]
c2a40e23df65f75dc6bbc5801c8233796b0d8e5dWesley Johnston — Bug 602846 - "no feedback when extension isn't compatible due to em:targetPlatform" [r=mark.finkle]
6fd63fcc1c4bdd1e71bfcc4c451a450af7f2a2c4Wesley Johnston — Bug 602708 - Closing a tab earlier than the current one results in wrong tab being shown [r=mfinkle]
46e90cc5d42973646d1ec5bee24f2a171b1eb114Wesley Johnston Bug 599419 - FormHelper tries to zoom outside the page's allowed range [r=mbrubeck]
72fd73b0f631a718fe25f0e345dbe2605fc1401cMatt Brubeck — Bug 603229 - Can't init on DOMContentLoaded when opening an image [r=mfinkle]
e0b5ef74c967789b76fb637f82f279e360b04052Vivien Nicolas — Bug 603280 - Infinite loop warning about charCode into the javascript console [r=mfinkle]
30f66f79ecaf2f558998a7941a76c3805a35950bVivien Nicolas — Bug 596614 - focusing the URL field on the awesomescreen should not visibly change categories [r=mfinkle]
afb69b8babfd7137a137e91954a7c4c252d258acMark Finkle — Bug 594847 - Handle content-process crashes more gracefully (mobile patch) [r=mbrubeck]
cd01ea394b84fe7fc7669c5be45cf3af65bcd67bMark Finkle — Bug 602883 - Remove 'Save Link' context-menu option on awesomescreen [r=mbrubeck]
8ed5311f368f567524536483a52dc2e472d47f11Benjamin Stover — Bug 602985 JS error: _dragger is null r=mbrubeck
71d002b5a0495dc8f3127c2258634dd4adb2cdbbMatt Brubeck — Bug 599132 - Clean up updateViewportSize [r=stechz]
d84291ff6b00ce7463a6cf85f45a62cd04d512b4Matt Brubeck — Bug 602420 - getPageZoomLevel should not return Infinity [r=mfinkle]
15ae5c20e5cb9c653a0af66af5849160d0ae6ba8Mark Finkle — Bug 602893 - Put setting textboxes on separate row when in portrait [r=mbrubeck]
97e2c956f52dc543e3906b199f54ae743878112dMark Finkle — Bug 602896 - Change Sync account label [r=mbrubeck]
2b391bc00d9ba36b5d4b9ed42e9728d11c5dfe8bMichael Wu — Bug 567873 - Only upload deb on OS_LINUX [r=mfinkle]
e11c0282bc2f0bd0a6bb198834f848c15fb12865Vivien Nicolas — Bug 602457 - [RTL] Favicons in about:home are not on the right side [r=mfinkle]
bf34a9f61fea1f67fe5e9ff221f9a0a215850167Vivien Nicolas — Bug 601908 - [VKB] Software Keyboard remains popped up in add-ons manager [r=mfinkle]
0c8d59f276bdfa4d661779f1abad0b1ff41563d6Wesley Johnston — Bug 602535 - "in download manager, change "Remove" button to "Delete" button" [r=mark.finkle]
86382dea0abba628324fe9c0340ebfe6e77d9c7fMatt Brubeck — Bug 602868 - Back out changeset 9cb5e452f73c
5e7125f770525c997ebcfda47cc5dc7b86a36ee6Wesley Johnston — Bug 602571 - "Downloads added after showing list once are added at wrong position" [r=mark.finkle]
08ce1521fbde5b951910d82a48b1a00f9e123f90Vivien Nicolas — backout commit of bug 575403 [r=me]
f11652584c37a7f706db83cc66220366a1dfd7f8vingtetun — backout Bug 575403
adbc7d34789b5d77ba7493fe62bbf1eb3a04737cMatt Brubeck — Bug 600846 - Disable click-hold context menu pref [r=mfinkle]
e6b0124d9d6c70f6e45050d7206c771ec0d63508Vivien Nicolas — Bug 575403 - Create an Android theme for Fennec - part 1 Chrome borders [r=mfinkle]
a4ab6ded0969c8a4b767db42ade6a5735090fe18Mark Finkle — Bug 602670 - Never show an unresponsive script dialog for chrome scripts [r=mbrubeck]
d9fbdec2b0ed1a45afb70850bde1284b56ab1dceVivien Nicolas — backouting Android Theme [r=me]
b5fd9bdd0126138998d01a74f4efe6699bc1ba16vingtetun — backout Android theme: Txul increase 23.2% on Nokia n900 mobile
1628c36bfd7145d9236dd9ae0ae1203ae6ec93e3Vivien Nicolas — Bug 592330 - [VKB] Enhance virtual keyboard support in the chrome UI - part 2 [r=mfinkle,stechz]
cf2324b12895477975ec3334e3102e44c45f31b9Vivien Nicolas — Bug 575403 - Create an Android theme for Fennec - part 1 Chrome sidebars [r=mfinkle]
643d6f14fd0403c62857f2d56950ead06ddfbbf2Matt Brubeck — Bug 602550 - Change the order of the preference sections [r=vingtetun, ui-r=madhava]
b6dd3e1d59e8b4a7e3b96f47391566e609afd4eaMark Finkle — Bug 602065 - Don't do metadata pings for mobile [r=dtownsend]
6ecfebc0fa1f47fc09f098638f11b801977da0b3Mark Finkle — Bug 602282 - Fixed browser-chrome tests and remove more markup [r=mbrubeck]
5081a265184030ed323c118318caf9898bd4b6d9Wesley Johnston — Bug 600202 - Saved HTTP Auth password does not show the 'Forget Password' action (tests) [r=vingtetun]
e1d25aae9857c8219bbac048127edbdb6cbcd80eWesley Johnston — Bug 600202 - Saved HTTP Auth password does not show the 'Forget Password' action [r=vingtetun]
43a04aa8692fce09927d911fba956832be50c253Alex Pakhotin — Bug 593113 - Show progress bar in download notification
c164cbfb5ad120696148cd82fbb63091306be2eeAlex Pakhotin — Bug 599231 - Display Fennec update download progress
2e8f176661102b3d8873cbe02dff692ff8d5fcddVivien Nicolas — Bug 582583 - Expose a small, simple UI for 'Undo Closed Tab' [r=mfinkle]
77124e7087748768e31bbf7f5ebc9aaac7ebb06fMark Finkle — Bug 600815 - Warnings into browser.js and about:home [r=vingtetun]
ed9d6ab1ebadf1557ef8303a9133e14cf252cfd3Wesley Johnston — Bug 598997 - Use a <deck> or other improved method to switch tabs [r=mfinkle]
8c9b676dfae113519caa450896833db1316e7765Mark Finkle — Bug 601048 - Remove permanent headers from browser tool panels [r=vingtetun]
066bc070f35627d80835fe79b96e04b822753fa3Matt Brubeck — Bug 602039 - Fix waitForAndContinue test function [r=mfinkle]
4828efe83b23f7521ad9cb5b34e8700b930368e5Mark Finkle — Bug 601741 - Stop using cached list of recommended add-ons in front-end [r=wjohnston]
928e137b157d191fb65b50055e8fdc652ae219baWesley Johnston — Bug 594798 - "Style the "Browse all add-ons" row to match desktop version" [r=wjohnston]
9ad0a5a3a1d2d40354a5d13904993b6dec92bf37Doug Turner — Bug 601856 - disable hw accel on all platforms until 598864 is resolved. r=blassey
b487b058009e1d6ceaade4fa242941b3c7e4bb67Mark Finkle — Bug 601668 - Remove tile.cache.size from prefs [r=mbrubeck]
25f91a6fdb7d6b08a30c197166a03d20b3fc258dMatt Brubeck — Bug 601194 - Update viewport tests to use a .sjs file [r=mfinkle]
20b1da828c42fb7ef92927385e3db973347d2559Doug Turner — Bug 561244 - Disable dom crypto object r=dougt
98eda2ad1aefe0794586013523fff71916d68afbMatt Brubeck — Bug 598962 - Fix panning test in browser_preferences_basic.js [r=mfinkle]
967d0094cf3715b2e69da55530220b8e4f9ca4a8Joel Maher Bug 601194 - Update fennec browser-chrome tests for mochikit.jar [r=mbrubeck]
1c4bec548d2078f444a689dfddfbf8b9c341c058Matt Brubeck — Bug 601275 - Always use text/plain when sharing URLs [r=mfinkle]
1758d0337a5fb1b3b02d7a6fae6e2870e9547156Matt Brubeck — Update browser_preference tests for bug 600101 [r=mfinkle]
f8a065a7f869307e584589a0bcdd99d9976342b0Matt Brubeck — Bug 601163 - Don't show Clear Site Preferences: Password when passwords are disabled for all sites [r=mfinkle]
1ab14c62101bcebae79cba4ac69d317ebd08ccacMatt Brubeck — Bug 601029 - Add a context menu with a "copy" command to error console rows [r=mfinkle]
1f38ed5cc8d5407fc2ba64f6e97139cd9e2a940dMark Finkle — Bug 601111 - Use Maemo back-button on desktop [r=vingtetung ui-r=beltzner]
d87b30c0647d5167d0dd424b9691a940e868dbaeTero Turtiainen — Bug 598269 - "Rewrite sharing front end to use the sharing service" [r=mark.finkle]
6d5cbe6e8e16cb49c9cb4041b2eec13152b3f249Mark Finkle — Bug 600862 - Clicking 'Learn More' button in Add-ons Manager results in going to [r=mbrubeck]
0a2a6d79c55270747a30b4b44910bddd9babe7baVivien Nicolas — Bug 583132 - [VKB]form assistant options do not fit screen size when popping up soft keyboard [r=mfinkle]
db4454944046056a00982d7d4c3a8fdbc2da2c5aWesley Johnston — Bug 599873 - Cannot do a two-finger page down gesture on about:license [r=mfinkle]
5e0a240ae28e6fb4f27b54003f4bdab6ba918933Vivien Nicolas — Bug 600101 - Panel close button should be hidden in Android [r=mfinkle]
b864890f3113e4aa2da76dd17557698dfdf9ab67Vivien Nicolas — followup fixes for bug 592330 - part 1 [r=me]
06e8fb27a3f8be5c977f4e4f9fd187a66ea723dbVivien Nicolas — Bug 597296 - [RTL] Punctuation placed at the end in the awesome bar will show as the first character [r=mfinkle]
1391205fe6c3bb04968e09239ae1b94933fae0cfVivien Nicolas — Bug 592330 - [VKB] Enhance virtual keyboard support in the chrome UI - part 1 [r=mfinkle]
4baff6ce200edca8a11dfa288bb72d186a721306Matt Brubeck — Bug 598533 - Externally-opened tabs should close when leaving Fennec [r=mfinkle,ui-r=beltzner]
035c05f70ad8e4ffe94d97693fc98d036d5d43d5Matt Brubeck — Bug 600707 - Update back/forward buttons on every location change [r=mfinkle]
0212bef3da4dacf596bebbd7c40a9b1f8a04a22fMatt Brubeck — Bug 600844 - Hide the site menu when the find bar appears [r=mfinkle]
0dc604c7bcd88d477d34679ab954909c5ccd1ab1Matt Brubeck — Bug 600871 - Fix timeout in browser_bookmarks.js test [r=mfinkle]
d7565380051eb6e4aab421dfc4b488972108ea6cBrad Lassey — Brad Lassey – bug 597041 - Feedback is missing in the control panel on the Android platform, creates an .xpi for android r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
ea69b160002a36c71920af9122978f7038b9b2efMatt Brubeck — Bug 597552 - Kill BrowserView coordinate system [r=stechz]
134cac628aac87846f5d12f544f566246a8fc21eMark Finkle — Backing out part of bug 599873 because it regresses bug 599220 [r=me]
b1fc2e7c62c3a7c7b7905d50fdf1355a72fc8546Matt Brubeck — Bug 598957 - Fix viewport browser-chrome tests failures [r=mfinkle]
da815c4f387d5d8bfab9529fb0fe05fa311ce1e6Axel Hecht — bug 597610, create l10n.ini for mozilla-2.0 branch, r=mfinkle, a=blocking2.0+,npotb
a9a908e8484101dbd0da2718cd542fd14489011aWesley Johnston — Bug 598174 - Frontend loads the favicon unconditionally [r=mark.finkle]
3dff38d74bb792965c74ea09a8dae0e52d1879daMatt Brubeck — Bug 598368 - "Double tap zoom does not clamp scale until animation finishes" [r=mark.finkle]
45cea9ece01c533bbc2c5abcb47b18bf7b9cfd40Fabrice Desré — Make sure that a command is enabled in doCommand()
8f43e5b7b33014fd69b329ab318f29a840c39141Vivien Nicolas — Bug 599560 - "[RTL] the ^ marker for going up a folder is on top of the title for the folder above in the bookmarks when the browser is set to a RTL language." [r=mark.finkle]
f663481e145484ded5338a7f2674f7e7ef6eefe1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 600441 - "[regression] Escape key goes back in history when Form Helper is opened" [r=mark.finkle]
632523b71a3e02049d5eb0d4c10e0cbe408f3f0cWesley Johnston — Bug 599873 - "Cannot do a two-finger page down gesture on about:license" [r=mbrubeck]
8269706ff11b57b9677761585b7eb3c017eedbceMatt Brubeck — Bug 600529 - Fix content-viewport height [r=mfinkle]
b7f5ebb02f7a7f953e2da5b1deca0548fe1a5dc4Vivien Nicolas — Bug 598621 - "Outline around #tile-stack > div should be removed" [r=mark.finkle]
732109d9fe62180f4b6cee14a6d5757a6911bf09Matt Brubeck — Bug 598526 - "regression: After opening a link from another app, back button should go back to that app" [r=mark.finkle]
a378a40d6a97814128fd6cc7553ba6b21ff38ee2Fabrice Desré — remove left-over elements from the tile era
41d8616dd6da336fb3fbc9cbe6c487eb71182ad2Wesley Johnston — Bug 597953 - "Downloads: Dependent behavior on other files" [r=mark.finkle]
f2e06a32551d1d45f64439b4f810bd6b16bdd18cMatt Brubeck — Bug 597144 - "Set viewport width and height if both are specified in meta tag" [r=mark.finkle]
2d41fb55edbf298ccf0c36fd6ebb47b218d1f346Matt Brubeck — Bug 596895 - "Context menu option list displayed for a long tap on image with link varies depending on the tap location" [r=mbrubeck r=21]
5bfe8c6b444c78951f4376eb0da3a7431a62866fVivien Nicolas — Bug 596612 - "tabs open on synced computers should be indicated in awesomelist results" [r=mark.finkle]
9c551f0fdaf36d81682775aad9e852a9b777fb6cVivien Nicolas — Bug 596619 - "panning the page during findbar use shouldn't dismiss the findbar" [r=mark.finkle]
4c614114c223ff4449bfcae3c8770860dbd9a693Wesley Johnston — Bug 595003 - Clicking on download notification with awesome screen open moves user back to browser window [r=mark.finkle]
f74e51a1e66f98434b99363cfc3bba234b97a848Mark Finkle — Bug 594795 - Add a 'What's an Add-on' block to the Add-ons Manager [r=vingtetun]
fec34d1ef66aa367e0c2f8d206220628f9198a21Mark Finkle — Bug 600256 - Disable microsummary support in Fennec [r=vingtetun]
b4aa31ef8902dba5040265ff83e767dfe966ece1Mark Finkle — Bug 600033 - add PING_COUNT to blocklist URL [r=mbrubeck]
6b1ab5fe32f918e500da071b816934a285bd6a3aMark Finkle — Bug 594107 - "fennec does not release memory when closed" [r=mbrubeck]
0582c8baee0dcc561aab620eec1cd2b71110dd2dWesley Johnston — Bug 593408 - "Don't show file picker for Save Image, Save Link" [r=mark.finkle]
4fefd4f45b8528336dcbe4977c8bd4faa9aaf942Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 590615 - Sync UI: Avoid accessing Weave.Service (= importing service.js)
a82b1849d414090a316dddf43085afd77f7af40aVivien Nicolas — Bug 586317 - Add Search Engine option is always offered even after adding [mark.finkle]
b9bbadbcde71fc9081282f27ae7d7aeff8476d37Vivien Nicolas — Bug 546808 - "focusing a link title on the result page of should highlight the entire link" [r=mark.finkle]
c61be6016e7eddaa6ef20cbf66bb613ad5a0dbfeMark Finkle — Bug 600628 - Remove dual version files [r=mbrubeck]
3faf05065b396aaa4e6f6c80e1fa7ac48cc8eda3Reed Loden — Bug 599669 - Remove Fennec's outdated and broken about:rights override [r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec: 2.0b1+]
d7bb3a243cca52853beaba29d0de1f3c9bc51072Mark Finkle — Bug 598858 - Some browser-chrome test cleanup [r=vingtetun]
b2197dd39de4270920e58a544bf4de9b9cbaa131Mark Finkle — Bug 599382 - [TEST] Add some browser-chrome test for tapping [r=mbrubeck]
c9320434944814dd5421d5bbdb01eb61ad365e36Vivien Nicolas — Bug 600108 - browser_click_content.js - timeout on linux desktop run [r=mfinkle]
24dde4bba44c29f26252d59d79ff3c6f61c0e2ceVivien Nicolas — Bug 598958 - [TEST] browser_select browser-chrome test is busted [r=mfinkle]
3b7c2fc03d48dff3652bace550e55811c44ac24dMark Finkle — Bug 600061 - Figure out version number for beta [r=stuart]
b9d7ced74b0be95cc39115e1a8fd2c87dddcdc27Benjamin Stover — Bug 599794 - Disable plugins for b1 [r=mfinkle]
30000dbee0ff5612130dd8665d559c841fa0d99bBenjamin Stover — Bug 599512 Partial black thumbnails on viewports with width != 800 r=mfinkle
4ebbb963eca51d8bf8c50590b4928703057e1b69Benjamin Stover — Bug 599501 Browser fights me when I try to zoom r=mfinkle
a9f574db6443f37d0b461ea61ffb14dfb1e74282Mark Finkle — Backout suspected performance regression, reverting to 54af7f2df238 [r=mfinkle]
e20266e14f7152657722ea11297721912a040691Mark Finkle — Bug 599576 - Talos Regression :( Ts increase 22.1% on Nokia n900 mobile [r=mbrubeck]
a31b61e6b07258c61d3abda602cf183ee38fd195Benjamin Stover — Code review fixes for 599512 - Partial black thumbnails
bc8c319acdcced5cad29630abe0bdcee5dd0555bMark Finkle — Bug 599512 - Partial black thumbnails on viewports with width != 800 (bustage fix) r=me
bc15d66ebfe171617793cb4765acb2d0ed8f3a06Benjamin Stover — Bug 599512 Partial black thumbnails on viewports with width != 800 r=mfinkle
5d73a4d386cb4238d3092195f95ae62470f2b3f2Benjamin Stover — Bug 599501 Browser fights me when I try to zoom r=mfinkle
5f536332427850b5f2baf555b11854ad4efd0c1aBenjamin Stover — Bug 599053 text typed in awesome bare shows up on previously focused form field [r=mfinkle]
c0ae264bbd13882817255e0b9ec288ebb8811645Vivien Nicolas — Bug 598620 - Feedback button in the right panel is not transparent [r=mfinkle]
f49d8a7af3338de8e54c3ba6ca438003491b6932Mark Finkle — Bug 599220 - [Regression] Panning is jumpy in local pages [r=stechz]
000ce5247911c0ba45f62ca227deb55c23e9ee14Matt Brubeck — Bug 598234 - Fix bad scrolling on resize with formhelper [r=mfinkle]
0ad1227f1509e3ca93fd2d93c3bc6df8fe4f8ca9Matt Brubeck — Bug 598476 - Errors in FormHelper from old BrowserView code [r=mfinkle]
8711040ec26f61470fb48c8539ceb65794b3012fMatt Brubeck — Bug 599145 - Fix double tap radius calculation [r=stechz]
3922870bd52511eb71db460f3bd0c992fe7e63a2Matt Brubeck — Bug 597230 - Update zoom and scroll when the viewport resized [r=mfinkle]
16cb55545f6601dc897c0880d3f3294c0752f606Mark Finkle — Bug 598010 - Update Sync UI in Fennec [r=vingtetun]
a75f332d845312821e4fa5bebefe3a49bf924dbeMark Finkle — Bug 597522 - Update Start page and Firstrun page [r=mbrubeck]
81f0d15aa9f65045ba837b04cd3a6a199053bb33Matt Brubeck — Bug 598391 - Hide browser chrome on scroll events [r=stechz]
cd298ee49cc241c4edd1391c3ff2bece145b911aBenjamin Stover — Bug 598391 - Listen for scroll events from content [r=mbrubeck]
7daae378d44cfca63f7c4242db2500ef3cef1f8fMatt Brubeck — Bug 596717 - Hide new browsers on creation [r=mfinkle]
a31a0fa3cb9e2ce68e66201001c9b5e13b5816aaVivien Nicolas — Bug 598965 - Awesome screen can still be panned once the context menu is shown [r=mfinkle]
2a3347826c6afcc6524fe4fbc621a2f28dfc3169Gavin Sharp — Bug 598518: update netError.dtd override to take into account changes from bug 593125 and bug 546857, r=mfinkle
221e91625a5b509b661562e00e81fa58e8653e8fBenjamin Stover — Bug 597600 part 2 onMouseUp stops long tap timer r=mfinkle
00f83bcdb90f443b6c471cbbb9047ae40f5331fdBenjamin Stover — Bug 597600 - Ignore old context menu and tap highlight events r=mfinkle
1089c12e83a1b61a9dee34c234a46035c364edc2Benjamin Stover — Bug 597547 part 6: rename InputHandler file
46dc5aa34223835d8f858a47867b1a0419bbcd4eBenjamin Stover — Bug 597547 part 5: Kill InputHandler object! r=mbrubeck
04ba5e0064eab7247f23ecdf902d7d0c8163dfc7Benjamin Stover — Bug 597547 part 4: Divorce scrollwhell from InputHandler r=mbrubeck
2775939d21a674e310d06ea56e7ad79044c1a10aBenjamin Stover — Bug 597547 part 3: Divorce keyinput from InputHandler r=mfinkle
51a7c2a386fda4c5b4953c0b4a3de2631091d2d0Benjamin Stover — Bug 597547 part 2: Kill grab r=mfinkle
c0dd795c6529c8879dc8c4f6eb3d725cd4822aa5Benjamin Stover — Bug 597547 part 1: divorce mousemodule and gesturemodule from inputhandler r=mfinkle r=mbrubeck
b79515890c563e82048eb2b8e74e2b86016a68c8Benjamin Stover — Bug 597286, part 9: Fix interaction between mousemodule and gesturemodule r=mfinkle
ab521981f5a432600e4821cb0054139ec823f7f5Benjamin Stover — Bug 597286, part 8: Create new longtap event and use it to bring up context menus [r=mbrubeck]
0a0fdf83e137e07b8713d18401d929204bd93190Benjamin Stover — Bug 597286, part 7: Separate panning from tapping and MouseModule no longer cares about whether something is content [r=mbrubeck]
216e061d35356622180e1592a7fc7eca7fc99662Benjamin Stover — Bug 597286, part 6: MouseModule generates tap events instead of using clunky clickers [r=mbrubeck]
0880959c0152925185e2001445612f6223cc0041Benjamin Stover — Bug 597286, part 5: Simplify click timeouts [r=mbrubeck]
334e8098f6dea6e925ac9475d57bb14016333affBenjamin Stover — Bug 597286, part 4: Use cancel pending where appropriate [r=mbrubeck]
2c9b0843d8be2b829380d69dfffe3b8de080bbdbBenjamin Stover — Bug 597286, part 3: Drag move and drag end no longer need to be passed parameters [r=mfinkle]
f34d494e99b2bbf1bab640155e8b0278a1fd3930Benjamin Stover — Bug 597286, part 2: DragData no longer needs owner [r=mfinkle]
631fc543b06fb965fc3e5e962f2b66b60ba1392bBenjamin Stover — Bug 597286, part 1: fix Util.Timeout bugs [r=mfinkle]
955a75a5ba25b0858e1c992df36fca037ca923c7Matt Brubeck — Bug 598676 - Error: this._browser is undefined [r=mfinkle]
cc711fae990718121ecc42442bcb9f719a52403fMatt Brubeck — Bug 598675 - Error: this.metaData is null [r=mfinkle]
ffe66df487359a3a27b1ff6d6adcb38c2817b4daMark Finkle — Bug 597010 - Some form elements are rendered with thick black borders on Maemo/GTK [r=vingtetun]
e27563a7510f770f260d73e188f6ce1c6057facbBenjamin Stover — Bug 598911 - Blurry text on some pages when zoomed out in Fennec [r=mbrubeck]
b61246e962ce287155178ff33dccb98a1778e897Matt Brubeck — Disable (backout of bug 596076)
052fd57fe1a007229b8d05002c4a6e4a13b9cac4Alex Pakhotin — Bug 594238 - Implement UI for Fennec updater on Android r=mfinkle a=blocing-fennec=2.0b1+
a1077a9ece752bab9f59144121d7c4a193727b58Matt Brubeck — Bug 597210 followup - checked in wrong version of patch
de42cf736b90f437c81d5f9425d8846fb98dfee5Benjamin Stover — Bug 595403 - Can't scroll up after orientation change or resize [r=mbrubeck]
5d28f0c0395e069f42026324579c03028938afcaMatt Brubeck — Bug 597210 - Fix jump at start of multitouch zoom [r=mfinkle]
2e3816c67a0236722cbb22f41354820e7bb0383bBenjamin Stover — Bug 597159 - Double taps sometime cause single taps - part 2 tap highlight [r=mbrubeck]
c6b26dced0d0c173ca9f85a0f185199de676e02dBenjamin Stover — Bug 597159 - Double taps sometime cause single taps - part 1 remove single click timer [r=mbrubeck]
446fd200900d4be65f1216858e14081d3f382271Mark Finkle — Bug 596996 - -silent and -chrome command line flags are busted in Fennec [r=mbrubeck]
75473be322cf5815ec6f51615309017a52044f8cBenjamin Stover — Bug 597283 - Limit pan animation using MozBeforePaint [r=mfinkle]
9f1a6c031b133ccada78ad82017a23007e9733b0Benjamin Stover — Bug 597281 - Cannot pinch to zoom during loading [r=mbrubeck]
1596d6735c37c14654303daa0bc07782e28e8cafMatt Brubeck — Bug 597153 - Revert style change that caused white margins on some sites [r=stechz]
4c69e6c4e106d86e6aedf57ae399f1f14c0122beMatt Brubeck — Bug 596952 - Temporary hack to fix the viewport in local tabs [r=mfinkle]
0407a246fc73338a8252f36dcecebd6f61a1de81Vivien Nicolas — Bug 597022 - browser-chrome unittests have references to tile-container [r=mfinkle,mbrubeck]
db1051dc93c144d32fdb42d9d1b5bc62fbcbec3eVivien Nicolas — Bug 596959 - undefined property aField[attr] into FormAutoComplete.js [r=mfinkle]
5683eaa960b407d268a4a868236dd71206afe803Vivien Nicolas — Bug 596941 - Tap Highlighting blue glow can be cut on the left [r=stechz]
39637b457f431f5ac06a5cf5c8078cc42710aad5Vivien Nicolas — Bug 596282 - Error in the js console if fullcount does not exists [r=mfinkle]
feb9a75245377141705f7845c4650f9f53f6f9e6Vivien Nicolas — Bug 596935 - this._dragger is null into InputHandler.js when dismissing a context menu [r=mfinkle,stechz]
d9f10f50819a15b62e8401d73c464ec80bbfd6aaMatt Brubeck — Bug 597019 - Don't open javascript: links in new tabs [r=mfinkle]
84612b0bd7e398248c89a290270abe4ae1c5f0d5Matt Brubeck — Bug 596892 - fix rename of SetWindowSize message [r=mfinkle]
63486a1aff869604f7a3805ed876ee946e8e0d25Matt Brubeck — Bug 596864 - Open links from about: pages in remote tabs [r=mfinkle]
a385b2c15f49eb244751f9568ee143951d719429Matt Brubeck — Bug 596741 - "Regression: Password Manager does not fill in password immediately after selecting username" [r=mark.finkle]
aa8e00964671c031d13490d5229453378339dc9aFabrice Desré — Bug 579650 - Missing string in [r=mconnor]
17b04dae32d0b591b42913544fe45c307cb489f1Matt Brubeck — Bug 596824 - [mobile2] Temporarily disable zoom in local tabs [r=stechz]
3806bd6b1e3d30aa48a4b3da209a50bdcd9f73c9Benjamin Stover — merge
098bbfa2b01e8eed3842ce9bddad469baa4c8babBenjamin Stover — [mq]: review
98bc118caee2b337187f7116eda2a83ab2f30db5Matt Brubeck — Merge mobile-browser -> mobile2.
f865a1973d750f3cedce1226e856b3e42fd30bf7Matt Brubeck — Bug 596326 - [mobile2] Dispatch ZoomChanged event from browser binding [r=mfinkle]
90463b6b0cf83bfe5d193d86e2caf66037b98338Benjamin Stover — merge
ecb37b7fc1826b8128b1b9fb5a9b6a0e46087f58Matt Brubeck — Bug 595229 - Don't pan at start of multitouch zoom gesture [r=stechz]
e4dc746c382b756a7a7f71b2c293a07a46b9d058Matt Brubeck — Bug 595052 - [mobile2] Fix pinch zoom in tileless Fennec [r=stechz]
44c5a4d9c4c7aed13c144e6c6702e2fb5ffbf97fMatt Brubeck — Merge mobile-browser to mobile2
a9515c975d686b0c7476eede0ccaf87185646bc4Matt Brubeck — Merge mobile-browser -> mobile2
62fbd8300803fc6c2eb41486c3cf79dc79507fdfMatt Brubeck — Bug 595068 - Add a cheat code to generate fake multitouch zoom events [r=mfinkle]
fd25fd4891b66da9f62f7a6a20cedfc84ccb49eaBenjamin Stover — make pending pixels aware of screen size so that visible area is always filled
f45b88bd283a6918036c9485c05e30fb29d4d26aBenjamin Stover — merge
8023fae48c0b85e7f2fb1da9c4af908082096f80Matt Brubeck — Remove unused Util.bindAll function
d81b19641ba3b6ce8a540ff7fd45e7b4bd69634bBenjamin Stover — pinch to zoom sort of works
ca60ad2d580b01f0cdea5b0de50d22018eae8645Matt Brubeck — [mobile2] Set browser.xml viewport properties in setCssViewportSize.
e875b5cf32c99d884dcbef3edb7e6e8cc45df279Matt Brubeck — [mobile2] Use document width instead of viewport width to calculate page zoom.
cac4ca9c877d934bf9540866b41fbb32dcea0ddeBenjamin Stover — remove coalescer stuff
034c4bee37bc916f95edcff51a463f19d5d04204Benjamin Stover — remove mozscrolledareachanged from content.js
b4e780874cff52fc36dbc3b90c2710d83fd9d23fBenjamin Stover — fix calculation in determining size of cache viewport
6e026ff5bdef8a1c2f90ceb42aa4838855bf7c5bBenjamin Stover — thumbnails
0a00ed3b1ac92eb29fd5d3ce1c98326af98d7065Benjamin Stover — merge
f1ba58a10f57f8c7e362c86ad749ebb65741a6d9Benjamin Stover — allow animated zooming to continue seemlessly if animation is already in progress
2ec5396338c04603f72bab7a9088b5b69e2ac078Benjamin Stover — fix page zoom level
770b89ac56c6f6265d69ca34e88d3cabac67d2feMatt Brubeck — [mobile2] Update Browser.zoom to use getPosition
8f15f79f173053e2ffa6027e96df5d1114961ad7Benjamin Stover — fix merge botch
91874b795d6e89a4fc96856c64b2547d1726e9e4Benjamin Stover — make formhelper work like it does in m-b trunk
170b86ea6a36eaed1d7f1f0ba850ec3f2231fbcfBenjamin Stover — fix tap highlighting
5484e321e6618720ddafbe2d2a6514b20c9d976bBenjamin Stover — add portentous comment to animated zooming that will probably not stop anyone, who are we kidding
49ba66dce510ded491a99613352c69d65d34c5a0Benjamin Stover — merge
a4b4efbab276fbb48d408aedcbcb87cecb89b24aBenjamin Stover — (half-baked) animated zoom
5fc0e9516ad22a9ba8778d975dfdd0659c1a5fffBenjamin Stover — fix clicking on things that aren't scrollboxes
07366151913659b9a7773cdc206b0ae307f6290bBenjamin Stover — merge
7c7d291231d49d38a7474f251a60dd4be6fb42b5Benjamin Stover — pending pixel stuff
25769ada9139076f18a28c66d19662b52eadf3b3Benjamin Stover — remove hack for tilemanager
1debde1c14c26f46174fb0d11aef1c561a534385Benjamin Stover — isDraggable fix
7575c0d0363c7ea119bfddf32d248a7c983d0ad9Benjamin Stover — fix input handler
b5ea748a77e106a6c0e438bcd7bd4dce48a96e7eBenjamin Stover — get rid of browserview
bd58fa365ac846959d8251d99daccaafe8e2fcbeBenjamin Stover — Add browser binding comments, make some methods internal, and rename zoomLevel to scale
823fa0d8d564b7c74bc69a5557200b9903c8a86eBenjamin Stover — use DisplayPort
d2350898f9c4408b4b6dd14f27f7624800972a42Benjamin Stover — merge with trunk
116f15d36cf181a77301424778254edb1f1f3e4cBenjamin Stover — Fixes
ed0354f2d0d80111b0bd97116b657fd4eba6c87dBenjamin Stover — take out dumps
e2747be08305adf705d6b91e1249ef1bdbdb765bBenjamin Stover — clean up and get zooming and viewport sort of working
51f1e4c456800bcbd400372608778483eea79674Benjamin Stover — support for zoom (disabled)
9b0136065de7bc97dd8be722ef0d261239f72214Benjamin Stover — remove most of browserview and begin using browser element
a86a4a8bfe58d5fadf120ad1fc860719e0e63eb4Benjamin Stover — support for caching outside of visible region (currently buggy in platform)
5e758df61f134b8fc46dda461f35cc326aef8edcBenjamin Stover — move viewport handling responsibilities to browser element (BrowserView could probably be nixed now)
786e254f7d6189abcd7229217393797f627a5737Benjamin Stover — bring back code for watching viewport size
605a3da1654e43eb7c52dbd6833a1cd838d1b262Benjamin Stover — use viewport api
787d87f847eb022b71716b3944a5d53e553a179bMatt Brubeck — Fix syntax error in AnimatedZoom.js
6555c6740f1c360a572cbe16db0c81f965751880Benjamin Stover — remove some comments about tile manager
44c17562bf07a1acc26940e0b307eae674abf30eBenjamin Stover — merge with trunk
6fabb170df185524e4c9b7fe7b40eaa5b6901ed0Benjamin Stover — fix keyboard and mouse, and remove more tile cruft
83a825ac51e1ddb7df537b13514495513fee2fd4Benjamin Stover — remove comments
a2e0ab608a71373b9a317b4bb662d61b39e52dffBenjamin Stover — panning
0a9b7b932275848e7afb6a74ec91d1d34263a475Benjamin Stover — fix
4e92db90e8dafaa15a21a47cdb06acc284552076Benjamin Stover — don't use moz transforms because they are slow right now
c22dc6c4e377b43481b87cc5039497ccc59764e5Benjamin Stover — fixes
e72162cf3b3378c0670f177cb1a09c19c6c9c3a3Chris Jones Bug 576192 - "Use browser elements for browsing surface" []
605d3f7bda0c485d25a391215606275b10737b2cMatt Brubeck Bug 596076 - Enable Jaegermonkey method JIT for Fennec chrome [r=mfinkle]
19e18b47969e8b6ee7f0afd479571e2997c87ec0Matt Brubeck — Bug 596767 - CSS workaround for crash in CalculateHypotheticalBox [r=stechz]
1db691fab2b14ac4aac3251f775ca4e3b739a85fVivien Nicolas — Bug 595839 - Unknown protocol warning dialog appears more than once [r=mfinkle]
7d030abb71e941ce7e8102ab9aba524a7427bb9cMark Finkle — Bug 596519 - Fix some Add-on Manager problems [r=vingtetun]
5e9c812b39ab4420dd9df34dc0dc7c49cfd7f938Matt Brubeck — Bug 542735 - Fire a mousemove event at the start of a click [r=mfinkle]
3d28778f8e58f04746a739a62b281d11605b4bbbMark Finkle — Bug 596427 - [Feedback] : The add URL of last visited page does not auto fill the last visited page [r=mbrubeck]
979d803fe56e4efdfacf22c5ed1b5635351526fcJan Arne Petersen — Bug 589389 - Enable plugins for MOZ_PLATFORM_MAEMO by default [r=mfinkle]
825f24c47d337742fb861d4565d6b4ccefc8469eWesley Johnston — Bug 591196 - Passwords are not remembered [r=mfinkle]
e587dbe3f969b5b0b21c1140d9432f3cde8d8301Wesley Johnston — Bug 587934 - Login manager: use notifications (part 2) [r=mfinkle]
d4471d6d666ca499e616ff64640113d4ad0a907cWesley Johnston — Bug 587934 - Login manager: use notifications (part 1) [r=mfinkle]
813715d4abe19855988afe5ebbd474a226557ecdMark Finkle — Bug 596323 - Try delay loading the feedback UI to improve startup time [r=mbrubeck]
79354a0ee236ecd3eddab83478826983dbbc3c9aMatt Brubeck — Bug 596329 - Disable "Save as PDF" on platforms where it doesn't work [r=mfinkle]
9baaf4a05692ad7bba1a93244fac62245b1f120cAlex Pakhotin — Bug 587384 - Preferences for the update service [r=rs,mfinkle]
eb3092c4f433736cefd46c567bd2f0a94e66199aMatt Brubeck — Back out changeset 20c846ba2905 (Bug 596076) until we are sure it does not cause crashes on ARM.
f06d77941c7d8250c79ef38ff91e8b75b00600faMatt Brubeck — Bug 596076 - Enable Jaegermonkey method JIT for chrome [r=mfinkle]
eb9699f3b168c0e5a850489aed3b9797123649e2Mark Finkle — Bug 596130 - Use AddonManager.UPDATE_WHEN_PERIODIC_UPDATE when checking for add-on updates [r=vingtetun]
a9db71caa4e759f8249775d0e137022006cf322eMark Finkle — Bug 595948 - Turn on Feedback for nightlies [r=mbrubeck]
04b83261231cc7b7507b4a475165e5f073f0fb43Matt Brubeck — Bug 595737 - Don't show file picker for "Save As PDF" on Android [r=mfinkle]
0b7392ed33f19ed4a0bd98919af49db84f468659Vivien Nicolas — Bug 595170 - Some single line inputs break the form filler tool [r=mfinkle]
59b649de0fc92db1fba3fe9a3b682d870510f34cVivien Nicolas — Bug 595788 - Remove unused old open search buttons style [r=mfinkle]
1abb12fc732766d9e1d4594e9a0e768f5534ed51Vivien Nicolas — Bug 587591 - FormHelper doesnt move focus properly on checkboxes [r=mfinkle]
e5637b80966cbc3e484ddeb12780f9c1b5bbd2daVivien Nicolas — Bug 595628 - warning into bindings.xml: mIgnore focus is read only [r=mfinkle]
eccb47dbd5797fefc6ea3bb1828363b13fe1d4a1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 571489 - Use calc() instead of top: 35% in the svg select arrow image [r=mfinkle]
e9937943b960bbecb64950a2fb771f8f0c65e8ffVivien Nicolas — Bug 595639 - Prevent badges handlers to access the awesome row directly [r=mfinkle]
5e510316ec4a7092230d301c20009949886c685bVivien Nicolas — Bug 595625 - AutoCompleteCache does not use the new getLabelAt method [r=mfinkle]
f2b6d43506dc81a744e116c818920dccf72aea6bVivien Nicolas — Bug 595627 - History title rows are too tall [r=mfinkle]
4c9aba38510476591ad3f285e084c115f0e396e0Doug Turner — Bug 595094 - Implement Desktop Notifications in Fennec. Factor content permission prompt impl a bit. r=mfinkle
df470131c89c4760ff34a3ef6d65c453ad3e9050Wesley Johnston — Bug 595333 - Downloads started during DownloadView initialization are added twice [r=mfinkle]
635caced437c8832f43414ff9b79ea2cf9720e62Wesley Johnston — Bug 582239 - Add 'delete file' function to download manager [r=mfinkle]
791f5b7ee42fa8b6b34e19c8cd98d793b92325dbMark Finkle — Bug 591368 - Get a Feedback XPI in to mobile-browser [r=mbrubeck]
9f2baf1caf20498df0f51cb76505f36004363203Mark Finkle — Bug 595343 - Remote tab titles are always URLs [r=mbrubeck]
7414284043f265c814abe9026160ffcb708e7e9dMatt Brubeck — Bug 595345 - Open About Mozilla link in a remote tab [r=mfinkle]
a9d023f0f8c823c2cf402d86259bfe302621fb4cMatt Brubeck — Bug 588881 - Increase default viewport width to 980px [r=mfinkle]
6b9420db098c03f2a7f870a33b0943079466ac77Wesley Johnston — Bug 594504 - Show a message to explain why downloads with no helper apps were cancelled [r=mfinkle]
11d099ed1e4c37efe583dbf4ead647d6626aa732Mark Finkle — Bug 595193 - Remove unnecessary zero new notification indicator on badges [r=vingtetun]
e155bf5b33e2704f0a1ccb98663ca8f1a0f70a1cVivien Nicolas — Bug 594751 - Error: nameField is null [about:config] [r=mfinkle]
655393ca5bf0ffc7c3f3da1025e732fa7c352383Vivien Nicolas — Bug 592115 - Swiping over url bar after the text is cleared brings back the text in a select-all highlight [r=mfinkle]
3f144cffdb7f85fdc07d593c4a2be034cd03bf5cVivien Nicolas — Bug 594827 - Page not shown when trying to open from Bookmarks or History [r=mfinkle]
ffe5b2f8336c8d0166c03df32e69932b48c51d5eDoug Turner — Bug 594261 -Rename GeolocationPrompt to ContentPermissionPrompt. r=mfinkle
2ed9faf4441aa536f337b04d8628af9589e655e3Doug Turner — Bug 594261 - Factor out geolocation prompt into something that can be reused. r=mfinkle
219b6d8ee65d97f8e2e97a3eed7cce3453373ac3Wesley Johnston — Bug 594903 - Cancelling an addon install shows the 'Not compatable' notification [r=mark.finkle]
4cf211c738a84684f13ef3a6bab1ebbb5d2f1946Mark Finkle — Bug 594816 - Add a built-in system for badge handlers [r=vingtetun]
f16aa642eb1450ed670d0ca98678f06fcbd5ae76Vivien Nicolas — Bug 592436 - Allow badging items in the awesomebar [r=mfinkle]
ed22af19046ca473676e22353a9237b7a08f4053Aditya Rao — Add missing tests files for bug Bug 570706 [r=me]
f95cb4dbee8556b6e4aebe0c510ab45aaee099f3Matt Brubeck — Bug 594350 - Allow remoting of confirmEx et al. [r=mfinkle]
901d21e84a06272c6cbb291c0e61cb24285f8911Aditya Rao — Bug 570706 - --browser-chrome Mochitests on Fennec [post navigation] [r=vingtetun]
e18a954e135ae3675fe7160e4dbe5f0724ff9345Vivien Nicolas — Bug 590517 - Add 'Open in New Tab' menu item to Awesome Screen [r=mfinkle]
16d709024bc7dd37018d99548d31fd8fef589571Vivien Nicolas — Bug 593456 - Only support the two-tap URLBar edit mode in Landscape [r=mfinkle]
730b32c3e11de85f1ca2116c889b47cdd5a72c6cVivien Nicolas — Bug 594426 - Awesome popup should internally close when asked for [r=mfinkle]
3aec611495e8409bcce633014472a709a71d0bc8Vivien Nicolas — Bug 593787: Long click on any Bookmark in Bookmark Manager doesn't always popup context menu [r=mfinkle]
28e5592fb1902a699faa99d4c60bae5735a66921Wesley Johnston — Bug 592902 - Provide a way to cleanup or stop accidental downloads [r=mfinkle]
471052b2d002dc96c291509ad39413280a1d1869Matt Brubeck — Revert some incorrect changes from bug 593499 [r=stechz]
582f22ba322cc4b0ce4a19a644385367197de4d5Mark Finkle — Bug 594491 - about:home should remove throbber images, not just hide them [r=mbrubeck]
67481a81241375fb29805c4a9632095c58f56f5aFabrice Desré — Bug 593782 - cleanup command line handling [r=mfinkle, r=fabrice]
d6712406d5fbf7ec393a53313cd313f76c5668f2Matt Brubeck — Bug 594180 - Use Function.prototype.bind instead of Util.bind [r=mfinkle]
0ab66681dd65554ebc652b0067c20b8fdb70d0f8Alon Zakai Bug 584401 - Prompts are not accessible to child process C++ (2/2) [r=mfinkle]
7fc8c723f6f72063f858333d6b44fc1a966a8fd4Alon Zakai Bug 584401 - Prompts are not accessible to child process C++ (1/2) [r=mfinkle]
ae3d4439e65329acfdc157a74d59e7e39e17d73fMark Finkle — Bug 594046 - download manager shows up behind the awesome screen when clicking on downloading notification [r=vingtetun]
c5b87178df7482aa2f43159657a352f7764f84feMark Finkle — Bug 591490 - Move the search selector button to the right of the urlbar [r=vingtetun]
3d2d26bbd2a2531ae1be4343d042d2d2228d2e63Mark Finkle — Bug 593452 - Remove the Maemo back button from the toolbar for Android [r=mbrubeck]
e61598524de2a40480e035403942ac5d79a87aa8Matt Brubeck — Bug 593499 - Increase the double-tap thresholds [r=mfinkle]
84f3af5fd282f106bc31a460ae5259b89f32935fMatt Brubeck — Bug 593518 - Fix 'null' appearing as title in Google Reader sharing [r=mfinkle]
9e8f78c7823f1bd0ac2dacd02ae51b7a8a29ababMark Finkle — Bug 593437 - [Regression] prompts from web content are broken [r=stechz]
daf0be41cbc94b139a13f552542468b2ee17fa4eVivien Nicolas — Bug 593237 - Use defineLazyGetter/defineLazyGetterService [r=mbrubeck]
56ef0d1784df463b8ae4fec7b6e8ebc9f98e5988Jeremias Bosch — Bug 586836 - Support Meego Network Managment [r=mfinkle]
0ed34990f81ccd8c06f9967ece7eca5f9f409a57Mark Finkle — Bug 593092 - Add a user-tap callback on the initial download alert [r=mbrubeck]
9517703d45c379e33e65f2aac4671980870897d6Vivien Nicolas — Bug 593001 - pageaction buttons and prompt buttons should not be highlighted if they are disabled [r=mbrubeck]
404e7296a9a6f2f8f41ae963599e010e024d4e1dVivien Nicolas — Bug 592562 - RTL small UI issues after the landing of bug 476423 [r=mfinkle]
8bd55855a71a6e9cda5e5f0ec1c40258949b6c64Wesley Johnston — Bug 537180 - Fennec uses old blocklisting URL [r=mfinkle]
7cd629579c87a79a24f01827fb0364fbb1fbb489Wesley Johnston — Bug 586009 - Context menu with a long link opens the tab sidebar when instanced [r=mfinkle]
680f18f55a5ec0526ddde55cb644ae1ff64d6539Mark Finkle — Bug 584348 - Update add-on button triggers no action on click/tap event [r=mbrubeck]
441e9c57fa8dd5803f01ffdac8812bb942c78399Wesley Johnston — Bug 573982 - make 'open' the default action for click on links/documents [r=mfinkle]
658d5bef890da575960d602e183604a9ef63537dVivien Nicolas — Bug 591927 - 'Search With' dialog keeps removing menu items on switch of AwesomeScreen panes and or rotation [r=mfinkle]
3e8ec70c70ac97473fdcac1ca47f0696655c8f9aVivien Nicolas — Bug 591701 - When loading about:home a second time, remote tabs button stays disabled [r=mfinkle]
a747b691f40e68121e59f7764d5a68d06ef9b40bVivien Nicolas — Bug 592299 - Bookmarks context menu should not appear if the current bookmark is in edit mode [r=mfinkle]
cf8d26e35a784ea01123241420a2c36e80ed1dddMark Finkle — Bug 590465 - start page option Blank Page changed after restart [r=vingtetun]
0a7d3366f307b48940889234b0856154de3b46e4Michael Wu — Bug 591514 - Don't build libmozphone on Android [r=mfinkle]
e0d6446775a29969a0c0e5bfa4844d78af8312cbBrad Lassey — bug 570514 - status bar icons for Android, required for bug 569402
222eb8ef2cab559a056e1ff878940d6f312792ccAlex Pakhotin — Bug 569402 - Show notifications in the Status Bar on Android r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
2e5294ed605b658c4191e763a526a5905cf770d5Wesley Johnston — Bug 587697 - Sharing context menu appears when panning [r=mfinkle]
e82d77267c6ae8ca752e055aac262b236ef3eb1dTimothy Nikkel — Bug 577579 - Fix event breakage from bug 130078 [r=roc,mbrubeck]
33d5b3031cd5892073a0d136be0099164dc32003Jeremias Bosch — Bug 587492 - More consistent zooming into input elements [r=vingtetun, mfinkle]
29ffa1d484e3a6b25d212e5e5676a39a636cac30Steffen Imhof — Bug 583341 - 'Lose' focus if MeeGoTouch VKB is closed by the user [r=mfinkle]
0dd8fedf01f733c52c0e3fcd95c5c5b69de0fc13Fabrice Desré — Bug 591313 - Search engine list not scrollable [r=mfinkle]
53cca13d1881775711cc9300cd28982e357d371aVivien Nicolas — Bug 590861 - return button appears instead of the close application button [r=mfinkle]
03aa50af67cb4c2263141a8765085ccac717a0ecVivien Nicolas — Bug 591133 - Identity button should open the Open Search popup list when touching the Menu button on Android [r=mbrubeck,mfinkle]
e3e522c3b1bc88567eac1a92d2e5adbfcf06289eMark Finkle — Bug 591151 - Allow auto edit-mode on key press when awesomescreen is open, but readonly [r=vingtetun]
f919686864566fc2093320e92074b42a08d55bdcDão Gottwald — Bug 581008 - Remove support for appending arbitrary data to the User Agent string, Fennec part. r=mfinkle
a4acd6e37bb5f50b20316f3b754476507d9c9127Wolfgang Rosenauer — Bug 572441 - HelperApp not opened correctly [r=blassey]
45ec3ab316d60ba213d36bb9e9a293efc6cf4710Fabrice Desré — Bug 586624 - support for nsIBrowserDOMWindow.OPEN_NEWWINDOW is broken [r=mfinkle]
53f04a81773e07250a430e0529dd23a7837f54e5Mark Finkle — Bug 591124 - Use browser scoped message manager to listen for messages [r=stechz]
cbeedff497f78f051bf300d2b11969bb26117e39Vivien Nicolas — Bug 590476 - bustage-fix [r=mbrubeck]
2193e6744e94dcecd504265debabaee3ae82ea64Vivien Nicolas — Bug 590476 - Open search engines awesome screen row take a lot of space [r=mfinkle]
ef84bd651ad7987f800ca6e9c4f0d63abaffaabaVivien Nicolas — Bug 590549 - Favicon missing from items in History tab within AwesomeScreen [r=mfinkle]
49eefc2a59257eebc77ab7b3f826e76d9f4cbefeVivien Nicolas — Bug 590779 - Virtual keyboard should not been showed on urlbar first tap - tests [r=mfinkle]
80a1e1d4e56f8163da6a959183ceed82a412ce14Vivien Nicolas — Bug 590779 - Virtual keyboard should not been showed on urlbar first tap [r=mfinkle]
a94ad6b166eaf3e0c6bcc53f72d7bd1a858e6ab8Vivien Nicolas — Bug 590317 - Mouseup on awesomescreen pane button after a drag results in a pressed down button state, but no action [r=mbrubeck]
cf1f178f3ee42e6e4203dac2ff03e4f788bab11aMatt Brubeck — Bug 582676 - Slow CSS selectors (part 4) [r=mfinkle]
80ed1a5dbbe76d3e09e2239ff466e1583aea3513Matt Brubeck — Bug 590848 - Fix newTab error in prefs-about-button [r=vingtetun]
75250818896a06463e6f0410e9ab63ef7155e422Matt Brubeck — Bug 559939 (part 1) - Add basic context menu for <video> elements [r=mfinkle]
b40d79981b2752711a646626e7142d660bdd5a1fMatt Brubeck — Bug 590246 - Swap meanings of up/down swipe gestures [r=mfinkle].
de3fe66f230096296672b3f02b12f244f3036e68Mark Finkle — Backout bug 590465 for Ts regression
df42ce97ff6a78a12b6f3e0f573c7a52720f5f6bMatt Brubeck — Bug 590246 - Multitouch swipe gestures [r=mfinkle]
a65def5b42dad444a51cd1c16aa1d080b05dd2ddVivien Nicolas — Bug 590524 - Searching for items is not working correctly [r=mfinkle]
7bf0a6c65238ff988b09d97ed9d9ff1a957392d7Vivien Nicolas — Bug 590481 - Menulist are not scrollable [r=mfinkle]
9f5213769bf782e1758e5351ff333e983b42e66bMark Finkle — Bug 581295 - Site panel doesn't disappear when tapping anywhere but the popup box UI [r=vingtetun]
6a49a3cba0bc30014aeeebecd958e64dff0ca025Mark Finkle — Bug 590465 - start page option Blank Page changed after restart [r=vingtetun]
742a67409c3f9ca90a175a246c966be050728f6bJeremias Bosch — Bug 589403 - Disable warning for mailto and tel in fennec [r=mfinkle]
b39fc179389eeb100fe8765cf77d4e2bbdd1f8e5Jan Arne Petersen — Bug 589405 - browser.ui.zoom.pageFitGranularity preference should be 9 [r=mfinkle]
b90a4528e20fc66789b5db812bf3700e4e256d23Mark Finkle — Bump version to 2.0b1pre
87b0bb5d1ade67a7704d3ae4a215d813c8c82996Matt Brubeck — Bug 589800 (fixup) - Refactor code to fix pinch zoom on local tabs [r=vingtetun]
e00dc89e95c966d161eeba98fb43997ad04e2e95Vivien Nicolas — Bug 589800 - Checkerboards are persistent on zoom of about:firstrun [r=mbrubeck]
94d2203a73c758146875947ef958c170e0db7f41Vivien Nicolas — Bug 532677 - browser_preferences_text.js failure [r=mfinkle]
536eb80129b441c1a3d2503608b0ceff3e7bc5b3Mark Finkle — Bug 590033 - Error in nsIAutoCompletePopup::invalidate (Again) [r=vingtetun]
15493853066f65501bb68db4a65e7aa1c45cae76Vivien Nicolas — Bug 532677 - FormFill: Taskbar pops up to middle of the screen with no-associated protocol error [r=mfinkle]
dc35de8a290ad7d5450db4c8686b8d6e851ca67cVivien Nicolas — Bug 559372 - Fennec start page still shows weave tabs option after logging out of Weave [r=mfinkle]
16c9494f7dae524dc0711f7336675b19fa47154dVivien Nicolas — Bug 588942 - Error in LoginManagerChild.js : foundLogins is undefined [r=mfinkle]
3e920d27dbab5c20b8dcd2b17d12310807d15538Vivien Nicolas — Bug 588443 - Form assistant bottom black border is connected to options box rather than controls bar [r=mbrubeck]
9f4c1ac066a3ec4b738f5caf3e79423292fbd02dVivien Nicolas — Bug 436069 - Unify history, bookmarks, awesomebar search and remote tabs into a single UI - (part 2) [r=mfinkle]
bf61445207a7498863e2428efe6fdc3ec9f7bbd8Vivien Nicolas — Bug 436069 - Unify history, bookmarks, awesomebar search and remote tabs into a single UI [r=mfinkle]
a03c3109f8e7adf8242255b480bbb7d2ef87effaVivien Nicolas — Bug 582745 - Errors during browser_bookmarks_star.js tests [r=mfinkle]
eb4a450cc4b2efa6bfd7ab2622061446cfd3022aWesley Johnston — Bug 561099 - Long filenames make the download dialog span out past the viewable area [r=mfinkle]
8013c247548facc8fde66c4a4d30c7fde9848c88Wesley Johnston — Bug 586296 - Use Geometry.jsm for Point and Rect [r=mfinkle]
b3d051b39c5945a12ce7002a2e7c939452c0f861Mark Finkle — Bug 589042 - Restrict libebook to only loading when used and never on Android [r=vingtetun]
8cdec6ce0bd7670e3c11ab5d080f0b6f3db2d881Wesley Johnston — Bug 588072 - Progress bar appears under wrong add-on when installing from search list [r=mfinkle]
73c207d2e6702d87feffe228e035c0383b028c62Jan Arne Petersen Bug 476423 - Add support for RTL locales [r=mbrubeck]
3f9b0c3ed0d83d522835bd15073a8364341d5e0bMatt Brubeck — Bug 586306 - Hide sharing dialog before showing more dialogs [r=mfinkle]
ca2779db976f198123fa6ea0334cc7b265da323aMatt Brubeck — Bug 586313: Fire an event when panning finishes [r=mfinkle]
4e200383acfecd7d7496cb5de17f539e40d467a9Matt Brubeck — Bug 584785: Restrict sharing based on URI scheme [r=mfinkle]
d99901d1331af55002f599d434a868176230685fWesley Johnston — Bug 568896 - Update about:firstrun for Fennec 2.0a1 (fixup) [r=mfinkle]
0cbc33348546e4cf29923a47c73deb5ab1cd839dMatt Brubeck — Bug 588847 - Fix black screen by always hiding the viewBuffer [r=stechz]
b3ff64a19a4a69e6d7d9edb41d8a8d08691bd799Wesley Johnston — Bug 568896 - Update about:firstrun for Fennec 2.0a1 [r=mfinkle]
13a32307f04ededefd4d2156749ba19a6b9310ebJan Arne Petersen — Bug 588713 - Fennec should set docShell.isActive correctly [r=mfinkle]
531384b45203b064b0b1a5b1b500d2d33b238fb1Mark Finkle — Bug 588595 - Adjust number of tiles count down [r=stechz]
6dc371ba453dcda00d817a77d538e11623e2519aMatt Brubeck — Bug 588452 - Don't render to zoom snapshot canvas before prior render finishes [r=stechz]
32846dc8980fcfbbad739b37f59d936b3e8f02deWes Johnston — Bug 584790 - "Remove image preloader code" [r=mark.finkle]
2e845f32262cfd58854d1479de378e707a8751e4Benjamin Stover — Bug 588135 - Fennec - Cannot submit forms [r=mfinkle]
09ad2b1d62e66f35dd725f7881b4d45590ed9a7eMark Finkle — Bug 588151 - HelperAppDlg doesn't do anything for Nothing [r=mbrubeck]
3ec69509aa52a104be1f4c0a4084d59477a3aaddMatt Brubeck — Back out bug 540008 because it causes jerky panning on device.
60f6c44808ea5ebf3b376d73621548e3b4d03e29Matt Brubeck — Backed out changeset 83c0cc5c14db
89dd39bfdf438fd9b8eb2f72ec281ca460f94ffbMark Finkle Bug 552828 - "update Form History to work with Electrolysis" [r=mfinkle]
722be6c5a15f2a77d3da1741d3f7691c6ce94eccVivien Nicolas — Bug 586317 - Add Search Engine option is always offered even after adding [r=mfinkle]
b13fdc7e4a421a9e9a6474625957e0b0ce56bce8Vivien Nicolas — Bug 587991 - site menu background colors is wrong sometimes [r=mbrubeck]
94614ab5efdef30566cef2d56dbfaf09404b797dVivien Nicolas — Bug 587663 - Bustage fix [r=stechz]
80d4ad06e4038fe5228be18db6a1669f9d1bfc53Matt Brubeck — Bug 587951 - Fix loop in escape/back key handling [r=mfinkle]
1b7ae6166091ffb00e0c154d32edd72d30eb25c2Benjamin Stover — Bug 587663 - Page only paints once during load [r=mfinkle]
b0446d0c22ed8668aea7858c43b4f2802dd52658Benjamin Stover — Bug 587814 - Smoother panning using mozAnimationFrame (pt 2) [r=mfinkle]
709cb7795753dcf76a63e5a55a09cc6a8c3f1f39Mark Finkle — Bug 587929 - Some typos found in PageActions and Forget Password [r=mbrubeck]
49d7e38013fe3b6d8085e92030f1181651a0f453Benjamin Stover — Bug 552827 - fennec - login manager - e10s: do not use pref branches [r=mfinkle]
4ab11d2060b33ca6a3f2533cfa285944d1db199cBenjamin Stover — Bug 552827 - fennec - login manager - e10s [r=dolske]
fbf4a8bf612cd8c4ba42f8c3f990a17f74139917Benjamin Stover — Bug 587814 - Smoother panning using mozAnimationFrame [r=mfinkle]
3d135a627fa4fd02700d45207868de9004cbb91fMatt Brubeck — Bug 540008 - stop kinetic scrolling when user taps screen [r=vingtetun]
d5a1eae38759f457f1bdc0e8f41907965d7f1859Matt Brubeck — Bug 587223 - fix exception in AnimatedZoom.js while zooming out [r=mfinkle]
5ba7a3d59319ae7848c55c485c96c9105e6bb829Matt Brubeck — Bug 556069 - API for addons to add their own PageActions to the site menu
a901e2b0753049b846555ce388a38191cad9ac98Matt Brubeck Bug 584865 - Use IPC context for zooming canvas [r=mark.finkle]
c791799b1fefacc4d7d0712202a5ce09836995edMark Finkle — Bug 586122 - Clusters do not get cleared with switching Sync profiles [r=philikon]
05cdb7bd3095df71bba62a2a66ddb0a020687f7dMatt Brubeck — Bug 585771 - Fennec needs to call SetIsActive() on its nsIWebBrowser [r=mfinkle]
964b68f0a561430949f0b93cc34f097560983deaMatt Brubeck — Bug 586074 - Remove resize handles from textareas [r=mfinkle]
4e61e8b790bd6026db0b2a08116e7c0c52bf3dfaMatt Brubeck — Bug 583770 - Close the blank tab before opening an about: page in a new local tab [r=mfinkle]
3065f2121b0929d858da19fb332a1bdac3c34b01Brian Crowder — Fix Service/Services typo, r=mfinkle
ac46b1916ff3e44b4ea77066a2d02997ac3db9c3Matt Brubeck — Bug 583783 - Keyboard shortcuts do not work in remote tabs [r=mfinkle]
8112100d6fbde7b2d1d01aa26811e8961e77c539Mark Finkle — Bug 583369 - Unable to save new string values in about:config settings [r=mbrubeck]
fdab06485700c92547ca9386719a4aa63b4dc316Matt Brubeck — Bug 585159 - Fix color in prompt headers on Linux [r=stechz]
57d03d788fbc2451a65b26724fb657b2a376480dChris Jones — Bug 584584: Call LogInit() before creating XPCOM things. r=blassey
b83e13bc6caed8682769da3f8383bcbbc1db19b4Aditya Rao Bug 571866 - browser-chrome test for fennec preferences and text values [r=mbrubeck]
032f26d919fc74ae11f8d9df34f68498ba6b0d7bMatt Brubeck — Bug 584545 - Make "Find" bar a popup, so it can be dismissed with escape/back key [r=mfinkle]
af59a131f6823c020a4fdfcff6c294f2e8289543Matt Brubeck — Bug 584537 - Don't try to prestart content process on non-IPC build [r=dougt]
cd9605183f81753348e0f42f8c623fa8a6b69d1eJim Chen Bug 570603 - "Autocomplete should search while composing on Android" [r=mark.finkle]
3a07bb2b13364c3f0536621e0d6b24d28a6be5eeMatt Brubeck — Bug 584049 - Fix null exception in edit bookmark dialog [r=stechz]
0572e3c9815e58d12aed5f11bbb7400452915797Matt Brubeck — Bug 583828 - Fix zoom level calculation in _getZoomRectForRect [r=stechz]
9881ebe75e0562d11e2524242d835786a3a857aeMatt Brubeck — Bug 583843 - Check for null in getAttribute("type") [r=mfinkle]
4aab8505004ea8ae226d00fe18cf8cbf8629f8ebMark Finkle — Bug 583238 - Investigate ways to pass more context to FAC.autoCompleteSearch [r=mbrubeck]
18a74db24178baf4068a2cb9af0ebc7af0bd5f89Matt Brubeck Bug 579555 - Fix the destination coordinates for double-tap zoom [r=stechz]
cb54c18ddcbecaff4d0a720ea2d674ffeb46fbeeDoug Turner — Bug 582032 - Pre-start content process [r=mfinkle]
9a362db982b71d399c4e07015b3c211589da096cMatt Brubeck — Bug 582676 - Slow CSS selectors in mobile-browser/themes/core (pt 3) [r=mfinkle]
9e8c970cc961e2b7fb9e3907c0b5fa01c92b209aMatt Brubeck — Bug 582676 - Slow CSS selectors in mobile-browser/themes/core (pt 2) [r=mfinkle]
21795b8b9a8b622cb8daa313e070d8ba8effab56Mark Finkle — Bug 578691 - Add contact support to form autocomplete (Maemo) [r=vingtetun]
ba396f2efc5b7bd244ef34dd732fffaa030f20eeMatt Brubeck — Bug 582615 - Sharing front-end [r=mfinkle]
eb6927c0b56d50bd1736fedfa8ed3e706d0e0915Matt Brubeck — Bug 581999 - fix typo [r=mfinkle]
c54478d9ef3b9d244b9132f7a588bb8b5147019bMatt Brubeck — Bug 582676 - Fix slow CSS selectors in mobile-browser/themes/core (pt 1) [r=mfinkle]
c0d2d5c509846a92f59a434be5b78d71e2285f8dMatt Brubeck — Bug 581999 - "Make it easier for add-ons to extend the context menu"
9369c15beb2ed0a096da7127c38339963f6c1799Matt Brubeck Bug 581999 - "Make it easier for add-ons to extend the context menu" [r=mark.finkle]
dd5850a4238a7a3214ee67391254911aa3c8f951Matt Brubeck — Bug 582767 - Use more sensible increment for textbox[type=number] [r=mfinkle]
fd711555f90549b0bab18f186f775b076edda981Matt Brubeck — Bug 582804 - Keyboard shortcut for Find in page [r=mfinkle]
42a7f8d1ee3fac82b7def5a698628c06afb2e4b6Alon Zakai — Bug 573635 - e10s: resolve changes to prompt code from m-c merge [r=mfinkle]
ce55997467e3c0ad26709d27d69677c21a624a8dMatt Brubeck — Bug 582706 - [regression] Escape key broken by bug 581561 [r=mfinkle]
13d3fd09e5a2f09814f4d27945b55a2487430e78Mark Finkle — Bug 581568 - fix browser_bookmarks.js to work with e10s [r=mfinkle]
0f33bc3650ae1c5b6af070e08cfb252685ebc663Mark Finkle — Bug 582560 - Backspace should not act as back button inside input fields [r=mbrubeck]
32aaa661b24f600c576a3885e0f23389512e3576Jeremias Bosch — Bug 580230 - Cannot submit forms [r=mfinkle]
01859d900b88e37e2cc72d35b1ffe66148a189e8Mark Finkle — Bug 582684 - Fix syntax problem from bug 581958 [r=vingtetun]
2cf4257aaa995f59c2a4a3d189bf4c0c212b1dc0Matt Brubeck — Bug 582095 - Remove Sync Addon URL from default bookmark list [r=mfinkle]
e7a6216aec49bba87e40d98d79d59d1bb1f499a7Vivien Nicolas — Bug 582190 - ContextMenu should resize when switching the window orientation [r=mfinkle]
946f9085be0345162a1e4d49126fc6f1ef440f35Vivien Nicolas — Bug 581139 - Add a working infrastructure for e10s tests [r=mfinkle,jmaher]
36cf91ef87c7fddbb4ff36118c6a03e62eaeb925Mark Finkle — Bug 581958 - Filter web progress messages to improve performance [r=vingtetun]
93e560aa168d24fe5c09140f62d29e8701e6881bJoel Maher — Bug 581568 - fix browser_bookmarks.js to work with e10s [r=vingtetun]
3c0d39ecb115074e98b6788730eadd1890bca258Vivien Nicolas — Bug 581561 - Tapping outside the contextmenu to dismiss it should not fire a click [r=mfinkle]
7686681231cad3f24beeab45d07ffbabf6bb2a29Matt Brubeck — Bug 581480 - textbox[type='search'] icons are clipped on Android [r=mfinkle]
b4baf8ea12fad015f403aeb23920fedc8d40e522Vivien Nicolas — Bug 581252 - Replace 'Manage' button in the Bookmarks List with a context menu item [r=mfinkle]
baccee8dfec40b448dda454e5add20c1760b1622Mark Finkle — Backout Bug 570603 (breaks autocomplete on Android) [r=me]
90c23ee0f5c2c2eb77fe7563fba124ff76cb9149Vivien Nicolas — Bug 572804 - Disabled optgroup handling of the form manager is buggy [r=mfinkle]
ee75dfabdc6230616ee8cd5365b413bd8e02afccMark Finkle — Bug 581331 - BrowserUI.goToURI should always apply third-party fixup to URI [r=vingtetun]
cf382ec3b5ff5a97b5cbe37e5cc10c4fb2c9e87bMark Finkle — Bug 581026 - Can't see 'Confirm close' prompt while browsing bookmarks [r=mbrubeck]
75544c41a88cc2ad3d36fd7e3612e66ad4e37d04Vivien Nicolas — Bug 581097 - [Regression] Find Bar comes up in place of formfill [r=mfinkle]
5840b05bd4b1c0c06e317b786dffd872c5bae36eMatt Brubeck — Bug 575581 - Default keyword search does not work for single-word keywords [r=mfinkle]
725e79210addfa6c54b810e3022a42ed898c5302Matt Brubeck — Bug 581088 - Don't zoom to inline elements on double-tap [r=mfinkle]
ad8ebd40ccd6ee48442ddd4c1da025c27a0052caJosh Matthews — Bug 580382 - Typos and misc cleanups in mobile js. r=mfinkle
74ece844d129d2c29062b24d231ca5182cf952a2Jim Chen — Bug 570603 - Autocomplete should search while composing on Android [r=mfinkle]
cc42913918da92cfcdccd5a62fc1ac6402137c8aVivien Nicolas — Bug 580639 - Uninstall for disabled add-ons doesn't work. [r=mfinkle]
3e18409102780411cf1e98a36282296da65c94d0Matt Brubeck — Bug 580193 - Sending application in background using Back button causes focused tab to close [r=mfinkle]
3fba1d5da9cb31053b50e3359ceef52e50434792Mark Finkle — Bug 580211 - 'Your tabs from last time' section doesn't display tabs from last session after a restart [r=vingtetun]
fc4f8951e11c50d516a48097695e615e0aa1e1fdMark Finkle — Bug 580995 - Fennec opens new tabs too aggressively [r=vingtetun]
4aa88b332feb6f60407757b1e8c7d39e2da53fc6Mark Finkle — Bug 580999 - Fix browser_viewport tests [r=mbrubeck]
46cd5b0d688cd657ca3c8283dcea1e82e72c7f72Matt Brubeck — Bug 580474 - Slow script warning from TileManager.js
61024744dcae3077b471de995ad9d21e63b62edeVivien Nicolas — Bug 580576 - Clicking 'Share your location' in Fennec fails with an error in GeolocationPrompt.js [r=mfinkle]
235a53d21a91b3449939e539a87142cd67b2aaeaVivien Nicolas — Bug 580242 - Add a filter textbox in the select helper UI [r=mfinkle]
396e74a708a6c1dac95bf479aba674ecbc225393Vivien Nicolas — Bug 580213 - Enhance the look of Form Assistant and Find-In-Page [r=mfinkle]
18f610f0737a425bc66f3fc7c22c2c8dbc874ceeVivien Nicolas — Bug 580293 - Next/Previous buttons are enabled when search field is empty [r=mfinkle]
695f0f53912b929128f7a4f2958f5365ff73b3adVivien Nicolas — Bug 526045 - Form Fill UI does not dissapear when un-focusing from fields [r=mfinkle]
d9314ab925ca946a07c52c665ce0a6318a9d56f1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 573566 - URL Bar highlights on every tap [r=mfinkle]
55afccb72da44f867664e6a30001e9aa6da9fe89Vivien Nicolas — Bug 559651 - Remove EventInfo wrapper [r=mfinkle]
fa60222212c217dc50574147bb2dbfed1a6b8028Vivien Nicolas — Bug 579866 - [regression] Form fill interferes with custom input autocomplete arrow keys [r=mfinkle]
0a43dfa18cd55e973454dd7b1bd5c2cbb424846fVivien Nicolas — Bug 541817 - Fennec needs find in page functionality [r=mfinkle]
c6716dfe0737720660374ce3f44aebe422b87016Mark Finkle — Bug 579361 - Enhance SessionStore service in Fennec [r=vingtetun]
cbf83ee8e2b10f074894988985510482b7f3ee03Mark Finkle — Bug 578711 - Opening two copies of 'Tabs from my Other Computers' closes Fennec [r=vingtetun]
02e4b4ed3fa2bb679befd891a19e6ea907e4bb75Mark Finkle — Bug 579340 - Miscellaneous code cleanup [r=vingtetun]
4d5b9427101ebfc18d850756ebc20da383a32766Vivien Nicolas — Bug 578672 - Need sendSyncMessage for messages that require a return value [r=mfinkle]
541d41478a618ce653b5ad64f5d61ae3162b3621Vivien Nicolas — Bug 573561 - Simplify the Form Assistant code in forms.js [r=mfinkle]
9b61ea422c732bb2d982c4987f9920b80898a374Vivien Nicolas — Bug 578636 - Cannot close Fennec when right slide menu is on focus [r=mfinkle]
f254fa7a10bebc433173fbd5c8f58e85205717dcVivien Nicolas — Bug 578679 - on desktop linux, about:config doesn't display in the browser window [r=mfinkle]
241eea888156b6ac0e52e852a369bdc404d31e00Vivien Nicolas — Bug 573560 - Simplify the Form Assistant code in browser-ui.js [r=mfinkle]
a5e5f492e98a218e665c8aaffc1eacd189a35dc1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 524566 - Form Fill UI hovers over sidebars [r=mfinkle]
98999c955ee6e5b7194994a4430968c4330bfd7eMatt Brubeck — Bug 578122 - Use Services.jsm in Fennec [r=mfinkle]
bce4e416fd3ffcff78d5f1a91785d9532f8437a0Matt Brubeck — Bug 578236 - Updates for Sanitizer code in Fennec [r=mfinkle]
cf1683f3b814aef073fd542a07ff95329bbad9bdMatt Brubeck — Bug 576396 - Pinch zoom allows zooming out past minimum (page-fit) level [r=mfinkle]
132dd5270c13c1fe21a8dfd6b51341235819bf29Bug 578018 - Contextmenu is show even if preventDefault has been called [r=mfinkle] — Vivien Nicolas <>
712a168618796eef5dab2afae62430ee22eccf2cMark Finkle — Bug 575999 - Context menu pops up when clicking on links (missed a nit) [r=me]
8752de3db1fc88827913bb3449707ea5b556c8cbVivien Nicolas — Bug 575999 - Context menu pops up when clicking on links [r=mfinkle]
f20e2f6da064bb1fab8ad8b0c54c0ce2c68cfd24Vivien Nicolas — Bug 575998 - [Regression] double-tap zooms to the bottom left/right of the screen instead of where the user tapped [r=mfinkle]
9077f5a079fc1a322c4b796a9542cd7f63ba463cMatt Brubeck — Bug 577429 - Temporarily disable contextmenu in Fennec [r=mfinkle]
47b71fe6798d0f19f4ab6385119b6f88a39bf69bMark Finkle — Bug 576343 - Make sure search provider loads are in a remote browser [r=mbrubeck]
b6a3acc77e44ffb6187a7fdc4ad91fd3c8a495c0Vivien Nicolas — Bug 562717 - Form helper should disappear when reloading the page [r=mfinkle]
b335f24b2e7d592bd83fb1c9c39d56e8b7dc5eb1Benjamin Smedberg — Fix typo from bug 568691.
e2dc78500ba68e2d336a3df61faeec6e3a6a7913Vivien Nicolas — Bug 518673 - Strange grid on pushed-in manage button [r=mfinkle]
753b296b41019557b8dfdf3e66f31ec08ee80a7aVivien Nicolas — Bug 560426 - Form fill interferes with custom input autocomplete arrow keys [r=mfinkle]
8a06ecf16a5544d91057ec277184815e7fb0d7d7Mark Finkle — Bug 576330 - Minor code cleanup [r=vingtetun]
a45f4801e170075474ca07e703ddeb7fa35c253fBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 568691 - component registration changes for mobile-browser, r=mfinkle
8ca780f9c8f91c89c7e990d29afad4758d5ad8f0Benjamin Smedberg — Commit the .manifest filed I forgot for bug 568691.
9331c0f0df18893c73acc7b0931eee75c62a75a6Benjamin Smedberg — Changes to component registration for mobile-browser from bug 568691.
5157401d74e966e0bc2aeb8647121851d22a4f48Mark Finkle — Bug 576179 - Remove return {} hack used for sync messages [r=vingtetun]
ed9e9c678b0fd98027c13e4b4193338f97552d8aMatt Brubeck — Bug 576022 - Password Manager does not fill in password immediately after selecting username [r=mfinkle]
f066fd6b74487cb0f888342e7ff065804c80e431Mark Finkle — Bug 449900 - handle --chrome command line argument [r=vingtetun]
4e8b6499036abba7214ab784aedcfe426501c5c7Matt Brubeck — Bug 547307 - Cannot reach the bottom of the page using keyboard (scrolling to the bottom, End, Page Down, arrow keys) [r=mfinkle]
d7bf0b3b7b0be09d4dfa6aa71247e56ed09520acMark Finkle — Bug 575993 - Sync Now and Disconnect buttons clickable before being connected [r=mbrubeck]
6f8ad1be8eae2a1c780390323ce6ee2448b41bafMatt Brubeck — Bug 574045 - "[e10s] Tiles don't update while panning" [r=stechz]
009428469bc27e7ac532dc232fbb9001765e3f6fVivien Nicolas — Bug 575939 - View is pannable once context menu has been displayed [r=mfinkle]
be44142cc0f05d263876948e61900cf31b2793a8Sudarsana Nagineni — Bug 575577 - Cannot complete forms or input text in any field [r=mfinkle]
817100d863f62a30da5d04c54df85772890f6c86Mark Finkle — Bug 574857 - Fix broken test in browser_preferences_basic.js (remove hardcoded value) [r=mfinkle]
23da913d66fa8ec4fabdd26b90e9704a01539ad9Brad Lassey — bug 575433 - Remove nsTelProtocol handler r=mfinkle
072cd39f0c4d4ad6db83df9c58861df13ddb5066Matt Brubeck — Bug 575808 - Fix broken tests in browser_click_content.js [r=mfinkle]
57099eff2390c77355d30e25d4d5b1a6f707fceaMatt Brubeck — Bug 574857 - Fix broken test in browser_preferences_basic.js [r=mfinkle]
fee2fe97b1f4ed5380df5ddc02ef970ba1786783Mark Finkle — Bug 575807 - ContextMenu appears after a double-click [r=vingtetun]
96ef534a1ab7fe50635e44248e684ce9facd312eMark Finkle — Bug 575775 - Begin theme file reorganization [r=mbrubeck]
55a1b13435088238ba735e30b21e91b2e6525cb1Matt Brubeck — Bug 575295 - Clicking links broken after scrolling via in-page (uri fragment) link [r=vingtetun]
4fd1df1617f55cebe1961dd3c822cc740b6c8036Vivien Nicolas — Bug 575579 - Errors when loading the panel error console [r=mfinkle]
e814b30343d0855741064176b204847a5c723eedMark Finkle — Bug 574006 - Support context menu and open-in-new-tab behavior [r=vingtetun]
1601c6d8807e8b85e2fcec59dca62b605fc62fbeMark Finkle — Bug 571898 - port 1.4 Sync UI for Fennec to mobile-browser (missed review comments) [r=mbrubeck]
832942d1b0ba41bd34e90bb867842d88f08fd796Mark Finkle — Bug 571898 - port 1.4 Sync UI for Fennec to mobile-browser [r=mbrubeck]
1360a14130ae835d3ba992f7974d1b4a85fd793fMark Finkle — Bug 575477 - Error in nsIAutoCompletePopup::invalidate [r=vingtetun]
3ff050b9b189012add52e351a2bc61ad662e94feMark Finkle — Bug 575508 - [e10s] Add consts and QI to fake webNavigation object [r=vingtetun]
b207656d6a9a24d2b83403014cb89989f0547225Matt Brubeck — Bug 574332 - [e10s] Convert sendSyncMessage calls to sendAsyncMessage [r=mfinkle]
1576a3c4c2fc2d1a740c10294648e5b3d3447bb9Jaakko Kiviluoto — Bug 437957 - Animate zoom [r=mfinkle]
3d16d57ec774df225a011cd9cc5b8a2430c3a020Matt Brubeck — Bug 573130 - Override nsIPromptFactory, nsIPrompt, and nsIAuthPrompt(2?) for Fennec [r=mfinkle]
06bddf04233501e1f0d5c0f1a8f827764ef6543aMatt Brubeck — Bug 574737 - Theme regressions from bug 572236: No tab borders or checkerboard [r=mfinkle]
fec39f4839580ff603cf8d7c2dfb2ab3795eaa5bMark Finkle — Bug 574699 - Move FormSubmitObserver to content process [r=vingtetun]
8c8588171a14e98868f1cec462137f19ba9a5971Mark Finkle — Bug 574683 - Local XUL pages (about:config) are not rendering [r=vingtetun]
6e1cc8e8c5681267b7630e135bc429ea028ec15fBenjamin Stover — Bug 552809 - Intermittent NS_ERROR_FAILURE when calling asyncDrawXULElement [r=mfinkle]
8cca14b4238661769f98f25551b4574599a98125Mark Finkle — Bug 574123 - Add support for zoom-to-rect for zooming to an element [r=mbrubeck]
3624fa787fd5723113433eed6274f8ca1dc01ecfMatt Brubeck — Bug 572236 - urlbar not focused after mousedown inside editarea and mouseup inside textbox [r=mfinkle]
47191a7fd0d59a30c6c18ad62aa87d0371e807c0Mark Finkle — Bug 574123 - Add support for zoom-to-rect for zooming to an element [r=mbrubeck]
62be8fb056329c6c61cedd69097acc37fdc40ef3Mark Finkle — Bug 574260 - Remove last uses of contentWindow and contentDocument [r=vingtetun]
7aa7b52837038f5654b7d8051ed81eed327902abBenjamin Stover — Bug 574117 - Page content never updates [r=mfinkle]
25e99945b9ad6477551abcc0aa647cc3ccf04ddaMark Finkle — Bug 574248 - Use preprocessor to set browser.tabs.remote correctly [r=mbrubeck]
b0349d25599c87c9a677c40e92f7a9565415fb72Mark Finkle — Bug 573908 - Tab thumbnail must support remote tabs [r=vingtetun r=mbrubeck]
b8ea6cb54f89404ffb4f5e260616a10020279f43Mark Finkle — Bug 573902 - Remove any panning and zooming code that doesn't work in e10s [r=mbrubeck]
d7c90dcdb16b22f09e2f9c494e66f749d678a896Vivien Nicolas — Bug 573732 - Clicking a link with multiple rendered rects doesn't work [r=mfinkle]
c53748d253a4b4cf26017e14a81209b9944d4773Matt Brubeck — Bug 573798 - urlbar loses focus when touched a second time [r=mfinkle]
d7f75adbb26dd5ad06e77cac9b405bf7ea131a63Mark Finkle — Bug 573666 - Remove tab state and sacrificing system [r=vingtetun]
5aa7b90dee04525396a1c48ec3ba151949153298Mark Finkle — Bug 570823 - [e10s] Add scrollTo / scrollBy message based API to browser binding [r=vingtetun]
a154abe24d1c9c7a16538cdb259c045ef323be15Mark Finkle — Bug 573672 - Use getDefaultFileName in an e10s-safe way [r=vingtetun]
1054c77dfee85f277af735f9c7e547defe53856bVivien Nicolas — Bug 573579 - Rename the ViewportMetadata message sent from content.js [r=mbrubeck]
b5aa12aaf59a5d282f56fddded1727d6c220368aVivien Nicolas — Bug 566288 - [e10s] Move FormHelper code into its own file [r=mfinkle]
13684cca16292dbeadf6b101c541209abc66f866Vivien Nicolas — Bug 572992 - Wrong favicon displayed for a page opened in a new tab [r=mfinkle]
a00c3a60c136dd56dca773f316f20f1e561a0023Vivien Nicolas — Bug 573041 - Clicker code should happen on content side [r=mfinkle]
21a1e676bc9d3265e1a4859764d9d93f08955a36Vivien Nicolas — Bug 573443 - Remove Util.Timeout in Util.js [r=mfinkle]
e78a4ef0d3f7686490df469fdfdc23a3c4ad25f7Mark Finkle — Bug 572963 - Fix some select binding and css errors [r=vingtetun]
8fb61693f57eae6cdb91ef725f441fff270b9e23Matt Brubeck — Bug 515409 - closing a tab should go back to opening tab [r=mfinkle]
577021b2c59dc6678b203a362a7af33ea4dd5bd6Matt Brubeck — Bug 572716 - Escape does not dismiss SelectHelper popup [r=mfinkle]
13f4a0f00c448bf148e35db01ee7aee3bb64228fBen Parr — Bug 568728: Update Fennec to use AddonRepository.jsm. r=mfinkle, r=dtownsend
840acf753e00b8932f6c6578dec2fc6419a6e14eMatt Brubeck — Bug 568927 - Back button should close Fennec activity and return to the previous application [r=alexp r=mfinkle]
f96a7037c7e17d0976adf49446e677e862fdc9fcMark Finkle — Bug 552832 - Make about: pages in Fennec be local, in-content UI [r=mbrubeck r=vingtetun]
bdd353e67e8a5cefde98fef6f2db403631cf45beMark Finkle — Bug 572214 - [e10s] Add support for remote and local rendering [r=vingtetun]
5567c80b6eb51391c4720c0feaa03aad7ccef168Vivien Nicolas — Bug 571868 - Pull identity data from message data [r=mfinkle]
2eebce9cb2c480ebdf7bda4df46f19b05e2d4c3bVivien Nicolas — Bug 572399 - Add a preference to enable click hold context menu [r=mfinkle]
0a8d6549cd4488575433f0b65e0fdb41d30a87bdVivien Nicolas — Bug 572101 - debug prefs are resetted often while debugging [r=mfinkle]
c63ddcf2ddd790522a962d9a3e1b50d7e4e64986Mark Finkle — Bug 572276 - Fix contract-id for the web-install-prompt [r=mbrubeck]
a7214dfb3d07022d2b981f8bc464a07dbf50b8c1Mark Finkle — Bug 570201 - Prompts should allow linebreaks [r=vingtetun]
6d64924f7851559b26d3a9d86aef1d968c673b4dMatt Brubeck — Bug 515409 - closing a tab should go back to opening tab [r=mfinkle]
d20643c6f46343b89dbb8430605e804ba780e346Mark Finkle — Bug 571812 - Remove setIcon (followup fix) [r=vingtetun]
319f17290cd59cb58b53418396aca17036f31b4bMark Finkle — Bug 571895 - Stop using nsILoadGroup to get URI [r=vingtetun]
4d0e90b743161f0a47a3425d33ce9de3fa6ddefbMark Finkle — Bug 571882 - Use messages for handling offscreen browser property [r=vingtetun]
f67966867bccdab6e02fda73cfcb27a6a3ab03d1Matt Brubeck — Bug 540506 - when focus is in the search box of the addons manager and you close the browser tools, keyboard stays up [r=mfinkle r=vingtetun]
177f2450087e8d2c1a5968ea8f64e5cd3f23a9c8Mark Finkle — Bug 571812 - Remove setIcon [r=vingtetun]
d098b16ce883a2c4e83b943e65c7f046aeacc6d9Mark Finkle — Bug 571814 - Remove PluginObserver [r=vingtetun]
856ebbdc78055bd4f03a87c8d5042d7d8b650cd1Matt Brubeck — Bug 528472 - Hide tooltips in desktop Fennec builds [r=mfinkle]
3c139d1d5c90d9b34c309c9a51accd8d175a951eMatt Brubeck — Bug 522167 - tc.isOccupied is not a function in error console [r=mfinkle]
c01409ba1b05ddae803ec2e25ab9310c98b24c5fAditya Rao — Bug 489158 - --browser-chrome Mochitests on Fennec [preferences] [r=jmaher r=mfinkle]
45f957ce844c048cbc1570abec65e8c385d0246bMark Finkle — Bug 571371 - [e10s] Move BrowserView event handling to message-based API [r=vingtetun]
fbf868ef90bc8326607342ee813bed1f6f3da24dvingtetun — Bug 559862 - Oversized dropdown elements on Litmus [r=mfinkle]
a07f58cc80f3cd44974054b21ac6964060e140edChris Jones — Bug 571254: Link jemalloc into xulrunner-less fennec. r=mfinkle
540da795c3c631c7a066b14701423bacbeb43917Matt Brubeck — Bug 571339 - ViewportHandler should use DOMWindowCreated [r=mfinkle]
32c722dc928b81d4259a5ca98953a85e7573df68Mark Finkle — Bug 571070 - [e10s] Add support for cross process keyevents [r=stechz]
3f70fd00c9b0b8e431bc99ccc573cd418ad1f57bVivien Nicolas — Bug 570745 - [f10s] Save As PDF menu does nothing [r=mfinkle]
70e03eb070a95a26b70216db412491a1f454575dMatt Brubeck — Bug 566500 - e10s: Move viewport metadata support into the browser XBL binding [r=mfinkle]
e2d43f22d4b261b24f24ec1fb65b8b96146e9b11Vivien Nicolas — [f10s] Remove isRootWindow and use currentInnerWindowId instead [r=mfinkle]
8a7e5e1eb14ddbbb5ab9707fdc53dc0d95bb501aMark Finkle — Bug 570736 - Split bindings/browser.xml into a local-browser and remote-browser bindings (bustage fix) [r=vingtetun]
c6573d577cea9c178370ccc3f5d6b3d01e253344Mark Finkle — Bug 570736 - Split bindings/browser.xml into a local-browser and remote-browser bindings [r=vingtetun]
800538e6325ace7d5620e2bfc7ec1549faf57895Vivien Nicolas — Bug 566640 - [f10s] Move mIconURL to browser.xml [r=mfinkle]
5d8938f28046023d99126f6cfe56e2c4e2a7a8d0Brad Lassey — bug 555351 - fix qt packaging r=mfinkle
5f1c8061e585f9228234e8a15164181ec95b5df6Mark Finkle — Bug 568092 - e10s: Add a messsage API for DOMTitleChanged/DOMLinkAdded/etc [r=vingtetun]
84726991b491719396f9d0f2f74104025e344cd5Mark Finkle — Bug 570588 - Move current versions of remote browser bindings and remote content script to mobile-browser [r=mbrubeck]
2c96550f395e948bb6a0ffb1f881c2afa277d639Mark Finkle — Bug 570156 - Convert download dialog to a nsIPromptService prompt (missed a nit) [r=mbrubeck]
9943602fb55bba0bbf2216fd59f2d359de3fc709Mark Finkle — Bug 570156 - Convert download dialog to a nsIPromptService prompt [r=mbrubeck]
7247c2f736353646cbabe7b6663a64f67b737db1Mark Finkle — Bug 567074 - Incorrect information in 'Your tabs form last time' in about:home [r=mbrubeck]
b74106ead0775e4062d8e984129e991843c5ea8cMatt Brubeck — Bug 563655 - No feedback when clicking on urlbar [r=mfinkle]
9914d423ef61c2b2a1492dfc8c048fa1dc965cbaMatt Brubeck — Bug 559838 - Switching between subscriptions in Google Reader resets zoom level [r=mfinkle]
7b2186890c579d20abcb076adff8159967ac7458timeless — Bug 570121 NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_CONVERT_JS in xml:browser.loadURIWithFlags from xml:browser.loadURI from nsBrowserAccess.prototype._getBrowser
8d2832cc692f67cf36f763592d6d2e677a5dcf32Vivien Nicolas — Bug 569900 - Darken the button separator in site menu and dialogs [r=mfinkle]
eebcb76a1babaf676aacc2b790cbcf4601d1e743Vivien Nicolas — Bug 538999 - Formfill does not zoom out on load of dynamically loaded page content [r=mfinkle]
afcf364f27a4365af5df4cc7a78014fb8da02151Vivien Nicolas — Bug 564012 - Form helper can't navigate in nested frames [r=mfinkle]
379721949c5c1054eab782f7198bea1757ce0ce2Matt Brubeck — Bug 562706 - Start using PlacesUtils.jsm instead of utils.js (typo fix) [r=mfinkle]
43dde3302607fd6c796f39b72b5dff00dc9c6a22Matt Brubeck — Bug 566872 - Search engines should appear grayed out when disabled [r=mfinkle]
7d67f3e2b6d866c133697999c97f6e577abd6626Matt Brubeck — Bug 562706 - Start using PlacesUtils.jsm instead of utils.js [r=mfinkle]
a422ff231c9dfea5cca46e338c3866bbf5ab405bMark Finkle — Bug 569613 - Backout changes from bug 564285 [r=vingtetun]
fadd55f9b8fc76507eda184bb07227423db9b5f1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 567472 - content.css performance issues [r=mfinkle,dbaron]
7f90969859f008c8ea1fec76a2d0b71f952154cbMark Finkle — Bug 562132 - Closing Fennec twice creates an empty confirmation prompt/dialog [r=mbrubeck]
5b3840d4266acbaa296943190012b8365de77755Matt Brubeck — Bug 567186 - When possible, set viewport size before page finishes loading [r=mfinkle]
0fd159165ae5f77a7378580be47809eb23f70ebechithraprabha — Bug 558763 - [e10s] Quick search from the address bar doesn't work [r=mfinkle]
b4bb0b98c03c74437593085b6681d38d379b957cMark Finkle — Bug 561016 - e10s: Add support for openURIInFrame in BrowserAccess [r=stechz]
0ebb56d5d83ef27e60784c7f3c64639d6ce30f53Matt Brubeck — Bug 567613 - Make entire urlbar edit area touchable [r=mfinkle]
b6ed68f20286a0b2c9726757556be5e80c8a95bbMichael Wu — Bug 565471 - HelperAppDialog.js shouldn't do delayed registration [r=mfinkle]
e26847b4011de3fd58e1a02a83abc21fe4b0ba60Matt Brubeck — Bug 567044 - Tapping in urlbar doesn't work after pressing Android menu button [r=mfinkle]
48fe829edfe7aa25e55fae9933167bf46e57499cMark Finkle — Bug 558061 - Fennec should annotate crash report with URL [r=vingtetun]
b410eb908c136874336e72c478b54daf4b689664Vivien Nicolas — Bug 564285 - Remember password infobar is overlapped by the url bar, while loading [r=mfinkle]
9e74a89f718ca99138a6b02145651332454c1247Mark Finkle — Bug 565887 - window.sizeToContent breaks layout in Fennec main window [r=vingtetun]
da4c3bba45019c8fa308cb1f0fe7f7120c9f3c3bTed Mielczarek — bug 557114 - enable crash reporting on Fennec builds. r=mfinkle
7021ea212f2ed297fe6a32ff18cfd13c0d7f0c15Vivien Nicolas — Bug 563559 - uncaught exception: Empty rectangles do not have centers when going Next/Previous to display: none form elements with form helper [r=mfinkle]
b753e8ac13fd5d9cb7cc81fe56ea3de25f9ae8c7Vivien Nicolas — Bug 564505 - Form helper badly functioning on [r=mfinkle]
56ae6a09a05b3cce5f87121ef4bd33ade1004b1eWolfgang Rosenauer — Bug 560451 - Fennec allows uninstall attempt of add-ons in readonly directories. r=mfinkle
1e697b88f098af8bfabc2b80137e21371d398c15Wolfgang Rosenauer — Bug 566804 - implement task switcher in Qt builds. r=dougt
6ef91dfc79915ebb05ac11b36a949be7084feb0dMark Finkle — Bug 562495 - Support the new add-ons manager [r=dtownsend]
468fb2edd3e97ed4642fd3a0e76d6c570e1c45f4Ted Mielczarek — bug 557114 - enable crash reporting on Fennec builds. r=mfinkle
595ae1eb16f732d9191715fe48420906529c4115Mark Finkle — Bug 564507 - Start Page 'open all tabs' is buggy [r=vingtetun]
fdad2822f53a25f9db45834f057750129c1c046aMark Finkle — Bug 566670 - Web theme: -moz-border-radius causes unexpected rounded corners in forms [r=mbrubeck]
924c84ad4791452ea5ca3781fb1b7852a164bb82Matt Brubeck — Bug 566476 - Form controls are transparent [r=mfinkle]
d0c98f8cbcec81b140006975475df98cec0fc8e8Matt Brubeck — Bug 566481 - Web theme: Some disabled form controls do not appear disabled [r=mfinkle]
16bd8507a83ffee2c34b1d85491fff09b6ca0690Matt Brubeck Bug 565695 - Blue and white stripes over buttons on [r=mfinkle]
4e3c7f72838f2817384ebb71349e65551d65fed5Mark Finkle — Bug 566347 - about:firstrun doesn't work as a Start Page [r=mbrubeck]
4e1931eab37fbde65961664a4b054f2c73ab5ccfVivien Nicolas — Bug 566304 - Cannot pan automcomplete list to left after selecting Next and Previous buttons [r=mfinkle]
82b925cf346cc5c2a97d6580a437f9f19e22a2edMark Brubeck — Bug 565117 - Don't revert axis locking after scrolling past a certain distance [r=stechz]
db1039d63e0bd0e552a881dbb1793c3741163745Matt Brubeck — Bug 556650 - Choose Language button on Facebook hard to read [r=mfinkle]
58b258bc3348571724b0b719511b937802a8fa2fVivien Nicolas — Bug 564019 - Thick border on iframe can cause inputs to become unclickable [r=mfinkle]
2218a91228b7bc0e6f0944d24a23b53efeeb372fMark Finkle — Bug 565484 - Addons Manager is horizontally pannable with long extension titles listed [r=mbrubeck]
c210aa346df6f872f6fe80ae7d1effafed4ba54aMark Finkle — Bug 563777 - Awesomebar refuses to scroll down when moving the selection using the Down key; it jumps back although selection stays [r=mbrubeck]
22b668c106dd4fffe88ecc4b56631e6e4e665195Brian Crowder — Bug 565410 - configure dom.ipc.plugins.enabled for Fennec, r=mfinkle
3c6a234b874c75cd9ded6c22bc4193e0fb3d1fb3Vivien Nicolas — Bug 564786 - Remove old WidgetStack tests [r=mfinkle]
9503da2ff3c40da681789afb74c32e5d7528c58fMatt Brubeck — Bug 563759 - Incorrect arguments to nodesFromRect [r=vingtetun]
bbff1b25411e764d98ca8c8b884577786f0a1b30Vivien Nicolas — Bug 564134 - Show a message when the screen orientation is locked/unlocked (followup) [r=stechz]
f68387942a828aa51d97a63c2009eee55efb7435Matt Brubeck — Bug 564465 - Code cleanup: duplicate code in _savePageAsPDF [r=vingtetun]
0e0707fd9a3a58aee28816a95489695b41c60a4fMark Finkle — Bug 564299 - Multiple select can have scrollbars [r=vingtetun]
84fd28bcfcc4b951034f443af69c334a9d3884e0Mark Finkle — Bug 564236 - Add useful content when Start Page is blank [r=vingtetun]
d1d30ff9e13adc3a2b5ab2c3e2120f9437e61234Mark Finkle — Bug 564050 - 'Save as PDF' should not fill in wrong titles for the Maemo file picker [r=vingtetun]
bfe796def9ae145aa4a76897fa8c6805ed749c22Vivien Nicolas — Bug 564134 - Show a message when the screen orientation is locked/unlocked [r=mfinkle ui=madhava]
3fb43ad612729f709e336c3b95d940891027308eMark Finkle — Bug 562969 - enable crash reporting in Maemo release builds (branding patch) [r=ted r=pike]
fb0b212cb7bfd56f12252d0b1ea441d33d82826bVivien Nicolas — Bug 564075 - Url bar gets displaced, with open sidebar, focusing url bar and then dismissing awesome bar [r=mfinkle]
6768d5faaebc77470e2d699434a351cb867ce5f4Vivien Nicolas — Bug 564138 - Shift+Ctrl+o lock the screen _AND_ resize the window [r=mfinkle]
15de80205affc22547d7a6590e46ab58b6ed8007Mark Finkle — Bug 563962 - NS_ERROR_MALFORMED_URI nsIFilePicker.file in contentAreaUtils.js::getTargetFile in this case [r=mbrubeck]
0535069b4e5286d9b579f7c1945f7b1b21d31883Matt Brubeck — Bug 562773 - Viewport is not resized on window resize / orientation change [r=mfinkle r=stechz]
0817be7a9b8868da05b619fd81c313a835dd26d1Matt Brubeck — Bug 561455 - Change the ratio of CSS/viewport px to physical pixels on high density screens [r=mfinkle r=stechz]
13a40b274fd225743155a93ce16411c194346208Mark Finkle — Bug 563546 - Newly opened page is a little bit scrolled down, when opened in new tab [r=vingtetun r=mbrubeck]
1d92b8d5271501d8731a4c5822ffcbae90c350ccMark Finkle — Bug 544071 - Unresponsive script dialog 'Yes' option not clear [r=vingtetun]
2f699b1988bebfa236f8ad205066bce390fb79feMatt Brubeck — Bug 563037 - Checkbox label in 'close tabs' prompt is cut off in portrait mode [r=mfinkle]
e3a2a34f96be56c6626bf9b5f39b0ce9cb60e3e0Vivien Nicolas — Bug 559829 - Click on an entry in search suggestions drop-down activates a link underneath (the list is click-transparent) [r=mfinkle]
0d3d8b7501694421a8e1c981cc149e2f17e0a46fMark Finkle — Bug 562043 - Set the default save folder to the default download folder [Save PDF] [r=vingtetun]
eff3430186f5c731ee44bd11a498109a3e453332Vivien Nicolas — Bug 563332 - Current mouse/finger action should not be canceled when there is no context menu [r=mfinkle]
3c7549092a66f3cbad33091f81c198f7787eaba0Mark Finkle — Bump mobile-browser trunk to 2.0a1pre
7ef7115bc5f6f23298cf6e29d32e357521cdf4b4Mark Finkle — Bug 562988 - Add some navigational tests [r=mbrubeck]
e356cab5355995f5c398ae67e43982223f1cdcc4Vivien Nicolas — Bug 563306 - 'Add a preference' in about:config should not be highlighted [r=mfinkle]
696bda6b008caadbf07a0dff8af80c36455983b0Matt Brubeck — Bug 563136 - Cheat code to toggle orientation for desktop Fennec [r=mfinkle]
075714451ba7063a696ecf5d035dacafc58c507fVivien Nicolas — Bug 562981 - Mouse click event in iframe has wrong coordinates [r=mfinkle]
3c2a8dc66f0ffcda9eafd699822347450ce167f5Vivien Nicolas — Bug 562545 - Shift-reload keeps the scroll position stored [r=mfinkle]
830ca7ed18981ee55e780c57607c4106ee2adf12Matt Brubeck — Bug 562849 - Reverse meanings of N900 volume buttons in portrait mode [r=mfinkle]
7493d2b32d3edb8cac588b8403dbb3fb3def79c2Mark Finkle — Bug 562536 - Show the update button in addons manager [r=mbrubeck]
a6b25668dee94c49f74936129fe451aa5f9aa9bdVivien Nicolas — Bug 562483 - The search input should get the focus after loading about:config [r=mfinkle]
200728267ad45cfb73b2f2dfd8a722056cf924f5Vivien Nicolas — Bug 562541 - The reload button in the url bar doesn't support shift-reload [r=mfinkle]
f55884308423db960c326a10d5cd9f997208ad7fVivien Nicolas — Bug 537717 - need feedback that navigation has started when url bar is offscreen [r=mfinkle]
23267cbaa936c20d9c1a7e069e2de1280e61f9c4Vivien Nicolas — Bug 562366 - revise dialog styling to match new context and site menus [r=mfinkle]
ca56bfc3c5a130f50095ffcb01c4ead71e1942beMatt Brubeck — Bug 561870 - Enforce min/max limits on viewport values [r=mfinkle]
6b4a6e40214eb105477c864f4bffbabf4e90b19dMatt Brubeck — Bug 561815 - Respect viewport user-scalable, minimum-scale and maximum-scale when zooming [r=mfinkle]
e37539a469a61994f7916fe3d03d334e100bc130Matt Brubeck — Bug 557285 - site panel buttons seem half done when only one button in the panel [r=mfinkle]
320651f498c0e7d6b6941ea545f30dc69aece055Vivien nicolas — Bug 562189 - Warnings are displayed in Error Console when only Errors should be displayed [r=mfinkle]
cda030f5db31d0ec358d189647c0e0e996d4646bVivien Nicolas — Bug 556046 - vertical line on tab thumbnails on about:home [r=mfinkle]
79c1cf1ce71c3776cf321dde851543ed2cc0fd67Martijn Wargers — Bug 561407 - Can't copy error messages in the error console [r=mfinkle]
e895ff3ca42fb7386e7b24360ba7080f03f14083Alex Pakhotin — Bug 559453 - Fennec should handle Back button on Android [r=mfinkle]
c9c9dba79ef23e8e237a702e6b28717f0dd702c5Aki Sasaki — Bug 557201 - switch Fennec builds to not build xulrunner first [r=mfinkle]
8ba0a12654483aecc434ff55895e18205365f524Vivien Nicolas — Bug 561733 - Mouse click event in iframe doesn't fire (tests) [r=mfinkle]
81a07876476dad610d92bb2e348ac47e1b7b4e4dAlex Pakhotin — Bug 559915 - Handle Menu and Search AppCommand events [r=mfinkle]
0e9a3ed59dd47c38afa85073e0c1087ef3fb455cVivien Nicolas — Bug 561733 - Mouse click event in iframe doesn't fire [r=mfinkle]
f4880a5b078c7063146c574000093cf54dc90f21Matt Brubeck — Bug 561497 - Respect minimum-scale and maximum-scale viewport properties [r=mfinkle]
16186b14ef0267f24eb05adade6db29305ef34eeMatt Brubeck — Bug 561413 - Allow meta viewport scale settings to override viewport width [r=mfinkle]
3086ac7a025589488b374755ebedab4ce97fb34fMark Finkle — Bug 562036 - No Feedback when clicking on back arrow in bookmarks manager [r=vingtetun]
c2fbf2fedc02a46469fc41d9017b54509a2c21b3Mark Finkle — Bug 561496 - Desktop Bookmarks synced with Weave Can Not be opened on Fennec [r=vingtetun]
69eb47a9120e8a85429a965633200a5c4c958a2dAki — Bug 557201 - switch Fennec builds to not build xulrunner first.
b9eed31df8eb1d615d057431e9f9382013ef7989Vivien Nicolas — Bug 561765 - PDF create from the 'Save Page As PDF' menu should appear into the downloads panel [r=mfinkle]
3000aa8a1f958bf02add001a97689da32f051127Mark Finkle — Bug 560592 - 'switch task' button doesn't give any push feedback when clicking on it [r=vingtetun]
d19073add08b6b48b30e080455958af55841ed59Vivien Nicolas — Bug 561097 - Disabled radio buttons are smaller than enabled radio buttons [r=mfinkle]
f399de4c8870a7270525484e39eb52562ae45a97Matt Brubeck — Bug 561203 - Can't zoom out by double-tapping on [r=mfinkle]
2ff91a7d1c7739578360eb45e5474a4948c6ee3dMark Finkle — Bumping to 1.1b2pre
b62a7a3ada57162ec7ae1f9a5eddf168c538c3c0Matt Brubeck — Bug 554979 - zoomin and zoomout should use better/nonlinear increments (missing part) [r=mfinkle]
24c516a1cec4c903a2179aa6a93ff51a016168f3Mark Finkle — Bug 556480 - AutoCompleteUtils error [r=vingtetun]
70f68eea069d3e837dbc83b71c42c3eda1215912Vivien Nicolas — Bug 561064 - Larry menu doesn't work correctly when finger is dragged from the Larry menu to awesome bar url field [r=mfinkle]
ccfd86a354d9f490622d5b4732acea3f09e204b4Mark Finkle — Bug 560990 - Fix menulist-dropmarker on windows [r=mbrubeck]
ae50ece8d2c8b2261599a62c94523fe2b5821683Matt Brubeck — Bug 559925 - formfill does not pan through all buttons at [r=mfinkle]
459c4f26c8ed6f53cebaf342f1c9b5e16bd042e4Michael Wu — follow up to bug 558737 - fix file permissions
6b0065b8cc706eac7e9a2607a2e9c51dbf6ecdfeAlex Pakhotin — Bug 558737 - Add bigger fennec icons [r=mfinkle]
a0d404a7b5250b7464c8f178eafde6d945c82274Doug Turner — Bug 560591 - Improve network performance by changing the env variables r=mfinkle
c7a5f361e695516ab819480477218cc1d82fd13fMatt Brubeck — Bug 559978 - Vertically center icons in places lists (bookmarks, awesomebar) [r=mfinkle]
5418203d86043830d431192b0859205bf85e0218Vivien Nicolas — Bug 560384 - about:config row are not highlighted correctly on mousedown [r=mfinkle]
81a9c70dc24b0866abd725c59396af5d81ed66ddMatt Brubeck — Bug 560275 - Don't let fuzzy page fit zoom out past page width [r=mfinkle]
4d766bc4b85eb03eab3777e9d408d8809bd8a3deMark Finkle — Bug 559792 - XUL menulist widget broken in content pages (followup) [r=vingtetun]
ac82dc000645166c6c664896b02ca4ff82bb69f3Matt Brubeck — Bug 559440 - Clientwidth/-height check instead of offsetwith/-height should be used for panning [r=mfinkle]
11fac30a3a7d207df966dff4b291269dc0acd0d3Vivien Nicolas — Bug 559792 - XUL menulist widget broken in content pages [r=mfinkle]
1be008374190df5df27a45b2e4d99ebcb18b9d63Mark Finkle — Bug 556604 - portrait mode - notification bars are too wide [r=vingtetun]
948b72cf4a98b0ad5d1a661fca504f7466002009Mark Finkle — Bug 557814 - Add manual add-ons update back into Add-ons Manager [r=vingtetun]
4399df2f32f1e964558241e89298b8cfbeb40995Matt Brubeck — Bug 559960 - 'Manage bookmarks' button has incorrect style in checked state [r=mfinkle]
86ba8d2481aefc94f845163d8c536957fd9e7bb9Matt Brubeck — Bug 559691 - Don't use viewport metadata scale if it is less than screen width [r=mfinkle]
9f23fe2aad8bcff5ea86871eb191e8bbe1a17344Mark Finkle — Bug 559916 - Site Panel lays out in landscape mode, while in portrait mode and with soft keyboard open [r=vingtetun]
0473fa2fe88c0afabd8180f03f4791af1ba435f3Mark Finkle — Bug 559134 - firstrun page adjustments [r=vingtetun]
7050efa759033bc61eb26577cb4c232d73ce82baVivien Nicolas — Bug 559458 - document.getElementById(prompt-confirm-dialog) can be null in confirm.xul [r=mfinkle]
ca9932d945023503bd1c10e63ea7665fb8dc830eVivien Nicolas — Bug 559578 - No restart notification when selecting a new language on multi-locale builds [r=mfinkle]
ef50268b04233b2f0e510b2a39e63a2792976ba1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 559413 - getAllLogin call should be replace by findLogins [r=mfinkle]
29b07d51eff9a88d2ad147719b1ee87253fc2d52Vivien Nicolas — Bug 559135 - apply new selectbutton style to chrome select boxes [r=mfinkle]
f957689a8365fc616debd8d3dc4df68431872ad8Vivien Nicolas — Bug 555329 - 'New Tab opened' notification not shown opening first tab added to 2nd row in tab panel [r=mfinkle]
3787777eb4322e50d236ce2630b6a60621bb467fMark Finkle — Bug 558373 - on startup, takes a long time for start page to appear [r=vingtetun]
ed7dd7050a5633592e1b9eb27c8fc9b9568058fbMark Finkle — Bug 544765 - Form fill should keep caret in view when typing into wide text boxes [r=vingtetun]
4bdbd147e041f3a75a54d5174d52e6bb4ebef2c4Vivien Nicolas — Bug 556615 - Make web-form selectbox downarrows look better [r=mfinkle]
881ec0a53f700479997321bbbc03ff4ba57d7ff6Vivien Nicolas — Bug 554949 - about:config editor not updating correctly [r=mfinkle]
d0e5bdc1f4e3be17882a9697d37a46a8de796d5eVivien Nicolas — Bug 558488 - Can't click Google Reader Feeds button or most entries [r=mfinkle]
9051a192cc7c5b8e8de6806181e4a621c4faa760Vivien Nicolas — Bug 558840 - Botched tab preview for start page [r=mfinkle]
13be0e81cb7a2d25d3b890edb20dc108a97d7f2cMatt Brubeck — Bug 556414 - Panning inside overflow:auto elements (Google Reader) stops for some posts [r=mfinkle]
834e252d9c4900349042343a6dd28a83c58c198bVivien Nicolas — Bug 558960 - Unable to save folder name change to 'Desktop Bookmarks' [r=mfinkle]
1df8708be09de4dbb33aa0c4cbae5f9c8d87e7baVivien Nicolas — Bug 558764 - When there is no network, the throbber of about:home is spinning forever [r=mfinkle]
24ff2c437149c7bb03a83d835a20307cc016047fMark Finkle — Bug 558877 - In portrait mode you can see more awesmebar results, so let's show more [r=vingtetun]
8fc6aa2ad1e7e7bf2eb2f5426aea7dbe5c701dd7Mark Finkle — Bug 556619 - portrait mode - about:config rows shorter than a touchheight [r=vingtetun]
1fbe15f7d4da44c364adede2e3a39501387db2f2Matt Brubeck — Bug 558915 - Scroll wheel zooming breaks after pan (part 3) [r=mfinkle]
a546fc0f9304402d4e5487a09103be143b8cf182Matt Brubeck — Bug 558915 - Scroll wheel zooming breaks after pan (parts 1+2) [r=mfinkle]
30a944e514479436741ad5da921cfc446b2ed139Matt Brubeck — Bug 554979 - zoomin and zoomout should use better/nonlinear increments [r=mfinkle]
a446ac7c375dceb61cd05b51dedc8e47fd0cba1bMark Finkle — Bug 557642 - An option should be added to disable auto-rotation [r=vingtetun]
7fa58ac246f582d06969dcb7f07ef6daefc506c4Vivien Nicolas — Bug 556656 - Blank form helper pops-up for un-populated menulists [r=mfinkle]
120b43328847c4b2a8f69e630b88ad56604ad774Vivien Nicolas — Bug 558363 - Add some prefs for link tapping [r=mfinkle]
a9558431cf1c58041b9796dca19d0100d7ae2d86Matt Brubeck — Bug 557222 - start page zoomed too big when another tab is opened at start [r=mfinkle]
d7cafeba39c39a2ed6337a67d07c6e26b5722a38Vivien Nicolas — Bug 555725 - Panning allowed after context menu is instanced [r=mfinkle]
fb001bf9618e6c79242e293bf45775bc183f8410Ted Mielczarek — bug 558335 - set breakpad.reportURL pref for Fennec. r=mfinkle
576a6bcdb62bfb85999ef3cd963a93ba6a370d72Matt Brubeck — Bug 557238 - Hide urlbar contents on about:home [r=mfinkle]
e8a1785de0703ec369dc45856c2eef6b94983c53Matt Brubeck — Bug 558202 - enter/escape keys don't work correctly in confirmEx in Fennec [r=mfinkle]
ef3ee6fef78fc7918cbfb75e93bab6777d78365aMatt Brubeck — Bug 558108 - Reduce fuzzy page-fit-zoom threshold and make it a pref [r=mfinkle]
3d08d6859f7958cf12028a66c06772a0078a44fcVivien Nicolas — Bug 556016 - Fennec should use NodesFromRect [mfinkle]
2b4a5138c38c2829ed3cfcb39e4f7f125a02e37eVivien Nicolas — Bug 555244 - search engines list can be empty the awesome panel [r=mfinkle]
445d79e4ff7a97d2dd7fb14e96abcc3e36fb0654Mark Finkle — Bug 521828 - Search entries and urls are not saved to urlbar until page is loaded (early load fix) [r=mbrubeck]
dc17a7c0e3d31bfd1b9eca72111a5bff66c07200Matt Brubeck — Bug 556617 - volume rocker zooming allows zooming out past page-width [r=mark.finkle]
67c9eadfce0084ca11d768a15459e582a06fdfa1Mark Finkle — Bug 521828 - Search entries and urls are not saved to urlbar until page is loaded [r=vingtetun]
9b1deca019b7915d54f47c259b866d809e70e1bfMatt Brubeck — Bug 556301 - Session Close window appears when tagging a bookmark [r=mark.finkle]
841299f2247d8eb8a218d4b8e248037e0751bafdMark Finkle — Bug 556157 - Cannot go to page of awesome bar row entry when url bar is not focused [r=vingtetun]
21c2f9b942c6385352f7163699cc64805c5e54adMatt Brubeck — Bug 557567 - urlbar changes when pages load within frames [r=mark.finkle r=stechz]
0554e6c279ee61121cd2abd71a80cb1feb104721Mark Finkle — Bug 557619 - Two URLBar taps are required to display the awesomebar screen from about:blank [r=vingtetun]
0af0e37980f4de7070da50b9e1dbf8f8b7ba2cc2Mark Finkle — Bug 557649 - Use a unique contractid for mobile session restore [r=vingtetun]
aee7068d55fcee2b0d97465a30c09e0bb0c7c496Matt Brubeck — Bug 556311 - Explanatory animation not visible at about:firstrun, requires scrolling it in view [r=mark.finkle]
abcf3d4f2c633c3680d14a9796f8187754d6e864Mark Finkle — Bug 557532 - controls pane exit button flips position when coming back from orientation change [r=vingtetun]
969f9b1d8b1d0d279d736748de32f7e5cc650218Vivien Nicolas — Bug 556609 - site menu has two 'Forget Password' entries [r=mark.finkle]
e2781a302eaedf6cc974cd7afaf29905fd8100d2Mark Finkle — Bug 557422 - Blank Page startup should not display the awesomebar screen [r=vingtetun]
cdba6f7557321a022ee785ecf710676d0ddfac05Ted Mielczarek — bug 557027 - fix single objdir --enable-mobile build to work on all platforms. r=blassey
8dfffadfe595f3f2fc1e43b428d9a04eab4916a1Mark Finkle — Bug 556758 - Remove close button dead space in toolbar [r=vingtetun ui-r=madhava]
1121a30242aca1f0f7f5aad9ac4ec7d803b3e1f5Mark Finkle — Bug 557298 - Controls Pane buttons flip from top to bottom when re-opening controls in portrait mode [r=stechz]
cc3e43a2a657464fa73224705c61748154b5943aVivien Nicolas — Bug 556601 - start page polish [r=mark.finkle]
ac2c73541276012cd27ef9b03f67c329ce623d64Matt Brubeck — Bug 557244 - Minor code cleanup in Browser.startup [r=mark.finkle]
337bb69df9984ab781a268b9268936594c6dd305Vivien Nicolas — Bug 556635 - revise default order of site menu items [r=mark.finkle]
99e70a53a44db8076ddc715a43b8e96ab41a0df3Vivien Nicolas — Bug 556875 - Menulist options for Preferences Start Page stretch much too far [r=mark.finkle]
2a54df83b9cf751d8621cf23326cba395e2362e0Mark Finkle — Backout scroll indicators (bug 461843) for performance test
8a2ffc0d2d6fe2ddc4bc64d1e9189e95eada7eabMark Finkle — Bug 556618 - portrait mode - viewport device-width pages do not resize when changing orientation [r=blassey]
0fd2ca7a773db7813711f24648fd4933747cc003Mark Finkle — Bug 556613 - site menu smalltext too hard to read [r=vingtetun]
aa810de909daf84d380222e4e6481f513d7cdccaVivien Nicolas — Bug 547927 - Page layout broken if some wider page has been visited before [r=mark.finkle]
17f076e9ca0bbd6fc1de563e1fbf98991e3765a0Mark Finkle — Bug 539284 - n900: 'Read More' links on slashdot perform no action on first click [r=vingtetun]
d52c9a1b9fb53ed1c25b2c47f4d4bcd8ce26413eVivien Nicolas — Bug 461843 - Show indication of where on the page you are when scrolling [r=mark.finkle]
c91311d573f523a31f796ba686734924564d9149Mark Finkle — Form Autocomplete border width tweak [r=madhava]
7bde63c9a9b4bd6b09e4d099d002a0d300802a0cMark Finkle — Bug 556536 - Missed removing some dead code [r=vingtetun]
f9ca6bdb768e4c9f95021ae87c5ddcf987b0c862Mark Finkle — Bug 533560 - Volume control does not control zoom level [r=vingtetun]
5ae6672954bacf4a4f9d8d338f391a98f23d6500Mark Finkle — Bug 552022 - fennec UI - style needed for autocomplete bar [r=vingtetun]
b2851c2517b501a206c7c0eac05f34304b2a690aMark Finkle — Bug 556346 - Cleanup CSS for firstrun page [r=vingtetun]
42f7768d220ee6fb9634b53952b7becec546daa1Mark Finkle — Bug 556087 - reftests fail when scrollbar shows up [r=vingtetun]
43dcccea9c63dd5392e9c32b8c18f4e9fd237d59Mark Finkle — Bug 556359 - create a built-in bookmark for the new start page []
5035bde5f797f8f629c17c8a377f601d821e00f9Mark Finkle — Bug 556313 - about:home not fully localizable, mismatch in the UI for Spanish (and others?) [r=pike]
324ecfc3795beec4d29c32fff2ede284f4b9a7ddVivien Nicolas — Bug 555956 - Problem with select+onchange event, Fennec opening multiple tabs and eventually closes itself [r=mark.finkle]
287069113b906220defa496a991dc03f917b5f04Vivien Nicolas — Bug 521828 - Search entries and urls are not saved to urlbar until page is loaded [r=mark.finkle]
13e85f60b30f78e64fe9777e11de18bb64fa5d3aVivien Nicolas — Bug 516641 - Create better theme for web content form controls [r=mark.finkle]
22dbca551a43ae343efb8228739d0d30abfb08cfVivien Nicolas — Bug 538700 - Add preferences to control form fill assistant behavior [r=mark.finkle]
cd520136470b09b4d2d7bc75c09ec68c88f73dadMark Finkle — Bug 555817 - closing multiple tabs dialog does not come up [r=vingtetun]
b4cc6d5dad4ddea134d2cd17d9c3dbe7eb5be16cMark Finkle — Bug 555816 - 'Start Page' preferences pane clean up [r=vingtetun]
aa8d289017e6fb6c0bfae71638e49fd4d99a52b3Vivien Nicolas — Bug 552526 - fennec UI - style for site menu [r=mark.finkle]
fb495310ee30fec38fcdadf43d9afb0036bcca33Vivien Nicolas — Bug 529297 - Addons Manager: Late UI when installing an add-on via Search [r=mark.finkle]
7c1e116c95ea0f6e9a16f64fccb6db412da2208cMark Finkle — Bug 551889 - Start Page redesign (string entity bump) [r=me]
73f824885e7f23be0eee52f97415b3dfab2f0e60Mark Finkle — Bug 551889 - Start Page redesign (string entity fix) [r=me]
6457c2a99a4c781a09560830051eaaa651ed861dMark Finkle — Bug 551785 - Mobile: new firstrun page [r=vingtetun]
c7fe2837701f74aaff2ab813c1698e5566372c86Mark Finkle — More string tweaks from madhava [r=ui]
7511097145ca8fa775d059753b86527ec88629a0Mark Finkle — Add localization note to [r=me]
f34d064c7c8a2333a4131d728a1fa1b210f99c81Vivien Nicolas — Bug 465305 - Save page [r=mark.finkle]
7fe22b827fad6309f8dac0f35a005cbc4a5c956bMatt Brubeck — Bug 555196 - Regression: Zoom in/out commands break when zoom level is 1.0 [r=mark.finkle]
bcd91b0b3f9292a0ea0e44ffb17b41739a3e14ccMark Finkle — Bug 545395 - Prompt user when closing with more than one tab open [r=vingtetun]
6222d8fc83faf51eefa494c52986fd9a089c7d9dMark Finkle — Bug 551889 - Start Page redesign [r=vingtetun]
c3714dfc5153654b4ad984b014c6cf7d80c1c90dMatt Brubeck — Bug 551193 - page position changes on backgrounds tabs when the foreground tab is scrolled [r=stechz]
2d5190bd9c023921c60a91342718248bd255e90bMatt Brubeck — Bug 454456 - Tweak zoom on pageload to favor quality [r=stechz]
ae996cba7d6cb0d207194e5744283547f55be075Mark Finkle — Bug 554951 - Context menu behavior and style fixes [r=vingtetun]
4e83c7829c39566ee161d499abad5083a0355c5eVivien Nicolas — Bug 554957 - No hint of what each field does in the 'Add a new preference' feature [r=mark.finkle]
241ab7a30820096db3ca2ac8bbbbff7255376332Mark Finkle — Bug 554938 - Some cleanup and fixes for new Add-on Manager features [r=vingtetun]
0c6ea23fd90b07f8a60026f5142137a4e4c73852Matt Brubeck — Bug 545722 - address bar 'jumps' when it gets focus [r=mark.finkle]
8a3827d7fe3f580bf1456a25ff163e867caa2935Vivien Nicolas — Bug 554735 - Revision of some site menu strings [r=mark.finkle]
5f93ac19646466b95fc6eea337d1705ae88e88b5Vivien Nicolas — Bug 456077 - No mechanism to edit popup preferences [r=mark.finkle]
28d9455e981aff2b62e80cca32290679c0849eeaMark Finkle — Bug 547993 - Awesome Bar history is not immediately flushed when clicking on the clear private data button [r=vingtetun]
feea44abf3667e59941f07d7264a76710804c4abVivien Nicolas — Bug 531597 - Default bookmarks use 'Weave' instead of 'Weave Sync' [r=pike]
fbfb4e6f3da5bffd7970bef178e109cd075b8e50Mark Finkle — Bug 551711 - Open Link in New Tab via content panel [r=vingtetun]
a705deb34f8e50ce8a924446e6f3e5cb1d10d5bbVivien Nicolas — Bug 540009 - revise about:config screen design for touch use [r=mark.finkle]
1efa9086bf91ecdd5dfc3e812181f39e7cf45ab3Axel Hecht — bug 554046, update to ignore the lorentz toolkit strings on 1.9.2
e95f3b98cff846aabfea7395aaee8acc8402729fMark Finkle — Bug 553687 - Lazy load JavaScript Modules [r=vingtetun]
23a15399e6ffbd56ef51eac2d408eb8c22fa3572Mark Finkle — Breakage fix from bug 553691 [r=me]
2fc3ba5ed8106f56fcc89791526fba9f19277eafMark Finkle — Bug 553691 - Stop using setTimeout to initialize the browser tools panel [r=vingtetun]
e97d7d84f68a67b1234fbf4d80c277f02da54917Mark Finkle — Bug 553143 - Make it easier to view all add-ons (recommended and search results) [r=vingtetun]
ac75b71a97158a64dfc83392594ccee1be65a45eMark Finkle — Bug 553143 - Make it easier to view all add-ons (recommended and search results) [r=vingtetun]
c80cccb6d5faad21cd466b85bda4414405382601Mark Finkle — Bug 551709 - Auto-update add-ons [r=vingtetun]
a18eb30371318a043d2dfadbdff15aa7fe1e4c8cVivien Nicolas — Bug 551185 - autocomplete search results are empty when list is scrolled [r=mark.finkle]
24748e115344fb9fbf03528c92661034ba62e58dMark Finkle — Bug 552786 - Remove inlineSpellCheckUI from browser.xul [r=vingtetun]
3e98e8609311131530ad38be4c162134b56d4f40Vivien Nicolas — Bug 547722 - Get rid of the 400ms waiting phase if we're sure that the click is not a part of a double click [r=stechz r=mark.finkle]
42699980b3b85653b13e1c541fbb68c0e92bb897Mark Finkle — Bug 551517 - Form autocomplete adds undefined into the field when user taps on parts of its UI [r=vingtetun]
32eb180f4c06eafecb85702a0295dc4cd8e01745Mark Finkle — Bug 551516 - Search button submission uses the wrong loadURI [r=stechz]
d27b1dd59d3a18e4c0170ddd0a6c31331098d8a4Mark Finkle — Bug 466770 - fix content autocomplete [r=vingtetun]
a94dbb49e1cfb6b01ef1779da5022bd4941496caSudarsana Nagineni — Bug 550865 - Add Fennec strings for (CSP) Implement frame ancestor check [r=mark.finkle]
04a8561da1459a8d064b06efcecac7bb7e2aabf0Mark Finkle — Bug 536296 - Fonts on webpages arent rendering properly [r=vingtetun]
ca14a05cbc646d1d57b1ae593730ad4ad68f5e60Mark Finkle — Bug 548826 - Drop the important from the button::-moz-inner-focus rule [r=vingtetun]
8b0a296846f61bfe53a4e5547453464d5e6cf177Brad Lassey — bug 550319 - update m-c mozconfigs, fix packaging scripts for compatability r=mfinkle
61c2f0624cb13e9288baf567ecf8b5df826418f4Michael Wu — Bug 549431 - remove DOCTYPE line from setting.xml, r=mfinkle
36cbcff6335a596a15fd9ad094a38e618b366cf0Vivien Nicolas — Bug 547731 - browser-ui.js#159 tab is null error [r=mark.finkle]
2410b8b816fdc832234c7a010cd7b09741a5a621Mark Finkle — Bug 549648 - Add some browser-chrome tests for viewport support [r=vingtetun]
e1ab93b5f24f74ec1b3db266e2699b2eef932ac0Mark Finkle — Bug 546273 - Form Assistant misses focus on (bustage fix) [r=vingtetun]
ad3d36c16bb2ca909a8fb918ea3e48cab64d7a24Brad Lassey — echo -n doesn't work on OSX, switch to printf r=ted
27d8832893aef37e13949b05c6ce05c22c3a823eBrad Lassey — bug 549751 - two targets for testing/mochitests/Makefile causes pymake to faile r=mfinkle
9b5ea1de90525c6deb6ac7977bee2ac8296b4aeaBrad Lassey — bug 543038 - pymake can't build mobile-browser r=mfinkle
5a3393b9a0602f70a47acf57e06a85188802070bAki Sasaki — maemo repacks should use dpkg-deb. bug 538699, r=pike,armenzg
a1a55684609099a7285a60ccb2daedf8b4cd3a33Wolfgang Rosenauer — Bug 548219 - autodial prefs should depend on libconic instead of maemo. r=dougt
e847d6bb1a7fe0929eab568e354a24112e8f469dVivien Nicolas — Bug 546273 - Form Assistant misses focus on [r=mark.finkle]
8c0546dcdf245f72c04c060b8fb6a67f72239c24Michael Wu — Bug 549431, remove DOCTYPE line from tabs.xml, r=mfinkle
d6254957586563480c01d18c45809e4439f5d14eBrad Lassey — bug 543060 - remove fennec's dependency on xulrunner r=mfinkle
e26e505de76c18584de3525e2512f12ae6d5567bVivien Nicolas — Bug 546273 - Form Assistant misses focus on [r=mark.finkle]
fab0b61a1a9b442bf760bfa9461fbf5fd2b62809Aki Sasaki — put deb_name.txt back the way it was, in $(DIST). bug 547903, r=mfinkle
09c98cba90ac57f68366c916eabee02b45e3999dAki Sasaki — reintroduce datetime in deb version / deb filename, using the gre buildid this time, which won't change mid-step. bug 547903, r=mfinkle
8008a66f382435f633e1df52630f67d01fb32a89Mark Finkle — Bug 535410 - Red close buttons should have a pushed-in state [r=bustage]
72ae7c7bb8e1a751beae243fdbc52ec106463f7eBenjamin Stover — Bug 542607 - No checkerboarding for pages with animation [r=mark.finkle r=vingtetun]
ba971399bf668314e0f3a806f82e0ab7c96df15fVivien Nicolas — Bug 535410 - Red close buttons should have a pushed-in state [r=mark.finkle]
bc777b2f80ac67454919960854aca29fd96f1cdbAlex Pakhotin — Bug 533019 - Default Browser setting: Make strings localizable [r=mark.finkle]
bdf141cd9f7cb7e1922e630af3c57ddffce7da42Rimas Kudelis — Bug 518201 - Change Lithuanian language title in locale chooser [r=mark.finkle r=pike]
45bdaf46825425e1560d625ea9e883f22bad9609Benjamin Stover — Bug 533821 - still row highlighting on button press in Get Add-ons [r=mark.finkle]
3534771a5f7908527a4b4d18b365fd97774c1b0bAki Sasaki — fix nightly deb versions. 1.1 -> 1.1 ; 1.1a2 -> 1.1~a2 ; 1.1a2pre -> 1.1~a2~pre . removes pesky datetime string and hack deb_name.txt. this will break nightly updates one time. bug 542349, r=mfinkle
499316db5fe7898d53f3ee00e02bddd0d98d5725Brad Lassey — bustage fix, trailing white space
9db8a6262d8fe3f0140ed211107ee648d735d16bVivien Nicolas — Bug 546386 - Form Assistant buttons are inactive if text fields lay inside frameset [r=mark.finkle]
ad57471534fa008cc468901a11c6c71e59fdcc32Brad Lassey — bug 546486 - packaged builds have a lot of 'test' specific bits in them r=mfinkle
9622d4be3f360a542b410a664954479ee5fac541Brad Lassey — bug 546554 - use %PRODUCT% and %PLATFORM_VERSION% instead of %APP_ID% and %GRE_MILESTONE% r=mfinkle,morgamic
f75a8e58d8c5f2c580f120019b705652affafe33Gavin Sharp — Bug 536857 - It's possible to insert more than one line into a single line input field but only last line is shown [r=mark.finkle]
c6e9e321c631167119b3871633600861b7fd7c00Vivien Nicolas — Bug 538659 - Error : this.input is undefined - bindings.xml#178 [r=mark.finkle]
f22d03b66965b2ff2316e76f7d54b6bdd78ed6ceVivien Nicolas — Bug 536944 - this._clicker is null error in InputHandler.js#doSingleClick [r=stechz]
792709626f64165519dfcc8e72b7a81993bcca6bMichael Wu — Bug 534750 - make shift-reload work in fennec []
1f5dab4b44636d42ff278158c5ce642bf0066274Vivien Nicolas — Bug 535823 - when editing the URL of a bookmark, it deleted the tags [r=mark.finkle]
1dbb2a7031f22d113054564afef0d34994e931acVivien Nicolas — Bug 527186 - type ahead in fennec's Select Dialog [r=mark.finkle]
60230151cf1e91730bd2cd2a7f59edcb93720e2aMark Finkle — Bug 542696 - Consolidate xulrunner and fennec debs [r=blassey]
9cb6a4e5392440270afd9f320961152a799556fdBrad Lassey — bug 544898 - resize window due to softkb popping up results in an usable add-ons manager r=mfinkle
bd527d18c61cdfb25dbb6f4c6f8636d4bd5e50c9Doug Turner — Bug 543976 - Clean up Maemo defines. r=mfinkle
4f801718d7316ca5a926ad13f50c13ba3ccaff8aBrad Lassey — don't add -faststart to CABARGS here, its already done in the platform r=mfinkle
a8f0d11bf7cf2ff2f3d59adf98030ea9ee825b31Brad Lassey — bumping winmo version to 1.1a1 r=mfinkle
689936535c86be8248afcf9c4557bcf1a53fb322Brad Lassey — bug 544963 - re-enable option to build cab installer r=mfinkle
3c21f00be4b4f8080831d9e100ef0a191db99163Brad Lassey — bug 542884 - remove softkb observer r=mfinkle
7b196f107af4c2f7bb2b1aba3a1c3261a9ace684Alex Pakhotin — bug 536972 - Cannot uninstall Fennec from Settings -> Memory Settings/Remove Programs r=blassey
c7946928628e61851a578cfd7e9f8ba4095ae6d5Alex Pakhotin — bug 531786 - Application Name (Fennec) should not be hardcoded in installer file (setup.ini) r=mfinkle,robstrong
8bd13f238209255b9f133c63d023aa6e31314fedAxel Hecht — bug 543518, add Estonian (et) to the fennec builds
3050c638f93d0a2b8fcf0ad6197756e00ed91cbeGavin Sharp — Bug 542316 followup followup, one more reference
f6f11b0b46de17421d5d1972141930699debeda5Gavin Sharp — Bug 542316 followup (change pref name), a=stuart
f34daf5a90dce1d78dd635a1ad0ec7f05a7b068fMark Finkle — Bug 542298 - plugin-changed-event does not match frontend's plugin-reflow-event [r=dougt r=stechz]
6dd98ef08c76c8846476de798fa1453de6d0771eMark Finkle — Bug 542316 - Disable all plugins by default [ r=stechz]
f986975929096d92164ab7eb512473844c349424Aki Sasaki — wget-DEB_PKG_NAME needs a silent wget (@) bug 538699, r=mfinkle
a2518a4dd60615b58aaec92651267514ec8f2df7Aki Sasaki — fix maemo nightly repacks (mobile-browser portion). bug 538699, r=mfinkle,axel
713bb0d2a1dfd63913a16051f8d3bebef3110408Benjamin Stover — Bug 540937 - [regression] Render plugin content in iframes [r=mfinkle]
1257ef11df8a5185fe15ffb2283916c264405030Brad Lassey — bug 537181 - Add required prefs and set proper config options to support app updating r=mfinkle a=stuart
fac4c5c08eb70e0dea063801c578fec8edd30917Doug Turner — Bug 540795 - NotifyPluginEventObservers crashes [r=mfinkle] [r=stechz]
351fb098ea694d6aa21c6869fc46580d1231fdcfMark Finkle — Bug 540118 - Remove zoomin / zoomout shortcut keys (part 2) [r=stuart]
1d6148446c45e7a56bb14d0d7186e3c29ef12a6eFabrice Desré — Bug 539996 - Can't pan articles in google reader [r=mfinkle a=stuart]
a7e92bf9dcb2931ca0832f45b6e9831f18118775Mark Finkle — Bug 540084 - meta viewport tag remembers last visit [r=vingtetun r=blassey a=stuart]
267b55795aa7d02598e6659ddc1bdcbf29b73767Mark Finkle — Bug 539102 - Entering '(' or '&' moves formfill to elements [r=stuart]
b9ea9d195738cfa7dffc4bc0783f62068cd4bf54Mark Finkle — Bug 540118 - Remove zoomin / zoomout shortcut keys [r=stuart]
bd4cb7d69115163d09479dd71beafb1fd02218afMark Finkle — Bug 540030 - Display the error and hide the progress bar if an add-on install fails in the Add-on Manager []
c74b58f012abe82f814dd545f36f0e3ae68b4a5dMark Finkle — Bug 539023 - update the release notes pref [r=stuart]
c7eb9f2ead3b4258641a7e505f5f45de50e0e811Aki Sasaki — I can't make these changes without borking winmo.
12599c55e9174ba5746e888285833d996ab35d62Aki Sasaki — can't make this check without breaking everything.
16d680f397061cde80793df4a2cd2c8e9fccae34Aki Sasaki — read DEB_PKG_NAME from deb_name.txt in repacks. bug 538699, r=pike
cd26318d4d3c12c10d9d54491bb82bba986941e7Aki Sasaki — create a dist/deb_name.txt to fix l10n repacks. bug 538699, r=mfinkle
57660c76f721d95fb39cec04a49fe9893c507f26Benjamin Stover — Bug 539985 - lots of checkerboarding when panning while a page is loaded in background [r=mfinkle]
ce63ba0ca513b3afd5ba649ae987ce949aaf2616Mark Finkle — Drop version to 1.0pre on nightly build [r=stuart]
8af897f65a509cb7ea342feb87bd1d8868f201c8Benjamin Stover — Bug 539787 - [regression] center() throws sometimes when switching tabs [r=mfinkle]
5d9ffb07ee91bd860391fe20676310a3b81230eeBenjamin Stover — Bug 538669 - Improve idle crawler [r=vingtetun,froystig]
405b74ae282ae302aed55f6460830d7fa6e6cf06Mark Finkle — Bug 539481 - tile.cache.size default should be set every time Fennec loads [r=dougt r=stechz]
38382d8013fe78b6a207fad66420f1f77b4edf00Mark Finkle — Bug 539495 - aPNG throbber is using a lot of CPU and is slowing pageload times [r=vingtetun ui-r=madhava]
7fd269fdddfab9f5edd209132cbde86f3b61db43Vivien Nicolas — Bug 539444 - [Regression] Refreshing when zoomed and scrolled to the right, messed up the rendering [r=mfinkle r=stechz]
29eea48d781298575c0b7462f32935e27a65a303Benjamin Stover — Bug 539062 - Less checkerboarding [r=vingtetun,froystig] [and stuart's cool with it too]
64c201fe99e80c017fb0299a9641c131383cf696Mark Finkle — Bug 536368 - Cache autocomplete queries to make awesomebar open faster [r=gavin]
7790c4490c29a4d2686a59a6585c71a16cd0c131Aki Sasaki — move mobile versions out of, and into *-version.txt. bug 535304, r=mfinkle
a88a7f34aaa018940886b572350b4e0ab8350048Benjamin Stover — Bug 539493 - Always pause rendering during drag [r=mfinkle]
e0e1e6ec5b0e8e1f2410e7e8712ab0a34e52a854Vivien Nicolas — Bug 539116 - JavaScript error: chrome://browser/content/browser-ui.js, line 1119: aElement is null [r=mfinkle r=stechz]
8be524b148b8335e4388ddf0861d46ed1a66141fBenjamin Stover — Bug 538619 - Fennec Crashes on N900 when Lycos Mail is browsed. [r=dougt,mfinkle]
b07e2edad6402880670079eacc6fa74011b2c298Benjamin Stover — Bug 538682 - Skip frames during kinetic panning [r=mfinkle, froystig]
37fb48b1d720975e933f57d6778d14ab7263dba4Benjamin Stover — Bug 538571 - checkerboard appears after slow pan [r=stuart,vingtetun,froystig]
a3c579bd81b57edb739cdd315a99c5dddd37f797Vivien Nicolas — bug 537694. don't snap to the top of the page. r=stechz/stuart
aa271c9f62ad9ee0016810f0e65739e7af737f73Brad Lassey — bug 537660 - fennec takes too long to respond to zoom command r=mfinkle,stechz,froystig
32da13076f512a015f3fb8bd66264f18175dd94bDoug Turner — Bug 537742 - disable plugins by default on the n810
161f7c503de0221d3f5f769a906e0f7c24a2401bDoug Turner — [Bug 538655] Content Sink pref change. This improves interaction during page load. This should be a suspect if there is a pageload regression. r=stuart
4c3e0824acdd3f67a342734b95c8f5427f122f42Reed Loden — Bug 537186 - "Update some URLs and remove unneeded prefs in mobile.js and default bookmarks"
3e64548c82e6ba4125a3952b2636ded39afc02e2Vivien Nicolas — Bug 537555: avoid unnecessarily unwrapping form elements, r=gavin/mfinkle
ed7feea84093da45efe5e7b35ebfd7f73d841cc6Vivien Nicolas — Bug 537615: impossible to position cursor in text field (avoid consuming clicks on form elements that are already focused), r=mfinkle/gavin
c0f6370618b59fe07f2e9409fab205bc33e03e90Mark Finkle — Bug 538174 - n900: App Manager only picks up xulrunner as an update option going from 12/5 nightly to rc2 [r=stuart]
5edcb77ed8c0df25c5553450d42fada6e3f07ee5Gavin Sharp — Bug 538174 followup, don't have version depend on branding, r=mfinkle
a5c155941126fa91b6ba47a1758eb723ebe8e6d0Stuart Parmenter — Bug 538174 - N900: App Manager only picks up xulrunner as an update option going from 12/5 nightly to rc2 [r=blassey a=stuart]
9e5dba07574db05c9221babc8ffb9005d547ce3aStuart Parmenter — bug 469202. preprocess files needed for debian installer in makefile. r=mfinkle
0eaaa4888a39d820c359416dcb699230cb2c1d09Stuart Parmenter — bug 538035. change about:fennec default bookmark to about:firefox, r=gavin
8c537a946245a7bc0dcd7995e39d95a6285a77abStuart Parmenter — Bump version number to 1.0
0c758db5cf96600b8dcf91857e704b80a683d3e9Doug Turner — Bug 537742 - disable plugins by default on the n810. r=mfinkle
b64aa1425f5547d1444fc23b482560f03ef13e9dDoug Turner — Bug 537843 Disable disk cache for fennec. r=mfinkle/stuart
cdfbb4e2dd12c5db620e2e4061ec91fab589807aMark Finkle — Bug 537403 - Category for RC repo is 'Internet & networking' but should be 'Internet & Networking' [r=blassey a=stuart]
09d86271616cd1387d113fa80d5cecbd2e282d14Mark Finkle — Bug 536548 - Update the desktop file [r=blassey a=stuart]
cb218ab73a96f82af8ec3a8a62ba8de5aa658040Stuart Parmenter — Bump version number
12dcb610e4caa2e09f672e2fba3b1150b8fcbbd7Mark Finkle — Bug 531164 - Application Launcher Dialog Pops Up on []
251e288e3587ec6c843d391c62e2ab40c2c47201Gavin Sharp — Bug 534871: update Yahoo Japan search parameter
8e1598e73dc537ac96190e2eaace2d27270ebc0cBrad Lassey — bug 536572 - winmo version wrong on trunk r=mfinkle
da43baa092d42774268da1446413b92469e1febdBenjamin Stover — Bug 534652 - Remove White area surrounding content document on nightly builds. r=dougt
3466b15c4b8c85c5dea42021b4671a59036998ccJoel Maher — Bug 523402 - when doing a make package-tests, it doesn't include the mobile specific browser chrome tests [r=ted]
10836375a5619388d2095cf1394efd850852be36Mark Finkle — Bug 535735 - [Regression] Content sink preference names need to be updated [r=stuart]
fd176971b1c7f6cc58fc0dd9802e2eaa5ee42cc8Vivien Nicolas — Bug 535551 - Missing dragData declaration in onMouseDown in InputHandler.js [r=mark.finkle]
dac029fa8e9bac31b4e66e8e10d5aba7b9ffd9c6Mark Finkle — Bug 500280 - clicking the preferences button takes a few seconds to switch screens []
55a7007f15ed0cac5440b68418e471ca7679626dAxel Hecht — bug 531667, single-locale builds should not have matchOS on, r=mfinkle
3e198a6488889b90b9d33eac43d0dacbb6cfc9d6Gavin Sharp — Bug 534914: don't display "smart folders" or bookmark separators in our bookmark list since they aren't useful, r=mfinkle
0b34bdc01aec73539799206d9b25f1d6dc4f76ceGavin Sharp — Tweak progressListener comments (bug 535596)
4598862a9c5b340588c0ded4786c19d10f220bf9Mark Finkle — Bug 535596 - Filter the types of webprogress notifications []
9d077d730040fac3ecf5d14a481b2b8377561b0bBenjamin Stover — Bug 535356 - Checkerboard when switching tabs while kinetic panning [r=stuart]
5a1175b3c9f3598a7127b4ff5d72112033361e6fVivien Nicolas — Bug 522257 - getting an error on missing function HandleEvent while installing extension [r=mark.finkle r=fabrice.desre]
39eac27c24e783c4af3fbcc6f582d0165dfe8b95Stuart Parmenter — imported patch 535062
4b95c81f17d688f6369346967863356339c80024Aki Sasaki — Bug 534961 - repacks are broken [r=mark.finkle]
7652cf6eac88212a595196a71192d957ee439c21Vivien Nicolas — Bug 534414 - [Regression] FormFill: Cannot Span direction fields on Google Maps [r=mark.finkle]
921d86d1abcabb4dd9504b8b42b8ffef3c5fc65cAxel Hecht — bug 519696, update locale list for multi-locale maemo builds
034e9221488ebee1aa1ba13f40e84e4a11f451bdMark Finkle — Bug 534015: make more of the lower part of the first run page visible, r=gavin
2a35c61d84398fa031eace94cfc9d31afa7e7e09Gavin Sharp — Bug 522066: awesomebar unresponsive when attempting to load many bookmarks, so only display 25 items at a time, and add additional items as they are scrolled to, r=mfinkle
57859a75796eccc1b76f821411ee094320ba0732Brad Lassey — bug 534025 - Generate complete mars for WinMo r=mfinkle
29ad2820d151e558c525f15ed4cec3e42102459eFabrice Desré — Bug 534053 - Disabled add-ons should look different in the add-ons manager [r=mark.finkle]
c3cb34a985e538f841680721c2c4c64ad2ceb27aStuart Parmenter — bug 534737. move scrollContentToTop back to onLocationChange. r=mfinkle
0529376c8f1a68fbde2bca853d12d3184e9ff216Stuart Parmenter — bug 534681. fix checkerboarding problems r=mfinkle
ad3b0f83d90aefaceb453721ac9f22f2a24d716cVivien Nicolas — Bug 533764 - Go button doesn't show up on startup [r=mark.finkle]
f84568d171f10b3666412da2f029b7b77f98a11bMark Finkle — Bug 534579 - Tab thumbnail takes 1/2 a second longer to disappear after tab close [r=stuart]
9a583eafbd2e5e8b55cd4324292c2040f8518ab2Stuart Parmenter — bug 534662. Fix some trace aborts. r=gavin
35bb87f12acccdc328982f1d0080674d64a10a52Gavin Sharp — Bug 534903: make branding always use en-US strings, since l10n branding directories haven't caught up (and aren't really necessary), r=Pike
66dfa558bf860292005b22b4d8d98f4a94a7f770Doug Turner — Bug 533528 - If fennec is running, updates cause profile loss. r=mfinkle
82053541700d7031a24f12380fbae45294e6b6dbVivien Nicolas — Bug 515394: enable access to other bookmark roots if they have bookmarks, r=gavin
13fc08074328824ecb6f095c5c1f489d0b26911bGavin Sharp — Bug 531209: change Weave Sync bookmark link to point to rather than AMO, r=mfinkle
cc0a939453ac27eb9536fec51933652f923795f8Doug Turner — Differences between the patch in 533502 and what was pushed. r=mfinkle
9318d62cb05d9355b58df5e56381f0bcedcb6df9Brad Lassey — bug 534336 - build should test OS_ARCH instead of OS_TARGET for WINCE r=mfinkle
52c10b08328c6bf2dab99e32adca47083c9ab257Benjamin Stover — Bug 501566 - It takes way too long to highlight a selected link [r=mfinkle]
73f16b4596a52045e4ef7405703c30769b45cb2fVivien Nicolas — Bug 528406 - XUL files opened via Browser.addTab do not display [r=stechz]
5978783106d8f599824b993defe569a58c682e7bVivien Nicolas — Bug 524978: Form Fill jumps content to the top left on OkCupid [r=stechz]
f013d8374696910c7c09e57fbd8aa267022b2e75Benjamin Stover — Bug 531897 - plugins in iframes do not work. r=dougt
aa878d06dbade64c4b77f3364d34fecac5395690Doug Turner — Bug 534054 - Black horizontal lines on some sites. Workaround.
d65ef1fb4e7e7c511484a60a7d5b6b1c069ed408Gavin Sharp — Back out portion of revision bb284fb246d0 (bug 532418) since it was ineffective.
69d3a216938a0523e0c4ecec655fdcd2040011abMark Finkle — Bug 532766 - tapping 'manage' in bookmark list scrolls you to the very first bookmark [r=mark.finkle]
fc11fc20b5f8c3b8adac28d8cd7f11df73f6ed3dMark Finkle — Backout of bad partial patch
060c00af8353c26372b4dd7fe88c3abfd6b2508aMark Finkle — Bug 533888 - Remove extra fennec folder from deb [r=blassey]
173108bd5c54a08fc2e3a634d219ddfa583ec829Benjamin Stover — Bug 533989 - center page when doing incremental zoom [r=mfinkle]
0c7200cfc1dc183e8b10d56de85844dca000a36bBenjamin Stover — Bug 533502 - Idle crawler is too aggressive [r=mfinkle]
e4f92c53ef4b026a8da45f0ab4907990bc3acde9Benjamin Stover — Bug 496644 - when going back or forward, use the last pan x, y offsets [r=vingtetun]
ca9809d6d5f2e8b8fe884469827d37343ac0f1daVivien Nicolas — Bug 532686 - formfill: unable to use the file picker from [r=mark.finkle]
44b44310d65886a30bd404176ced6f430420cbdeVivien Nicolas — Bug 524501 - Form UI doesn't go to Search Mail or Search the Web buttons in Gmail [r=mark.finkle]
1e97a0406b6f88da4a64d4f9efa43b59897d2395Stas Malolepszy — Bug 532776 - Remove Yahoo search from the default search provider set []
67626ed8a1f26428c32073c4b2ee76d2b62c655cBenjamin Stover — Bug 523988 - Dirty Tiles show up when trying to zoom during a page load [r=mfinkle]
a16cb0d98835d40b799c66001ace44bc2c31b653Benjamin Stover — Bug 532442 - unable to zoom [r=mfinkle]
cac0a1837012714dcc1f444f571d0a5efb1307e3Brad Lassey — Bug 533367 - don't translate phone numbers [r=stuart]
5955045bf224b8709665bc9875ab2d9c4df6713cMark Finkle — Bug 532953 - Nothing button in Download Dialog does not close dialog [r=vingtetun]
338ee715b0f4b37cfc46081fb8c8413bbd6a94c2Mark Finkle — Bug 532444 - Create search engine cache in BrowserCLH.js []
dd4111f9e4c281803a512a41d39204af42fdefeaBenjamin Stover — Bug 530835 - Flash: Chrome UI shows up on background of flash videos []
421d918cea54fb1ecbe2cdeee8e4ef36549864edVivien Nicolas — Bug 532813 - Search button on does nothing [r=mark.finkle]
c12c00bf42a5881f4355e86435680a4a6944d154Vivien Nicolas — Bug 532735 - Replace done button in form assistant with red x icon [r=mark.finkle]
f1eb8f851da93ba766bcfd1c2dcccd9d82abf983Mark Finkle — Bug 531071 - bypass the awesomescreen when the browser is being opened for specific page []
bba08237d29d6fff362f38ff614880ffc663a8bcBenjamin Stover — Bug 527943 - Row highlights when user clicks on input field within that row [r=mark.finkle]
4af3a4c03fa7f63cd75aee2a9e695170f2b0a558Mark Finkle — Bug 532418 - Auto-capitalize feature is functional in the URLBar when Fennec is launched []
2ebc8e493c7fdf0bdcd3b655fa49590f5430f968Mark Finkle — Bug 520209 - active tab indication is too subtle / cannot see the tab focus outline (activity, contrast, invisible) []
25b706d6adc12e810a6856f1a43948527ec55a83Fabrice Desré — Bug 511432 - Handle panning inside overflow:auto elements (Google Reader) [r=mark.finkle]
b12c65c47240933fe3b6ed8c823d3f23fb96b145Mark Finkle — Bug 532206: Focus shows around plugins when you click on them (fix) [r=me]
6c51a10c7decab86b76e7c164fe8dfff5a5a21e9Brad Lassey — bug 525902 - [Regression] No See All Bookmarks icon on 11/2 WinMo Build r=stuart
67603a5a52dec31045ab24c2a19dbc1fc248b9feMark Finkle — Bug 532120: Download Pop-Up Dialog does not block accessing content []
f9886d1651aeea4ec39dea93414bfd931e8c370eDoug Turner — Bug 532206 - Focus shows around plugins when you click on them. r=mfinkle
1e77f6120bc760dd812c6644132985dcbe7350d5Vivien Nicolas — Bug 524469: Opening enough tabs to create additional columns cuts off the initial column [r=mark.finkle]
19fd3580f58c5d3cb1596f7a611e3b830e5fc0fcMark Finkle — Bug 532137: [Regression] Panning in scrollable content areas first pans the entire content document [r=stechz r=combee]
b94c57979259b5b55b896095052b572217293385Gavin Sharp — Bug 532180: adjust search parameters for default plugins, r=mfinkle
465a146c832bfde0fb3b8f05701343e12b0d6e35Alex Pakhotin — bug 490189 - Fennec should offer to be the default browser on Windows Mobile r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
c0bae9c97d38af3cd75dc318e9e483c77261e22aBenjamin Stover — Bug 531871 - Clipping problem with some flash [r=mfinkle]
f77ce4fef31eac4f6e0510018ec2f965bc474f1aVivien Nicolas — Bug 510981: Clean up bookmark popup positioning code [r=mark.finkle]
9a7c8f300dbd8cf8d678ae5c7b61fa731ea927beMark Finkle — Bug 520209: active tab indication is too subtle / cannot see the tab focus outline (activity, contrast, invisible) [r=gavin]
e94404f59a64f6d5094df98a0b08f726593154efBrian Crowder — Bug 529576 - fennec should attempt to open remote command-lines in a tab, r=mfinkle
0998ec1d064bd34bfd0d1e7dba9e02fda2d1c14fVivien Nicolas — Bug 528537: revise icon on 'new tab' button [r=mark.finkle]
f23e3281f4050086511230a1ab6ab341a0ca566eAxel Hecht — bug 532070, localized searchplugins/list.txt not picked up, package it like regular l10n files, r=gavin
55904aa0261dcae75c04ed99e8b571df4d6904c8Mark Finkle — Bug 531071: bypass the awesomescreen when the browser is being opened for specific page [r=gavin]
89eea1cc57e2f5398a4449f4fe4bd0700878bd8aMark Finkle — Bug 522282: Toolbar icons - Use the N900 theme or use our own variant [r=gavin]
ec8e35a4d7a11836bf9744d39f2de96e8bbf8bfdMark Finkle — Bug 515878: refreshing page scrolls to the top (partial revert) [r=gavin]
3f5cfa35b45cb518bb8ecbf2cba13d617e7d4fb1Axel Hecht — bug 531367, add Ukrainian (uk) to the fennec build, ra=drivers
0fdd3576dc96f3e1b3bc14eb278ed88590da00a7Vivien Nicolas — Bug 515878: refreshing page scrolls to the top [r=mark.finkle]
6384e80a580ec8a840b4e6b161a46ea35e4b97dfVivien Nicolas — Bug 520074: Thumbnail in left sidebar is bumped over by right sidebar [r=stechz]
3b9f72d0c8712353baf879ae1b1e9c5104589444Vivien Nicolas — Bug 529912: <setting/> should provide type='integer' [r=mark.finkle]
f4d8f7b31e37e61d7674a59818e4b0267f698df3Axel Hecht — bug 531807, add XPI_NAME when calling searchplugins for repacks, r=gavin
43e8a02945ab61915b9ffa539e2c7c56f5fc2238Fabrice Desré — Bug 460678: make it possible to scroll content-area XUL widgets [r=mark.finkle]
e384a5217000c4ec9e071e6c4a46f593d9f9ccb1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 531715: <menulist> in in-browser XUL does not open [r=mark.finkle]
f2924cb961f3354ab8479adde5e4197360ac154aBrad Lassey — bug 510917] Downloading a .cab file from nightly builds page shows nothing in downloads manager r=mfinkle
fbc12019553b11824ebefe7b309d93ba8f2c552eBrad Lassey — bug 531547 - content is fuzzy on 11/28 build r=mfinkle
2c922f0e9629136c7262ca6c451fbe1042e2d393Vivien Nicolas — Bug 507391: noscript addon causes select box rendering to fail in fennec [r=mark.finkle]
bff84b65b812ab696dc9a935bcc695fd031f7b29Mark Finkle — Bug 531102: Change Fennec Hildon theme to use pixels for dimensions (forgot to shrink firstrun font-sizes)
5289df53bee33baef75b8dc4fadab1bd52b30707Mark Finkle — Bug 531105: Fennec gets focus after page load is complete while user has switched to another app/desktop on N900 []
75a03dfa8ef38719bb173731af838302d849729eMark Finkle — Bug 531102: Change Fennec Hildon theme to use pixels for dimensions []
17e6d85e44034c410dd0a031573828e1051811c6Vivien Nicolas — Bug 522312: keyboard arrow keys should let you move between form fields [r=mark.finkle]
4571c90f320b820f3e190ecdf5180a2b19f2064dBenjamin Stover — Bug 530887 Some web pages do not zoom to fit page on window resize [r=mfinkle] [r=vingtetun]
fdd9badc85e64d25c0d552dbd3230d564aeb1a93Gavin Sharp — Bump gecko minVersion to 1.9.2b5pre, r=mfinkle on IRC
b78fd71dbecd9a5b438521564875c88fa1ad9787Gavin Sharp — Bug 530846: addEngine confirmation dialog shouldn't offer to "use this engine now", r=mfinkle
6601b20c878547d9cf54c3515f56fe825a8a1f38Benjamin Stover — Bug 526904 - Tabs loading in background are not pannable
a0ebf36db9766babc8d44b6297c10438c360aedbVivian Nicolas — Bug 518642 - zoom level is reset when softkb is displayed
89f816c9419d1870fdb511c60959e82767b92332Mark Finkle — Bustage fix
adead81f1312eacc0441e7467f15cfd0d56b3b00Gavin Sharp — Bug 530839: add-on updates are broken because our extensions.update.url pref is bogus, r=mfinkle
eddc52297a5b9a12a00e269c7eda0f76a9fad22cGavin Sharp — Bug 474470: implement nsISidebar* APIs in Fennec, r=mfinkle
6760dfe772f92fb18372a003d075e95ae86ef47fMark Finkle — Bug 530013: Fennec should take steps to auto-connect network connections []
e92a536dfacfc393b73ca74ee7d4a61dcb35667fVivien Nicolas — Bug 528611: on highlighted rows, button corners are white [r=mark.finkle]
518661d1d4792ee6ff7674c4d912e2f12fe943daMark Finkle — Bug 523374: Trying to save a bookmark with an empty name fails [r=vingtetun]
2698df99f378bded175a91da736b9d8b5f62e7acBenjamin Stover — Bug 529098: Inform embedded Flash objects where to render [r=mark.finkle]
15b0fe60a8b9c30490cf0eb444481d640531bfaaBrad Lassey — Bug 527384: implement device-width and device-height keywords for viewport meta tag [r=mark.finkle]
c2265df5014c376ca8410b2edb100536b0b9c287Mark Finkle — Bug 524479: Secondary zoom mechanism works when in Preferences [r=combee]
b4a6a533840a49d53d5e48da15593561c2cde7acFabrice Desré — Bug 523729: Notify when the add-ons list is built and when options are populated [r=mark.finkle]
62d70dbe8e2eae3d4082a33aadc58c1dfe36a0bcVivien Nicolas — Bug 521116: showing 'All bookmarks' from the awesomebar/autocomplete dropdown option can be very slow [r=mark.finkle]
7d04e5829627cd99e10c7195a11f2f0b7201a750Mark Finkle — Bug 529074: Remove use of <preferences> and <preference> from <setting> (parts I missed)
b28abc409615d295b2f15f6095364f1ca5334dd7Mark Finkle — Bug 528555: [Regression] Addon Options Close when highlighting text in input fields []
35160439dcb25ffb50b344173f87dd813d83c4eaMark Finkle — Bug 529074: Remove use of <preferences> and <preference> from <setting> []
493c51d25af62dd6c005f09fbb9c4608a7fb7c7dVivien Nicolas — Bug 527986: new tabs open with partial thumbnail of old tab []
39a081d00edc0060b2ae6f16d4915667402c9df4Vivien Nicolas — Bug 526503: Reload/Stop button doesn't reflect the state of the current tab [r=mark.finkle]
bc5c81ff617823247374cb3a7be48eab5c34c8c9Mark Finkle — Bug 528279: Portion of larry ui shown when adding a search engine [r=vingtetun]
f0dd7adbf05a27aa71df212795246fa6da0c2331Gavin Sharp — Fix whitespace, no bug
827cbf735d377534ed8d64186c72278eb94b7adaGavin Sharp — Bug 529935: add infrastructure for memoizing getters for commonly referenced elements (and add one for the browser stringbundle), r=mfinkle
4db2f5476f015fe36a67b16e005139f2a8cca542Fabrice Desré — Bug 526921: add-ons get installed before user confirmation [r=mark.finkle]
23284f162cb84098f58fc92930b6277e794395dbGavin Sharp — Bug 529855: force creation of the Mobile root when it doesn't exist (support profiles created with older builds), r=mfinkle
e5645811f30b230336a75b4a6fc13a39f41c626eGavin Sharp — Bug 525184: put mobile bookmarks in a virtual "Mobile" bookmarks root, r=mfinkle
ab53d8dabe8fc74d7d56f29db12d1178c72ab59dGavin Sharp — Bug 529869: use a generic string for fallback search descriptions and remove english strings in en-US searchplugins
9f8e48a0b68cbb721d637f3bb96ba3777019c206Mark Finkle — Bug 515394: Allow access to the complete bookmark hierarchy (strings only) []
c86f67a74095645dac19906819c2e29345b0cb94Chris Cooper — Bug 501794 - Add the build ID to the output from 'make ident' - r=mark.finkle
eb34b4ac6cac1c6f700d1479053fc9f2fc12b4c5Mark Finkle — Bug 523296: wrong netError text in offline mode and no way to leave it (appstrings override) []
02bf248747b29f90a0df0f5f0ec5b0c7adc198c4Mark Finkle — Bug 523296: wrong netError text in offline mode and no way to leave it (better for l10n) []
2bda136861dd17f8297f4bd3554559ddf84aa7ecMark Finkle — No Bug: Remove unused file []
beb5315258324fc4d72b3f9d35b570880ddd719eMark Finkle — Bug 528544: When there are no downloads, downloads manager looks odd []
578e5ab8342fd7289eb3d0b4344653f7f85d3f69Mark Finkle — Bug 523296: wrong netError text in offline mode and no way to leave it (string part) []
62b771dc39e895686f8d325e36382f1d563bcddfStuart Parmenter — bug 528655. update search provider descriptions. r=mfinkle
0b2fce36e1ef1ff0840adf326599ac8baf7381a4Alex Pakhotkin — Bug 529420 - restore zip-file creation, r=crowder
8af741558ebb992dcdd0b9cdbf554f94f018247dAlex Pakhotkin — Bug 502933: mobile installer changes to enable custom non-CAB installer, r=blassey
108f9a52f92a8b383a008c27714631e35ec5d227Mark Finkle — Bug 529354: Jump to download manager when tapping the 'download finished' popup []
48ea9b87faf9f3c67e20955acdb1d3ac3f723f46Mark Finkle — Bug 529293: Installation of Addons does not move user to addons manager []
d7a44001f4cc4a3041f286d7293666ebc322bc45Gavin Sharp — Bug 528648: text at the bottom of the about page is too small, r=mfinkle
2fd06df4c2263aeb150de4505b9cd9e361b70ecaMark Finkle — Bug 528653: string change - default bookmark 'Firefox: About' to 'Firefox: About your browser' []
31be6136fc815c923854741fab53fac1508b6bacMark Finkle — Bug 529220: Add pretty name to Maemo deb packages [r=blassey]
6cc2e8f5021e0f5a3c950e9431276bcd43293e7fMark Finkle — Bug 525160: Remove cmd_search and related code [r=vingtetun]
442eb7ecef4877d05877133e6a7a5cc2e049bff4Mark Finkle — Bug 528545: Change 'Clear Recent History' to 'Clear Private Data' []
0857d0823067ab9d166db9ac81575c19f9d8df8eVivien Nicolas — Bug 529125: [Regression] Controls are slightly pannable [r=mark.finkle]
50febfbe0ef5b6a2ccfa92d94674a5b4511035f0Mark Finkle — Bug 528660: remove pref description lines []
c5e80cee51d68671ca12a8ecc497fc55cfb717c4Mark Finkle — Bug 529077: forgot the comment
d43572bd48decee9c7198ea64ecbcba2f750a72bMark Finkle — Bug 529077: DirectoryProvider.js cleanup []
cd23eab8839c47856ff6fb777c53d67a11600bfbGavin Sharp — Bug 528563: define BrowserStartupServiceFactory before referencing it, r=mfinkle
425e2362958e855283cfaed7cf828c30c39d3914Mark Finkle — Bug 528659: string change - typo in add-ons alert []
bb203e516f6cc45deb97c12ea8d8a33b9c28e58eGavin Sharp — Bug 528586: change some text on the first run page, r=mfinkle
ac864de0b42f1ffeb41331e3f214b02e105a3fbeMark Finkle — Bug 528430: Add a directory provider so we can customize the cache folder at runtime [r=blassey]
3a12470f78a3d90a815f9a81eff76da73d529647Brian Crowder — Backed out changeset 9e58ca6f80ef
d15b3a77ab43d411ccc84629cfc804117ba6f86cAlex Pakhotkin — Bug 502933: mobile installer changes to enable custom non-CAB installer, r=blassey
2045c04d020e18ff999c1ce812541aa2c0445c94Mark Finkle — Bug 528588: add-on update dialog coming up []
08844fcaff7106d65add83093472594e41a1ea95Ben Combee — Bug 528494: Bad star display for add-ons with no rating [r=mark.finkle]
d2b393d047cc79d68abbd808878e7dc4e6dd8450Gavin Sharp — Backed out changeset f78213bb0d6d (revert firstrun logo to non-beta version)
891669bec2344ace481c11d693b1379619d3e3ccGavin Sharp — Bug 523740: only show about:firstrun on real "first runs", show autocomplete popup otherwise, r=mfinkle
53c78900130d06eaee3dfa5620013f8f81ec18e5Fabrice Desré — Bug 526555: ProfileManager does not delete profiles [r=mark.finkle]
62802ec0300e2926ff412a8a8c0869e164c09c41Fabrice Desré — Bug 526667: importDialog() doesn't clean up empty text nodes [r=mark.finkle]
380e1d11715d28274932c2f8579c4c3db6c7d05eBenjamin Stover — Bug 528323: Improve zooming perf and fix zoom for some sites [r=mark.finkle]
46237cde937fcacd67cf1a61f68baa6b7a176ec4Benjamin Stover — bug 526839 - Smooth out panning while kinetic scrolling is happening r=vingtetun
410b835dda0293cd6d84d6289103e8fad205d575Mark Finkle — Bustage fix - no comments in changelog [r=me]
1068bde078db68d76baf0ac434ca471d460cf0b9Benjamin Stover — Bug 500280: clicking the preferences button takes a few seconds to switch screens [r=mark.finkle]
f93faf93976a90f415f5c3f3bb55a49a3c8d210cArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 524519 - use UPLOAD_EXTRA_FILES to upload the deb files (no need for new update targets); add the ability to call 'make upload' from root of mobile's objdir - r=mark.finkle,l10n
9da6707288079393eb5002ea9542d0da0c21540cVivien Nicolas — Bug 524570: No highlighting on Form Fill UI when spanning across tabs [r=mark.finkle]
112e15957941405aae8ac6c61d10404d737a5b34Vivien Nicolas — Bug 525351: Form Fill Assistant zooms in on wrong form on [r=mark.finkle]
7477f754d9d99d4107acc1e1ac31a7e92a044f1fWolfgang Rosenauer — Bug 524937: netError.dtd is not overridden [r=mark.finkle]
aba9e613eec54e9301fed200222ca226db152668Vivien Nicolas — Bug 524494: Form UI stops after 'Search the Web' button on Google News [r=mark.finkle]
93663a6a5862c0303f59e87e64a354062e8f8e4bGavin Sharp — Added tag FENNEC_B5 for changeset 6da601922328
b551241b1a018157e8adddd47e6ae6bc6f66988dMark Finkle — Bump Maemo version to 1.0b6pre
8b61cac2bc5736e812038ecc0bcb0a085ad2c681Axel Hecht — bug 527308, adding Greek (el) to the individual locales
6f5bff15a25d5a0694b902c0b02df17d9ba0ea7aVivien Nicolas — Bug 518868: revise identity panel styling [r=mark.finkle]
146ab96418a6104883266a9538b25750d01da93dBen Combee — Bug 527761: Remove unused browser.ui.panning.fixup.mousemove pref [r=mark.finkle r=webapps]
ce9572505aa68bec0d06a235ac5ea6b51faf047fGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 527716 - Clear previous result data from 'No results' item, r=gavin
919711144841944e577f6ddcb55fa27f88089298Mark Finkle — Bug 525132: Add-on options section does not get select background color []
450af9143394a930f6218d0736126e4a2d35139aVivien Nicolas — Bug 527598: 'No results' in awesome bar is highlighted when panning over it [r=mark.finkle]
9b6208fa27bb4cad4e940189a7eb125b62f6fd32Axel Hecht — add nb-NO and nn-NO to the fennec localizations
b50303329f22a4362bc1536f05d720584a3ec8c8Vivien Nicolas — Bug 524495: Chrome buttons do not always recognize tapping [r=mark.finkle r=webapps]
df3f47cfa5fb2be43fff526f828ff3bfd812d2b3Vivien Nicolas — Bug 525997: adjust row highlighting behaviour [r=mark.finkle]
41fceb7f15b65562c40d803d59bdf7c52b9e4671Gavin Sharp — Revert portions of changeset e50511b5e4a1 from bug 519696 for b5, a=stuart/pike
b909a2459add4b1db332cd16892004c9d424ee57Gavin Sharp — Backed out changeset 0c4d0fc3b6c6 (bug 525184, going to wait for post-b5)
9738750b35f967e71e3e3fcb6dd57f155c382ca3Gavin Sharp — Bug 525184: put mobile bookmarks in a virtual "Mobile" bookmarks root, r=mfinkle
0161db35078d65ba5f73544431d47b95a63f991cGavin Sharp — Bug 526927: default bookmark Firefox favicons should come from branding package, r=mfinkle
2337b97e62d054b257b7870721f07d86f22aba2eAxel Hecht — bug 519696, update maemo-locales for b5, r=mfinkle
6266017dfa1d55d6a6b7370aad09f9a5f2739d7eGavin Sharp — Bug 523538: don't try to sync to prefs if a <setting> has no pref attribute defined, r=mfinkle
b88c0936cce1c98359169e941148267b3086fe4bGavin Sharp — Bug 526808: set DPI for desktop builds to match hildon devices for better testability, r=mfinkle
e1515b733a83a7f603d9708d75e2cdfaee1ac5d9Brad Lassey — bug 518390 - symbol key clears the url bar r=mfinkle
d69de160bd77270378ab1ed27c79d4e82a57be6eGavin Sharp — Bug 526831: downloads done yesterday have a date of 'Yesterday' regardless of locale, r=mfinkle
efbc26f7c2d906cade9d24347e8743a30d57fa63Axel Hecht — no bug, add Finnish and Serbian to the locales list of fennec
456c735dcaf59c6fb9122e8ba1f517f80b3bce19Axel Hecht — bug 490482, add makefile targets to repackage an deb into a localized deb, r=blassey
c6029e2f1f0d61f7a9a1c7e41e898247bee9470cMark Finkle — Bug 526554: Show 'auto detect' in locale list when locale is set to 'auto detect' using matchOS []
99d4ad5e19e9756444220a96ef3faf14412f08adGavin Sharp — Replace firstrun logo/wordmark image with one that includes "beta 5" text, ui-r=madhava
493937b76e12b28f6c8569d9aa22ba9169c0796fGavin Sharp — Add try/catch here required by the behavior change in bug 524995 (enabling/disabling plugins is broken), r=mfinkle
188dc606d26b04f55c55bd2613f838be008c5ea7Gavin Sharp — Bug 517525: add favicons for default Fennec bookmarks, r=mfinkle
6d1c8c13bdd0a384bb5a686606ce5e03881a5fa9Vivien Nicolas — Bug 526479: Choosing autodetect in the language menulist failed [r=mark.finkle]
32fa65b56b567410f5714875e9ff8e23d15f6a8dBrad Lassey — Bug 436083: Viewport meta tag [r=mark.finkle]
206ce90fa9cc64fc3deb8edc3bd2f1cf1cd83f40Vivien Nicolas — Bug 525999: adjust style of list box pop-up [r=mark.finkle]
f986a1fa285db5fcab62ee4b7ea447cc660e726eGavin Sharp — Bug 517997: update icons for twitter and amazon (also URI decode the others to save a tiny bit of space)
a14b030b52bd2aa5f0ebfcd1bd27f2b0da25a8bbBenjamin Stover — Bug 521108: Improve pan axis locking [r=vingtetung]
4651482bda1de61aa85025deb54950360133069aVivien Nicolas — Bug 525874: Jumping to Add-on Manager from firstrun doesn't set the browser tool button correctly [r=mark.finkle]
9d87332caf2424933b6fc2b9e57d942273c45b47Roy Frostig — Bug 480958. Update viewport dimensions as per MozScrolledAreaChanged. r=mfinkle
dad5c7928e5a12e27baee78ecba2c019f145a705Gavin Sharp — Bug 525088: clean up getZoomForPage and consolidate code, r=blassey
2f4e6fb6ef077cf9e0bb971192adae38ce1f9142Benjamin Stover — Bug 525549: At top of a page, URL bar jumps when accessing sidebars [r=mark.finkle]
da32873e88af6be561dfdbfd28855adb1396772bMark Finkle — Bug 525876: .menulist-label needs to explicitly set the font-family []
5df980c0d314aea0a869c216fc17273ae81874afVivien Nicolas — Bug 525362: [Regression] See All Bookmarks does not highlight [r=mark.finkle]
e6bc3a9d7b97cd35eac513591fcb8cdca4ed9e35Gavin Sharp — Bustage fix for l10n builds, r=Pike
0106712c2c07129ed49af9ef4f8ad8f6b77270dcMark Finkle — Bug 516645: Preload border-image images to speed up the rendering []
5add0d3abbebd8cb04fda6e97bb06b2f50a9689aBenjamin Stover — Bug 524526: Zooming sometimes zooms to incorrect positions [r=mark.finkle]
1ef14b768241aefcb0ecc3124eb1cda660518275Gavin Sharp — Bug 525306: MOZ_APP_DISPLAYNAME should be Firefox when official branding is enabled, r=mfinkle/blassey
8e64b0fc010bce4e55a1208816ff871aac9fe0fdMark Finkle — Bump Maemo version to 1.0b5 []
76da67e125716c16de55ffb7b97a7e4e0c8a1225Vivien Nicolas — Bug 525113: Form Fill UI: Does not recognize multiple fields in Yahoo Login [r=mark.finkle]
73cda512cca2ee2c73ab43a2fe53147fffbe7227Vivien Nicolas — Bug 524142: Content and Chrome UI usable when popped-up chrome dialogs are open [r=mark.finkle]
e9862bac013ad591c65016234e43b5eeae2788f1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 525164: placeitem in BookmarkHelper should not be highlighted on :active [r=mark.finkle]
9aaa71c871a838c5b40ae25f0b1ec353958c3102Benjamin Stover — Bug 524695: Unmatched beginBatchOperation: closing pages that are still loaded [r=mark.finkle]
b159882080d6563e81a0502f213860962c67f29fVivien Nicolas — Bug 523736: modify sidebar behavior [r=mark.finkle]
cd2893f5dd46c0d021338658ca2b8735ab91418cBenjamin Stover — Bug 524543: Fast double taps sometimes cause clicks [r=vingtetun]
f470c36cf0b2994f41081f3d8788f7c5fa7b6ba6Gavin Sharp — Bug 525077: adjust first run text size to fit more stuff on the page, r=mfinkle
0d337b9c94ae3438033a7eb15bb86cea6c7639b7Brad Lassey — bug 524900 - treat mobile doctypes like we treat handheld friendly content r=mfinkle
fe1e7c76e41717a1992a3193ce6368b824b9944aVivien Nicolas — Bug 523708: Move to 32px size for bookmarks, awesomebar, urlbar and search provider buttons [r=mark.finkle]
61ae88ad269f331b77c848e0ce68a5f573818f73Mark Finkle — Bug 517997: use larger icons for search providers (wikipedia) []
565f90f74153aa3aa5424a7cee3b77c0251ad9b1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 522486: Password notification bar extends past screen view [r=mark.finkle]
cb03281acbb282d596656eb6c7cbf1946cb07edfMark Finkle — Bug 519577: Use row-highlighting to indicate a successful tap on a row []
f4a518f63042938a661134b9da8b614dc5d83429Mark Finkle — Bug 524885: Get the deb installer to use branding [r=blassey]
77b2b06befeef11d6e54fb067eaec1fc2d76b866Mark Finkle — Bug 520928: Install Fennec & XULRunner to /opt [r=mark.finkle]
2af5f466c74fd100b50025f3790f0fc5ab1c3b46Gavin Sharp — Bug 523346: tweak first run page to make additional content more discoverable, r=mfinkle
64fe45e536bc771a7b8fc6bae5b3297d679c64b5Mark Finkle — Bug 518685: Revisit the blue used in Fennec []
d90650d25dc9024a8b935a6640382086f07b2d6eDoug Turner — Bug 524413 - renable flash. r=mfinkle
84cc56c6c01d4db9e385794fc4d0c3757b513979Gavin Sharp — Bug 519685: package search engines in locale JARs, and tell the search service to load them from there, r=mfinkle
3f197bb3b5f2d1853b5dd304f90692321ef327c5Steffen Imhof — Bug 469848: Add bad certificate exceptions without showing a separate UI [r=mark.finkle]
743aee66edc0e9891efa5f19a4d1e466dc8f7881Mark Finkle — Bug 523396: Tune N810's tile capacity down to 15 [r=dougt]
cd0b8621f383d3679e092a5f7efd810be855c9a5Mark Finkle — Bug 517086: Set Fennec user agent []
0eae5642de9cae1bfa7baefb4cd956aa8ca11da3Mark Finkle — Bustage fix
84873fbecd53b3d399e390bc018de0c6d0a7ecefMark Finkle — Bug 520191: Use ui.xxxx color preferences to override inverse themes []
4e794e3fae41b5bd52c43559bb6d3db9ce34cea9Mark Finkle — Bug 518212: revise styling of alert boxes / bookmarking popup []
60c7febc94b4d9fa555e22034f626f07a78d30deMark Finkle — Bug 518199: revise styling of bookmark editing panel []
87e2b4fd5bf9e9b7a4d4edea51dbf42698de0513Mark Finkle — Bug 521099: Improve appearance of progress bars []
1a16625a8e9473cd4dc19361f5c431b4a019b2b1Tomer Cohen — Bug 522982: first run page should set dir=locale.dir for RTL, r=gavin/mfinkle
bc434a6d2495ad2d0a664d3bb6e04665808dfcedMark Finkle — Bug 516959: More styling for search providers []
39b5206f897036c05a3af70b308035d8db644937Mark Finkle — Bug 521120: Search button that cuts off looks broken, and user unable to scroll thru the list []
acf55e50ecda1f1a86be73e354c29f6928725982Mark Finkle — Bug 518366: Clear search button shown when there are no recommended add-ons []
9e1a3d0f82af3b165d9a87b5600e8f00769c3b7fMark Finkle — Bug 523845: increase close button size in notification bars to match tabs []
a3ff6c9d34685d9d1896fdc685e5275666769ef2Vivien Nicolas — Bug 511898: Double-click with two clicks on different areas of the page results in zoom of area of second click [r=combee]
91ec70f2310d5b750ebf78af17219181baa75af2Vivien Nicolas — Bug 486184: make filling in forms easier [r=webapps r=mark.finkle]
921feddec453c5a11e04622c278bc2d8c2c85fe4Benjamin Stover — Bug 522517: Panning sometimes causes link clicks [r=vingtetun]
8191e6a60722eec940c8aa0df206072ad612b781Benjamin Stover — Bug 524170: [Regression] Panning is not responsive [r=mark.finkle]
4dd89bfaf8f0b5bbce57ef37bbb9068edbab0802Ben Combee — Bug 465284: Open link in new tab [r=mark.finkle]
1dbd7b0bed258eaeacc486ca3162fcb7013a5a82Fabrice Desré — Bug 518619: When touching rows in a list, scroll partially visible rows into view [r=mark.finkle]
ab03ded470c23eda646a3215ed4033c6ab5a9b3aMark Finkle — Bug 478038: Have secondary (arbitrary) zoom mechanism []
270759dec1360e8a64d7b044327496560a811ad5Mark Finkle — Bug 523512: Theme textboxes to be more hildon like []
551ae2d7312a43cb4dec0f72353137d023d808cbVivien Nicolas — Bug 522036: N810: softkb shown after exiting bookmarks manager in manage mode [r=mark.finkle]
3c64365edb1280f63e0629e5b2613e920b33b20aVivien Nicolas — Bug 518882: Download Manager: Need a Remove button for canceled entries [r=mark.finkle]
3f4ae3b448051c53eac0519a1be0e388340f9e76Vivien Nicolas — Bug 523718: The locale menulist switch handler should be oncommand not onchange [r=mark.finkle]
b9e4f027c09f1fc495a68f8f9e066d50520f5ba2Vivien Nicolas — Bug 523477: [Regression] Adding/Removing tabs increases width of tab sidebar [r=mark.finkle]
09b5714102b41f9e216b4c2a3450d2c141422edcBenjamin Stover — Bug 520872: Make zooming transition better [r=mark.finkle]
9616b3974169b3d4a1a9971a6af72bfb35855d01Benjamin Stover — Bug 522494: Tapping or double tapping pans a small amount [r=bcombee]
48e9b919986c58d90e6d1a3b08777ccbe12172a4Mark Finkle — Backed out changeset d7623fd1ad70
d1a5f2580838c5055f002912054861581799a8c2Roy Frostig — Bug 480958: Update viewport dimensions as per MozScrolledAreaChanged [r=mark.finkle r=stuart]
4ca634c149e79965f1a1a015b5de91f97d2f0cd2Vivien Nicolas — Bug 520294: Search Disabled State is Persistent even after Uninstallation []
ed513b3edea256841cb883aaef07d6f683d20551Vivien Nicolas — Bug 515747: bookmark manager is confusing to know if you are managing or not [r=mark.finkle]
eef2ad531207be3740e42840a4dbda56e6f0e75cBenjamin Stover — Bug 523373: [Regression] _criticalRect is empty and throws in [r=froystig]
f8487fa6503f0391511ba908414cf98c7f8d65c8Gavin Sharp — Fix typo in default bookmarks error handler
26bc29c7224a44fa9bc3a7ec273ac5fa7cb6227fMark Finkle — Bug 523369: [Regression] Secure favicon.ico request pop-ups certificate error dialog [r=vingtetun]
cd58901135376d2c084876bdc3a5237b782cacd0Benjamin Stover — Bug 511224: after zoom, titlebar is partially off screen [r=vingtetun]
be0d68e96d527925ae267a684942ff412116854bBenjamin Stover — Bug 523223: Regression: kinetic panning is stalled [r=mark.finkle]
a8fb14782bfa9d53e45cce93e56e49c8c7a39032Mark Finkle — [mq]: findbaroff
95aed39e31ffdbef96f5135edc1dcfbc5fb77137Benjamin Stover — Bug 522504: Panning speed is sometimes erratic [r=bcombee]
31a9537c6978fdb938d405e441cc9f1c4b52e8f8Mark Finkle — Bug 522507: Find is shown on top of the page [r=stechz]
99069a98c82e606aa3030d5e08ae2ee622cb119bMark Finkle — Bug 522514: Make tile capacity a preference [r=stechz]
22014317e8974ad138a3d67b82eea535ef218b89Gavin Sharp — Bug 519686: Build localized bookmarks data for multi-locale builds and use it, attempt #2 with bustage fix, r=mfinkle/pike
dd0dec5e133c0dba8490fab6e98282000e32766dMark Finkle — Bug 522271: --browser-chrome Mochitests on Fennec (bookmark popup) []
23b33cd36561a2d45733a772049cad893d6fcc95Mark Finkle — Bug 522538: remove button has reappeared in the bookmark editing panel [r=vingtetun]
5c7eee2f9a95bd0c929ff4e3d4d26f6344b23c8fGavin Sharp — Back out changeset 6bc1a3d1a1ee (bug 519686 - multi-locale bookmarks)
e7e8e90af6a0d9ee96c313c0d1d8201508cdb98fGavin Sharp — Bug 519686: Build localized bookmarks data for multi-locale builds and use it, r=mfinkle/pike
9864f4633dfe758e524c0d4f12a175843e70e95bBenjamin Stover — Bug 520910: Refactor Rect and add Point class, r=gavin
22c1ca4a92f5acb182dac1d6885d90841beeb365Benjamin Stover — Bug 522529: Diagonal panning is jerky (and a few other issues) [r=mark.finkle]
969c1e92f53d2a4f3b06a83d237b403214797741kantha kanchiraju — Bug 507051: Finish find-bar layout [r=mark.finkle]
e2f7f60cbf0aeadb0508f205f36dfad5a92ad84eVivien Nicolas — Bug 522472: Regression : adding more than 4 tabs mess up the tab bar [r=webapps]
29e70c0c856cbdedf526da8db51ff304e38d212aFabrice Desré — Bug 522447: Alerts are misplaced [r=mark.finkle]
582b4809cedebbd04274d9c470e662afbc44cb2cMark Finkle — Bug 521379: unbitrot the browser-chrome tests []
2aa41ed85084737ad439403eb39b7811ce665c15Benjamin Stover — Bug 520913: Use CSS classes instead of manually resizing elements [r=mark.finkle]
57329841859c0ab1ee81bd4a69e7f2bf7a59a847Mark Finkle — Bug 522240: Fix syntax errors in DOMWillOpenModalDialog handler [r=stechz]
2a4e08db433654b9e58fcb387af4fd4b80fb21c2Vivien Nicolas — Bug 522288: Fennec should handle MozApplicationManifest [r=mark.finkle]
00942a9c806066036b27a56b685a672ee854bc5dMark Finkle — Bug 522261: Some code is firing after the browser window closes []
8ea7f1dfd27b535c2009cddc40f038c6cc8e727bMark Finkle — Bug 520290: lock icon is broken in the site identification popup []
b91acd69b723d3d3e359eb3b7e777228fb9911b6Mark Finkle — Bug 522043: Text in nsPromptService authentication dialog is pannable [r=fabrice.desre]
664925443519b732a72eed3cb3460146b703f4bbVivien Nicolas — Bug 518370: fit 4 tabs high on the n900 [r=mark.finkle]
a7bda89624c4a563a02f1e019416294bdb6118d7Axel Hecht — bug 519682, create toolkit l10n makefiles for fennec repacks, r=mfinkle
a9f854140cf4c779481d63719811942fd85903adAxel Hecht — bug 519696, land some set of locales to be included into the maemo multi-locale build. Not a final list, but the easy start
9e18912130386b5cfc47451ede6f4c171982d838Axel Hecht — bug 522052, add ga-IE to all-locales
b9d38a58c47ce52751cf444acbc0df1fa5ea7ac1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 522039: The prompt-service should dismiss the alert/prompt/confirm/... on VK_RETURN / VK_ESCAPE [r=mark.finkle]
7103810a9883d03a161be26b024abf58e4db8488Doug Turner — Bug 522060 - OOM caused by too much memory used in the tile cache. r=mfinkle
7e39b5a8d9ea6ae46f4f0788f6734941f72c4691Fabrice Desré — Bug 514208: Create a theme for the nsPromptService dialogs [r=mark.finkle]
409ff0939e6c5173e728c1aed3eb4d78e22bcbcaVivien Nicolas — Bug 520290: lock icon is broken in the site identification popup [r=mark.finkle]
1f507a271f8ba9de95b8c646171ba386bad96341Vivien Nicolas — Bug 517416: Increase the tab-close image and expand the "hit" area so it is easier to click [r=mark.finkle]
a65a1742712d1e115539f39c858e319e7e9f82f1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 518578: browser tools button does not depress [r=mark.finkle]
848bc8880bad94ecb72ba6adb5bcc4eb7955dbadFabrice Desré — Bug 518054: nsPromptService needs to fire event when opening modal dialogs [r=mark.finkle]
201429029e861828f16c8cc830325bbe47b9ee00Vivien Nicolas — Bug 520285: urlbar pans to the right after opening/closing larry info [r=mark.finkle]
b582636eddc005cbb7c365f04c435cb039a9a5d4Vivien Nicolas — Bug 518308: lockAxis should not lock a direction if we can't scroll it [r=combee]
70638de55cd8518d97b2df8b740df786bd52dfd2Vivien Nicolas — Bug 519948: showing the urlbar should not scroll to the top [r=mark.finkle]
84572fa0050cd571e911ebe42dc8d37021fa3daaRoy Frostig — Prefetch tiles in TileManager when device is idle as reported by nsIIdleService. r=dougt,mfinkle.
c3e480cf9c78ea36ba2b6cc512ecc1630741b5f4Fabrice Desré — Bug 517459: Use menulist in [r=mark.finkle]
134d2f78427f7a3c475929a4c7a70fa52e4b4d62Fabrice Desré — Bug 521392: No style for menulist on dark background [r=mark.finkle]
f02df311fc8a18e5f8fcb80a74b238d0daa6fc72Vivien Nicolas — Bug 517411: Improve bookmark folder row appearance [r=mark.finkle]
5dbb384df0b5ca6a34e336ed57b3c21b2641af77Mark Finkle — bump versions for Maemo and WinMo, r=gavin r=blassey
332597318e16e9c4bc18dcbc54cbfa12d32d28e4Vivien Nicolas — Bug 468294: Make sure BrowserUI can handle background tab loads [r=mark.finkle]
b8210213595bf630fdfcb6a1117e14b2f8ecba6fAxel Hecht — add locales to fennec, bug 519030 (eu), bug 481167 (pt-PT), bug 514806 (pa-IN)
c8f7f563071419be64df946fde9328794078fa4bVivien Nicolas — Bug 520368: <menulist> Setting onchange Handler Does Not Fire [r=mark.finkle]
68d0ff94a8097927ebac599787195b2f2a75d5fbBenjamin Stover — Bug 520228: When following an entered URL, the old page's title is shown until the new one's title is acquired. [r=21 r=mark.finkle]
3fc8d671e30432d5bcfed8d95ca8f0fba1b3719aAxel Hecht — bug 519682, add chrome-% target to just create l10n jars for multilocale builds, r=ted
6b861ea3a26e98587f5241c20b9ed79010923545Gavin Sharp — Bug 518926: about:fennec page text and rows too small, and cleanup redundant wince theme rules, r=mfinkle
cd20c89e3bcabf28794bae7df009ea751800e9f3Gavin Sharp — Bug 518872: remove blue glow from the browser-tools button, r=mfinkle
aefdbec72686152f219f7767775b04cf0cd8c6fcMark Finkle — Bug 518567: on my n810 there is a task switching icon to the left of the url bar that does nothing []
0df919064f5c799d6a2c23c9ced06a9a44f8d89bMark Finkle — Bug 520930: NS_HILDON should be MOZ_PLATFORM_HILDON in debian, r=blassey
6c47300f3a402e0504aa9eadde8425fabb13cbcbGavin Sharp — Bug 518363: download manager: retry button always visible [r=mark.finkle]
9004dfcb594e089081917100ac83870e8ab2a6a7Benjamin Stover — Bug 518959: Only repaint dirty parts, r=stuart, r=mfinkle
c03fb0e31b686f97e0dc1fc88b9e72977c60d85dGavin Sharp — Bug 519838: clicking the first run animation should restart it, r=mfinkle
016e54103f00690b9ca55e012683564b9893adb1Gavin Sharp — Bug 518719: addon manager links on first run page should be buttons, r=mfinkle
0f1b4f9ef37d3c5f7dfbd4655499f24375e5d1ceGavin Sharp — Bug 518714: firstrun link should scroll to search results in the addon manager, and enter the string in the search field, r=mfinkle
4f4ea90e6e1ee67bbf4a7d0878a88110aad055f9Gavin Sharp — Bug 518728: use banner image rather than welcome text on first run page, r=mfinkle
f80c9b6817d2b5aeda4a46e6dd85334fac8d27c3Gavin Sharp — Bug 477109: new first run page, r=mfinkle
dfdde5cb0eedb08bcaea8e341b59f161449f0160Gavin Sharp — Bug 519354: fix nsIDownloadManagerUI implementation, r=mfinkle
f87f2fa02c87bbbac56fef1af106b80e13f0e41aArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 501794: fennec l10n nightly repacks -- win32/osx desktop, r=ted
53e17cd070d3257da141e64d8b9a98c35455c633Mark Finkle — Bug 512332: Identity panel text layout is wrong, r=gavin
0ae53ad0fbdbc6fdd774fca9eb7742899e26d8a5Vivien Nicolas — Bug 518792: radio buttons don't have a nice border when they are alone [r=mark.finkle]
1197be5b8913b339bcdbd9e23e2adc6f58151bd9Staś Małolepszy :stas — Bug 517279: Add Twitter search to Fennec [ sr=pavlov]
ecb895f9db8ad180a0f368b584abdab45c85a12dGavin Sharp — Bug 520021: disable flash for beta 4, r+a=stuart
0883475f694fc31e67a1fefa4feb111c6a41ece2Gavin Sharp — Bug 520022: fix release notes and support URLs for beta 4, r+a=stuart
23835ed80562e58a7fadff750d287cb26f4d8d71Gavin Sharp — Fix AMO links (AMO was updated to use 'mobile' rather than 'fennec'), r+a=stuart
5bdc95a7b84c8425b12b3a279f7abfc1bd5ad6e6Mark Finkle — Bumping version to 1.0b4
2aefa25a73fd6e5081eea55b97a32cdb8f090c2fMark Finkle — Bug 514480: upon first launch on my n810, the softkb won't display when focused on an input field, r=gavin
02af623ec8d46893bbafe8e5436871ce72283c71Vivien Nicolas — Bug 519515: Extra pixels on add-ons search throbber [r=mark.finkle]
80f5930de5bc628aede6d71c5974bd5167e4da5aBenjamin Stover — Bug 515213: Need to handle DOMWillOpenModalDialog, r=mfinkle
3062d6e242c220efb0c3576539fe91e92d816be7Mark Finkle — Bug 519231: Backing out bug 501566, r=stechz
860abdf603de697aa765ddf6e8ece13fc938d00dMark Finkle — Bug 519231: Backing out bug 514623, r=stechz
453cebf6f8bce871f1291755f1ffae211d37ba0dMark Finkle — Bug 515759: More light-on-dark theme issues, r=gavin
019ab964b30d970b3e79fc0186120647256e4639Mark Finkle — Bug 518771: Prompt Service can throw for null checkbox labels, r=stuart
a542b0a5c0d1e86961fe306e794552cdc9fd8363Mark Finkle — Bug 518605: Add-ons Update button is inheriting bold style, r=gavin
deae9c7217c05e938abc7405e2e9e722eb808c9aMark Finkle — Bug 517520: add-on installation progress bar not showing progress, r=gavin
e7b02476e8f199bdf2279ac209b71b7c90df8e73Mark Finkle — Bug 518328: shorten height of bookmarks header, r=gavin
7e83d04aa7affcafeb883b3da544d28ed14221eaGavin Sharp — Remove tabs
8dbf5b666b55cc00d21a5c2d9b63e4db9e4a7524Tobias Hunger — Bug 518582: only copy faststartstub if it's built, r=gavin
4422df4b149ac725d08030229f65553d8e08e492Mark Finkle — Bug 518470: Reduce button, toggle and row heights, r=gavin
d09b14fea96b27575deff2add9bc3212e38080efGavin Sharp — Bug 514464: style about:firefox, r=mfinkle
47662d5ad6c60cd50137e7ff6ce4ea7a8f0ec2e7Gavin Sharp — Bug 514467: fix links in about:firefox, r=mfinkle, a=stuart
9e6d2b07d3e5ec9edcd3f20f62cd3f112e28772eMark Finkle — Bug 515768: Fennec needs a task switch button in titlebar for n900 (component), r=blassey
9d81a1707dfb46d66b75e420fcbd2786330c947aMark Finkle — Bug 515768: Fennec needs a task switch button in titlebar for n900 (UI), r=gavin
13a9de6abd3e27866b902aa81f3d0fb5ad672c0dMark Finkle — Bug 449283: DPI on n810 is incorrect (Fennec CSS part), r=stuart
a1c1853640b14d869dd082d1eeb18d9177cfde3fBrad Lassey — bug 516185. remove maemo-select-menu-location call in post install debian rules. r=stuart
252522388fb10e39c93ae28d017e4b3d3e8e27a1Mark Finkle — Bug 516387: nsPromptService dialogs should not have '&' shortcuts in labels, r=gavin
3d229247ecda3ada45a123e6c77f1e39b18a877fMark Finkle — Bug 515111: Minor cleanup of unneeded code, r=gavin
97d6977708b305b33caa6469ae2f50d86a50874dVivien Nicolas — Bug 518155: closing the browser while an alert is displayed hang the application [r=mark.finkle]
a63248f4e3ea6d288276da56dbffd39e5ea8dd8bMark Finkle — Bug 514510: search engines should appear in the addons manager, r=gavin
0e4e87a4ebadc4894b2a8c2aa7e5618e1169781dMark Finkle — Bug 518014: preference about:fennec button doesn't show webpage, r=gavin
7d538d1c4636a9d7aeddac8896cff21d2e8f0837Gavin Sharp — Bug 515995: additional comment tweak
c1b634a77532c5dbcbb676c4150a25bf9bfd8e59Vivien Nicolas — Bug 515995: shouldn't be possible to pan the autocomplete panel vertically when there are no results, r=gavin
1364ebd566c65a61e690a9fa67267cce35144bc1Gavin Sharp — Bug 518129: don't preprocess TileManager.js in the source dir, r=Pike
361adb6b2fa56479c8a58380f176402c09bf8f93Vivien Nicolas — Bug 518121: _selectItem should be set to null when we enter the awesomebar []
b839181cff1923b115bcc8e476f71cf727985f7aMark Finkle — Bug 516492: Support locale switching in Fennec (and previous checkin), r=gavin
2d0b3a95dec98dd39640a8363bf97b89e53731f5Mark Finkle — [mq]: locales
aa0b0596c01f531e6374bb412b3811041d97baabBenjamin Stover — Bug 514623: strange behavior after clicking anchor links (doesn't scroll directly to anchor?), r=bcombee, r=mfinkle
6c872b335828ccc454ac70d786599cf0a5f90a25Benjamin Stover — Bug 517518: panning left always brings in the titlebar, r=bcombee, r=mfinkle
fb6ec37385b945d657b407451455a4cc8fb9baf0Benjamin Stover — Bug 486014: GMail storage counter flickers with each update, r=mfinkle, r=stuart
6bba496c872480e2049f9db2af37febe7e7954b5Ben Combee — Bug 517314: Remove left-over dumps from Fennec, r=mfinkle
672a86922fac2a2c583f6388a1ac365b230a21b0Vivien Nicolas — Bug 514462: page titles are styled as URLs in location bar autocomplete (awesomebar styling is broken), r=gavin
6ca9357850929e6f9f5ee9a37e29c42fcbbd2b51Vivien Nicolas — Bug 517896: Stop button does not show up on page loads, r=mfinkle
7bcec3ae8504754d379d237b69389bb22f3c1c59Vivien Nicolas — Bug 516500: Update buttons in addons panel throw an error if there are no addons previously installed [ r=mark.finkle]
a711dc4304cda7c82af414345b084ce139d5df76Vivien Nicolas — Bug 517896: Stop button does not show up on page loads [r=mark.finkle]
c3c86405a72354b21c528673c9e31b948e74774dGavin Sharp — remove errant tab
186bc5b45288d3fb2942ecd3e578da01164d816fGavin Sharp — Fix comment typo
51b99ac87d1e8082c0ee2516b8d1980494b14eb7Gavin Sharp — Bug 517600: support opening more than one fennec window so that talos works, r=mfinkle
73413e896bbcd06385f8c3ca001df7fe3fa12141Vivien Nicolas — Bug 513290: Page loads do not respect visibility of Awesome Bar Results, r=mfinkle
c05dd0e245a750495777c3c24908ed5784ab19deGavin Sharp — Bug 517521: add about:firefox alias for about:fennec page, r=mfinkle
27be610d71c4f8fe77070b1bb76b80213059baf2Fabrice Desré — Bug 517455: close button in dialogs is not sized as it should [r=mark.finkle]
a63cd42c401575cc1a20d7c29efa4cae8c3a6bd1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 515737: on latest trunk build, side bars extend past bottom of maemo screen, mfinkle
ad9ba596e34b94a4b169ae07373ceaa875e87fe8Mark Finkle — Bug 517204: Change '(x)' image to 'Remove' button in Download Manager, r=gavin
48caca8ed63361e1aa303e339e44b18b474a9cfdMark Finkle — Bug 516122: Support more <textbox> styles and a <menulist> widget in settings, r=gavin
d36eb6d8e688d4e250809a29c66b46885cddab33Gavin Sharp — Bug 510988: remove unneeded comment
a9853f10fb57af5fba84056a892d9972109f3e77Brad Lassey — Bug 515424: on htc touch pro, the mozilla-central builds of fennec are all fuzzy and hard to read, r=gavin
6ea0f6a9f7d7a63fb71c4d4ea5c8397ec73930ccVivien Nicolas — Bug 517201: add a the same color as .panel-dark for the .sidebar-spacer [r=mark.finkle]
21906276612fae59ad3f7ac1fe81a6b8c6d78fdcMark Finkle — Bug 516958: Remove folder creation from bookmark system, r=vivien
2cabffd9a78816a32d01c18ce64beb778b6ac994Mark Finkle — Bug 516637: Remove download manager search feature, r=gavin
764adac5bae4fb4a6f0438b3367fd0a1850a5821Mark Finkle — Backing out 6cc523f2491e and 4e916c8dfe5d because they broken search buttons, r=me
3d2d300fe7713808e481d1c7846a224429958c3bVivien Nicolas — Bug 515988: Clicking on URL bar after any search will reset awesome bar results [r=mark.finkle]
be88828f0a6b7f2f887a64810a62d91571551a0fVivien Nicolas — Bug 513290: Page loads do not respect visibility of Awesome Bar Results [r=mark.finkle]
d96e153e365203fc2d6c181d08e081d2a5af1a29Vivien Nicolas — Bug 516571: search button bustage, r=mfinkle
991969f0cde0aadff8f28faf20d61ed331cbfabfMark Finkle — Bug 489941: Rework the Update Add-ons dialog (fennec update), r=gavin
f5e2c361cdcb69be1b9d92dbfc9f48837e1de188Vivien Nicolas — Bug 515362: Links are not followed on first click [r=mark.finkle]
97ee4e749e55e669f1b7aee36471a916630286f2Ben Combee — Bug 516724: Taps in the awesomescreen above/below items don't register as hits, r=mfinkle
52d9c16e04f28b1b23f21503083cb3f79d554d79Brad Lassey — bug 514351 - support HandheldFriendly meta tag r=mfinkle
bcd7f3968ba2534f36044b3234a303492b94719cGavin Sharp — Bug 515452: default bookmarks should appear in the awesomebar on first run, r=mfinkle
bae048dbaaa110848b8feb8d01a267b78f194795Gavin Sharp — Bug 514220: select "all bookmarks" item before closing the popup, since closing the popup can be slow, r=mfinkle
60d14ea743b121e0900fb4b6699598e9359e1c4dMark Finkle — Bug 516283: backing out code
6d2888b99090e5051f15e30b9a2a40de26167a7bVivien Nicolas — Bug 516376: no pressed/checked state css rules for some buttons [r=mark.finkle]
22b0d6a96db0efd6dd181d1d3d1bc6a1efa18f8bVivien Nicolas — Bug 516056: Favicon can go to a pressed state in awesome bar [r=mark.finkle]
d2dbdbb896519519f439846b51c0b476e5b481d4Vivien Nicolas — Bug 515789: Awesome bar pops up when click on form autocomplete fields [r=combee r=froystig r=mark.finkle]
33576779d3035236170046f15cba07e7a97950c2Vivien Nicolas — Bug 516283: Update buttons in addons panel throw an error if there are no addons previously installed [r=mark.finkle]
e2b70a0763d1d1682ffa3a5fcc667a87853ddd0dVivien Nicolas — Bug 516267: trying to load an empty ("") uri throw an error [r=mark.finkle]
54dcf697fc0d65656e295f97eb2ade3666b3691aBen Combee — Bug 452723: Fennec app icon in Maemo N800/N810 task navigator [r=bugmail]
b5e2d8e80b94102dc494d83e86c2d070d9f8f1d5Axel Hecht — bug 504819, fix dashboard v2 for fennec by moving logic to l10n.ini, r=coop
afb06e769ce57178db9fb93913bac9f0599092f1Mark Finkle — Bug 489941: Rework the Update Add-ons dialog (fennec part), r=gavin
07c6b3d07234cd8365fcf005f4f0c727e8e1a5b4Vivien Nicolas — Bug 515954: bookmark icon are streched in 'Manage' mode [r=mark.finkle]
7329b019e71de3b0a8c6d055ab87c79f641f8e98Vivien Nicolas — Bug 508705: simplify bookmarks hierarchy [r=mark.finkle]
18123c7b9a651e0d0cc5a8c1b2acb5e314f50f18Vivien Nicolas — Bug 515758: URLBar does not switch back to title when dismissing bookmark list [r=mark.finkle]
72351587afcef55a074d9c0f0e83c92059cc2fa7Vivien Nicolas — Bug 515751: when editing bookmarks, no easy way to determine a folder vs a link [r=mark.finkle]
c4e0a8252e04a102db54030d58213a45ec3c6899Vivien Nicolas — Bug 515609: listbox select item on mouse down, r=mfinkle
f0a82d1b23658c799ab022d4c32ceeffb1cd52e9Vivien Nicolas — Bug 515598: button should not be pressed when the mouse/finger is not over [r=mark.finkle]
dd7dd0bccaa66f6da18f40b85e957ce779eedb52Vivien Nicolas — Bug 515683: get rid of the mousedown listener on widgets [r=mark.finkle]
1b70aa6c74421323f9c19b241130cbc17a1b1fc6Brad Lassey — backing out changeset efcb617d1d3d because it caused the regression in bug 515661
a4dbcb37af8c45f8793481aaa9239eb0005b2dd4Mark Finkle — Bug 511020: Don't call onLocationChange or onSecurityChange (since they didn't) when we switch tabs [remove leftover function], r=me
ad1c60e4c9d5da6c02e653597f31711678426273Benjamin Stover — Bug 511020: Don't call onLocationChange or onSecurityChange (since they didn't) when we switch tabs, r=gavin, r=mfinkle
cc2bb0f5e908046c91cf93a9ea96eadd77938a0cVivien Nicolas — Bug 510857: Buttons don't look pressed in bookmarks, preferences, downloads, ... [r=froystig,r=bcombee,r=mfinkle]
921b3e431d1c7fa00e604b48f110165ce3da7cc3Mark Finkle — Bug 512461: Theme the fennec search fields, r=gavin
47b97b9555f8312fbe93ddd7a554e9cf2e4cac39Vivien Nicolas — Bug 511493: Tab strip should dynamically reflow thumbnails based on screen size [r=pavlov]
27248852f1067784aa4c8c27813512e128e0f17fMark Finkle — Bug 469848: Add bad certificate exceptions without showing a separate UI (cert error page part), r=gavin
4db200c7ddd0c4979c417e95db21bf116401e77aBenjamin Stover — Bug 497347: Can't zoom an element nested in an <iframe/>, r=bcombee, r=mfinkle
2e90c1acedf1e8d25f9187992b0d72bace78b338Vivien Nicolas — Bug 514217: Apply new awesomebar format/styling to bookmarks manager, r=mfinkle
96285fccbe50e33b9c4e82ce63c7fbdab1c8a8b3Gavin Sharp — Bug 511435: add default bookmarks, r=pike/mfinkle
ced559eea8d4b7f4e4c835d3bc6ec355048f83d9Brad Lassey — Bug 515424 - canvas is fuzzy on touch pro, css dev pixels pref needs to be set as a float in a string now r=gavin
e4e15d5f6d69fe2bec48242770df76a084afcc81Fabrice Desré — Bug 515355: Zoom factor is not correct when double clicking a text. [r=bugmail]
f951e5b3e7e819adee33d8147815a2adcbde1b81Benjamin Stover — Bug 514029: renderCanvas JS error 'cr is null', r=stuart
4cd2e803b2a7175ca3e6b03adacd4948ea00d47bMark Finkle — Bug 515188: secure connection failed dialog appears in addition to error page for some broken https pages, r=gavin
ec209bf30d8255896d2af0b5c74503399e67ed1aGavin Sharp — Bug 514953: unbranded fennec builds should point to unbranded about:rights, r=mfinkle
c7a0bc5ff66eb000fef36e8e0884efe3894dbdc9Gavin Sharp — Bug 514818: work around bug 514817 in Fennec (aboutRights broken in branded builds), r=mfinkle
0548b8947c0c4b334d4d1883d145a4e0a21a4d32Gavin Sharp — Bug 439453: add --enable-official-branding support to Fennec, r=mfinkle
1fe0c59607f0e59b2a654cd97863889cf6612053Mark Finkle — Bug 511593: Need to check for add-on updates, r=gavin
9caf823c6fbdf2479a25c4d74cd612f48cdd15b0Gavin Sharp — Bug 477109: Add basic structure+strings for new first run page, r=mfinkle
683f7b7153db8393e8de7ebcb9c46f24f2e14a8dBenjamin Stover — Bug 451670: Discard tab data when low on memory, r=mfinkle, r=stuart
46eac5a0780b07d965c6a665c035f80ae3d24d3aFabrice Desré — Bug 513689: The main stack has no id [r=mark.finkle]
6c5d2ddde7d69f35205d719663bb0ad9d00496d0Mark Finkle — Bug 514522: Disable text zooming, r=stuart
68f0e8507762d61010099a897c3bfe3395824cafFabrice Desré — Bug 514196: implement nsIPromptService2 [r=mark.finkle]
7407f1120e3de7c76bafc685444c8d973026cd26Fabrice Desré — Bug 514655: XHR response is not checked for null in extensions.xml [r=mark.finkle]
adc5912cffebf986bedb51638b6851902d1d7ac3Mark Finkle — Bug 514569: Disable SNAV for Fennec 1.0, r=stuart
00f1138062c9c1c0cfd66fad8727615046a25202Vivien Nicolas — Bug 512882: Create new option scheme for add-ons [r=mark.finkle]
bc209f86fe9d15c2e635b869a146fdf0a006ada4Gavin Sharp — Remove debug alert I accidentally left in
9f7bcdde7d706dcbf73438f16e7b1ecf49a395ddGavin Sharp — Bug 512843: add partially-complete custom about:fennec page, r=mfinkle
377930a4ffd287aef2173c7b5850df3758458026Gavin Sharp — Bug 511275: actually select autocomplete entries before closing the popup due to selection (since closing the popup can be slow, and there should be feedback in the interim), r=mfinkle
c2cbfc93b6c01ea63de4d5c5fda0d90f22a65835Ben Combee — Bug 514426: Mouse cursor isn't visible in desktop builds of Fennec [r=mark.finkle]
5b005bff5fbbeff540ec1f1266d837b68ffcc162Mark Finkle — Bug 501791: fennec desktop builds - osx is broken, r=blassey
ec7932376c40268858b21b4e4d0c04e492120e62Mark Finkle — Bug 513858: Inverse themes (light text on dark backgrounds) breaks theme (chrome patch), r=stuart
3a37bad650023070214543e9532d8d9dc71ada7bGavin Sharp — Bug 513972: adjust the number of hardcoded autocomplete items to improve awesomebar open performance, r=mfinkle
42f9ef4319738e474680d6eedc91d570950cecb6Fabrice Desré — Bug 489569: Add-on installation confirmation dialog [r=mark.finkle]
5c00ae3b2184b446fcf69b01b0cd8650015e7e9bFabrice Desré — Bug 489423: Port nsPromptService to Fennec 'dialogs', r=mfinkle
c6d819aa527868cac18f33b7236360703b6b6913Hans Sebastian — Bug 486490: --browser-chrome Mochitests on Fennec [bookmarks] [r=mark.finkle]
a1d5b8be6963c607e7f5376e57ec098cce964173Fabrice Desré — Bug 511627: Implement a dialog system for fennec [r=mark.finkle]
c6f107f8996f36e46c59e90caa1093ecc3516623Benjamin Stover — Bug 510961: Remove scrollingOuterX hacks related to zooming, r=froystig, r=stuart
5b70aff42f92fa68b955485f17844ce12c234f51Mark Finkle — Bug 513858: Inverse themes (light text on dark backgrounds) break theme (content patch), r=stuart
a9fa9760bbd0d8f110cd0df6712aeccab09014acMark Finkle — Bug 507694: Change JS GC frequency and high-watermark preferences for mobile, r=stuart
37c6470d90140e515176527c4b9d253a17b27c9aBenjamin Stover — Bug 500322: 'Find' button in download manager does nothing, r=mfinkle
6bea2af37f52dc4cdea0f58909b6232b23dcad94Benjamin Stover — Bug 501566: It takes too long to highlight a selected link, r=froystig, r=mfinkle
5ef1c43571f59870c6bc67035e93f5d62a6d09f5Mark Finkle — Bug 513998: awesomebar sizing is broken on maemo, r=gavin
1c3a8067aa4b5837f4282640ae87dfd811b61faaBrad Lassey — bug 513723 - Resize awesomebar and not window to account for soft keyboard, follow up r=mfinkle
6cd1112381c50ef7f1034e97c1bef221e53ae8b9Zadkiel — Bug 485855 - "--browser-chrome Mochitests on Fennec [tabs]" [r=mfinkle]
bc3a55d8f9e95223de4af005e0b5181408766fa1Benjamin Stover — Bug 512830: Remove search engine options: answers, creativecommons and ebay, r=mfinkle
5f7f0e55316a654e655379976acfd1462e288838Gavin Sharp — Bug 513957: disable annoying dumps, r=joe, r=mfinkle
a69079e758a40854e6160286867ede018fc67f4eGavin Sharp — Bug 513949: avoid scrollTo on open, since it slows down awesomebar appearance, r=mfinkle
c37766afef8c33c3bc25d4d8dd8af3f399e36eecVivien Nicolas — Bug 513214: 'Never Show' button in popup notification should be per-site, not global [r=mark.finkle]
8f7ceb9289e67554ea142220c350c8b823b70506Gavin Sharp — Bug 513907: use a richpref element for the About row in prefs, r=mfinkle
062ab5d5339d3cd078434f28c6bf06c8a822cd1aBrad Lassey — bug 513723 - Resize awesomebar and not window to account for soft keyboard r=mfinkle
cd8713adccbd7db32e51ccc900644ed9b0e84289Mark Finkle — Bug 513631: Remove blur hack for URLBar, r=gavin
28aa63d3a0cc1e65338ec4c9a186eaf29d4f9970Brad Lassey — backing out changeset 54c827234898 bug 512472 - Fennec lays pages out too wide, resulting in very small text r=mfinkle
8ff9bcdafb49fb6059d98c37c01de8f1990f8ecfVivien Nicolas — Bug 511982: handle pages scrolling themselves by causing the appropriate redraw (fixes acid2), r=froystig
61a684a960d53fe6400718432d51f9f8294f1851Vivien Nicolas — Bug 513234: don't show the 'New tab opened' alert if the new tab is the current tab, r=mfinkle
d821b2869242acaf4a7d40aa2094ad124084cb21Ben Combee — bug 511959 - Fennec starts up with tab bar open and ugly white box showing r=blassey
a875ceee161833b6ef033d6f70f62c07a676015fBrad Lassey — bug 512472 - Fennec lays pages out too wide, resulting in very small text r=mfinkle
0b54a2c0b7b2c5c5768ec044245790a01628dc1eMark Finkle — Bug 489229: Cleanup in Add-ons Manager, r=gavin
39b46e6ee02c851943be4f554c536f36355f4c52Mark Finkle — imported patch strings
c796c323de863ca43131d501f172821a60a5773fGavin Sharp — Bug 509860: add button to the preference pane for in-product info page, r=mfinkle
02e02c000c0f8c0d38994ee43af516d98edc7246Vivien Nicolas — Bug 477620: Enable addition of search plugins []
57a27959268bc1673d2a02f482f6e4eb83b18f88Vivien Nicolas — Bug 512721: when opening a new tab, the awesome bar should not be visible if the uri != about:blank [r=mark.finkle]
c9d365a682a4412ccf487499993c34278dbb80b6Mark Finkle — Bug 512402: Auto-select of URLBar is broken, r=gavin
8afbda4d661bd66da74c5a698eb179c3574038bfAlexandru Cristei — bug 505391 - Implement support for touch sensitive click wheel on HTC phones r=mfinkle
a788213e9f2dcd48fbde3fb1c5f5c5fb203d0d54Vivien Nicolas — Bug 465281: Inform the user when a new tab is opened [r=mark.finkle]
ff622d1760a3df3d2630b9ecda2bbf2fd14d11bcBenjamin Stover — Bug 509877: Show awsomescreen on opening new tab, r=mfinkle
0c697d3ff8f6245309b62fc01818e62c92b2cb7aVivien Nicolas — Bug 511887: Awesome bar results scroll when user pans vertically in the search engine bar [r=mark.finkle]
093d8e71cc39e1968d862f3506e491839faae03fBrian Crowder — Bug 512526 - close instead of quit for window closing in Fennec, r=mfinkle
f2af3f8355a73cbe9ad57b67576e785a0bd0d1caMark Finkle — Bug 512332: Identity panel text layout is wrong, r=gavin
e9df7701cab1998d17b396f408bbe18fdbe3cd9dMark Finkle — Bug 512007: Update the Windows Mobile theme to match the Maemo theme, r=gavin
beeada9a81b899d814f0cd79d661f49b937cd076Mark Finkle — Bug 512459: [Addons Manager] clear button needed when no matches found, r=gavin
a71a78446bfeeaed87f3d33a4cf5c52fe6ade0fcDavid Bengoa — Bug 455866: disable default plugin so that plugin finding stuff at least partially works, r=gavin
2981ca1d8243d75abaca03661306feab6c4afdb3Vivien Nicolas — Bug 512006: factorize the way we handle ESCAPE to close dialogs, r=mfinkle
04ae566c81ff4ab0327279d65d66a30c4a2a7abfMark Finkle — Bug 511123: followup review comment fix
4e6cc4820d7345a8e307957017d5ca68f9831e06Vivien Nicolas — Bug 511123: the toolbar can be half viewable while awesomebar/larry/... is on screen [r=mark.finkle]
39678038dc466d2d3dae511a5aded78ca0cf0a9fMark Finkle — Bug 511117: When page is loading and you bookmark via star, popup dialog doesn't show, r=gavin
4c1a624512371ed29f1e661f57683d7741421cacFabrice Desré — Bug 511629: Superfluous hbox in tabs.xml [r=mark.finkle]
06ee19a4a3579198ffe510153d9c2039f788aa98Roy Frostig — bug 511516. Add BrowserView API for rendering to a destination canvas.
926fdd306a43f404a7a272a0d8eedcb292625bd9Brian Crowder — Bug 511936: Make Fennec pass the MOZ_FASTSTART flag to python cab inf builder, r=blassey
c4c90027843d33046d8035ee9f70c4173f584335Brian Crowder — Bug 511936: Copy faststart stub for Fennec, r=blassey
c82b5cc220d48282d02fe0c163ede65b2377ec8bAxel Hecht — bug 511854, add l10n.ini's per toolkit branch, r=aki
589e6087cbb0867777fdd31abf2e059e3d0cbb35Mark Finkle — Bumping version (maemo and winmo), r=stuart
9eb274fce827d0c7e7f60edeb51e01caa75b4402Mark Finkle — bumping maemo version to 1.0b3, r=stuart
6e66f920aa3c2db52dfe6798c4bd0c0a441e411aMark Finkle — Bug 495454: tab strip loses '+' button when you have four tabs and fennec is not full screen (fullscreen fix), r=stuart
e1c9bf18f9aa19c81570f7eeac1298ef2e774a30Vivien Nicolas — Bug 511120: make sure popPopup is always called when popups are dismissed, r=gavin
e165f04bb72c65326a72fbab54c53a2f8fb5d0bfVivien Nicolas — Bug 511085: selecting a result with the keyboard in the awesome bar should put in into view [r=mark.finkle]
5a5fb909418dd08b3aee481c45d4f0a0a18c90a0Mark Finkle — Bug 511338: Use a lighter checkerboard, r=stuart
fc5dfc0de916ffe1d559d341b13e0323411e4eb1Mark Finkle — Bug 509711: Too easy to click links on webpages, r=stuart
dd96ec977172d3b36bcafb5fb00253dd98aca94fMark Finkle — Bug 511233: Notifications are skipping the repaint when closing, r=froystig
fbf0a756f610a36be2688b1a5b97d92bfb8d1f38Mark Finkle — Bug 511170: unable to display SVG, r=froystig, bcombee
5320034c8305d172be1431897734449c43ded945Ben Combee — Bug 510977: Mouseover Popups are not blocked by the pop-up blocker, r=froystig
f710d44e1196cdfb993b4e0de4b96104e7ad8b30Mark Finkle — Bug 510998: Panning while touching the titlebar should be ignored, r=froystig
54c2741586c342c344b5ea661fcf765fbe1ff94bGavin Sharp — Bug 494491: address stuart's comments
04280091832a9c4a0199463ed147845463dbaceeGavin Sharp — Bug 494491: simplify 'bookmark added' popup and tweak behavior, r=mfinkle
ef32ae04b26618ddc430a7a8d67f78fcec61128aVivien Nicolas — Bug 508787: minor whitespace followup
b99f3c95b5eb43a60689974195887e30e1d908c9Vivien Nicolas — Bug 508787: tags are invisible (white on white), r=gavin
53f89537b8bb77292879a13b08f6c85ad9ba0a26Stuart Parmenter — Bug 509455. Make zooming work. r=bcombee
6841cfcb3f2fefad438a9f57d9810067e14c2b58Vivien Nicolas — Bug 510862: polish browser.xul [r=mark.finkle]
14274f64ed9719ad7c51c13dc115b9f550553103Vivien Nicolas — Bug 510858: helperapp buttons class should be button-dark [r=mark.finkle]
3d2b149b1d14ba9e52173b50b8ef7bbdf5967522Vivien Nicolas — Bug 510863: BookmarkList.openBoookmark doesn't call BrowserUI.popDialog [r=mark.finkle]
f92e8c0d41ed376a86ef904acce6cf4166a199b3Karl Tomlinson — bug 491817 respect --with-system-libxul r=bsmedberg
817926d57278b0eba24335c08511f84cbb151950Roy Frostig — bug 510616. Give toolbar floating a hint about scroll displacement. r=stuart
4159a62c2b1c9c3daeb977f896fb071ea21738e4Vivien Nicolas — Bug 509525. Float the urlbar using position: fixed instead
0928cfbf3d9d17904221b56a528fa675e2fe5fd8Doug Turner — Bug 510547 - use sizemode=fullscreen on gtk2. r=mfinkle
7c7a2c7a70817a357b37c80e93982f443a06e184Mark Finkle — Bug 510567: fennec debs have xulrunner in them, r=blassey
8d03eef25dbbc5b496eb5068215cf739a1acee87Takuro Ashie — Bug 510160: Should be able to include "res/fonts" directory into installer. [r=mark.finkle]
89f56da0af67ba8b336fb5de790c2d7569448522Ben Combee — Bug 489651: Locked panning was broken by kinetic changes [r=mark.finkle]
5886b7f9a71eb5f21b44dd77a6864684ce8db9e5Vivien Nicolas — Bug 500490: when viewing the larry ui, you can scroll the webpage and end up with the larry ui in the middle of the page [r=mark.finkle]
6f1110f4f9589db7deda4605a257b66fcaea8860Vivien Nicolas — Bug 510418: Consider setting app.update.showInstalledUI to false in fennec's default prefs [r=mark.finkle]
a98089f66d71b784cf337ee2fb532f96041b5517Vivien Nicolas — Bug 510488: min-width and min-height for toolbar-button.urlbar-cap-button should be !important; [r=mark.finkle]
af40c5e9c33b77fda0c5cb585ce0fa5143be503eMark Finkle — Bug 510159: Cleanup CSS fonts for preferences and move some CSS presentation rules into right files, r=vingtetun
20be8f4a116fc395f1ef1022537b625a696606fbRoy Frostig — bug 509407. bug 510003. Fix magic awesomebar opening on random upscrolls and fix buttons from not appearing depressed on mousedown/up. r=stuart
ab8c63ecbcc4208ce3b7c80d4f8d461dad3441feMark Finkle — Bug 510227: Tweak the new tab button location, r=froystig
4d269d7269dff3d36b25afa7790b49e33696b3abMark Finkle — Bug 509408: when getting notification asking to allow popup, it covers the url bar, r=stuart
6cb6bed83e7a748c6565cfeed52abd6cfddec266Stuart Parmenter — fix copy&paste typo fail r=mfinkle
771d27467be2ae0e8c7acbaaa98dd45f73febb7fMark Finkle — Bug 509888: Packaging does not include xulrunner in the fennec package, r=blassey
26689ab5853709189b59ab8f14b5566e537c428fFabrice Desré — Bug 510213: missing class on SelectHelper "done" button [r=mark.finkle]
0ad0e78d726a8b498341893691976792e15cd23eMark Finkle — Bug 508586: missed fixes for mac (even more), r=me
5635448dc1e7cf2099b51027f07e3f7b43a25f79Mark Finkle — Bug 508586: missed fixes for mac, r=me
cc3c9428da30912d0048de4ab22426aa3c6f67c4Mark Finkle — Bug 509392: Tab can lead to redraw problem, r=stuart
daa567a6027890739cb40357cfb71b6ed4e14535Stuart Parmenter — bug 509546. make page loading status per-tab rather than browser-wise. r=mfinkle
e6347b2824d3e0a85cbb455166fad967787e4b79Roy Frostig — bug 509383. Fix MouseModule._downUpEvents item undefined error on click. r=stuart
00c4f91f1cc75d8445ac2dc72b7003175eca192fMark Finkle — Bug 508586: Use border-image for buttons (hildon), r=vingtetun
d1b8a3d662f4a943cdf77d408fba975574dd6a50Roy Frostig — Bug 509451: Fix horizontal chrome scrolling when viewport is wider than window, r=stuart
0306532889f6dd66f757a5418fe832e8edb68743Stuart Parmenter — bug 509450, 509386. scroll to the top of the page when we start loading a new page and hide sidebars when we start up
2ca510df9fca38c25f878dc83c3e2e0262726a63Mark Finkle — Bug 456076: Popup blocker notification has only two options and both are permanent, r=bcombee
0ef059a413ea02427581c1c5355557a141b191f3Mark Finkle — Bug 509888: backing out
996adceeca504601640752c25fb767a244f56e4fMark Finkle — Bug 509384: After panning the urlbar text is invisible, r=stuart
ac192600d68a75c8c2f1b58d424218e7dad4d3cdMark Finkle — Bug 509888: Packaging does not include xulrunner in the fennec package, r=blassey
56624b44d9717692cc6fb0c74fb0d256f2a7d59aMark Finkle — Bug 509807: Download Manager 'go to page' feature should open a new tab, r=combee
67797dd83a39b4b737c6af58fa4717d19d1072faRoy Frostig — bug 509764. Lift browser viewport state to tab level; restore state on tabswitch. r=stuart
ebd557ed82e9257e366a113b187376fe34cebc4dVivien Nicolas — Bug 509385: Fifth tab doesn't have a close button right after creation [r=mark.finkle]
21fad49758df41fecc518b93958f1958a1ad4a76Stuart Parmenter — Bug 509454: Don't resize sidebars and urlbar, use flex instead [r=mark.finkle]
667c49a3c7d67073d24a37f96050abd67a30078eVivien Nicolas — Bug 509382: browser.xul inline -moz-box-sizing: ignore dump warnings, r=mfinkle
8e14fcb94b73ccb6b3c001e617604b339642e16eRoy Frostig — bug 509589. Remove visible rect statekeeping in BrowserView. r=stuart
f4e1dfd8fb7b21fca067ad8d2d5cafcfebc88f4aStuart Parmenter — Fix right sidebar to not expand past its boundaries
fc4877235e57da46329debd0161b86f9ce42ea58Ben Combee — Merge of iframe scrolling patch to tiles. r=stuart
00299a32b92a06c0edbe931ab3138a0fef3f6f14Ben Combee — [mq]: tiles-cleanup.diff
7eb51c754bb27497a9a481c18062a69a8a367c34Stuart Parmenter — additional review comments, removing some dumps
de552a815b0557d59a3303343be5e97e8566071eStuart Parmenter — Merge from trunk
bd7faf25221a76b4ed34f8e67edadf013af4f7e7Stuart Parmenter — Updates based on reviews
d06282d4f162fb443a7f3112006ba1e5738acd93Roy Frostig — Minor changes to address review comments on TileManager and BrowserView.
f8a45c34ee1f20d61131f9c6d7c162b67d70b1d7Roy Frostig — Fix tile-container clipping.
e895c5226089e958ffd2d5431f6192a440e653bfStuart Parmenter — disable urlbar snapping until it can be made faster
839a49ccfb8be1285f197c3bc2c5bf34dd1b6e27Stuart Parmenter — Hook up urlbar scrolling/panning
e8663cbb6d61ddeed5a80cae198c470f8f8757cfRoy Frostig — Some scrolling correctness fixes and optimizations.
5d4bf2331af85b58a1823e32947e7a276b477234Roy Frostig — More scroll with sidebars. URLbar fix coming soon from Stuart.
2e9f072d664b8e89ebff4c2b5b2ae5341316eb9dRoy Frostig — Sidebars snap again and visible rect seems to behave better.
114a96962c4641df21f1ade6d8d0c9b9aa451bc8Roy Frostig — imported patch sidebars
7d6929d8dade1655d3d79cacaa13a1b4438f8105Stuart Parmenter — merge from m-b
45878767ea21360fdba8ee8e9eb735254f42e113Stuart Parmenter — Initial pass at getting sidebars scrolling
a76c7b3aa2f42e9d118ea068a7521658e6d7ae49Roy Frostig — Fix elementFromPoint module nsDocument::ElementFromPointHelper bug that will be fixed shortly.
4b13113c62b67d99445941afc7cc51c27d23cad4Roy Frostig — Fix content anchor clicks.
6870ecdc12d97076620024ba14d2f8ca78222d15Roy Frostig — Some debug dump stuff.
99f6af330fd2ca5dfcccab70bbd5b6893ef8eff4Roy Frostig — Implemented double click in browser view container do zoom to and from element.
4eac8ff225e4c405e4c41640c87063befbe242f1Roy Frostig — Oopsie, small bugfix for bug I introduced to wsRect::intersects in my last commit.
8574919d06e70ccf173c69abfec4a5e4be0d7b01Roy Frostig — Fixed WinNT/CE preprocessing command.
b765e33f479c2572c3df47c67ea73385f47f31abRoy Frostig — Fix initing of zoomLevel to NaN during slow page load.
a348fb56b378ab6e7d0ffb437cc06f3946c63dbdRoy Frostig — Slight simplification of chrome document check for events.
fa48737a4f6bcb370c3e6d6a58a30cd45603195bRoy Frostig — Content click bug fixed. Fennec content window now receives clicks!
ea249f42b689e5bde53855c58a4fd2032a0a5529Roy Frostig — Some cleanup plus some new messup that reveals more about the content click bug.
ea59b710ac1eb6916d4d8feab013bf3c030a6e19Roy Frostig — Makefile fix to preprocess JS with both gcc and MSVS (thanks mfinkle, bcombee).
7d230f60b9bc23f21c919e91d5ad11e66016c7eaRoy Frostig — Simplification of sidebar snap.
5b0195cc593d609ef501c6e2e89384a3d8f71b03Roy Frostig — More doc and cleanup of InputHandler.js
dabb0c0b545d7fed800fab72748cffd54f25e968Roy Frostig — Brought back scroll-wheel zoom, and documented much of InputHandler.js
b3f098a12d12afaf0ad3fbf1c0fd8e16409c9a35Roy Frostig — Changes to KineticController to stop it from painting as it scrolls.
4d4280cf7c26f31d62fdd0f0c5627d6d416a5dabRoy Frostig — And a merge!
885f17a6d730045f75a499f649fe5897f979c524Roy Frostig — MouseModule almost done except for a nasty bug where content doesn't like our clicks. Everything is near working, though...
facfabefc2543dd6d25a9514d692a0d20a409a28Roy Frostig — fix some js errors
36d81b1f9ee7169835267b57f9b423e07bd930c9Roy Frostig — Add bcombee's Kinetic changes and modify input handler to have a bit of different grab/ungrab mechanism (currently unused anyway) and invent MouseModule.
0abf414f07fb2cda5c43c653a65972f027489827Stuart Parmenter — merge
e458bfea34a395c047bef74dbf1454d5ed653906Stuart Parmenter — fix up network loading bugs
008577ba1676b5abcbb3dc80f2d04e8aad1366c8Roy Frostig — Preprocess to TileManager.js
1d284c084ff84fe4d3ee2f47e5cafeb6afba76afRoy Frostig — Not a real change, but about to experiment with some preprocessor Makefile magic.
3b23ef009e661ff02275ec2e4ac549c9f841444aRoy Frostig — Fixes and finishes to new custom scrollbox dragger
8975c3fbfc41c90f58f1c2a322f2104a3c209cbfRoy Frostig — ForEach macro definition and Dragger input code.
b093c93253410e843f07040a2e2597d62a815c36Stuart Parmenter — clean up various code, improve getting of the visible rect, add the checkerboard back in
8ec79b23611a34ff0c9e3e557cc20408267aab4dStuart Parmenter — use pause/resume rendering when panning, resize/repaint immediately when page is done loading, misc other fixes.
61885dbd63aea44db4722541ec77418196c9b21dStuart Parmenter — hook up basic panning
39335fe327ee245c494e1b38abafa3ea56e3bf03Stuart Parmenter — adding Util.js to the script
43c90ddbaaf5dceaa0caf188bc8c138628ce9a88Roy Frostig — Added Util with deprecated and new (ws)Rect
0164100d631f8ce381c1469b2c7997e18e72cc91Roy Frostig — post merge fun
a251002fcefe221ddf18d68bd27bab2a992629deRoy Frostig — merge with stuart
d296ed2b42ed3c9e6ad46848dca69c20c2772e6cRoy Frostig — [mq]: tileman
c92473cec4129de8ca523226149fddb687abd2ddRoy Frostig — [mq]: tilebase
c2ea594cd402d3085921f20932cfd6edaed576dfStuart Parmenter — Fennec + TileManager
0d3f79aaa8327d70c92f24f8a4de269c899924a2Mark Finkle — imported patch bug-453470.diff
6b1cea404701de07c514846b6cafcc8894cba39dVivien Nicolas — Bug 509005: few typo errors in wince themes [r=mark.finkle]
48097617da1ad8c657b4209baec4e7248b0b7280Taras Glek — bug 508682: combine chrome jars r=mfinkle
b37efd21062223b43dc450e194a9af7728895d7bMark Finkle — Bug 500837: Identity-Box should be pushed down when security info is shown, r=gavin
e832a3cb74583222d76f0d2e13ca25aab4d5f48fMark Finkle — Bug 508573: Notifications are missing the close button, r=gavin
b6e41d3d46050673e869b4a40b7af1d5a5dd9c6eVivien Nicolas — Bug 508216: Error : 'val is null' the first time the preferences panel is showed [r=mark.finkle]
9b5cae6f00bde6604411d0b7a17f3766ac138671Axel Hecht — bug 495467, updater.ini should be optional when l10n-merge is on, r=ted
26b5c8188e95a4258272925f711d4a2ec0342f4cMark Finkle — Bug 506730: Update toggles to use a 'thumb', r=gavin
ad196f74b05712f232f5d305d4dc8fc87426e614Mark Finkle — Bug 494191: move bookmark button out of titlebar (wince tweaks), r=gavin
cafcc15ab637521e2020eae43defc396fbb403c0Gavin Sharp — Bug 494191: move the bookmarks button out of the toolbar, add it as an option in the autocomplete popup instead, r=mfinkle
439b2f81fb493271b6810b0696a7c1d021063882Mark Finkle — Bug 502065: resize fennec when software keyboard is displayed, r=gavin
0fe7f210beb60d08481b11488379bf276a71c3d8Mark Finkle — Bug 506720: Use media queries to adapt browser tools UI for portrait/landscape, r=gavin
aad00c2a39516df06d8c175f65060444f0732f38Vivien Nicolas — Bug 479111: investigate notification bar color scheme [r=mark.finkle]
50285d36247683646f6ad3076daf0bf100f78f62Axel Hecht — bug 506412, add pt-BR to fennec builds, NPOB
df27c1ff415fff70a11a4c4dc074cd51d82ecc31Ben Combee — Bug 458741: need to be able to scroll subframes (e.g. iframe), r=mfinkle
dfcd828131f678c20e721b6c17949983d185f465Vivien Nicolas — Bug 506641: Click image resizing for nsImageDocument should be disabled, r=mfinkle
955e7b0b5f9496f696b25607ad0fefab43f19596Vivien Nicolas — Bug 502745: SelectHelper should scroll the first selected element into view, r=mfinkle
e9024a6c60c2c5e84a7537f3655928621aa656e8kantha kanchiraju — Bug 507000: Hardware Key mapping for volume Up/Down getting overridden (wince) [r=mark.finkle]
fd439365e3848afdece4419e6b77e225004e3b3dVivien Nicolas — Add URL to help disambiguate location bar autocomplete entries, also add favicon and 'tagged' indication, r=gavin
510c039562a830eedef4b6e6744e29d846c1822dGavin Sharp — Fix comment typo
e185675a9e819fd2a23eb9f74b206edbc51d241cBen Combee — Bug 504673: Page doesn't redraw when entering text into field [r=mark.finkle]
f7b216bd85edab261b4af35d85be186d6d818c0fMark Finkle — Bug 503388: Fix issues found from small screen theme, r=gavin
02f6f7827758dc8774c755b35ec064c696b45340Gavin Sharp — Bug 500710: double clicking in the url bar should select all, r=vingtetun
cee41985ee1afe5e99ff2a29a0adc2e0f882e936Vivien Nicolas — Bug 500678: Manage text off-center in Bookmarks Manager, r=mfinkle
6ac6f1e69ce71ea2c0120a0d05df1fc9b98ebb0dBen Combee — Bug 500835: Kinetic scrolling doesn't stop on page change, r=mfinkle
ca600884e1c03a90ee43a15f8f0dc0a1493c69dbMark Finkle — Bug 505033: Only show close button when in fullscreen mode, r=gavin
60a987d32d39e6dcba38cc7f2cd07284b0409f4eMark Finkle — Bug 501009: Download Dialog 'Open' button should be dimmed if no registered handler, r=tonikitoo
098b53c4a5098f2a8d9baaf241956cae3d4bf59eGavin Sharp — Bug 504352: handle DOMWindowClose so that window.close() within a tab closes the tab, rather than the entire window, r=mfinkle
e71d0cb69be0b6bf99f53b14801d65457faf2672Gavin Sharp — Bump version, r=mfinkle/blassey
37473b9970cb90391cf8e30d5114b01914c082c3Mark Finkle — Bug 500695: Clicking on the top and bottom areas of the URLbar textfield does not highlight the text, r=bcombee
8e235a44f6efb4bc08bd98ea34dbc62342d60d1bAxel Hecht — bug 503654, add Turkish (tr) to fennec l10n builds
3b62647ea9a69089aad7656c9e811eb94f5a9ba9Ben Combee — Bug 503960: Two bindings for Ctrl+W in Fennec, r=mfinkle
5e2413015b6529b496fc99310e546c76cba51c77Doug Turner — Bug 503362 - Kinetic scrolling update. Using different algorithm to calculate final speed of scroll. r=mfinkle
eb12dbae924ca4583447fb389ffbb47aaa4b2413Kantha Kanchiraju — Bug 475356: Revise theme for smaller screens and lower resolutions (WinCE), r=mfinkle
dfbf7878e5d7a1931d6378733eb099ccb8a871faDoug Turner — [Bug 501766] switch from maximized to fullscreen on windows mobile. r=mfinkle
49c704e0dee0f2a9ff43d0a4e36929f6af002cfdMark Finkle — Bug 494194: button to close fullscreen screens, r=gavin
0f83b958f7857249ff84186150adf59b1f498bf6Mark Finkle — Bug 501137: select widget needs to be careful not to append to existing content, r=gavin
81b394d042e60606c213655c196be49bbd47933dVivien Nicolas — Bug 502828: mouseout is handle twice in InputHandler.js [r=combee]
0a3be90958cf8f015bc13a5ed55d10b7a1342924Mark Finkle — Bug 500832: commas are replaced with spaces when adding tags to bookmarks, r=bcombee
61b71dc5081595bee57efc4c480780209815966bVivien Nicolas — Bug 500208: select element should update label when script changes selection, r=mfinkle
ef6821d6464fcf5177fb70565fe41a76be588973Doug Turner — Backing out 501766
58d54375ed81f82b2926e132a5feaf8334f5a244Mark Finkle — Bug 502052: Bookmark 'star' button is not updated when switching tabs, r=bcombee
ccbcd33010eb001b8b21fd220d553c55fb242002Mark Finkle — Bug 500661: a.m.o not on extension whitelist (no 103), r=gavin
c70c9baf9a70ac2b9956f9552c342a8404c0596cMark Finkle — Bug 493635: long filenames cut off in download dialog, r=blassey
60125f3083f18cbf4eb9d69cb590abf285c58b56Vivien Nicolas — Bug 502000: awesome bar result can be out of view [r=mark.finkle]
32e0a0b10cf3dc99eb78fcdf9dc01fca74e7caeaVivien Nicolas — Bug 501693: Remove unuseful box, r=mfinkle
a077acb0dc643598e94344ac1e50c6c48d025894Vivien Nicolas — Bug 500427 - 1px left above the findbar, r=mfinkle
d5c5fe79badf258217798f2d70ba02b2163c799bMark Finkle — Bug 489996: Changing the top-level window name is confusing, r=gavin
828219e75afd2981499d181d3fbf848689d63dd9Doug Turner — [Bug 501766] switch from maximized to fullscreen on windows mobile. r=mfinkle
db45a8b491557de6985672387d991246f9594990Brad Lassey — bug 501776 - don't set css dpi for windows mobile r=mfinkle
8bdc247fee31b331e1d585be3da7ee063170510cBen Combee — Bug 501135: pressing space in a checkbox should toggle it, r=mfinkle
d0eea84bbcbc9e2ccc85b3e1ce5b9ca54678469bMark Finkle — 500049: Refresh and cleanup images, r=stuart
ffb2e6cb9ea814b6b90f6c1250567950a800686aMark Finkle — Bug 448073: Figure out best cache values for Fennec on n8x0 devices (fix broken pref), r=breakage
0659a9dbbbb9b4fa3780d4c919add55bf3b3b85bMark Finkle — Bug 448073: Figure out best cache values for Fennec on n8x0 devices, r=blassey
291a0ba99d9db607bec69438f08ba3dd16b999b6Vivien Nicolas — Bug 500480: unable to install add-ons extensions, r=mfinkle
4d959f265c5d9c7ff7293b2ad3ddedca49586d7dMark Finkle — Bug 500652: remember your password is missing 'X' on my HTC in landscape mode, r=gavin
48142f7b81ff78cc73d0afd45ee3c65c55ed5c62Vivien Nicolas — Bug 500012: Extension pages visited through Extension panel are loaded with right panel in view, r=mfinkle
a462df95c434d9a4910f6d1e167d92347c7f1f50Vivien Nicolas — Bug 501326: helperApp should be localized, r=mfinkle
04782c7f9adc600caeff4c8ca6a9f6151cc221ccKevin Brosnan — Bug 500661: a.m.o not on extension whitelist, r=mfinkle
4c6e68739022635af8b6e4651666e53e224bbfa7Vivien Nicolas — Bug 500829 - "Clicking empty space in awesome bar history list reloads current page" []
50c11150a01200b13e08eb6960f0658ffd24cfc7Ben Combee — Bug 500693 - "Several source files are missing semicolons as line terminators" [r=mark.finkle]
a1dd5a586d6069818bba4715a784547aa96b2b86Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 500540 - "Can not input any characters in URLBar when focused in it by tab key" [r=mark.finkle]
0c3bc716775454cf99fad26ce6d657a498aa4744Mark Finkle — Bug 499836: Setting focus in locationbar and hitting escape wipes out the URL of loaded page, r=gavin
7f774fc95867d0bf37dffd9ed7f279e400ec2cd7Mark Finkle — Bug 500503: When creating a new tab, please show the URLBar instead of a blank screen, r=gavin
1fdc1f5346c419f5284267155dc371786f86603cMark Finkle — Bug 500454: Cleanup notifications, r=gavin
de5c2691389a40ebd4840b1d519ce508363c27f5Mark Finkle — Bug 500275: when clicking on URLbar in Fennec, the virtual keyboard is not raised, r=gavin
03e61a0e4cc091af46c98693ba702bcbe8ed4c4dVivien Nicolas — Bug 500309: Stop button does not reliably show while pages are loaded, r=mfinkle
fb1d16bff04b2f6068103226d253fbef5b1a1928Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 499601: A lot of 'leaked URLs' when Fennec is finished, r=mfinkle
ebaccf3f756168f5493f5d5c44e8727bbfd24df5Vivien Nicolas — Bug 500270 - "back/forward buttons are not updated when switching tabs" []
0ea48f88c09d11b560dbe32329dfde8e6cf8af64Mark Finkle — Bumping versions
c30a23bce44a82ba0cbbb135ef519586e38470afMark Finkle — Bug 472426: listbox is rendered outside the fennec window, r=gavin
4aad0ba66c37644b8140a28734a4f1c76c88f452Vivien Nicolas — Bug 499946 - "DOMMouseScroll on chrome UI fire content zoom" [r=combee]
9a34c54c89150375f0a03fcf486ebf750307864cVivien Nicolas — Bug 494200: Simplify header of Get-addons section, r=mfinkle
25ae07fe1eca70c57eb37bdf4b2a3e1b5c6db3d5Edward Lee — Bug 499007 - richpref-button sets preference type to "button". r=mfinkle
6dcd8be63c8b8ce16aa5a55197da6682b11bc66dSean Martell — Bug 498707: Windows Mobile Fennec splash screen (splash.bmp part), r=mfinkle
dda9befbbd2796fdc29f1d89679fd0e143de0a2aBen Combee — Bug 499698 - "bad call to this._reset()" [r=mark.finkle]
d5ff45682fbf1086d5caf558706a554d494ed3edBen Combee — Bug 491911 - "endKinetic didn't call endPanning, so screen updates sometimes stopped" [r=pavlov]
e401f1f903fa3a3e5481c01732ecfc639958b3bcEdward Lee — Bug 499403 - Allow richprefs to be disabled. r=mfinkle
2be1930cc7765a0ea936b5c0190f33c89bdb1c7aGavin Sharp — Bug 480637: be sure to call the viewportUpdateHandler when the viewport size changes, to ensure that we redraw things properly after zooming while the sidebars are visible, r=mfinkle/vingtetun
70ba708d10e94932fcbb3c2645215e0d24d31cadVivien Nicolas — Bug 470989: properly freeze/unfreeze the main toolbar to avoid checkerboard artifacts when panning while panels are open, r=mfinkle/gavin
a805b5c0ae383cf812885404a2b6771113182611Gavin Sharp — Bug 452286: make sure to redraw the page appropriately when it scrolls itself (e.g. after an anchor link click, scrollTo call, or find-in-page), r=mfinkle
8aaf14e300049fdbc50690657a00a18ffdf6e25dVivien Nicolas — Bug 495436: Leave tab area open after a tab is closed, r=mfinkle
ee1b22687dc577b905e86835d7666204179e822dVivien Nicolas — Bug 499277: Once unzoomed, dblClick can throw an error - aElement is null, r=mfinkle
4103c0312cf9291e510f3b25b78939055d32744bMark Finkle — Bug 498029: Star in edit bookmark dialog should have transparent background, r=stuart
e0640fb47714691896a7c552f615f13547659b75Mark Finkle — Bug 498572: Cursor does not stay in the URLBar after making a new tab, r=stuart
6689c0d8bb3fd3a83cbb677d5facd5d4d0dd9cbdVivien Nicolas — Bug 494715: When panning the content and switching tabs, viewport can be wrong, r=combee
ba8babe9aecc7dadd567f2111379e0c935f9a79cMark Finkle — Backing out changeset 94b547d119a9
8c0b908bfcb8bc1a7f63309aff026753ec25fae0Vivien Nicolas — Bug 494715: When panning the content and switching tabs, viewport can be wrong, r=combee
39406aa65e64db2f753499073b1881738be27e2aBen Combee — Bug 498974: WidgetStack.panBy should round its parameters, r=gavin
c94836b2f19f47a44ba03b73f54b34b1411234fbGavin Sharp — name some anonymous functions to help debugging, no bug
3ab0f4c6a1118f89367e3c754d2dacb2fbbb6722Doug Turner — comparing with
ab508a7110867b13aded6e5a3e5689c17cb72e3cVivien Nicolas — Bug 485607: Add attributes for 'on' and 'off' labels in toggle checkbox, r=mfinkle
4563d743ea8eb1b9916834bf782cfb1ad20dedccVivien Nicolas — Bug 498789: Extension restart keyboard shortcut ('U') doesn't do anything, r=mfinkle
05ee4a788eebfca65f9bddc5315da932c1b4ea38Mark Finkle — Bug 498494: _networkStop is busted (simple fix), r=combee
c0a6deed05e2792ab90d372b142eecf9acc2244bVivien Nicolas — Bug 495535: titlebar should be visible after app launch, r=mfinkle
15da925068710b2abb2e31f5685915011f262bcdMark Finkle — Bug 494550: Get nsIDownloadManager initialization out of startup path, r=gavin
50b742843613234bd9ad8e5cfbd22c5c210ef141Mark Finkle — Bug 492814: no progress indicator when installing an add-on from outside of the manager, r=gavin
ed92d8106cf31b0d9b136ef532f47940f2b2efc3SHIMODA Hiroshi — Bug 476703: When switching tabs, use last pan x,y offsets, r=mfinkle
922ffbed9d25f85c5997ff8d8da9d5347802ef87Vivien Nicolas — Bug 495435: cmd_close does not work, r=combee
007076be3a1c51908e5d5c62d83b909a4c4bfa72Mark Finkle — Bug 497988: Ts/Txul regression due to Error Console, r=crowder
c6ceb7358176f805534bcd5fb943a1e946a12bf7Fabrice Desre — Bug 497609: Vertical radiogroup styling is broken, r=mfinkle
7db6188195acfb4cb68c24c96496f0c7f643ea72Fabrice Desre — Bug 496135: colorpicker doesn't display correctly, r=mfinkle
a38f078aada46c34745346bb4cd9208e993f7f27Mark Finkle — Bug 494551: Use images for buttons in main chrome UI (wince part), r=stuart
9d754ffcb9d4d5b88cb74ea4e710159b36119922Vivien Nicolas — Bug 496879: oncommand attribute on scrollbox is fired twice, r=combee
a191874e60f77a5ec08bea791a31a86acbeafa43Mark Finkle — Bug 492883: (default preference to false)
7aa752d30647d2dc501c7c628dd2a94e575f9df3Nino D'Aversa — Bug 492883: Add JavaScript error console to Fennec, r=mfinkle
77f88f2084f42b8614f594af0ac2ab8904a518ceGavin Sharp — bug 476521: simplify browser.xul styling, r=mfinkle
8befebfcb002afa891bdfdf689fe82e57af6bd94Mark Finkle — Bug 489433: larry UI is cut off in portrait mode, r=gavin
cba0298a863725932738cd86762badbb11d3268cGavin Sharp — Bug 474496: add section buttons to the preferences pane, r=mfinkle
dca6e6e4bbd09f6603a2fdc1707730747f34764cHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 484234: Need to show URLBar while the page is loading, r=mfinkle
b26b049fa1761116f2e4a7a97a82bf8a020ad0edFabrice Desré — 495930: Textbox support in preferences, r=mfinkle
d74ed0a4188158a9f60a8b283f7fea2c4f455ea5Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 496492: Remove unused variable in flushRegion, r=mfinkle, r=combee
dc2fe48863483f7bcb91a3c78038234f477809dcMark Finkle — Bug 475678: content absolutely positioned at bottom of page shouldn't require scrolling, r=stuart, r=combee
b7fa325f271e9b445c1e04ad9eab27e6df098cb6Stuart Parmenter — Bug 495471: Easy to lose access to canvas from firstrun screen, r=mfinkle
3ceb6228fcd55a2a4fbe0039b528b816b80d6e8aGuillermo López — Bug 494221: Use ellipsis instead of three dots, r=mfinkle
8f9ca3e673a55f5398e06f0866bb5d355617b138Ben Combee — Bug 490873: Dragging in chrome causes an extra click event to be sent at the end of a drag, r=stuart
c7a59ac16918367c50baf5bf98b5045c50debc22Mark Finkle — Bug 489356: Fennec should store starred bookmarks in unfiledBookmarksFolder - like FF, r=gavin
89b4171b3de07638ab8022e25e5407b7d21b4357Mark Finkle — Bug 472368: Decide on a bfcache setting for fennec, r=stuart
950b14d53085c8679b1ba76f02b435101714a43fMark Finkle — Bug 495731: Remove shortcut editor related files, r=gavin
088cfc9af9bca45d7e7673167d620bc454b0a8c5Axel Hecht — bug 495440, add more locales to fennec
ef14b1e3c637dac4557914519af7443a13cbdfbeMark Finkle — Bug 495615: Remove 'Enable JavaScript Tracing' pref, r=gavin
1d9d0309846b7aff56d9d66df1827e5a663d6e52Ben Combee — Bug 495437: ContentClickingModule uses clickTimeout but means _clickTimeout, r=mfinkle
424ecd4cb6a441fa5f816ef1b705011985d59c0eMark Finkle — Bug 495466: new theme nitpicking, r=gavin
fa8c3ac3ce7f5506dedfd6d3eb269b2f097a92b2Doug Turner — Bug 484074. Geolocation front end update. (missing dtd) r=mfinkle
0a88339baaf4e01bc5477caf5b9388381fad2a6dDoug Turner — Bug 484074. Geolocation front end update. r=mfinkle
7fc132161859610d77b5feba4fabc4de7b2865e4Mark Finkle — Bug 495439: Kinetic scrolling just doesn't work at all, r=stuart
7ebfa7eef8498e0198253e5fa3348fb3794f996eAxel Hecht — bug 481660, update path to all-locales in l10.ini, r=copp
850e3ea0ff2e51c2bc11ad341abda0ec70651c8bMark Finkle — Bug 494551: Use images for buttons in main chrome UI (put min-height/min-width on the right CSS rule)
6879e42e39ec709d82444c3d480617d51753b604Mark Finkle — Bug 494551: Use images for buttons in main chrome UI (widget part), r=gavin
186b7de7c8f31c319d74887c8a49f54de44d6ae3Mark Finkle — Bug 494551: Use images for buttons in main chrome UI (theme part), r=gavin
beab08d7fd26089db1e1099e763ae6f5cd0462acVivien Nicolas — Bug 470441: Can't switch tabs between website and about:config, r=mfinkle
7b0b3fb91bca0adff9d8335e18e9a02b13133bf0Mark Finkle — Bug 493589: about:config rendering problem, r=gavin
e34f2383c8e2bb5b55970edc2625eab93c1606f0Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 494973: Should remove installListener, r=mfinkle
8526ed7e3c757d750946a679319330ca7d1665cbGavin Sharp — Bug 468658: show 'no results' string when no matches appear in the awesomebar, and be sure to always have it appear even when there are no results, so that search engines are accessible, r=mfinkle, ui-r=madhava
6e209c87cd5d48cddd557f28ac28040bbcbb2bbaHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 494836: Remove controllers and stop assertions, r=mfinkle
44ff465c53f0f87e640a10cb4c04fd8ea73be4b0Robert Strong — Bug 4944495: Remove locale from updater.ini, r=mfinkle
10625c5a5504aaf7a0e347ae291f54f41bae8c9fMark Finkle — 489686: Fix breakage and Ts regression from bug 474492, r=gavin
4dd37ea95bf20f0e91d01a547751c63995dccba8Gavin Sharp — Bug 466542, update preference pane strings, r=mfinkle
dabf4425ecb692decdf2dea705c523025edfeb02Gavin Sharp — Bug 493989: change default radio button strings to Yes/No, r=mfinkle
ea61a57d6771bf30a826efcc2d9829f9c36fe781Mark Finkle — Bug 491885: Clearing private data gives no feedback, r=gavin
e1e6daa45f279ef2ab97c961a438c25137f41240Mark Finkle — Bug 493136: no min-width for buttons, r=gavin, ui-r=madhava
b7d443f6caf39991719ef7362e82f828511ab589Brian Crowder — Bug 479161 - Double-tap zooming doesn't continue to zoom in for nested elements, r=tglek
cf8cef0b3162de38b6b2b3ed25566d407543e217Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 493682: redit.exe is in dist/bin instead of dist/host/bin on WinXP, r=mfinkle
c98df79018bd876cc1c268fa05243fe5c70e99fcHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 493675: redit.exe is not in sdk/bin, r=mfinkle
34181a48e195bf1a28cd5fdf0f5aa8a9a4344645Mark Finkle — Bug 493131: Shorten DM strings, r=gavin
a5002a5cd3cf71d671a60efd698a883326913826Mark Finkle — Bug 492876: Text description for an add-on doesn't fully use screen real estate, r=gavin
c7c3271ddb3e6c10767cc3b98edae288c18d5a94Mark Finkle — Bug 491857: add fennec favicon to firstrun page, r=stuart
1f8e36b7473dc68886ef2cac27f29da68def4a2cHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 492907: undeclared variable in extensions.js, r=mfinkle
08bf63d097c918ea9f1c159f399dc9c05d4171b5Zbigniew Braniecki (zbraniecki — Bug 482309,482468,487025,484652,481169,485260: Add fa,hu,id,ko,lt,pl to fennec all-locales
be1b08b610c7271d594dab3fb1aa6207d092a381Gavin Sharp — Bug 492121: always specify foreground/background colors together (fixes issues in preference titles and awesomebar), r=mfinkle
ff6ac701c22182afad3cf7ea10a2f4e3219de62dBrad Lassey — bug 491874 - When mouse up during pan ends up on the title bar, painting ends r=bcombee, stuart
221d05f7085726279f9b4dfe247f82255aa4d2d8Brad Lassey — bug 492065 - switching tabs leaves some of the previous tab on the screen r=stuart
f490c929652cdf86a8e22240c013b78266722596Brad Lassey — bumping version number r=stuart
98d64c17dd26bc35b5114faed37225f4f7cc9c68Gavin Sharp — Bug 491955: followup to address mfinkle's review comment (remove hardcoded limit on number of search engines)
9c83327a8a799e5887c45575ab14b2b2a76a598eGavin Sharp — Bug 491955: add more search engines now that we support scrolling through the list
097cbc0b0abf347f4fc36bbee3027d460da85eedGavin Sharp — Bug 492063: update radio button selected styling again, ui-r=madhava, r=stuart
e833476c35cd27782847713163c8497350e3068dMark Finkle — Bug 491999: Update dark theme toggles, r=stuart
a0f9ff40bb751615fbd6ae3acd1219817d2f0730Taras Glek — Bug 491944: FIX Drawing fastpath doesn't check for _isPanning, turns into slowpath. r=stuart
b6ca357fe499377a48f4204b7925dd8e42310664Mark Finkle — Bug 491862: Shorten some browser tool strings, r=madhava
fc8c7733cb28f9bef63b663aa36ef0274fec47edMark Finkle — Bug 491597: Add-ons search says 'Search for an add-ons', r=madhava
82fa927f7bd4db085c27480453037e2f0eda1911Ben Combee — bug 441585. Make it easier to click on links (and avoid starting a drag). r=blassey sr=stuart
bb765e1c91dbf790fd7f00063009bee0d3dde59bMark Finkle — Bug 486082: Add bookmark dialog shouldn't be visible in settings view, r=gavin
7454d0e95f317bf6859304f9f588315e4564d5c6Mark Finkle — Bug 491665: Ts regression on 2009-05-05 (dark theme), r=stuart
455077dd5abf4a6db66d724648714707e10a53beMark Finkle — Bug 479808: Save As dialog is oversized and ugly, r=blassey
b12704e26fc04ca7035f8bce0945c7293608299aMark Finkle — Bug 491301: Create new 'dark' theme, r=stuart
515f601aaa834e6cc8e43cafd0b0c358a2e22f89Gavin Sharp — Bug 477624: make search plugin strip pannable+expandable, r=mfinkle
797484ebca96b891aefad9c5d6d47bd646463d4bMark Finkle — Bug 36074: Make Find bar resize-aware, part of the satck and not use a panel to display, r=bcombee
f060ba73fc5afdb3345cc3d05b188d7c167154d6Gavin Sharp — Bug 488410: allow more than 7 entries in location bar autocomplete, also make the list pannable, r=mfinkle
d71bb63f544565f0a17a1ac3fdc9f96d924b6af9timeless — Bug 468323 N810 task switch button reloads page
e4445254c932ff96ce2f2ff2041f6ad25544bc75Mark Finkle — Bug 489854: Delay in editing preferences, r=gavin, stuart
b2121f98f67f249af5fda500d91ca42ad2273b14Mark Finkle — Bug 489942: Update fonts to be usable on WinMobile and readable on desktop, r=blassey
d72732df79dec183ac346bee102a2abfcac65ee2Mark Finkle — Bug 490168: isTabContentWindow has bad implementation, r=gavin
dcc5c1a2f90829cc914465a944e75c31b3f8447cMark Finkle — Bug 489795: Get AlertsService override working again, r=gavin
f34bbc4658489b1648a5ddbc90808f44d7997ba9Mark Finkle — Bug 489804: Add-ons UI cleanup, r=gavin
ccfc5d83514c89bf85dfd3e3cd92158c71cc0090Mark Finkle — Bug 486299: 'Back' button should be dimmed after clearing cache, r=gavin
7570c6af40af4c66c43d490f60d26454bed72655Mark Finkle — Ben Combee <>
b61293a9ff8c3314679010fdf05a9c642735c148Mark Finkle — Bug 489510: Fix urlbar breakage, r=bcombee
03b7e5f7457ce63a13f0e656c0d0fc93d5be46bbGavin Sharp — Fix copy/pasto from bug 474480
75e5fa619b38b518f9452e1cf6ea2b8db1551886Mark Finkle — Bug 474492: Update the downloads manager UI, r=gavin
99eacf8e2e89bc2e0aa4700ae7e9a5b400d3e78cMark Finkle — Bug 474480: Update the Add-ons Manager UI, r=dtownsend, r=gavin
f3f33ba389a07a34aaf96f69fce87e1779efae5eMark Finkle — Bug 486287: Fennec should not create bookmarks wihtout a name, r=gavin
8f3c66ba72af0c55f5ddff956f962dae5a7cd49aBen Combee — Bug 486241: InputHandler should use cached nsIDOMWindowUtils from Browser, r=tglek
67689553ff42898642827b3dadb380215f633d26Ben Combee — Bug 488204: Add pref to control mousemove fixups, r= mfinkle
3784b499c46dca3784d68da890929766fd277666Ben Combee — Bug 487686: Get rid of pref for turning kinetic on/off, r=stuart, mfinkle
70ff92acb3c6f3da20509f8e1e132a977d9f24fbBen Combee — Bug 488236: Titlebar inconsistently shown after using bookmark button or tapping on tab, r=mfinkle
4d601402e9fa26ae0509ab811bb8db3e0547d16fJohn Wolfe — Bug 488784 - WinCE CAB Application Name changed to "Fennec" from "fennec"
e292cea46e01699e9f14291e1afbefde6bddad3bMark Finkle — Bug 488545: Include more UI when resizing controls, r=bcombee
26ae05eeb3fef21bd36f299f448bb46b5dac0df4Mark Finkle — Bug 488418: Simplify kinetic averaging code, r=stuart
e626ea26d76110d2982f7b8006c11b6dea19b9c9Mark Finkle — bumping windows mobile version to 1.0a1pre, r=me
7c7fc6c8e88becf3c108d2f355c584b912e26b86Mark Finkle — Bug 488122: Fix error in InputHandler.js, r=gavin
ad46d440d23a41e777a77d1d33e0b4c8b7a38ee8John Wolfe — Bug 476733 - WinCE Dynamic CAB INF File Production Needed - another ugly patch to try to get the WinCE buildbots working again.
fad92baa720d637c4d0d0670b6d071fb76a70624John Wolfe — Bug 476733 - WinCE Dynamic CAB INF File Production Needed - ugly patch to fix buildbot issues
384184ca3a5746ed6a30f0a7127a366f5a3e83e4John Wolfe — fix build bustage (make cab -> make installer)
1ee4d51ebfb974b0f1e31bec019c6a4e18101bc5Mark Finkle — Bug 487670: Cleanup errors in InputHandler.js, r=bcombee
a67b9731650de728d8a66907f4d8e1566b65fa97Mark Finkle — Bug 481986: Loading bookmarks into bookmark list is slow, r=gavin
fa11593b9870150966f030c0790b8a228c74976cMark Finkle — Bug 479279: Fennec should have a system for browser-level notifications, r=gavin
92bf78725729ed4a5cb93f297d998bfd07715734Brad Lassey — imported patch xptlinkv6.patch
7defcd6223428685c26e68b2af0325cccfb6f85dJohn Wolfe — Bug 476733 - WinCE Dynamic CAB INF File Production Needed - r+ted
3d697447a0acd8bb91f6720ac99ff73e6b8513d8Stuart Parmenter — remove tabs
c16719e1d23009e6811bb1ab14e2e9c1bdfbfec0Stuart Parmenter — Bug 487165. Make kinetic panning smoother and more responsive. r=bcombee sr=gavin
34932ce7c9801e201b48aa4fd27cf06eb0ed46fbbcombee — Bug 485385. Refactor kinetic code. Patch from Ben Combee <>. r/sr=me.
35edef680c52863702744fa5df1603967e968cc2Gavin Sharp — Bug 486562: remove unused widgetStack handleEvents code, r=bcombee/vlad
84d970d8d3cbdb7be7f3570f2125c5d36a17206aGavin Sharp — Bug 485901: use new flush-less scrollX/Y getter to avoid unnecessary layout flushes, r=mfinkle
292578d16bfa06df07ff21104912ffa83411d280Ben Combee — Bug 485962: Kinetic scrolling was disabled with lock-panning patch, r=stuart
f6a0c11e01d4ab813c4c1f109e55c287ee4796e6Taras Glek — Bug 486137: less xpconnect stuff in browser[-ui].js r=mfinkle
1a122cf4b1dce2a4f3e9fe45ac26f23d697dde65Taras Glek — Bug 486136: Reduce painting during startup r=mfinkle
3461f4972ed18f9ea3b53800d4936f25965a0146Doug Turner — Removing WINCE specific JIT option which is currently unused. r=stuart
b49f9223b34da650d6bcec68d246a537a3b2d7e0Stuart Parmenter — bug 485612. Avoid causing extra non-interruptible reflows the document when zooming to width during page load. r=taras
0f69339ffe7213771ba99af4d47ca640288bc4acStuart Parmenter — bug 485610. Increase script timeouts. r=mfinkle
bcc8e56024e36794f3c37759bee509e6155d4a1cStuart Parmenter — bug 485608. Turn on the chrome jit by default. r=mfinkle
e9fb3cf08a24c9b39d1b27716cf386230e690f99Mark Finkle — Bug 485381: Add special widget for checkboxes, r=gavin
6e11debce080394a12ea074928566a626469c57aMark Finkle — Bug 485556: Tab thumbnail on startup is black, r=tglek
a5635142cef593cd8f5c79b1dcdd8d2e88c193d9Taras Glek — add missing lets to silence strict mode r=mfinkle
9b2ecbf64a9ab0852f6398fcedd0c18c5ac10408Mark Finkle — Bug 480894: CanvasBrowser._drawInterval is never shut off when loading page via cmdline, r=gavin r=tglek
ed493d9428251bddc0c654be41292a176b89a3ebBen Combee — Bug 464063: Lock panning into horizontal or vertical based on initial movememnt, r=mfinkle r=tglek
f33eca6fa1d03eee19aa5a0f16b240e2e9741ce5Ben Combee — Bug 484271: ContentPanningHandler gets out of sync when dragging out of window, r=mfinkle
55259dbebebfedd664e9f60f35acab349f696127Ben Combee — Bug 4844485: Add null check for boxObject, r=mfinkle
30eba8e7b6e1ab844ba0764f8e6ab392919fcb92Gavin Sharp — Bug 485226: specify foreground colors when specifying background color, r=mfinkle
9eaaa8377f478dc84ba45ba9e62d928f3ae7e713Mark Finkle — Bug 485053: Add special re-theming for radio buttons (with explicit text color), r=gavin
5adab9399cbc38b05088a9f2cd76ce469afcd4e5Mark Finkle — Bug 485053: Add special re-theming for radio buttons,
886b74051584a3f14aaf9600eb9779c192f572ffMark Finkle — Bug 477594: updater.ini needed for updater binary, r=rstrong
2d3693904bb2f6df45f7f2b353af98937c479318Gavin Sharp — Bug 484736: call setPluginState when syncing to preference, not when syncing from preference, r=mfinkle
bf5996e4ce882f399a617619258cb033db71fc85Dão Gottwald — wince bustage fix
b70df35d4890e43fc67788afffabc308c0a86701Mark Finkle — fix spelling mistake in comments
ae7b02ce0e34ac02ec5ffb9068a6063bfece39b0Mark Finkle — Bug 484130: Extensions don't load as expected, r=gavin
32f7b1800a7dacac9d0729430daa66f6e62050cdMark Finkle — Bug 484282: add cmd/ctrl+w shortcut to close main Fennec window, r=gavin
7eb7487f5e7f16cf25177de4e2c8343c44c121c7Taras Glek — Bug 483425 - bandaid visual jarring when clicking on link r=mfinkle
4ea10fc4bf82f45b7cd09604bc584d6d207260cfEzadkiel Marbella — Bug 468214: Add mochitest support for Fennec, r=mfinkle
d915228f398d570113a3186410667e691f501696Gavin Sharp — bump version to 1.0b2pre, r=stuart
9bbf9a07f64074a5db784d13a335c744da00e160Taras Glek — update api to reflect changes made by bug 477708
197be362dd579aa57ff4565a6321264a8b859f80Taras Glek — Bug 483417: optimize CanvasBrowser region handling r=vlad
6cb01fe984f178640b8247b627ca4ac2e0dddce9Vladimir Vukicevic — b=483417, optimize CanvasBrowser region handling; r=tglek
782563792ff464841d5566e1c8b81e078618d51cStuart Parmenter — Added tag FENNEC_B1 for changeset 9aa835472fed
da5f33c94f939ce6ce3cabebf8c6f2c6e66188e9Mark Finkle — Bug 483736: switch to 'let' instead of 'const' for Cc, Ci and Cu, r=gavin
bb995ae17c7921478286035517133c0909526157Taras Glek — bug 482703 - misc optimizations r=stuart+vlad
1071e8eb99794a9d5303df81a68d5c6522ae8de7Doug Turner — 483019. no need for Math.abs when multiplying two numbers together. r=gavin
ce6fad957a24f7bc00abaf28314067f366914ae4Mike Kristoffersen — Bug 483182: fix typo in _onMouseDown, r=bcombee
3e9986498611c878afe214b625190abe06c2fe3cTaras Glek — typo
d3d7377339a5a5aeba7c8fe0945c53af79431f69Taras Glek — Bug 482703 - less getElementById()ing. Speed-up panning r=gavin
835544f708e9fbce019fb157301b37b0bab51935Taras Glek — Bug 482703 - less setAttribute()ing(speed up panning)
4dffc4c8d1bb7fe9b06879c5cc52d89ac70895fbTaras Glek — leftover code likely causing slower page loads
9863007c47deb5d4cc058485bdbb5c813d90a636Taras Glek — Bug 482688 - Get rid of native widget on the tabbar r=gavin
7c389251999ecdadd228c4f6611e245b50938a59Stuart Parmenter — Increase size of the checkerboard tile so that the tiling code doesn't have to draw it as many times. r=vlad
efacd2af499553d62c81934717365480e83fa52bMark Finkle — fixed firstrun splash for linux (centered image)
fc5d3c37d745bee80a4d85b6435005851e985f62Mark Finkle — fixed firstrun splash for linux
5dda054ea084ad41e45efa2b3db7e58dfb10b784Stuart Parmenter — bug 481814. flush paints at the end of pans rather than at the beginning of the next one. r=taras
7d35db462d68072970b0dc8449394e736b5b2467Mark Finkle — Bug 481739: firstrun_splash.png eats startup time, r=gavin
ac6fa48176315dd69a6f48dc476134553c6bc1c3Taras Glek — bug Bug 480761: avoid accidentally calling endLoading too early on startup, reduces drawing to a single drawWindow. r=mfinkle
f89553c38cb98c5b66e71e775f26b864f3ea4a22Stuart Parmenter — bug 481566. Adjust content sink prefs to make browser more responsive while pages are loading. r=mfinkle
d25c1c69ceba334109bef8678941cca0dbec3beaMark Finkle — Bug 481567: Difficult to read text on sites like google reader, r=stuart
45d057df1702068fa35656fc1ee5acbf0a8beb5aGavin Sharp — Bug 481778: remove some unused code, r=mfinkle
28b1a99846ed18ea9e54710a319857925eb51809Gavin Sharp — Bug 481752: remove broken plugin-disabling code (re-enable plugins by default), r=stuart
d1fc8d59316ad5a1f960ba198722ba67bc6d5a85Gavin Sharp — Bug 479984: make sure to mark pages as 'typed' when they are visited as a result of user-triggered loads (the default autocomplete query only searches through 'typed' pages), r=mfinkle
e1b8a08bd8412b595a35c4ee11085325d9ec4033Ben Combee — Bug 481517: While panning, mouse out of desktop window doesn't stop, r=mfinkle
cba170693c1bca54effcac4ee4dc5b86f9650ddcTaras Glek — Bug 481515 - Draw a nicer tab preview r=stuart
22c8263dc4713481be6a2a6d93bdb1307fd89ef5Mark Finkle — Bug 481460: Add content JIT preference to UI, r=stuart
d7a51fe9e1d0dd40a00a0dda2ecf5da2d6ae91beBen Combee — Bug 481259: Should have no click timeout for chrome elements, r=mfinkle
f6708fae2ca659445f48865a941bc55dfa9cf5c5Taras Glek — Bug 480595: Do not show navbar on zoomToElement r=gavin
73a896755f414fec77f99cbe4b995ecbddb887e6Taras Glek — Bug 480761: resizing window while panned to the left doesn't redraw previously offscreen area r=gavin
5837ff9bebdb108f41102e01181ac30eacca5810Mark Finkle — Bug 477653: sizemode=maximized causes multiple resize events, r=gavin
7734565cb25486cceb364733cdc95a00afe2e720Mark Finkle — Bug 481121: Misc minor bookmark bugs, r=gavin
a9eb9bd6224006bfe7366921e6a0f297e35f7f52Mark Finkle — Bug 480361: Amoving bookmark into subfolder stops ability to exit 'manage' mode, r=gavin
ff05f2c3cfe6459817b72eb7fd6b1e30be60fcc7Mark Finkle — Bug 480950: unable to edit bookmarks from manage mode, r=bcombee
9489025761e9149bf07aeee7488e7bdec7702cf0Mark Finkle — Disable ChromeInputHandler to see if it caused Ts regression on 2009-02-27
f5cdd9e67671e1d6ea35421e252b4eb6f9e8c31dTaras Glek — bug 458741: unbreak panning r=bcombee
ce47bdf20a661d7eeac29871833ce831b0cbd5b0Gavin Sharp — Add missing ;
37f3d8ff549aaf21c18962d3fc65515bdbaadaf6Gavin Sharp — Merge backout of 02384ea1b0d9 (bug 480860)
ee5b17a3428d60bf0e595c920f3d703250773d9dGavin Sharp — Backed out changeset 02384ea1b0d9 because it is suspected of having caused a Ts regression: bug 480860
14f4ae1665b1f55fd4ae1fca4343abbf7d994c3fTaras Glek — Bug 480447 - clear outstanding paint events when repainting the whole canvas r=gavin
f4d0a7abf290fa2e5166c8c9dd228c8053162696Gavin Sharp — Bug 480761: make sure to always redraw window correctly when resizing by ensuring we always call the viewportUpdateHandler in updateSize, r=taras
e07859d81590ca8be52d358faebc394ebfe4d745Mark Finkle — bump version to 1.0.b1
f02e73c34d464fcbc1f1bee36601bed8e19e3605Ben Combee — Bug 45871: need to be able to scroll xul, r=mfinkle
81d504bf9f6ba5d0e2dd702487d4b19f57b8e48cTaras Glek — bug 477105: microoptimizations to intersect and flushRegion r=stuart
95f9b7beed0ded634eedee0bbd3f362cb8b0c24cGavin Sharp — bug 477105: second part of zoom responsiveness r=taras
fef25b4ccdaece8ecd692f6fb291953c99318618Axel Hecht — bug 480380, add an ident: rule to mobile/locales/Makefile for l10n repacks, r=mfinkle
4eccda9a1659515f18d66c16086b3b9171b6e63bAxel Hecht — bug 475700, create an all-locales file for fennec
a1fa78bdfa069f9d714768c5db81883e2b6b1097Taras Glek — Bug 477105 - improve zoom responsiveness, draw everything clipped r=stuart
96cb4f6da39d2ad4f69039d68df09b4bb1071726Axel Hecht — bug 480349, mobile/locales/Makefile not generated by default, r=mfinkle
820bc2127e1847138b67e533b8ab6da00a442216Taras Glek — Bug 480038: less setViewportSize, r=mfinkle
da1b8df4c02165b1e43c6ff0cded53301fd1a7ffBen Combee — Bug 458741: need to be able to scroll subframes (XUL patch), r=mfinkle, r=stuart
6888cf3ced956db684117bd070d9fbe90c6a688bMark Finkle — Bug 467670: Bookmark management (part 2), r=gavin
b1d32bac67edbfb8cb3c3bca892c2d6f21feb58eMark Finkle — Bug 467670: Bookmark management (part 1), r=gavin
7ea9e51f5d147552912e8b1e11027a2f89bc9e04Axel Hecht — bug 475620, fix repository url for mobile repository stamp in application.ini, r=ted
e79af6099fbcaf17d79f1b111e3c757612f77a53Taras Glek — Bug 479821 - fix wsRect.intersects bustage r=stuart
367f91f947978bf3692715f158fc83aed6a2c70dTaras Glek — bug 477855: Rework painting to be based on Region union/subtract operations r=stuart
8beb72fc8f49c8c40e9a0c5b173ee659d67dd422Mark Finkle — Bug 479307: sizemode='maximized' does not work well on desktop, r=gavin
07042e94e83e8be7dc8dab4edafb44343138084aTaras Glek — bug 478092 - fix for when loading page, some images and stuff hves white horizontal lines through them. r=stuart
9c27e935fa0590bc7fe2f049a08e5aae174ef05eDoug Turner — bug 461736 - simple implementation of a geolocation prompt for fennec. r=mfinkle
a432a256dd917e1810e14d8041b341631bbd9c24Taras Glek — Bug 476009 - F7 caret browsing shortcut should be disabled r=gavin
9d69f0904e9892af48dc49f436f2da5f03b1f512Jonathan DiCarlo — Bug 478942: reveal-tabs button in browser.xul cannot be overlaid correctly by extension xul, r=mfinkle
e66cdc8cb069cf0748fbcbfe2dfd9db9602318bfBen Combee — Bug 464976: use consistent capitalization on popup blocking notification
e901828663d3934e2a461407cbda8d642f85b4c6Brad Lassey — bug 476770 - WinCE CAB Creation NEEDS /compress flag r=ted
498b89cdde310736f5a43fa3352d5de893e8d951Nino D'Aversa — bug 465664 - Support for tel: and dialing on Windows Mobile r=blassey
7abb9ed41b7c125953926f5d5a6311fe1ce0d99cBrad Lassey — bug 478246 - turn extension manager back on for windows ce r=mfinkle
3bdd4775e36f84c825c6059b7b3b08dc9e7226deBrad Lassey — Added tag FENNEC_M11 for changeset 84195fc5e346
e7839e66592c30710af052c9b578a6962a1ec535Brad Lassey — disable jit for windows mobile due to crashes r=dougt,gavin,stuart,vlad
8bf5f61b3031d055a6355f98909350ba7ee8c670Mark Finkle — Bug 476672: Selecting current tab doesn't close the tab area, r=gavin
fdf61511d62cc8996cbd5b53379a9c2cbcbab8afGavin Sharp — Bug 477468: rework widgetstack pan handling to better support window resizes, r=vlad
9caa0d6b7c9d4c8d162826099a51d2044c4ea70aBrad Lassey — bug 477752 - change version for windows ce r=mfinkle
126c43db9046bf587bfecc7293991fb0babb5a7dTaras Glek — Bug 477435: fix zoomToElement r=gavin
410c28e77729b7d65b5995e1e31ac531a9ff918bDoug Turner — Bug 476705 - sizemode=maximized
25d33e540bbdd35266c5b959a1ccd7d6480ce334Ben Combee — Bug 477203: InputHandler.js keeps passing events to modules after a grab, r=stuart
6a28aa835f614cd9898f4a8fae577ea93bcfbd10Gavin Sharp — Bug 477104: prevent widgetstack bustage when window is larger than the pannableBounds, r=stuart
26caea8d81aafbb2bceb03809c191456a91c4659Mark Finkle — Bug 477262: viewportVisibleRect can return null if viewingRect has size 0, r=gavin
aed29a535418c99a4dd599c2e49ccdb6941cc12cTaras Glek — Bug 477160: fix panning bustage r=stuart
1deba0a56b8d529d45e42fc6e7f91ca3bc037c39Mark Finkle — Bug 476186: Ts regression on 2009-01-28, r=gavin
8de254ffbdc6f87e1c425756825a551fe665dda0Taras Glek — bug 476729: Calculate a viewing rect relative to the canvas
f7e51d2361c5a14cf4f3752b206bf4034317fe8eGavin Sharp — Bug 474804: improve Fennec UI window resize handling by making sure to resize chrome widgets properly, and by fixing some of the bugs caused by not properly updating the rects tracked by the WidgetStack, r=vlad
4dfa6c8a6d87ae4d4807194f23f73cbcf87532e7Mark Finkle — Bug 476915: Cursor not in URLBar after adding a new tab, r=gavin
1dac6183ec3351d6e926c15986e05cec31badda8Gavin Sharp — Bug 476693: Fix default larry behavior since we don't call onSecurityChange for about:firstrun, r=mfinkle
c8648735864fae32991d55918ceb1dfd8396aaf7Doug Turner — new files
df3313bac1b78cf7318605f3c06a3fd798303cf3John Wolfe — Windows Mobile Installer. r=ted
91a850d05ddf002308be72b1f58b64f9f35e28b3Mark Finkle — Bug 476714: Closing the selected tab results in errors, r=gavin
cc1b2b8e03f520535b37c4794e828e965ed64831Gavin Sharp — Backed out changeset 731f6fc9c130
63181084c3a5871e8e167917812fecaf2badc425Gavin Sharp — Bug 476521: simplify chrome CSS, r=mfinkle
8da29693c271efb3252030c0d864b5208d2300feTaras Glek — Bug 474689 - Limit painting to visible area during loads, use a heuristic to reduce zoomtopage calls, etc r=stuart
8c8a9890b2c7264c2ae8515f26aaeb3a43338195Mark Finkle — bustage fix for bug 475997, r=tglek
a71d9137b2e86880626a862dbfc5d3bfb75547cbMark Finkle — Bug 476077: page JS can't update favicon
efcd0ecf6fed4d33bcf5ba4c6fa9cc248511c900Taras Glek — Bug 475997 - make zoomToPage use viewport width, switching to using wsRects in CanvasBrowser r=stuart
4b01f444b73d6c691fdea14731e760859e152897Axel Hecht — bug 475620, bustage fix for hg version on the mobile tinderbox, r=ted
1743fd4b17e84b5c815ea868dc6e820a14569953Axel Hecht — bug 475620, add revision and repo url to fennec's applition.ini, r=bsmedberg
45bef48222f41669179f198948544042a30c1268Axel Hecht — bug 475615, update l10n.ini with reference to toolkit repo, r=mfinkle
4430e703924cdc8048e51e5d0ccac30aad97d590Neil Deakin — bug 455891 - unable to set focus() on certain element types r=mfinkle
82ce7cb88b7daeb8eb7b01241cf831d7c34777dfAxel Hecht — bug 466570, create an l10n packaging system for fennec, with Using factored makefile r=mfinkle, rs=ted for make 3.80 fixes
70c905cbc8293170de45520652040a7bfba4def0Axel Hecht — Backed out changeset caf66c67d509, bug 466570. Build doesn't have the a recent version of make
81c9e9d09cb055a1dd839cf51fcc0d50c6674157Axel Hecht — Backed out changeset caf66c67d509, bug 466570. Build doesn't have the a recent version of make
47ab3fb1507ae612cfe2fb4867670b422c7cb5ddTaras Glek — Bug 474874: misc CanvasBrowser cleanups, minor speed boost for redraw. r=stuart
3e0a58e026e48b9ffd515998e0583d7e99cfcb0fMark Finkle — Bug 474813: fennec.exe needs an icon, r=gavin
f613f044a93ea321e5e4b68a5ea7bfa3692f63d2Gavin Sharp — Bug 471474: add top-level LICENSE file describing Fennec licensing information (MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license), r=gerv
9e79cb0c58481469fb1668b68a1da8088c718a8eAxel Hecht — bug 466570, create an l10n packaging system for fennec, with Using factored makefile r=mfinkle
7bb102a19f6118d97106989cc81e7c656f2a04acMark Finkle — Bug 473992: Create separate theme folders for hildon and wince, r=gavin
08ac470a36cbe8342a2d3f7d63ab1cf2ce1c78b0Taras Glek — bug 473647: Set a default size that avoids an extra resize on n810. r=mfinkle
cb7e8a3002d27887db14e8c05011958af9d79415Mark Finkle — Bug 474617: use commandset id from Firefox, r=gavin
71bada9b9877a3efb3dd0f8140f04a0affa9d383Taras Glek — Bug 473647: speed up resizing r=mfinkle
5fedb37089d3d5beca2b6bfe5e4ed93e88d2d2faDoug Turner — merge
2ef123ee226a408b09e2dd12eea07c456768874dDoug Turner — Bug 473682 - fix the dpi on windows mobile to 96. r=mfinkle
fb940915f5926a707b97de13a736dcd1929ee766Anton Rogaynis — Bug 472735: optimize about:blank onlocationchange (breakage fix), r=mfinkle
8f53390793f3db6fab4e0a752ea259b3a4e5e062Taras Glek — Bug 472745 - less zoomToPage on startup r=stuart
02729a118f8533b748d434be1d9aae6bd94498e8Taras Glek — Bug 472735: 0 setURI calls on startup r=mfinkle
9ba011ac97e11e191f5f7bcde3b766de16cf82afGavin Sharp — Bug 473368: avoiding clobbering selection keyboard when highlighting location bar, r=mfinkle
2fd9cb45e5ddf78f21445788a4357bc7d0f65666Gavin Sharp — Bug 473643: remove widgetstack resizing code, r=vlad
c7eacf534bbb9071492e8fcc9e627c6a31ff29e9Taras Glek — bug 473424: speed up WidgetStack's resizing code and disable it r=vlad
4de2a86b22f3639b4f997a6d9802618e81b4477aTaras Glek — bug 472735: optimize about:blank onlocationchange r=gavin
ed8cd5fe79e58feb9395c5320260d14e100aac91Gavin Sharp — minor browser-ui.js fix (comment, s/var/let/)
f212d1246188b57f182fe2513b3d9546acd1ce92Taras Glek — bug 473424: speed up resize code r=gavin
954a5ff0e0b564b6f5321ab4e2c0388e9c4ef84eTaras Glek — Bug 472876 - remove setupGeolocation from browser.js r=dougt
e947542c7083caf9a5eb6273c6c9b8bd51400ce3Mark Finkle — Bug 472719: Remove 'Loading...' text from canvas, r=pavlov
226fbb20cc8965921dc8ea60e92f2b3c3f9bd07fMark Finkle — Bug 468880: Change Browser.newTab to take a URI, r=gavin
b7af517af1edad1862be5686fe3bfeb2680b1a1fMark Finkle — version bump to 1.0a3pre
676e25cbb1d24a437633faf71da187890167e7daMark Finkle — Bug 471415: Opening chrome:// URLs in browser is broken
23d1c35bfb83aa5370ab4f630b6f5c55dd4d4764Gavin Sharp — Bug 470872: fix cookie checkbox to use correct values for the pref, r=mfinkle
b8bc3041abdee51bda8419f0da4490beba5bb454Stuart Parmenter — Added tag FENNEC_A2 for changeset 5f1388238359
7fbad94a1c7235a958d6d11c795dc263569e14cdStuart Parmenter — bug 468729. make sidebars pop open or closed. r=vlad
cce3f58e9573b4c8d3443cdca33dafbac44d1d10Mark Finkle — version bump to 1.0a2
eeac8074ba0e1bea461fc6409ef6139b5f7b53feGavin Sharp — Bug 470776, location bar text is selected unnecessarily after startup, r=mfinkle
c1a432de1c3b8169bbeb80e719c0938e9d0cb1aaGavin Sharp — Bug 470786: can't access extras panel when window isn't fullscreen, r=mfinkle
18dd39979d83e6da89bff9f41a05617565796c68Mark Finkle — Bug 453470: notification bar in fennec needs to be per tab, r-gavin
cfba6a8e05e26dc2bd88d7b9e24de051964d9303Mark Finkle — Bug 453470: notification bar in fennec needs to be per tab, r-gavin
ef15e2e226dce9dd7f092953ab767ef420ee5f5dGavin Sharp — Bug 466280: fix WidgetStack to support resizes, and use that support to enable panning the full range of content at smaller-than-default window sizes, r=vlad/stuart
d928e98c35ae47cd4816a77f0d2d4760c86d96a8Gavin Sharp — Bug 470477: make sure to always redraw when switching tabs, r=stuart
5971bea73430afed4cc4233340e096e2872d2d59Mark Finkle — Bug 470288: Toolbar overlays content after page loads, r=gavin
4878a3da3bd08942da6eab5e4cfcf02b188cf17fMark Finkle — merge
eba04238a432ca1d00a4333ef4d949b69a917d71Mark Finkle — Bug 456870: Give page buttons pressed look on mousedown, r=gavin
38f89e365c09a8656987d3809c8511801ac202feTaras Glek — Bug 469076: invoke fennec with -silent on install r=blassey
40fe4860f513e0c1f009a1681bb9ede3743fac5dMark Finkle — Bug 456870: Right panel buttons act different than other buttons, r=gavin
0343e13b6104f4bc235ec1e5eb833f24695fd2bcBrad Lassey — bug 466940 - makefile change to pass WINCE to preprocessor r=mfinkle
3edffbd642ef5fbc30b35e5c3fa7b3df5383dfc2Brad Lassey — bug 466940 - disable extension manager on windows ce r=mfinkle
751f965613b15146a3a6d7e5377a3da7e0426250Mark Finkle — Bug 468733: shortcuts.js slows down startup, r=gavin
c82136511a03e6e97c2ecb3cd0e962faad478301Neil Deakin — Bug 465293, edit bookmark ui, r=mfinkle
3bd06fefb238c4b10d45a1fbcb01119cfd547439Gavin Sharp — Bug 458740: revert special casing of XUL content in CanvasBrowser since it's unnecessary, r=mfinkle
8e9301522103ea68bf24ac3964c57b1aa475c66fGavin Sharp — Fix silly mistake in the patch for bug 459170
6ed0b9a1386284fc3426d31859a490b453f986c9Stuart Parmenter — We can't cache the canvas's top/left as they will change depending on where you are on the page
f629d6f3dcc7ba8a06b9d4d8c733a911789e5b82Taras Glek — Double zoomToPage timeout in order to avoid triggering bonus reflows r=stuart
535741e76f2a2877cbec9dcf1d6a168929b45156Mark Finkle — Bug 468759: combine _edit and _caption elements, r=gavin
0bb9aa455f9521396a93e24d2bb25a08fa2aaad9Sean Martell — Bug 469063: new more distinctive stop button image, r=madhava
dd0abc20d96f7bec03f45e4009a52b766915a202Sean Martell — Bug 469063: new throbber with a bit more contrast, r=madhava
88dec544fe6c48abc6a2d0afa1359df0f10f25a3Gavin Sharp — Bug 468870: re-enable Spatial Navigation, r=mfinkle
a78489e8e226ac344ce48a8bca0ebb1e76a6ae12Gavin Sharp — Bug 459170: cache canvas dimensions to avoid retrieving them unnecessarily, other miscellaneous cleanup, r=stuart
cf64b980c781a7f7188971015d564ebc2083d1b6Gavin Sharp — Bug 468738: set the mode attribute on the icons box rather than on the main window to simplify CSS, r=mfinkle
ccfe92a25276fc41a4dd971e1991347bd44886e8Mark Finkle — add the real APNG throbber back
8d58099a753887df66491d1775970f8a32d3cf0cMark Finkle — Bug 456870: Fennec panel UI button acts differently than other buttons, r=gavin
5893acfdf15d2e77924603cee7684c7d2da25a36Mark Finkle — Bug 468748: Stop button never appears, r=gavin
176155c2ef6970d71a97edea111c9b087184e3a2Vladimir Vukicevic — Honor vptargetw/vptargeth corrently in updateSize
2e9f98ab5dfaf66f0b305ece60a1b6fe4f02beb1Stuart Parmenter — bug 458373. get caret drawing in Fenec. r=gavin
08f2971dec38ff38ba77f177fb90c4186bfa17f1Gavin Sharp — Bug 449517: clean up Browser API (replace Browser.content with Browser.canvasBrowser, change canvas element ID to be less generic), r=mfinkle
50bbc3d55294f032bc353b8a8a8f4ea081bb1f54Gavin Sharp — Bug 466717: reimplement nsIAutocompletePopup to avoid using a <panel> for the autocomplete popup, r=mfinkle
5c6d6002cc430a6d6b03f40c735eb9c59521c5bdMark Finkle — Bug 464756: Opening new tab after closing another recycles previous favicon in new tab. r=gavin
81e90c331b90ba68807227f75a5b7f74b3cf01d8Gavin Sharp — Bug 468143: fix scroll wheel zooming, r=stuart
a3456c1506021b858daba3170fab67dd0fc39bfcGavin Sharp — Followup to fix bustage from revision 5e0434efb89e for bug 460330, r=stuart
8abe58f9bbe0781b1a18515fefb7c65ad3a0d051Mark Finkle — Bug 465033: DM opening windows during a download, r=gavin
2f2ebe292c5efa46ab2311bfdf4c96db28828de0Mark Finkle — Bug 460330: Larry UI not updated when switching tabs, r=gavin
dceee95c1a639a44340bac7a34a0fa7f19e988bcMark Finkle — Bug 458017: Increment Fennec BuildID separately, r=gavin
9af9b865425d8a381f8a0bef52e32e74bf16534fGavin Sharp — remove color profiles from some of the recent images (forgot to do this before committing)
9a95b1775a4e6b16d1df81de0d8f6337f3a2e919Gavin Sharp — Bug 466728: disable content form autocomplete for now, since it's pretty broken, r=mfinkle
60e95d8f86dd15cab3af69752b92e8d888a27865Gavin Sharp — Bug 464492: fix navigation_magnifier transparency, image by Sean Martell <>, r=mfinkle
e93759b75a9b78c2c22d08fd2c577d5625a61a33Gavin Sharp — Remove some tabs
4e024d91900fd708a0fc163d44fa02aa31bec764Gavin Sharp — Bug 464491: update panel_background so that it matches toolbar_background, image by Sean Martell <>
42d1354fd832c5de668bd1cb54e6338874329276Stuart Parmenter — bug 466281. Make it possible to slide out the prefs panel
3367965dbee531a47ccc72e8d5f073201569e6b1Gavin Sharp — Tabs be gone
14780200f65072e4adb2d6f0cf78558f2b11bf34Mark Finkle — Bug 462425: Convert Fennec to use WidgetStack framework for panning, r=stuart
5fccf08722dbb7fbc6c3c0bd81462315b93f2a9fGavin Sharp — Bug 464490: revert close-small, page-starred and tab_close images to pre-bug 462771 state (transparent backgrounds)
0f8bcf139cf79060565ad97a5a2c3635ca2f1e7eGavin Sharp — add missing semicolon
e36a447e2769ac675edcf648239d344e28b87f4eMark Finkle — Bug 464357: CTRL+L should work like in FF. r=gavin
d892ef11f4dd5b19413b64f049d8d5233ac1254dMark Finkle — Bug 460433: SVG files not displayed correctly. r=gavin
4f4bc00f9012ad380cfed84b8177821eb2b7af25Gavin Sharp — Bug 462771: Fennec theme update (avoid use of transparent PNGs in chrome, fix button alignment and active styling, other various minor fixes), r=mfinkle
5e68c61c435ee70462bc20118d74b43ef6324a69Gavin Sharp — Bug 464252: fix comments
fee2fec6f7455fe340ce83594246ce3891c1ec23Taras Glek — bug 463538: avoid superfluous resizes
755acdedcbd04a546983c1d7c848c4108d834f7aTaras Glek — bug 463722 - reduce lag for locationbar clicks
b2c3647c56a8588352617ea31cf11e54786a9dbaTaras Glek — Bug 463745 - minor correction to previous patch
1c0190b5d1f508dd57c57af2cc1b9b464dec6beaTaras Glek — Bug 463745 - optimize favicon handling to reduce overhead of DOMLinkAdded event r=mfinkle
fd355ead6231e6c998c3e143aa15458ed5550311Gavin Sharp — Bug 461804: avoid having to scroll the underlying <browser> when redispatching clicks and retrieving elements, r=stuart
41490c0b042828c718266bd36662906f5af5078bGavin Sharp — Bug 463488: Remove unused images, r=mfinkle
5262f336bfba2659e99ccc911c414fc90af6e1ccStuart Parmenter — fix comments
17ebf67651ac1e674bcf3dcdbb42b546d052c90aStuart Parmenter — bug 463291. speed up translatePhoneNumbers by reducing the number of text nodes we have to run regexes on. r=gavin
aa5d7d828c15e0839fc496df208191e15c72acf0Taras Glek — bug 463322: use drawImage instead of drawWindow for tab thumbnail r=stuart
dae1a783462d3687c57ac255b4490140e25e5139Gavin Sharp — Bug 462597: fix typo in deckbrowser 'browsers' getter
7a98af6b11a62e5a93e6a23e784954d45cf4426bGavin Sharp — Bump version to 1.0a2pre
c379af474b2f63bdd4dff21e70b4d3eae635aa03Neil Deakin — Bug 459095, update throbber and icon properly when switching tabs, r=mfinkle
707362ccbd2b14c8ef5c39269052acf5033de402Neil Deakin — Bug 456083, set extra preference to force windows with features set to open in new tabs as well, r=mfinkle
313d60de538a901e352aeded22f3a35f68b0fba3Neil Deakin — Bug 456670, overflow for tabs, r=mfinkle
d64779daba709f2e8610949e0334e2a02fc7fa15Gavin Sharp — Bug 460469: bump fennec minversion, a=mfinkle
8e13b5245a163ad3dc730ad9757d369c2d109f70Stuart Parmenter — Added tag FENNEC_A1 for changeset b394a7122c10
8436d7c0f80862feee628c3b18c4217e18949fdeGavin Sharp — Bug 460181: replace amazon with wikipedia in search list, r=stuart
d28134684fce8643c05ea640f30a5948ecab282fNeil Deakin — Bug 456084, display url in address field when the title is blank
b91612ed74484ee2cdd63176151ddd7b0bd611aaMark Finkle — bump version to 1.0a1
4468d36864ef55efb86935d0a310ad6977f14ad6Stuart Parmenter — bug 459009. MozAfterPaints are relative to the viewport, so if we're scrolled we need to adjust. r=gavin
1608be71974bdda2355e7ded6faba5e5cf6a4985Stuart Parmenter — bug 459989. Don't do additional layout flushes when we paint. r=vlad
fb87bfd5be5ea68effe4a082b945bcc9f1a35704Mark Finkle — Bug 458923: Forgot to remove throbber.gif from jar.nm
5e5a5652b43d6d3b0cf6fa0c5d7940308777b785Mark Finkle — Bug 458923: Need appropriately sized throbber, r=gavin
f700c833fcc6121a4122deff6dc3540ed6408179Gavin Sharp — Bug 450816: use a canvas that's larger than the viewport for panning, r=mfinkle/stuart
973d387174ad9222da41bd8a4fea284616f10f97Gavin Sharp — Bug 454674: re-theme navigation screen, images by Sean Martell <> and Madhava Enros <>, r=mfinkle
3d5320232226333469f011820adc5d36e17d785fOleg Romashin — Bug 458478 - HW Zoom keys support for fennec. r=mark.finkle.
33ae06b35f2e3ea3e2a875f003604c093f44b974Oleg Romashin — Bug 455113 - Tabbar and control-bar should not show/hide with the same drag event. Missing changes. r=mark.finkle.