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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

#include "nsIParentChannel.idl"

interface nsIRemoteTab;
interface nsIChannel;
interface nsIAsyncVerifyRedirectCallback;

[builtinclass, uuid(01987690-48cf-45de-bae3-e143c2adc2a8)]
interface nsIAsyncVerifyRedirectReadyCallback : nsISupports
   * Asynchronous callback when redirected channel finishes the preparation for
   * completing the verification procedure.
   * @param result
   *    SUCCEEDED if preparation for redirection verification succceed.
   *    If FAILED the redirection must be aborted.
  void readyToVerify(in nsresult result);

 * Implemented by chrome side of IPC protocols that support redirect responses.

[scriptable, uuid(3ed1d288-5324-46ee-8a98-33ac37d1080b)]
interface nsIParentRedirectingChannel : nsIParentChannel
   * Called when the channel got a response that redirects it to a different
   * URI.  The implementation is responsible for calling the redirect observers
   * on the child process and provide the decision result to the callback.
   * @param newURI
   *    the URI we redirect to
   * @param callback
   *    redirect result callback, usage is compatible with how
   *    nsIChannelEventSink defines it
  void startRedirect(in nsIChannel newChannel,
                     in uint32_t redirectFlags,
                     in nsIAsyncVerifyRedirectCallback callback);

   * Called to new channel when the original channel got Redirect2Verify
   * response from child. Callback will be invoked when the new channel
   * finishes the preparation for Redirect2Verify and can be called immediately.
   * @param callback
   *    redirect ready callback, will be called when redirect verification
   *    procedure can proceed.
  void continueVerification(in nsIAsyncVerifyRedirectReadyCallback callback);

   * Called after we are done with redirecting process and we know if to
   * redirect or not.  Forward the redirect result to the child process.  From
   * that moment the nsIParentChannel implementation expects it will be
   * forwarded all notifications from the 'real' channel.
   * Primarilly used by ParentChannelListener::OnRedirectResult and kept as
   * mActiveChannel and mRedirectChannel in that class.
  void completeRedirect(in boolean succeeded);