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Bug 1791332: Add an OPFS-specific synchronous ordered cleanup queue r=asuth,dom-storage-reviewers The default test.add_cleanup() code from testharness.js in wpt executes the cleanups in parallel, and even if it wasn't in parallel it would be in FIFO order (the wrong order). This adds an OPFS-specific cleanup queue called once from the test cleanup list, and we process the list synchronously in LIFO order. Depends on D146203 Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D157606

set -x -e -v

# This script is for building libbreakpadinjector.so, currently for linux only



export MOZ_OBJDIR=obj-injector

echo ac_add_options --enable-project=tools/crashreporter/injector > .mozconfig


TOOLCHAINS="binutils rustc clang"

for t in $TOOLCHAINS; do

./mach build -v

mkdir injector
cp $MOZ_OBJDIR/dist/bin/$INJECTOR injector/

tar -acf injector.tar.$COMPRESS_EXT injector/
mkdir -p $UPLOAD_DIR
cp injector.tar.$COMPRESS_EXT $UPLOAD_DIR