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Bug 1579858 - Should release RefPtr before CollectData is clear; r=smaug mAboutToBeNotifiedRejectedPromises will be clear in AfterProcessMicrotasks() and mPendingUnhandledRejections will be clear after NotifyUnhandledRejections runnable is handled. However, worker could terminate in any time, we still need to clear those structures manually before CollectData is clear. Differential Revision:

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 * nsINetworkPredictorVerifier - used for testing the network predictor to
 *                               ensure it does what we expect it to do.

#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIURI;

[scriptable, uuid(2e43bb32-dabf-4494-9f90-2b3195b1c73d)]
interface nsINetworkPredictorVerifier : nsISupports
     * Callback for when we do a predictive prefetch
     * @param uri - The URI that was prefetched
     * @param status - The request status code returned by the
     *   prefetch attempt e.g. 200 (OK):w
    void onPredictPrefetch(in nsIURI uri, in uint32_t status);

     * Callback for when we do a predictive preconnect
     * @param uri - The URI that was preconnected to
    void onPredictPreconnect(in nsIURI uri);

     * Callback for when we do a predictive DNS lookup
     * @param uri - The URI that was looked up
    void onPredictDNS(in nsIURI uri);