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Bug 1579858 - Should release RefPtr before CollectData is clear; r=smaug mAboutToBeNotifiedRejectedPromises will be clear in AfterProcessMicrotasks() and mPendingUnhandledRejections will be clear after NotifyUnhandledRejections runnable is handled. However, worker could terminate in any time, we still need to clear those structures manually before CollectData is clear. Differential Revision:

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#ifndef mozilla_storage_mozStorageAsyncStatementJSHelper_h_
#define mozilla_storage_mozStorageAsyncStatementJSHelper_h_

#include "nsIXPCScriptable.h"
#include "nsIXPConnect.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace storage {

class AsyncStatement;
class AsyncStatementParams;

 * A modified version of StatementJSHelper that only exposes the async-specific
 * 'params' helper.  We do not expose 'row' or 'step' as they do not apply to
 * us.
class AsyncStatementJSHelper : public nsIXPCScriptable {

  nsresult getParams(AsyncStatement*, JSContext*, JSObject*, JS::Value*);

 * Wrapper used to clean up the references JS helpers hold to the statement.
 * For cycle-avoidance reasons they do not hold reference-counted references,
 * so it is important we do this.
class AsyncStatementParamsHolder final : public nsISupports {

  explicit AsyncStatementParamsHolder(AsyncStatementParams* aParams)
      : mParams(aParams) {}

  AsyncStatementParams* Get() const {
    return mParams;

  virtual ~AsyncStatementParamsHolder();

  RefPtr<AsyncStatementParams> mParams;

}  // namespace storage
}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // mozilla_storage_mozStorageAsyncStatementJSHelper_h_