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Bug 1744179 - [devtools] Add doctype to all webconsole test pages. Now what we show a warning message on pages with invalid/no doctype, a lot of tests were failing because of it. This patch only adds doctype on all webconsole test pages. Differential Revision:

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#ifndef VTuneProfiler_h
#define VTuneProfiler_h

// The intent here is to add 0 overhead for regular users. In order to build
// the VTune profiler code at all --enable-vtune-instrumentation needs to be
// set as a build option. Even then, when none of the environment variables
// is specified that allow us to find the ittnotify DLL, these functions
// should be minimal overhead. When starting Firefox under VTune, these
// env vars will be automatically defined, otherwise INTEL_LIBITTNOTIFY32/64
// should be set to point at the ittnotify DLL.

#  define VTUNE_INIT()
#  define VTUNE_SHUTDOWN()

#  define VTUNE_TRACING(name, kind)


#  include "BaseProfiler.h"

// This is the regular Intel header, these functions are actually defined for
// us inside js/src/vtune by an intel C file which actually dynamically resolves
// them to the correct DLL. Through libxul these will 'magically' resolve.
#  include "vtune/ittnotify.h"

#  include <stddef.h>
#  include <unordered_map>
#  include <string>

namespace mozilla {
namespace baseprofiler {

class VTuneProfiler {
  static void Initialize();
  static void Shutdown();

  enum TracingKind {

  static void Trace(const char* aName, TracingKind aKind) {
    if (mInstance) {
      mInstance->TraceInternal(aName, aKind);
  static void RegisterThread(const char* aName) {
    if (mInstance) {

  void TraceInternal(const char* aName, TracingKind aKind);
  void RegisterThreadInternal(const char* aName);

  // This is null when the ittnotify DLL could not be found.
  static VTuneProfiler* mInstance;

  std::unordered_map<std::string, __itt_event> mStrings;

#  define VTUNE_INIT() VTuneProfiler::Initialize()
#  define VTUNE_SHUTDOWN() VTuneProfiler::Shutdown()

#  define VTUNE_TRACING(name, kind) VTuneProfiler::Trace(name, kind)
#  define VTUNE_REGISTER_THREAD(name) VTuneProfiler::RegisterThread(name)

}  // namespace baseprofiler
}  // namespace mozilla


#endif /* VTuneProfiler_h */