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Bug 1732267 - Make textarea::placeholder honor white-space. r=layout-reviewers,jfkthame This comes from, and was done because of implementation limitations which don't apply anymore ( * white-space changes don't reframe anymore, they only reflow. * We fixed reframing of native-anonymous content to do the right thing. This aligns <textarea> and <input>, so I think it should be uncontroversial. See for the discussion that prompted this. Differential Revision:

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#include "gfxASurface.h"
#include "nsSize.h"
#include "gfxPoint.h"

#include <Carbon/Carbon.h>

class gfxContext;
class gfxImageSurface;

class gfxQuartzSurface : public gfxASurface {
  gfxQuartzSurface(const mozilla::gfx::IntSize&, gfxImageFormat format);
  gfxQuartzSurface(CGContextRef context, const mozilla::gfx::IntSize& size);
  gfxQuartzSurface(cairo_surface_t* csurf, const mozilla::gfx::IntSize& aSize);
  gfxQuartzSurface(unsigned char* data, const mozilla::gfx::IntSize& size,
                   long stride, gfxImageFormat format);

  virtual ~gfxQuartzSurface();

  virtual const mozilla::gfx::IntSize GetSize() const { return mSize; }

  CGContextRef GetCGContext() { return mCGContext; }

  already_AddRefed<gfxImageSurface> GetAsImageSurface();

  void MakeInvalid();

  CGContextRef mCGContext;
  mozilla::gfx::IntSize mSize;