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Bug 1825449: Don't warn on mismatched WebGPU error scope push/pop. r=webgpu-reviewers,teoxoy In the graphics process, don't warn on receipt of mismatched DevicePushErrorScope/DevicePopErrorScope messages, since these can be easily caused by ordinary content and do not indicate anything wrong with Firefox. Differential Revision:

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// Note: "persistent-usage-record" session type is unsupported yet, as
// it's marked as "at risk" in the spec, and Chrome doesn't support it.
enum MediaKeySessionType {
  // persistent-usage-record,

dictionary MediaKeysPolicy {
  DOMString minHdcpVersion = "";

interface MediaKeys {
  readonly attribute DOMString keySystem;

  [NewObject, Throws]
  MediaKeySession createSession(optional MediaKeySessionType sessionType = "temporary");

  Promise<undefined> setServerCertificate(BufferSource serverCertificate);

  [Pref="media.eme.hdcp-policy-check.enabled", NewObject]
  Promise<MediaKeyStatus> getStatusForPolicy(optional MediaKeysPolicy policy = {});