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Backed out changeset 18595f6364ea (bug 1822521) for wpt failures on popover-focus-child-dialog.html. CLOSED TREE

/* -*- Mode: IDL; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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enum CSSBoxType { "margin", "border", "padding", "content" };
dictionary BoxQuadOptions {
  CSSBoxType box = "border";
  GeometryNode relativeTo;
  boolean createFramesForSuppressedWhitespace = true;

dictionary ConvertCoordinateOptions {
  CSSBoxType fromBox = "border";
  CSSBoxType toBox = "border";

interface mixin GeometryUtils {
  [Throws, Func="nsINode::HasBoxQuadsSupport", NeedsCallerType]
  sequence<DOMQuad> getBoxQuads(optional BoxQuadOptions options = {});

  /* getBoxQuadsFromWindowOrigin is similar to getBoxQuads, but the
   * returned quads are further translated relative to the window
   * origin -- which is not the layout origin. Further translation
   * must be done to bring the quads into layout space. Typically,
   * this will be done by performing another call from the top level
   * browser process, requesting the quad of the top level content
   * document itself. The position of this quad can then be used as
   * the offset into layout space, and subtracted from the original
   * returned quads. If options.relativeTo is supplied, this method
   * will throw.
  [ChromeOnly, Throws, Func="nsINode::HasBoxQuadsSupport"]
  sequence<DOMQuad> getBoxQuadsFromWindowOrigin(optional BoxQuadOptions options = {});

  [Throws, Pref="layout.css.convertFromNode.enabled", NeedsCallerType]
  DOMQuad convertQuadFromNode(DOMQuad quad, GeometryNode from, optional ConvertCoordinateOptions options = {});
  [Throws, Pref="layout.css.convertFromNode.enabled", NeedsCallerType]
  DOMQuad convertRectFromNode(DOMRectReadOnly rect, GeometryNode from, optional ConvertCoordinateOptions options = {});
  [Throws, Pref="layout.css.convertFromNode.enabled", NeedsCallerType]
  DOMPoint convertPointFromNode(DOMPointInit point, GeometryNode from, optional ConvertCoordinateOptions options = {});

// PseudoElement includes GeometryUtils;

typedef (Text or Element /* or PseudoElement */ or Document) GeometryNode;