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Bug 1812285 - wasm::InitExprInterpreter: use inline capacity for `::stack`. r=yury. The Dart Barista-3 benchmark gives the initial expression interpreter a lot of work. Profiling shows that wasm::InitExprInterpreter::stack heap-allocates around 37000 short-lifetime blocks to hold the stacked values. Using a 48-element inline capacity removes all of those allocations. (40 removes almost all, but not all). Similar ridealong fix: for the wasm parser iterator Iter<Policy>::valueStack_, increase inline capacity from 16 to 32. This takes out another 2500 allocations. Differential Revision:

This directory contains code for a simple archive file format, which
is documented at

The src directory builds a small static library used to create, read, and
extract an archive file.  The tool directory builds a command line utility
around the library.