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#ifndef CTSerialization_h
#define CTSerialization_h

#include <vector>

#include "mozpkix/Input.h"
#include "mozpkix/Result.h"
#include "SignedCertificateTimestamp.h"

// Utility functions for encoding/decoding structures used by Certificate
// Transparency to/from the TLS wire format encoding.
namespace mozilla {
namespace ct {

// Encodes the DigitallySigned |data| to |output|.
pkix::Result EncodeDigitallySigned(const DigitallySigned& data, Buffer& output);

// Reads and decodes a DigitallySigned object from |reader|.
// On failure, the cursor position of |reader| is undefined.
pkix::Result DecodeDigitallySigned(pkix::Reader& reader,
                                   DigitallySigned& output);

// Encodes the |input| LogEntry to |output|. The size of the entry
// must not exceed the allowed size in RFC6962.
pkix::Result EncodeLogEntry(const LogEntry& entry, Buffer& output);

// Encodes the data signed by a Signed Certificate Timestamp (SCT) into
// |output|. The signature included in the SCT can then be verified over these
// bytes.
// |timestamp| timestamp from the SCT.
// |serializedLogEntry| the log entry signed by the SCT.
// |extensions| CT extensions.
pkix::Result EncodeV1SCTSignedData(uint64_t timestamp,
                                   pkix::Input serializedLogEntry,
                                   pkix::Input extensions, Buffer& output);

// Decodes a list of Signed Certificate Timestamps
// (SignedCertificateTimestampList as defined in RFC6962). This list
// is typically obtained from the CT extension in a certificate.
// To extract the individual items of the list, call ReadSCTListItem on
// the returned reader until the reader reaches its end.
// Note that the validity of each extracted SCT should be checked separately.
pkix::Result DecodeSCTList(pkix::Input input, pkix::Reader& listReader);

// Reads a single SCT from the reader returned by DecodeSCTList.
pkix::Result ReadSCTListItem(pkix::Reader& listReader, pkix::Input& result);

// Decodes a single SCT from |input| to |output|.
pkix::Result DecodeSignedCertificateTimestamp(
    pkix::Reader& input, SignedCertificateTimestamp& output);

// Encodes a list of SCTs (|scts|) to |output|.
pkix::Result EncodeSCTList(const std::vector<pkix::Input>& scts,
                           Buffer& output);

}  // namespace ct
}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // CTSerialization_h