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Bug 1789644 - Add a pref toggle for QuickActions, separate from the pref for suggestions. r=mak,daleharvey Change the behavior of the QuickActions provider, so that setting the pref `quickactions.enabled` to false will prevent showing quick action results in all contexts, while setting `suggest.quickactions` to false will only prevent showing quick action results in the default search mode (i.e., quick action results will still appear in the Quick Actions search mode enabled by typing `> ` in the urlbar). Differential Revision:

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interface SVGFEColorMatrixElement : SVGElement {

  // Color Matrix Types
  const unsigned short SVG_FECOLORMATRIX_TYPE_UNKNOWN = 0;
  const unsigned short SVG_FECOLORMATRIX_TYPE_MATRIX = 1;
  const unsigned short SVG_FECOLORMATRIX_TYPE_SATURATE = 2;
  const unsigned short SVG_FECOLORMATRIX_TYPE_HUEROTATE = 3;

  readonly attribute SVGAnimatedString in1;
  readonly attribute SVGAnimatedEnumeration type;
  readonly attribute SVGAnimatedNumberList values;

SVGFEColorMatrixElement includes SVGFilterPrimitiveStandardAttributes;