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#ifndef debugger_Script_h
#define debugger_Script_h

#include "jstypes.h"            // for JS_PUBLIC_API
#include "NamespaceImports.h"   // for Value, HandleObject, CallArgs
#include "debugger/Debugger.h"  // for DebuggerScriptReferent
#include "js/TypeDecls.h"       // for Handle
#include "vm/NativeObject.h"    // for NativeObject

class JS_PUBLIC_API JSObject;
struct JSFunctionSpec;
struct JSPropertySpec;

namespace js {

class BaseScript;
class GlobalObject;

namespace gc {
struct Cell;

class DebuggerScript : public NativeObject {
  static const JSClass class_;

  enum {


  static NativeObject* initClass(JSContext* cx, Handle<GlobalObject*> global,
                                 HandleObject debugCtor);
  static DebuggerScript* create(JSContext* cx, HandleObject proto,
                                Handle<DebuggerScriptReferent> referent,
                                Handle<NativeObject*> debugger);

  void trace(JSTracer* trc);

  using ReferentVariant = DebuggerScriptReferent;

  inline gc::Cell* getReferentCell() const;
  inline js::BaseScript* getReferentScript() const;
  inline DebuggerScriptReferent getReferent() const;

  void clearReferent() { clearReservedSlotGCThingAsPrivate(SCRIPT_SLOT); }

  static DebuggerScript* check(JSContext* cx, HandleValue v);

  static bool construct(JSContext* cx, unsigned argc, Value* vp);

  struct CallData;

  bool isInstance() const;
  Debugger* owner() const;

  static const JSClassOps classOps_;

  static const JSPropertySpec properties_[];
  static const JSFunctionSpec methods_[];

  struct GetLineCountMatcher;
  class GetSourceMatcher;
  template <bool OnlyOffsets>
  class GetPossibleBreakpointsMatcher;
  class GetOffsetMetadataMatcher;
  class GetOffsetLocationMatcher;
  class GetAllColumnOffsetsMatcher;
  class GetLineOffsetsMatcher;
  struct SetBreakpointMatcher;
  class ClearBreakpointMatcher;
  class IsInCatchScopeMatcher;

} /* namespace js */

#endif /* debugger_Script_h */