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Bug 1547063 - fuzz for SharedFTFace. r=jfkthame Differential Revision:

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#ifndef PollableEvent_h__
#define PollableEvent_h__

#include "mozilla/Mutex.h"
#include "mozilla/TimeStamp.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace net {

// class must be called locked
class PollableEvent {

  // Signal/Clear return false only if they fail
  bool Signal();
  // This is called only when we get non-null out_flags for the socket pair
  bool Clear();
  bool Valid() { return mWriteFD && mReadFD; }

  // We want to detect if writing to one of the socket pair sockets takes
  // too long to be received by the other socket from the pair.
  // Hence, we remember the timestamp of the earliest write by a call to
  // MarkFirstSignalTimestamp() from Signal().  After waking up from poll()
  // we check how long it took get the 'readable' signal on the socket pair.
  void MarkFirstSignalTimestamp();
  // Called right before we enter poll() to exclude any possible delay between
  // the earlist call to Signal() and entering poll() caused by processing
  // of events dispatched to the socket transport thread.
  void AdjustFirstSignalTimestamp();
  // This returns false on following conditions:
  // - PR_Write has failed
  // - no out_flags were signalled on the socket pair for too long after
  //   the earliest Signal()
  bool IsSignallingAlive(TimeDuration const& timeout);

  PRFileDesc* PollableFD() { return mReadFD; }

  PRFileDesc* mWriteFD;
  PRFileDesc* mReadFD;
  bool mSignaled;
  // true when PR_Write to the socket pair has failed (status < 1)
  bool mWriteFailed;
  // Set true after AdjustFirstSignalTimestamp() was called
  // Set false after Clear() was called
  // Ensures shifting the timestamp before entering poll() only once
  // between Clear()'ings.
  bool mSignalTimestampAdjusted;
  // Timestamp of the first call to Signal() (or time we enter poll())
  // that happened after the last Clear() call
  TimeStamp mFirstSignalAfterClear;

}  // namespace net
}  // namespace mozilla