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#include "nsIRequestObserver.idl"

interface nsIInputStream;

 * nsIStreamListener
[scriptable, uuid(3b4c8a77-76ba-4610-b316-678c73a3b88c)]
interface nsIStreamListener : nsIRequestObserver
     * Called when the next chunk of data (corresponding to the request) may
     * be read without blocking the calling thread.  The onDataAvailable impl
     * must read exactly |aCount| bytes of data before returning.
     * @param aRequest request corresponding to the source of the data
     * @param aInputStream input stream containing the data chunk
     * @param aOffset
     *        Number of bytes that were sent in previous onDataAvailable calls
     *        for this request. In other words, the sum of all previous count
     *        parameters.
     * @param aCount number of bytes available in the stream
     * NOTE: The aInputStream parameter must implement readSegments.
     * An exception thrown from onDataAvailable has the side-effect of
     * causing the request to be canceled.
    void onDataAvailable(in nsIRequest aRequest,
                         in nsIInputStream aInputStream,
                         in unsigned long long aOffset,
                         in unsigned long aCount);