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Bug 1708678 - Adapt code to neqo 0.4.24 r=necko-reviewers,valentin Differential Revision:

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#include "mozilla/layout/FrameChildList.h"

#include "nsIFrame.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace layout {

const char* ChildListName(FrameChildListID aListID) {
  switch (aListID) {
    case kPrincipalList:
      return "";
    case kPopupList:
      return "PopupList";
    case kCaptionList:
      return "CaptionList";
    case kColGroupList:
      return "ColGroupList";
    case kSelectPopupList:
      return "SelectPopupList";
    case kAbsoluteList:
      return "AbsoluteList";
    case kFixedList:
      return "FixedList";
    case kOverflowList:
      return "OverflowList";
    case kOverflowContainersList:
      return "OverflowContainersList";
    case kExcessOverflowContainersList:
      return "ExcessOverflowContainersList";
    case kOverflowOutOfFlowList:
      return "OverflowOutOfFlowList";
    case kFloatList:
      return "FloatList";
    case kBulletList:
      return "BulletList";
    case kPushedFloatsList:
      return "PushedFloatsList";
    case kBackdropList:
      return "BackdropList";
    case kNoReflowPrincipalList:
      return "NoReflowPrincipalList";

  MOZ_ASSERT_UNREACHABLE("unknown list");

}  // namespace layout
}  // namespace mozilla