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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * nsIThreadRetargetableStreamListener
 * To be used by classes which implement nsIStreamListener and whose
 * OnDataAvailable callback may be retargeted for delivery off the main thread.
interface nsIThreadRetargetableStreamListener : nsISupports
   * Checks this listener and any next listeners it may have to verify that
   * they can receive OnDataAvailable off the main thread. It is the
   * responsibility of the implementing class to decide on the criteria to
   * determine if retargeted delivery of these methods is possible, but it must
   * check any and all nsIStreamListener objects that might be called in the
   * listener chain.
   * An exception should be thrown if a listener in the chain does not
   * support retargeted delivery, i.e. if the next listener does not implement
   * nsIThreadRetargetableStreamListener, or a call to its checkListenerChain()
   * fails.
  void checkListenerChain();