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Bug 1822876: Add H3 ECH Telemetry. r=kershaw,necko-reviewers This patch adds telemetry which records when H3 connections succeed / fail and what kind of ECH they used. Our H3 ECH tests are extended to test these different modes and that the telemetry is recorded correctly. Differential Revision:

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enum CompositeOperation { "replace", "add", "accumulate" };

// NOTE: The order of the values in this enum are important.
// We assume that CompositeOperation is a subset of CompositeOperationOrAuto so
// that we can cast between the two types (provided the value is not "auto").
// If that assumption ceases to hold we will need to update the conversion
// in KeyframeUtils::GetAnimationPropertiesFromKeyframes.
enum CompositeOperationOrAuto { "replace", "add", "accumulate", "auto" };

// The following dictionary types are not referred to by other .webidl files,
// but we use it for manual JS->IDL and IDL->JS conversions in KeyframeEffect's
// implementation.

dictionary BasePropertyIndexedKeyframe {
  (double? or sequence<double?>) offset = [];
  (UTF8String or sequence<UTF8String>) easing = [];
  (CompositeOperationOrAuto or sequence<CompositeOperationOrAuto>) composite = [];

dictionary BaseKeyframe {
  double? offset = null;
  UTF8String easing = "linear";
  CompositeOperationOrAuto composite = "auto";

  // Non-standard extensions

  // Member to allow testing when StyleAnimationValue::ComputeValues fails.
  // Note that we currently only apply this to shorthand properties since
  // it's easier to annotate shorthand property values and because we have
  // only ever observed ComputeValues failing on shorthand values.
  // Bug 1216844 should remove this member since after that bug is fixed we will
  // have a well-defined behavior to use when animation endpoints are not
  // available.
  [ChromeOnly] boolean simulateComputeValuesFailure = false;

dictionary BaseComputedKeyframe : BaseKeyframe {
  double computedOffset;