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Backed out changeset f6031e0a3a0b (bug 1790790) for causing telemetry failures. CLOSED TREE

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#ifndef nsBlockDebugFlags_h__
#define nsBlockDebugFlags_h__

#undef NOISY_FIRST_LETTER  // enables debug output for first-letter specific
                           // layout
#undef NOISY_FINAL_SIZE    // enables debug output for desired width/height
                           // computation, once all children have been reflowed
#undef NOISY_COMBINED_AREA  // enables debug output for combined area
                            // computation
#undef NOISY_REFLOW_REASON     // gives a little info about why each reflow was
                               // requested
#undef REFLOW_STATUS_COVERAGE  // I think this is most useful for printing, to
                               // see which frames return "incomplete"
#undef NOISY_BLOCK_INVALIDATE  // enables debug output for all calls to
                               // invalidate
#undef REALLY_NOISY_REFLOW     // some extra debug info

#endif  // nsBlockDebugFlags_h__