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Bug 1566467 - Speed up shared/node-attribute-parser getType function. r=nchevobbe We can speed up the getType function by changing the dataType into an object from an array. That way we avoid looping looking for the matching tagName and namespaceURI and access the typeData directly by their tagName. Differential Revision:

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIRequest;

 * Content sniffer interface. Components implementing this interface can
 * determine a MIME type from a chunk of bytes.
[scriptable, uuid(a5772d1b-fc63-495e-a169-96e8d3311af0)]
interface nsIContentSniffer : nsISupports
   * Given a chunk of data, determines a MIME type. Information from the given
   * request may be used in order to make a better decision.
   * @param aRequest The request where this data came from. May be null.
   * @param aData Data to check
   * @param aLength Length of the data
   * @return The content type
   * @throw NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE if no MIME type could be determined.
   * @note Implementations should consider the request read-only. Especially,
   * they should not attempt to set the content type property that subclasses of
   * nsIRequest might offer.
  ACString getMIMETypeFromContent(in nsIRequest aRequest,
                                  [const,array,size_is(aLength)] in octet aData,
                                  in unsigned long aLength);