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Bug 1778052 - Don't reset ignored signals when starting a sandboxed child process on Linux. r=gcp We uninstall signal handlers in child processes after clone(), because they probably won't do the right thing if invoked in that context. However, the current code also resets signals which were ignored; if that disposition was set by an outside program like `nohup`, the expectation is that it should be inherited. This patch omits those signals when resetting handlers (similar to what `exec` does). Differential Revision:

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#include "SharedSurface.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace gl {

class MozFramebuffer;

// For readback and bootstrapping:
class SharedSurface_Basic final : public SharedSurface {
  static UniquePtr<SharedSurface_Basic> Create(const SharedSurfaceDesc&);

  SharedSurface_Basic(const SharedSurfaceDesc& desc,
                      UniquePtr<MozFramebuffer>&& fb);

  Maybe<layers::SurfaceDescriptor> ToSurfaceDescriptor() override;

class SurfaceFactory_Basic final : public SurfaceFactory {
  explicit SurfaceFactory_Basic(GLContext& gl);

  virtual UniquePtr<SharedSurface> CreateSharedImpl(
      const SharedSurfaceDesc& desc) override {
    return SharedSurface_Basic::Create(desc);

}  // namespace gl
}  // namespace mozilla