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#ifndef mozilla_SandboxBrokerClient_h
#define mozilla_SandboxBrokerClient_h

#include "broker/SandboxBrokerCommon.h"
#include "broker/SandboxBrokerUtils.h"

#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"

// This is the client for the sandbox broker described in
// broker/SandboxBroker.h; its constructor takes the file descriptor
// returned by SandboxBroker::Create, passed to the child over IPC.
// The operations exposed here can be called from any thread and in
// async signal handlers, like the corresponding system calls.  The
// intended use is from a seccomp-bpf SIGSYS handler, to transparently
// replace those syscalls, but they could also be used directly.

struct stat;
struct sockaddr_un;

namespace mozilla {

class SandboxBrokerClient final : private SandboxBrokerCommon {
  explicit SandboxBrokerClient(int aFd);

  int Open(const char* aPath, int aFlags);
  int Access(const char* aPath, int aMode);
  int Stat(const char* aPath, statstruct* aStat);
  int LStat(const char* aPath, statstruct* aStat);
  int Chmod(const char* aPath, int aMode);
  int Link(const char* aPath, const char* aPath2);
  int Mkdir(const char* aPath, int aMode);
  int Symlink(const char* aOldPath, const char* aNewPath);
  int Rename(const char* aOldPath, const char* aNewPath);
  int Unlink(const char* aPath);
  int Rmdir(const char* aPath);
  int Readlink(const char* aPath, void* aBuf, size_t aBufSize);
  int Connect(const struct sockaddr_un* aAddr, size_t aLen, int aType);

  int mFileDesc;

  int DoCall(const Request* aReq, const char* aPath, const char* aPath2,
             void* aReponseBuff, bool expectFd);

}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // mozilla_SandboxBrokerClient_h