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Bug 1652809: Add rotor mochitest for headings. r=eeejay Differential Revision:

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIController;
interface nsIDOMXULCommandDispatcher;

[scriptable, uuid(f36e3ec1-9197-4ad8-8d4c-d3b1927fd6df)]
interface nsIControllers : nsISupports
	nsIController getControllerForCommand(in string command);

	void insertControllerAt(in unsigned long index, in nsIController controller);
	nsIController removeControllerAt(in unsigned long index);
	nsIController getControllerAt(in unsigned long index);

    void appendController(in nsIController controller);
	void removeController(in nsIController controller);

        Return an ID for this controller which is unique to this
    unsigned long getControllerId(in nsIController controller);
        Get the controller specified by the given ID.
    nsIController getControllerById(in unsigned long controllerID);

	unsigned long getControllerCount();