created 2007-12-18 14:00 -0800
pushed 2008-03-20 16:49 +0000
maxf maxf - See bugzilla bug 280725. Changes were made to the xremote mechanism to move it out of the os-specific widget code and into the more generic command line code in the toolkit. This bug implements the corresponding changes for the QNX Neutrino Mozilla based browser: 1) The xremote related code is removed from widget/src/photon/. 2) The nsPhMozRemoteHelper.* source files removed in step 1 are renamed to nsPhRemoteService.* and modified to work under toolkit/components/remote/. 3) Finally the photon specific code in widget/src/xremoteclient is modified so that the mozilla-xremote-client utility works as it did before. These changes are all Neutrino-only and should not affect any other platform, and in theory cannot bust any Tinderbox builds. p=407800 r=bsmedberg
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