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# WebVR Reftests
# Please confirm there is no other VR display connected. Otherwise, VRPuppetDisplay can't be attached.
defaults pref(dom.vr.puppet.enabled,true) pref(dom.vr.test.enabled,true) pref(dom.vr.require-gesture,false) pref(dom.vr.puppet.submitframe,1) pref(dom.vr.display.rafMaxDuration,200) pref(dom.vr.display.enumerate.interval,0) pref(dom.vr.controller.enumerate.interval,0)
# WebVR Tests have been disabled as refactoring of gfxVRPuppet is landing.  Dependencies for re-enabling these are tracked by meta bug 1555185.
# VR SubmitFrame is only implemented for D3D11.1 and MacOSX now.
# Our Windows 7 test machines don't support D3D11.1, so we run these tests on Windows 8+ only.
# skip-if((!winWidget&&release_or_beta)||Android||gtkWidget||!layersGPUAccelerated||/^Windows\x20NT\x206\.1/.test(http.oscpu)) == draw_rect.html wrapper.html?draw_rect.png
# On MacOSX platform, getting different color interpolation result.
# For lower resolution Mac hardware, we need to adjust it to fuzzy-if(cocoaWidget,0-1,0-1200).
# fuzzy-if(/^Windows\x20NT\x2010\.0/.test(http.oscpu)||cocoaWidget,0-1,0-600) skip-if((!winWidget&&release_or_beta)||Android||gtkWidget||!layersGPUAccelerated||/^Windows\x20NT\x206\.1/.test(http.oscpu)) == change_size.html wrapper.html?change_size.png