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Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1677253) because it depends on bug 1713334 which was backed out. Backed out changeset 3d30a54409a7 (bug 1677253) Backed out changeset 1c385b21e0e5 (bug 1677253) Backed out changeset eb6001404a57 (bug 1677253)

/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

#ifndef mozilla_SandboxPolicyContent_h
#define mozilla_SandboxPolicyContent_h


namespace mozilla {

static const char SandboxPolicyContent[] = R"SANDBOX_LITERAL(
  (version 1)

  (define should-log (param "SHOULD_LOG"))
  (define sandbox-level-1 (param "SANDBOX_LEVEL_1"))
  (define sandbox-level-2 (param "SANDBOX_LEVEL_2"))
  (define sandbox-level-3 (param "SANDBOX_LEVEL_3"))
  (define macosVersion (string->number (param "MAC_OS_VERSION")))
  (define appPath (param "APP_PATH"))
  (define hasProfileDir (param "HAS_SANDBOXED_PROFILE"))
  (define profileDir (param "PROFILE_DIR"))
  (define hasWindowServer (param "HAS_WINDOW_SERVER"))
  (define home-path (param "HOME_PATH"))
  (define debugWriteDir (param "DEBUG_WRITE_DIR"))
  (define userCacheDir (param "DARWIN_USER_CACHE_DIR"))
  (define testingReadPath1 (param "TESTING_READ_PATH1"))
  (define testingReadPath2 (param "TESTING_READ_PATH2"))
  (define testingReadPath3 (param "TESTING_READ_PATH3"))
  (define testingReadPath4 (param "TESTING_READ_PATH4"))
  (define crashPort (param "CRASH_PORT"))
  (define isRosettaTranslated (param "IS_ROSETTA_TRANSLATED"))

  (define (moz-deny feature)
    (if (string=? should-log "TRUE")
      (deny feature)
      (deny feature (with no-log))))

  (moz-deny default)
  ; These are not included in (deny default)
  (moz-deny process-info*)
  ; This isn't available in some older macOS releases.
  (if (defined? 'nvram*)
    (moz-deny nvram*))
  ; The next two properties both require macOS 10.10+
  (if (defined? 'iokit-get-properties)
    (moz-deny iokit-get-properties))
  (if (defined? 'file-map-executable)
    (moz-deny file-map-executable))

  (if (string=? should-log "TRUE")
    (debug deny))

  (if (defined? 'file-map-executable)
      (if (string=? isRosettaTranslated "TRUE")
        (allow file-map-executable (subpath "/private/var/db/oah")))
      (allow file-map-executable file-read*
        (subpath "/System")
        (subpath "/usr/lib")
        (subpath "/Library/GPUBundles")
        (subpath appPath)))
    (allow file-read*
        (subpath "/System")
        (subpath "/usr/lib")
        (subpath "/Library/GPUBundles")
        (subpath appPath)))

  ; Allow read access to standard system paths.
  (allow file-read*
    (require-all (file-mode #o0004)
        (subpath "/Library/Filesystems/NetFSPlugins")
        (subpath "/usr/share"))))

  ; For stat and symlink resolution
  (allow file-read-metadata (subpath "/"))

  ; Timezone
  (allow file-read*
    (subpath "/private/var/db/timezone")
    (subpath "/usr/share/zoneinfo")
    (subpath "/usr/share/zoneinfo.default")
    (literal "/private/etc/localtime"))

  ; Allow read access to standard special files.
  (allow file-read*
    (literal "/dev/autofs_nowait")
    (literal "/dev/random")
    (literal "/dev/urandom"))

  (allow file-read*
    (literal "/dev/null")
    (literal "/dev/zero"))

  (allow file-read*
    (literal "/dev/dtracehelper"))

  ; Needed for things like getpriority()/setpriority()
  (allow process-info-pidinfo process-info-setcontrol (target self))

  (allow sysctl-read
    (sysctl-name-regex #"^sysctl\.")
    (sysctl-name "kern.ostype")
    (sysctl-name "kern.osversion")
    (sysctl-name "kern.osrelease")
    (sysctl-name "kern.version")
    (sysctl-name "kern.tcsm_available")
    (sysctl-name "kern.tcsm_enable")
    ; TODO: remove "kern.hostname". Without it the tests hang, but the hostname
    ; is arguably sensitive information, so we should see what can be done about
    ; removing it.
    (sysctl-name "kern.hostname")
    (sysctl-name "hw.machine")
    (sysctl-name "hw.memsize")
    (sysctl-name "hw.model")
    (sysctl-name "hw.ncpu")
    (sysctl-name "hw.activecpu")
    (sysctl-name "hw.byteorder")
    (sysctl-name "hw.pagesize_compat")
    (sysctl-name "hw.logicalcpu_max")
    (sysctl-name "hw.physicalcpu_max")
    (sysctl-name "hw.busfrequency_compat")
    (sysctl-name "hw.busfrequency_max")
    (sysctl-name "hw.cpufrequency")
    (sysctl-name "hw.cpufrequency_compat")
    (sysctl-name "hw.cpufrequency_max")
    (sysctl-name "hw.l2cachesize")
    (sysctl-name "hw.l3cachesize")
    (sysctl-name "hw.cachelinesize")
    (sysctl-name "hw.cachelinesize_compat")
    (sysctl-name "hw.tbfrequency_compat")
    (sysctl-name "hw.vectorunit")
    (sysctl-name "hw.optional.sse2")
    (sysctl-name "hw.optional.sse3")
    (sysctl-name "hw.optional.sse4_1")
    (sysctl-name "hw.optional.sse4_2")
    (sysctl-name "hw.optional.avx1_0")
    (sysctl-name "hw.optional.avx2_0")
    (sysctl-name "hw.optional.avx512f")
    (sysctl-name "machdep.cpu.vendor")
    (sysctl-name "")
    (sysctl-name "machdep.cpu.model")
    (sysctl-name "machdep.cpu.stepping")
    (sysctl-name "")
    (sysctl-name ""))
  (allow sysctl-write
    (sysctl-name "kern.tcsm_enable"))

  (define (home-regex home-relative-regex)
    (regex (string-append "^" (regex-quote home-path) home-relative-regex)))
  (define (home-subpath home-relative-subpath)
    (subpath (string-append home-path home-relative-subpath)))
  (define (home-literal home-relative-literal)
    (literal (string-append home-path home-relative-literal)))

  (define (profile-subpath profile-relative-subpath)
    (subpath (string-append profileDir profile-relative-subpath)))

  (define (allow-shared-list domain)
    (allow file-read*
           (home-regex (string-append "/Library/Preferences/" (regex-quote domain)))))

  (allow ipc-posix-shm-read-data ipc-posix-shm-write-data
    (ipc-posix-name-regex #"^CFPBS:"))

  (allow signal (target self))
  (if (string? crashPort)
    (allow mach-lookup (global-name crashPort)))
  (if (string=? hasWindowServer "TRUE")
    (allow mach-lookup (global-name "")))
  (allow mach-lookup
    (global-name "")
    (global-name "")
    (global-name "")
    (global-name ""))

  (if (>= macosVersion 1013)
    (allow mach-lookup
      ; bug 1392988
      (xpc-service-name "")
      (xpc-service-name "")))

  (if (>= macosVersion 1100)
    (allow mach-lookup
      ; bug 1655655
      (global-name "")))

  (allow iokit-open
     (iokit-user-client-class "IOHIDParamUserClient"))

  ; Only supported on macOS 10.10+
  (if (defined? 'iokit-get-properties)
    (allow iokit-get-properties
      (iokit-property "board-id")
      (iokit-property "class-code")
      (iokit-property "vendor-id")
      (iokit-property "device-id")
      (iokit-property "IODVDBundleName")
      (iokit-property "IOGLBundleName")
      (iokit-property "IOGVACodec")
      (iokit-property "IOGVAHEVCDecode")
      (iokit-property "IOGVAHEVCEncode")
      (iokit-property "IOGVAXDecode")
      (iokit-property "IOPCITunnelled")
      (iokit-property "IOVARendererID")
      (iokit-property "MetalPluginName")
      (iokit-property "MetalPluginClassName")))

  ; depending on systems, the 1st, 2nd or both rules are necessary
  (allow user-preference-read (preference-domain ""))
  (allow file-read-data (literal "/Library/Preferences/"))

  (allow user-preference-read (preference-domain ""))

  ; Needed for some global preferences (such as scrolling behavior)
  (allow file-read-data
      (literal "/Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences.plist")
      (home-literal "/Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences.plist")
      (home-regex #"/Library/Preferences/ByHost/\.GlobalPreferences.*")
      (home-literal "/Library/Preferences/"))
  (allow mach-lookup
      (global-name "")
      (global-name ""))
  (allow ipc-posix-shm-read-data
      (ipc-posix-name-regex #"^apple\.cfprefs\..*"))

  (allow file-read*
      (subpath "/Library/ColorSync/Profiles")
      (subpath "/Library/Spelling")
      (literal "/")
      (literal "/private/tmp")
      (literal "/private/var/tmp")
      (home-literal "/.CFUserTextEncoding")
      (home-literal "/Library/Preferences/")
      (home-subpath "/Library/Colors")
      (home-subpath "/Library/ColorSync/Profiles")
      (home-subpath "/Library/Keyboard Layouts")
      (home-subpath "/Library/Input Methods")
      (home-subpath "/Library/Spelling"))

  (if (defined? 'file-map-executable)
      (when testingReadPath1
        (allow file-read* file-map-executable (subpath testingReadPath1)))
      (when testingReadPath2
        (allow file-read* file-map-executable (subpath testingReadPath2)))
      (when testingReadPath3
        (allow file-read* file-map-executable (subpath testingReadPath3)))
      (when testingReadPath4
        (allow file-read* file-map-executable (subpath testingReadPath4))))
      (when testingReadPath1
        (allow file-read* (subpath testingReadPath1)))
      (when testingReadPath2
        (allow file-read* (subpath testingReadPath2)))
      (when testingReadPath3
        (allow file-read* (subpath testingReadPath3)))
      (when testingReadPath4
        (allow file-read* (subpath testingReadPath4)))))

  ; bug 1692220
  (when userCacheDir
    (allow file-read*
      (subpath (string-append userCacheDir "/"))))

  ; bug 1303987
  (if (string? debugWriteDir)
      (allow file-write-data (subpath debugWriteDir))
      (allow file-write-create
          (subpath debugWriteDir)
          (vnode-type REGULAR-FILE)))))

  (allow-shared-list "org.mozilla.plugincontainer")

; Per-user and system-wide Extensions dir
  (allow file-read*
      (home-regex "/Library/Application Support/[^/]+/Extensions/")
      (regex "^/Library/Application Support/[^/]+/Extensions/"))

; bug 1393805
  (allow file-read*
      (home-subpath "/Library/Application Support/Mozilla/SystemExtensionsDev"))

; The following rules impose file access restrictions which get
; more restrictive in higher levels. When file-origin-specific
; content processes are used for file:// origin browsing, the
; global file-read* permission should be removed from each level.

; level 1: global read access permitted, no global write access
  (if (string=? sandbox-level-1 "TRUE") (allow file-read*))

; level 2: global read access permitted, no global write access,
;          no read/write access to ~/Library,
;          no read/write access to $PROFILE,
;          read access permitted to $PROFILE/{extensions,chrome}
  (if (string=? sandbox-level-2 "TRUE")
      ; bug 1201935
      (allow file-read* (home-subpath "/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems"))
      (if (string=? hasProfileDir "TRUE")
        ; we have a profile dir
        (allow file-read* (require-all
          (require-not (home-subpath "/Library"))
          (require-not (subpath profileDir))))
        ; we don't have a profile dir
        (allow file-read* (require-not (home-subpath "/Library"))))))

  ; level 3: Does not have any of it's own rules. The global rules provide:
  ;          no global read/write access,
  ;          read access permitted to $PROFILE/{extensions,chrome}

  (if (string=? hasProfileDir "TRUE")
    ; we have a profile dir
    (allow file-read*
      (profile-subpath "/extensions")
      (profile-subpath "/chrome")))

; accelerated graphics
  (allow user-preference-read (preference-domain ""))
  (allow user-preference-read (preference-domain "com.nvidia.OpenGL"))
  (allow mach-lookup
      (global-name ""))
  (if (>= macosVersion 1014)
    (allow mach-lookup
      (global-name "")))
  (allow iokit-open
      (iokit-connection "IOAccelerator")
      (iokit-user-client-class "IOAccelerationUserClient")
      (iokit-user-client-class "IOSurfaceRootUserClient")
      (iokit-user-client-class "IOSurfaceSendRight")
      (iokit-user-client-class "IOFramebufferSharedUserClient")
      (iokit-user-client-class "AGPMClient")
      (iokit-user-client-class "AppleGraphicsControlClient"))

; bug 1153809
  (allow iokit-open
      (iokit-user-client-class "NVDVDContextTesla")
      (iokit-user-client-class "Gen6DVDContext"))

  ; Fonts
  (allow file-read*
    (subpath "/Library/Fonts")
    (subpath "/Library/Application Support/Apple/Fonts")
    (home-subpath "/Library/Fonts")
    ; Allow read access to paths allowed via sandbox extensions.
    ; This is needed for fonts in non-standard locations normally
    ; due to third party font managers. The extensions are
    ; automatically issued by the font server in response to font
    ; API calls.
    (extension ""))
  ; Fonts may continue to work without explicitly allowing these
  ; services because, at present, connections are made to the services
  ; before the sandbox is enabled as a side-effect of some API calls.
  (allow mach-lookup
    (global-name "")
    (global-name ""))

  (if (>= macosVersion 1013)
   (allow mach-lookup
    ; bug 1565575
    (global-name "")))

// These are additional rules that are added to the content process rules for
// file content processes.
static const char SandboxPolicyContentFileAddend[] = R"SANDBOX_LITERAL(
  ; This process has blanket file read privileges
  (allow file-read*)

  ; File content processes need access to iconservices to draw file icons in
  ; directory listings
  (allow mach-lookup (global-name ""))

// These are additional rules that are added to the content process rules when
// audio remoting is not enabled. (Once audio remoting is always used these
// will be deleted.)
static const char SandboxPolicyContentAudioAddend[] = R"SANDBOX_LITERAL(
  (allow ipc-posix-shm-read* ipc-posix-shm-write-data
    (ipc-posix-name-regex #"^AudioIO"))

  (allow mach-lookup
    (global-name "")
    (global-name ""))

  (allow iokit-open (iokit-user-client-class "IOAudioEngineUserClient"))

  (allow file-read* (subpath "/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins"))

  (allow device-microphone)

}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // mozilla_SandboxPolicyContent_h