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Bug 1579858 - Should release RefPtr before CollectData is clear; r=smaug mAboutToBeNotifiedRejectedPromises will be clear in AfterProcessMicrotasks() and mPendingUnhandledRejections will be clear after NotifyUnhandledRejections runnable is handled. However, worker could terminate in any time, we still need to clear those structures manually before CollectData is clear. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D46095

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#include "mozilla/MemoryMapping.h"

#include "mozilla/BinarySearch.h"
#include "mozilla/FileUtils.h"

#include <fstream>
#include <string>

namespace mozilla {

namespace {
struct VMFlagString {
  const char* mName;
  const char* mPrettyName;
  VMFlag mFlag;

static const VMFlagString sVMFlagStrings[] = {
    // clang-format off
  {"ac", "Accountable",   VMFlag::Accountable},
  {"ar", "ArchSpecific",  VMFlag::ArchSpecific},
  {"dc", "NoFork",        VMFlag::NoFork},
  {"dd", "NoCore",        VMFlag::NoCore},
  {"de", "NoExpand",      VMFlag::NoExpand},
  {"dw", "DisabledWrite", VMFlag::DisabledWrite},
  {"ex", "Executable",    VMFlag::Executable},
  {"gd", "GrowsDown",     VMFlag::GrowsDown},
  {"hg", "HugePage",      VMFlag::HugePage},
  {"ht", "HugeTLB",       VMFlag::HugeTLB},
  {"io", "IO",            VMFlag::IO},
  {"lo", "Locked",        VMFlag::Locked},
  {"me", "MayExecute",    VMFlag::MayExecute},
  {"mg", "Mergeable",     VMFlag::Mergeable},
  {"mm", "MixedMap",      VMFlag::MixedMap},
  {"mr", "MayRead",       VMFlag::MayRead},
  {"ms", "MayShare",      VMFlag::MayShare},
  {"mw", "MayWrite",      VMFlag::MayWrite},
  {"nh", "NoHugePage",    VMFlag::NoHugePage},
  {"nl", "NonLinear",     VMFlag::NonLinear},
  {"nr", "NotReserved",   VMFlag::NotReserved},
  {"pf", "PurePFN",       VMFlag::PurePFN},
  {"rd", "Readable",      VMFlag::Readable},
  {"rr", "Random",        VMFlag::Random},
  {"sd", "SoftDirty",     VMFlag::SoftDirty},
  {"sh", "Shared",        VMFlag::Shared},
  {"sr", "Sequential",    VMFlag::Sequential},
  {"wr", "Writable",      VMFlag::Writable},
    // clang-format on
}  // anonymous namespace

constexpr size_t kVMFlags = size_t(-1);

// An array of known field names which may be present in an smaps file, and the
// offsets of the corresponding fields in a MemoryMapping class.
const MemoryMapping::Field MemoryMapping::sFields[] = {
    // clang-format off
  {"AnonHugePages",   offsetof(MemoryMapping, mAnonHugePages)},
  {"Anonymous",       offsetof(MemoryMapping, mAnonymous)},
  {"KernelPageSize",  offsetof(MemoryMapping, mKernelPageSize)},
  {"LazyFree",        offsetof(MemoryMapping, mLazyFree)},
  {"Locked",          offsetof(MemoryMapping, mLocked)},
  {"MMUPageSize",     offsetof(MemoryMapping, mMMUPageSize)},
  {"Private_Clean",   offsetof(MemoryMapping, mPrivate_Clean)},
  {"Private_Dirty",   offsetof(MemoryMapping, mPrivate_Dirty)},
  {"Private_Hugetlb", offsetof(MemoryMapping, mPrivate_Hugetlb)},
  {"Pss",             offsetof(MemoryMapping, mPss)},
  {"Referenced",      offsetof(MemoryMapping, mReferenced)},
  {"Rss",             offsetof(MemoryMapping, mRss)},
  {"Shared_Clean",    offsetof(MemoryMapping, mShared_Clean)},
  {"Shared_Dirty",    offsetof(MemoryMapping, mShared_Dirty)},
  {"Shared_Hugetlb",  offsetof(MemoryMapping, mShared_Hugetlb)},
  {"ShmemPmdMapped",  offsetof(MemoryMapping, mShmemPmdMapped)},
  {"Size",            offsetof(MemoryMapping, mSize)},
  {"Swap",            offsetof(MemoryMapping, mSwap)},
  {"SwapPss",         offsetof(MemoryMapping, mSwapPss)},
  // VmFlags is a special case. It contains an array of flag strings, which
  // describe attributes of the mapping, rather than a mapping size. We include
  // it in this array to aid in parsing, but give it a separate sentinel value,
  // and treat it specially.
  {"VmFlags",         kVMFlags},
    // clang-format on

template <typename T, int n>
const T* FindEntry(const char* aName, const T (&aEntries)[n]) {
  size_t index;
  if (BinarySearchIf(
          aEntries, 0, n,
          [&](const T& aEntry) { return strcmp(aName, aEntry.mName); },
          &index)) {
    return &aEntries[index];
  return nullptr;

using Perm = MemoryMapping::Perm;
using PermSet = MemoryMapping::PermSet;

nsresult GetMemoryMappings(nsTArray<MemoryMapping>& aMappings) {
  std::ifstream stream("/proc/self/smaps");
  if (stream.fail()) {
    return NS_ERROR_FAILURE;

  MemoryMapping* current = nullptr;
  std::string buffer;
  while (std::getline(stream, buffer)) {
    size_t start, end, offset;
    char flags[4] = "---";
    char name[512];

    name[0] = 0;

    // clang-format off
    // Match the start of an entry. A typical line looks something like:
    // 1487118a7000-148711a5a000 r-xp 00000000 103:03 54004561                  /usr/lib/libc-2.27.so
    // clang-format on
    if (sscanf(buffer.c_str(), "%zx-%zx %4c %zx %*u:%*u %*u %511s\n", &start,
               &end, flags, &offset, name) >= 4) {
      PermSet perms;
      if (flags[0] == 'r') {
        perms += Perm::Read;
      if (flags[1] == 'w') {
        perms += Perm::Write;
      if (flags[2] == 'x') {
        perms += Perm::Execute;
      if (flags[3] == 'p') {
        perms += Perm::Private;
      } else if (flags[3] == 's') {
        perms += Perm::Shared;

      current = aMappings.AppendElement(
          MemoryMapping{start, end, perms, offset, name});
    if (!current) {

    nsAutoCStringN<128> line(buffer.c_str());
    char* savePtr;
    char* fieldName = strtok_r(line.BeginWriting(), ":", &savePtr);
    if (!fieldName) {
    auto* field = FindEntry(fieldName, MemoryMapping::sFields);
    if (!field) {

    if (field->mOffset == kVMFlags) {
      while (char* flagName = strtok_r(nullptr, " \n", &savePtr)) {
        if (auto* flag = FindEntry(flagName, sVMFlagStrings)) {
          current->mFlags += flag->mFlag;

    const char* rest = strtok_r(nullptr, "\n", &savePtr);
    size_t value;
    if (sscanf(rest, "%zd kB", &value) > 0) {
      current->ValueForField(*field) = value * 1024;

  return NS_OK;

void MemoryMapping::Dump(nsACString& aOut) const {
  aOut.AppendPrintf("%zx-%zx Size: %zu Offset: %zx %s\n", mStart, mEnd,
                    mEnd - mStart, mOffset, mName.get());

  for (auto& field : MemoryMapping::sFields) {
    if (field.mOffset < sizeof(*this)) {
      aOut.AppendPrintf("  %s: %zd\n", field.mName, ValueForField(field));

  aOut.AppendPrintf("  Flags: %x\n", mFlags.serialize());
  for (auto& flag : sVMFlagStrings) {
    if (mFlags.contains(flag.mFlag)) {
      aOut.AppendPrintf("       : %s %s\n", flag.mName, flag.mPrettyName);

}  // namespace mozilla