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Bug 1736049 - Stop calling `[[NSCursor currentCursor] set]` on every mouse move. r=emilio This was only necessary when we had binary plug-ins overriding the cursor from under us. We no longer support plug-ins. Calling -[NSCursor set] has a performance cost on macOS Monterey when cursor accessibility coloring is enabled, so we want to avoid calling it unnecessarily. It also leaks memory in the current Monterey Beta (see bug 1735345), so calling it less often will leak less memory. I have checked the testcases of bug 496601 and of bug 1423275, they still work as expected with this fix. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D128612

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 * SpiderMonkey internal error numbering and error-formatting functionality
 * (also for warnings).
 * This functionality is moderately stable.  JSErrNum and js::GetErrorMessage
 * are widely used inside SpiderMonkey, and Gecko uses them to produce errors
 * identical to those SpiderMonkey itself would produce, in various situations.
 * However, the set of error numbers is not stable, error number values are not
 * stable, error types are not stable, etc.  Use your own error reporting code
 * if you can.

#ifndef js_friend_ErrorMessages_h
#define js_friend_ErrorMessages_h

#include "jstypes.h"  // JS_PUBLIC_API

struct JSErrorFormatString;

enum JSErrNum {
#define MSG_DEF(name, count, exception, format) name,
#include "js/friend/ErrorNumbers.msg"
#undef MSG_DEF

namespace js {

 * A JSErrorCallback suitable for passing to |JS_ReportErrorNumberASCII| and
 * similar functions in concert with one of the |JSErrNum| error numbers.
 * This function is a function only of |errorNumber|: |userRef| and ambient
 * state have no effect on its behavior.
extern JS_PUBLIC_API const JSErrorFormatString* GetErrorMessage(
    void* userRef, unsigned errorNumber);

}  // namespace js

#endif  // js_friend_ErrorMessages_h