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Bug 1814872 - Fix degenerate radial gradient handling r=emilio This is a change from SVG 1.1 where we only had to check for r=0 because fr did not exist. The SVG 2 behaviour was clarified in Differential Revision:

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<html class="reftest-wait"><head>
  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <title>CSS Grid Test: test 028 dynamic remove/insert first item</title>
  <link rel="author" title="Mats Palmgren" href="">
  <link rel="help" href="">
  <link rel="match" href="grid-fragmentation-028-ref.html">

<script src="support/dyn.js"></script>
function runTest(text) {
  document.body.innerHTML = text;

<body onload='dynamicTest("grid-fragmentation-028.html", runTest)'></body>