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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIUrlClassifierDBService.idl"

 * This is a class to manage large table updates from the server.  Rather than
 * downloading the whole update and then updating the sqlite database, we
 * update tables as the data is streaming in.
[scriptable, uuid(e1797597-f4d6-4dd3-a1e1-745ad352cd80)]
interface nsIUrlClassifierStreamUpdater : nsISupports
   * Try to download updates from updateUrl. If an update is already in
   * progress, queues the requested update. This is used in nsIUrlListManager
   * as well as in testing.
   * @param aRequestTables Comma-separated list of tables included in this
   *        update.
   * @param aRequestPayload The payload for the request.
   * @param aIsPostRequest Whether the request should be sent by POST method.
   *                       Should be 'true' for v2 usage.
   * @param aUpdateUrl The plaintext url from which to request updates.
   * @param aSuccessCallback Called after a successful update.
   * @param aUpdateErrorCallback Called for problems applying the update
   * @param aDownloadErrorCallback Called if we get an http error or a
   *        connection refused error.
  boolean downloadUpdates(in ACString aRequestTables,
                          in ACString aRequestPayload,
                          in boolean aIsPostRequest,
                          in ACString aUpdateUrl,
                          in nsIUrlClassifierCallback aSuccessCallback,
                          in nsIUrlClassifierCallback aUpdateErrorCallback,
                          in nsIUrlClassifierCallback aDownloadErrorCallback);