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Bug 1790149 - Fix spelling of perfherder-data.json output file for awsy r=perftest-reviewers,sparky Differential Revision:

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enum DecoderDoctorNotificationType {

enum DecoderDoctorReportType {

dictionary DecoderDoctorNotification {
  required DecoderDoctorNotificationType type;
  // True when the issue has been solved.
  required boolean isSolved;
  // Key from, used for telemetry and prefs.
  required DOMString decoderDoctorReportId;
  // If provided, formats (or key systems) at issue.
  DOMString formats;
  // If provided, technical details about the decode-error/warning.
  DOMString decodeIssue;
  // If provided, URL of the document where the issue happened.
  DOMString docURL;
  // If provided, URL of the media resource that caused a decode-error/warning.
  DOMString resourceURL;