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Bug 1708678 - Adapt code to neqo 0.4.24 r=necko-reviewers,valentin Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D114011

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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 * Interfaces for representing cross-language exceptions and stack traces.
#include "nsISupports.idl"

[ptr] native JSContext(JSContext);
native StackFrameRef(already_AddRefed<nsIStackFrame>);

[scriptable, builtinclass, uuid(28bfb2a2-5ea6-4738-918b-049dc4d51f0b)]
interface nsIStackFrame : nsISupports
    [implicit_jscontext, binaryname(FilenameXPCOM)]
    readonly attribute AString                 filename;
    [implicit_jscontext, binaryname(NameXPCOM)]
    readonly attribute AString                 name;
    // Unique identifier of the script source for the frame, or zero.
    [implicit_jscontext, binaryname(SourceIdXPCOM)]
    readonly attribute int32_t                 sourceId;
    // Valid line numbers begin at '1'. '0' indicates unknown.
    [implicit_jscontext, binaryname(LineNumberXPCOM)]
    readonly attribute int32_t                 lineNumber;
    [implicit_jscontext, binaryname(ColumnNumberXPCOM)]
    readonly attribute int32_t                 columnNumber;
    readonly attribute AUTF8String             sourceLine;
    [implicit_jscontext, binaryname(AsyncCauseXPCOM)]
    readonly attribute AString                 asyncCause;
    [implicit_jscontext, binaryname(AsyncCallerXPCOM)]
    readonly attribute nsIStackFrame           asyncCaller;
    [implicit_jscontext, binaryname(CallerXPCOM)]
    readonly attribute nsIStackFrame           caller;

    // Returns a formatted stack string that looks like the sort of
    // string that would be returned by .stack on JS Error objects.
    // Only works on JS-language stack frames.
    [implicit_jscontext, binaryname(FormattedStackXPCOM)]
    readonly attribute AString                 formattedStack;

    // Returns the underlying SavedFrame object for native JavaScript stacks,
    // or null if this is not a native JavaScript stack frame.
    readonly attribute jsval                   nativeSavedFrame;

    [implicit_jscontext, binaryname(ToStringXPCOM)]
    AUTF8String toString();

    // Infallible things to be called from C++.
    [notxpcom, nostdcall]
    void getFilename(in JSContext aCx, out AString aFilename);
    [notxpcom, nostdcall]
    void getName(in JSContext aCx, out AString aName);
    [notxpcom, nostdcall]
    int32_t getSourceId(in JSContext aCx);
    [notxpcom, nostdcall]
    int32_t getLineNumber(in JSContext aCx);
    [notxpcom, nostdcall]
    int32_t getColumnNumber(in JSContext aCx);
    [notxpcom, nostdcall]
    void getAsyncCause(in JSContext aCx, out AString aAsyncCause);
    [notxpcom, nostdcall]
    StackFrameRef getAsyncCaller(in JSContext aCx);
    [notxpcom, nostdcall]
    StackFrameRef getCaller(in JSContext aCx);
    [notxpcom, nostdcall]
    void getFormattedStack(in JSContext aCx, out AString aFormattedStack);
    [notxpcom, nostdcall, binaryname(ToString)]
    void toStringInfallible(in JSContext aCx, out AUTF8String aString);

// This interface only exists because of all the JS consumers doing
// "instanceof Ci.nsIException".  We should switch them to something else and
// get rid of it; bug 1435856 tracks that.  C++ code should NOT use this; use
// mozilla::dom::Exception instead.
[scriptable, builtinclass, uuid(4371b5bf-6845-487f-8d9d-3f1e4a9badd2)]
interface nsIException : nsISupports