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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIFile;
interface nsIJSRAIIHelper;
interface nsIURI;

[scriptable, builtinclass, uuid(01dfa47b-87e4-4135-877b-586d033e1b5d)]
interface amIAddonManagerStartup : nsISupports
   * Reads and parses startup data from the addonState.json.lz4 file, checks
   * for modifications, and returns the result.
   * Returns null for an empty or nonexistent state file, but throws for an
   * invalid one.
  jsval readStartupData();

   * Registers a set of dynamic chrome registry entries, and returns an object
   * with a `destruct()` method which must be called in order to unregister
   * the entries.
   * @param manifestURI The base manifest URI for the entries. URL values are
   *        resolved relative to this URI.
   * @param entries An array of arrays, each containing a registry entry as it
   *        would appar in a chrome.manifest file. Only the following entry
   *        types are currently accepted:
   *         - "locale" A locale package entry. Must be a 4-element array.
   *         - "override" A URL override entry. Must be a 3-element array.
  nsIJSRAIIHelper registerChrome(in nsIURI manifestURI, in jsval entries);

  jsval encodeBlob(in jsval value);

  jsval decodeBlob(in jsval value);

   * Enumerates over all entries in the JAR file at the given URI, and returns
   * an array of entry paths which match the given pattern. The URI may be
   * either a file: URL pointing directly to a zip file, or a jar: URI
   * pointing to a zip file nested within another zip file. Only one level of
   * nesting is supported.
   * This should be used in preference to manually opening or retrieving a
   * ZipReader from the zip cache, since the former causes main thread IO and
   * the latter can lead to file locking issues due to unpredictable GC behavior
   * keeping the cached ZipReader alive after the cache is flushed.
   * @param uri The URI of the zip file to enumerate.
   * @param pattern The pattern to match, as passed to nsIZipReader.findEntries.
  Array<AString> enumerateJAR(in nsIURI uri, in AUTF8String pattern);

   * Similar to |enumerateJAR| above, but accepts the URI of a directory
   * within a JAR file, and returns a list of all entries below it.
   * The given URI must be a jar: URI, and its JAR file must point either to a
   * file: URI, or to a singly-nested JAR within another JAR file (i.e.,
   * "jar:file:///thing.jar!/" or "jar:jar:file:///thing.jar!/stuff.jar!/").
   * Multiple levels of nesting are not supported.
  Array<AString> enumerateJARSubtree(in nsIURI uri);

   * Initializes the URL Preloader.
  void initializeURLPreloader();