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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIStreamListener;

[scriptable, uuid(4ad136fa-83af-4a22-a76e-503642c0f4a8)]
interface nsIResumableChannel : nsISupports {
     * Prepare this channel for resuming. The request will not start until
     * asyncOpen or open is called. Calling resumeAt after open or asyncOpen
     * has been called has undefined behaviour.
     * @param startPos the starting offset, in bytes, to use to download
     * @param entityID information about the file, to match before obtaining
     *  the file. Pass an empty string to use anything.
     * During OnStartRequest, this channel will have a status of
     *  NS_ERROR_NOT_RESUMABLE if the file cannot be resumed, eg because the
     *  server doesn't support this. This error may occur even if startPos
     *  is 0, so that the front end can warn the user.
     * Similarly, the status of this channel during OnStartRequest may be
     *  NS_ERROR_ENTITY_CHANGED, which indicates that the entity has changed,
     *  as indicated by a changed entityID.
     * In both of these cases, no OnDataAvailable will be called, and
     *  OnStopRequest will immediately follow with the same status code.
    void resumeAt(in unsigned long long startPos,
                  in ACString entityID);

     * The entity id for this URI. Available after OnStartRequest.
     * @throw NS_ERROR_NOT_RESUMABLE if this load is not resumable.
    readonly attribute ACString entityID;