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Bug 1678108: Invalidate DisplayItemCache entries when nsDisplayItem::RestoreState makes a change. r=miko Partial fix. If nsDisplayItem::RestoreState changes the state of an nsDisplayItem, that invalidates any prior RetainedItems items sent to WebRender for it, and its DisplayItemCache entry is invalid. Clear the cache index in the nsDisplayItem. RetainedDisplayListBuilder::PreProcessDisplayList doesn't have convenient access to the DisplayItemCache, so don't clear the cache entry in the DisplayItemCache. The cache itself will eventually realize the entry is unused and clear it. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D97538

# Painting multiple complex paths
% http://localhost/tests/svgx/hixie-001.xml
# Painting multiple complex paths with transparency
% http://localhost/tests/svgx/hixie-002.xml
# Painting text
% http://localhost/tests/svgx/hixie-003.xml
# Painting images
% http://localhost/tests/svgx/hixie-004.xml
# Painting linear gradients
% http://localhost/tests/svgx/hixie-005.xml
# Painting radial gradients
% http://localhost/tests/svgx/hixie-006.xml
# World Map
% http://localhost/tests/svgx/hixie-007.xml